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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   JC Higgins bike on ebay posted by: Robert on 1/14/2003 at 3:37:08 AM
I saw this bike on ebay today. Is this a decent bike for a beginner? I really like the way it looks, but I'm not sure if the price is a good one. Any thoughts???


   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   JC Higgins bike on ebay posted by Robert on 1/14/2003 at 3:43:08 AM
OOOps. The ebay number is 2153935032.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   JC Higgins bike on ebay posted by monarkman on 1/21/2003 at 1:42:30 AM
Robert, I would buy it now. If you like it, buy it now. I am a collector, and if I saw a bike as nice as that and complete for $ 200, I would buy it. I have paid $145 for a tank only!! And this bike has a tank. Is it going to be a super collectible?? Probably not, but I think it is definitly worth $200. If you do not buy it now, you never know, it could go up more, So, if you like it, buy it. Besides, $200 is not a lot of money in the classic bike world.


   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   JC Higgins bike on ebay posted by Richard Tooley on 1/22/2003 at 5:09:04 PM
I have just pulled an old bike out of a storage area where it has been sitting for the past 20 years. It is a 26" JC Higgins ladies bike. The handle bars are losing their chrome, it is missing the front headlight, and rear fender. The paint is original (I think). It has a tank with four jewels on each side. The tires are rotten but appear to be original, the wheels seem to be in good shape and there is no substantial rust. I am new at this so I have no idea where to even start restoring this bike. Any suggestions?

AGE / VALUE:   AMC Flash posted by: Mark on 1/13/2003 at 4:45:11 PM
I just bought a AMC Flash it had been hanging in a guys garage its all origianl paint faded and chipped good spring seat,would like to find out Age/value Thx Mark

BALLOON:   schwinn lincoln? posted by: Jeff on 1/13/2003 at 3:09:10 AM
I am trying to find out what colr to paint my bike.I believe it is a schwinn lincoln.The head badge is stamped lincoln, but there is no schwinn ensignia on it.The bottom bracket has c23990 stamped serial number.Fork cycelock,and many identifying scwinn parts.I want to paint it but don't know what color or how to buy the correct color.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

   RE:BALLOON:   schwinn lincoln? posted by sam on 1/15/2003 at 6:49:54 PM
I beleave there is a Lincoln on www.nostalgic.net

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   schwinn lincoln? posted by Jeff on 1/16/2003 at 6:34:56 AM
I did see that picture on nostalgic.net.There are a few differences.I don't have the tank for it and the fenders on mine do not flare out at the bottom.The fenders fit the bike right and when i took them off the paint looked undisturbed.Also i can't see the head badge in the picture.Most of the pictures aren't clear.

MISC:    posted by: Danny Joe on 1/12/2003 at 4:28:44 AM
What years would you find the use of the "sweetheart" chainring used on Schwinn/ B.F. Goodrich bikes. I'm trying to determine the year of a particular bike which I believe is a late'40's or early '50's model. Would the serial No. be located on the bottom bracket on the above mentioned years?

   RE:MISC:    posted by MNSmith on 1/12/2003 at 9:41:28 AM
Sweetheart chainwheels were used up through the early fifties.

For more on where Schwinn serial numbers are located and what years they translate to, visit this page of my web site. www.bunchobikes.com/serialnumber.htm


MISC:   Info on SW Floating Hub posted by: larry black on 1/12/2003 at 3:54:29 AM
I picked up a floating front (suspension? hob
need info onpositioning and will buy ads or literature, incl copies

   RE:MISC:   Info on SW Floating Hub posted by Joel on 1/12/2003 at 2:48:13 PM
Yes, it is a prewar suspension front hub. The axle is set off center and the hub pivots forward/up. I may have some ads.

   RE:MISC:   Info on SW Floating Hub posted by Jim on 1/14/2003 at 3:23:48 PM
It is a Stewart Warner Floating Hub. These came mainly on prewar Elgins. There is info on them in the Elgin, JC Higgins, Hawthorne book

BALLOON:   Need more info. posted by: Rich on 1/9/2003 at 7:55:11 PM
I have received a man's and woman's bike that were my grandmas and grandpas and i would like to get more info on them. They are a Hiawatha Gambler and a plate on the rear tire says "Bendix 70". These bikes are in very good condition and i want to restore them and get more info on them. Thank you!

BALLOON:   40's B.H. Goodrich found posted by: Danny Joe on 1/7/2003 at 11:03:14 PM
I spotted this bike about a month ago behind a garage in a nearby town. The owner is in poor health and is living with family out of state. The bike is about a 2-3 condition, skip-tooth, truss fork, it appears to be complete if it is a standard model(no light,rack,tank) the family wants to sell the bike and I'm waiting for a call from them. My question is, what would be a fair price to offer the family for a bike which would need restored?

   RE:BALLOON:   40's B.H. Goodrich found posted by sam on 1/8/2003 at 12:43:47 AM
My guess on what info you gave(boys bike?)would be up to $50.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   40's B.H. Goodrich found posted by Danny Joe on 1/8/2003 at 4:27:28 AM
It is a 26in. boys bike, and $50 was to be my high offer, although as a new collector I own very few Balloon Tire boys bikes. I would hate to go any higher on this bike as it is a plain jane/john, but I don't own a Schwinn boy ballooner so I might give in a little. Is it my understanding that Schwinn built these B.F. Goodrich bike's, the headbadge looks similar to Schwinn's.

A neat little bit about this bike, after stopping to look at the bike I noticed the owner (80+ age) had it set up for stationary training. A homemade trainer where brackets held the rear axle and front forks, I got to have that too!

   RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   40's B.H. Goodrich found posted by Danny Joe on 1/12/2003 at 3:12:32 AM
I bought the B.F. today, an extra ballooner front wheel and skip-tooth chain was thrown in. Now I'm $15 poorer! It was a good day.

MISC:   link to many bike photos posted by: Ken on 1/7/2003 at 8:11:37 PM
I see a lot of people are trying to identify bikes... here's a link to a list of photos sorted first by year, then by name. If you're looking for one like yours, scroll through this list; you might just hit it. If you just want to browse, it's great. They're not selling anything (nor am I).

AGE / VALUE:   Shelby Traveler posted by: Barry Hall on 1/5/2003 at 11:40:29 PM
I have a Shelby Traveler that has been sitting in my barn forever.It is complete and in good condition exept the headlight.Any idea where I may find a light.Is this bike worth restoring.Any idea of the value and the year of manufacture.Thank you very much.

AGE / VALUE:   Help with age of Hawthorne bike posted by: L Hastie on 1/5/2003 at 5:44:08 PM
We have a girls/womans Hawthorne bike, it's blue with white pinstripes, has a front and back racks, both tires are 26 by 1.75, serial numbers D179216. Any information on what year it was made and/or list price would be helpful.

AGE / VALUE:   please help me out with this one posted by: matt on 1/5/2003 at 4:56:30 AM
hi i have an old dayton bike i was woundering if you would know about what date it is from. i have searched the internet looking for one along while even one resembling it but no luck short description: original black and white paint dayton emblem on front goodyear balloon tires very small short handle bars the sproket teeth are spaced far apart and there looks to be a battery opperated light in the front wheel i have many pictures i will send you some if you would like to see. please help me anything would be great thank you

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   please help me out with this one posted by Kim on 1/5/2003 at 11:24:38 PM
Have you compared it to the Daytons in the picture database here?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   please help me out with this one posted by sam on 1/6/2003 at 12:29:06 AM
Matt,Daytons were made by the Huffman company.Some are the most expencive collector bike built--others well just good bikes for the common guy to rebuild.Pre-war daytons are just as nice to restore&ride as schwinn.email me a photo and I may be able to help---sam

AGE / VALUE:   Huffy ID Help posted by: Kris on 1/4/2003 at 3:26:17 PM
I need help on ID'ing two old Huffy's, please. The serial numbers are 1)5H504(8 or 9, there's a scratch over them)5 and 2)2H2181684. Thanks for your help! Happy New Year, Kris

FOR SALE:   NOS (((MIB))) DELTA TORPEDO HEADLIGHTS posted by: CHRIS on 1/4/2003 at 9:25:44 AM

   RE:FOR SALE:   NOS (((MIB))) DELTA TORPEDO HEADLIGHTS posted by Kris on 1/5/2003 at 3:13:27 AM
Do you still have these lights and if so, would you be able to email me a picture of them? By "blue" would you be referring to Schwinn's "Spitfire" blue?
Thank you for your time, Kris

BALLOON:   What kind of bike am I restoring? posted by: Harv Ferguson on 1/4/2003 at 2:23:19 AM
I'm nearly finished restoring a 50's heavyweight balloon tire bike. I thought for sure it was a Columbia because of the vertical springer fork. The problem is that it has a seven digit serial number (no numbers) unlike any on the Columbia list, and a Columbia headbadge is too short for the two holes on the headtube. Its components are American, German (Wald), Japanese, and at leat one Taiwanese part. A few are newer, but most look like those on other 50's bikes. Is it likely that this was a post-war knockoff of a Columbia, or perhaps built by Columbia for someone else? I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have. Thanks.

FOR SALE:   New (NOS) Parts Site posted by: Ginny Rini on 1/3/2003 at 4:54:30 AM
I have a new site that I am beginning to post parts on (It will take awhile to get them all posted). Keep an eye on http://rini20@attbi.com. I also have a operational site for Old School BMX at http://ginnyrini.home.attbi.com

   RE:FOR SALE:   New (NOS) Parts Site posted by ginny rini on 1/5/2003 at 6:05:19 AM
sorry i posted a bad link--try http://rinienterprises.home.attbi.com that will give you access to all 3 of my bicycle sites.