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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Corvette going up in value posted by: Tom Findley on 2/24/2003 at 10:58:37 PM

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Corvette going up in value posted by Don on 2/28/2003 at 12:14:22 AM
Yes, finally middleweights are getting the price they deserve, particularly Corvettes! I own a 60 and love it! All original and a beauty. I think 5500$ for this one is a little outragous. They don't deserve that kind of respect.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Corvette, does not do anything for me. posted by Chris on 3/2/2003 at 9:36:31 PM
I gave $125.00 for a nice early examply and I still think I was crazy. Something about the old shop with those wood floors the romance of the place, the solitude, the peace, the history, the good times. All the money I have made, all the treasures, and history I have learned, it has been a classroom this place. The magic of this bike and the place it was stored in, wisped up and jumped into me and I brought home this and now it's up to 3 Schwinn Corvettes. I have the books and other Schwinn parts. I have visited factory sites and hobknobed with the balloon tire folks and I acknowledge it's magic but I am into other bikes at heart. Still I don't care for this bike and I think I over paid and I have racks and rims and orig tires and I think I'll never get my money back out of these Schwinn Corvettes. I hope I am wrong and seeing this bike on e- bay has eased my pain. My heart does not belong to Schwinns and I find myself turning them down and then changing my mind and driving over there to pick them up for really cheap. Yes, I pick these up and when it comes sell time I'll do fine but I don't like these bikes and the only one I really ride has a motor attachment on it. I like skip tooth chains and sprockets and I guess that's what does it. The fellow thought I was just acting boored but it was the real thing.
It's black with a locking fork and has S- 2 rims and a rear rack and I went for it but the spirit is not there.
I hope these go up in value, thats the way I am playing these to make money from these bikes.
I find myself being persistent and hunting them but once I do lay my hands on it and get it home there is no thrill except that I got a bargain and it'll go higher than what I gave for it on e- bay some day. It's a empty victory.

It's not a bike I jump on and tool all over until late at night grinning like a fool. If I can walk past it and not stop everyting and go ridng on it then it has not a call strong enough. Rather still a display bike I hope to make money on. Another empty dead trophy. If I left the Corvette at a store and came back out to find it missing, I would not be all that bummed out. I would have to walk home and that would bite but the loss of a favorite Humber or Raleigh would wound like a knife. Those I really love.
To some, the Schwinn Corvette is this bike the one that makes your heart pound with joy and excitement and that's great. This bike is not from my generaton and I only came to that party late and missed the show so to speak so that's why my heart does not belong to it.
I looked at him and asked "What else do you have here?" and he's amazed saying "That's a Schwinn Corvette! That's Americana!" He was more charged up that I was but I'm scanning the loft to see what else is there. I can trade or sell this and bring it to somebody who'll flip out with excitement and I'll stand there and enjoy the reaction.
Cups, cones, cranks, handlebars, the parts, the hubs, yes I have this stuff but I have taken these to pals to have them do the job because I don't like to work on them. They ask where I found the rare parts and do you have more of these parts. I bought the whole cabinet full and yet I don't care for these.
I guess what I don't like is that to me this bicycle represents the change from the solid old school 26 X 2.125 Balloon tire bikes like the Black Phantom which was the Zenith. This Corvette is considered a middleweight and that was the beginning of the slide downwards. I don't like it. Who could after seeing the Black Phantom? They were cheapening the Schwinns and this was the start. Not long after they started stamping Schwinn Approved on parts instead of making them all themselves.
Now the older Schwinn stuff, the companies and things they took over the stuff up to the Corvette from the foundation of the comany is interesting to me. I have spent hours in dirty dark basements with flashlights and extension cords running down the stairs looking over the old, old, really cool stuff and learning and acquiring it all.These Corvettes are not old and mysterious enough for me I guess. I have trouble taking stock of what I have brought back it winds up in boxes marked Schwinn. This attritude has led to me getting yelled at. One fellow said I had some neat stuff and he bellowed at me "What's the matter with you!" after he marveled "Where did you find all this stuff?"

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Corvette, does not do anything for me. posted by Chris on 3/2/2003 at 9:50:50 PM
The car in the garage in the picture does not thrill me either.
The fenders look nice on this bike. Still, The front part of the fender does not incorporate a "safety rolled edge" as the British made bikes do, Schwinn was like this, that's how they were. I hope the buyer does not allow these fenders to get dented.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn spotter needed! posted by: Ricky on 2/24/2003 at 8:11:59 PM
Hope someone can figure this one out. The shop was closed, I'll go back and try to get it later, but what is it? Obviously a ladie's model and a Schwinn probably '40s. There are some poor quality pics here:http://www.pbase.com/image/13621021 use the "next" button to view eight pictures. As I said, The shop is closed and these "spy cam" shots are the best I can get for now.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn spotter needed! posted by Tom Findley on 2/24/2003 at 11:05:47 PM
Bike is a baloon tire B6, made before 1953. I would not try to restore it.

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn spotter needed! posted by Ricky on 2/24/2003 at 11:44:46 PM
Tom, thanks for the ID. Would you care to elaborate? Not worth restoring, B6 hasn't much value? Or perhaps, buy it, sell it as is, or Just better not to mess with it at all?
I ask because I have not a clue... my interests are more with the ten-speeds of the 60s & 70s. The only thought I had on this was maybe to pick it up just to sell here or ebay, etc. If its just one of the less desirable models, no problem, you no doubt have saved me the headache of getting stuck with it. Thanks, Ricky

   RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn spotter needed! posted by Tom Findley on 2/25/2003 at 7:03:13 PM
The bike is rusted enough that it would be easier and cheaper to buy one in better shape, but who would ride it?

The cost to restore the bike could exceed $2000, and it would be unlikely that anyone would pay that much for your effort.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn spotter needed! posted by Ricky on 2/26/2003 at 1:43:43 AM
Tom, thanks. I appreciate the explanation.
I will pass this one by. I have enough junk as it is!

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn spotter needed! posted by MNSmith on 2/26/2003 at 9:24:34 PM
Hold on now. Let's narrow this down a bit. It is a 1946 to 1948 girls ballooner, not a "B" model. Girls Schwinn's never had a "B" designation. It is a deluxe bike. Probably a Hollywood.

Now, if you were looking to make money on this bike, Tom is correct for the most part. In the condition this bike is in, you would make just as much, maybe even more by parting it out. You would be left with a hard to sell girls frame in the end. Possibly the saddle too.

Girls ballooner values have been slowly rising over the past few years but not such that it is profitable just yet.

If you are no longer interested in this bike, send me the information on it. I'd be interested in it.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn spotter needed! posted by Ricky on 2/26/2003 at 9:32:56 PM
I'm going by there today (if they're there)and try to get some more info on it. I dont think there's any rush...you can see from the pics how hidden it is. You'll have to give me some time to find out about it. I really don't know a thing about balloon tire bikes...tell what key points to look for?

   Girl's bike posted by Tom Findley on 2/27/2003 at 2:01:12 PM
Marlene, my cousin, had a bike like this. She probably got it in about 1947. I last saw the bike in about 1965. I don't remember the name "Hollywood" on it, just "Schwinn". It had the Phantom-style headlight and front fork. I couldn't figure out how to lock it. It had a front drum brake, rear carrier and light, and deteriorated chrome rims. I rode the bike a little in 1961, at age 11. It was heavy compared to my Mk II Jaguar, and I thought it was too slow.

Girls, or ladies, don't care much today for riding a bike that is 55%-65% of their own weight (trust them on the figures).

   RE:Girl's bike posted by MNSmith on 2/27/2003 at 7:39:53 PM
That's why it is a sad thing. That bike is probably worth more in parts 'cause no one is riding girls bikes anymore.

Those early bikes wouldn't say "Hollywood" on them. It would say it in the catalog though. Most of the time they would have a downtube decal with the same name as the badge.

The stuff to look for would be the same as you see on a Phantom or B6. Deluxe fenders, chainwheel, brakes, stuff like that. AS bolts here there and everywhere. Large "Phantom" chainguard. The wheels are drop center so there is no "deluxe" there. Straight rack. Decent tank ( no rust holes. ) Etc.

Hey Tom, have you learned to lock them since? Being a Phantom owner and european tourist, you must have figured it out by now?!? For those that haven't, you should visit Tom's site. A lot of fine rides!! http://www.trfindley.com/

My site: www.bunchobikes.com

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn spotter needed! posted by Ricky on 2/28/2003 at 4:39:58 AM
Update, sorta. I went back again, they're STILL not open, no phone contact,etc. Aggravating! Anyway, it's still a through-the-fence proposition, but I took some more pics and they are better than previous; You afficionadoes will probably be able to pick out a lot more details in these. There's a decent shot of the rear fender/reflector/rack and some others. Interesting bend to the stem, too. These are taken at a higher resolution so that they can be blown up better. You can almost read the tire size.
Anyway, I'll keep an eye on the place and Ai'll keep y'all posted.
http://www.pbase.com/image/13746618 then use the next button.

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn spotter needed! posted by MNSmith on 2/28/2003 at 8:54:31 AM
My bad, those rims are S-2's. That neck can be straightened.


   light probably worth more then they want for the whole bike posted by Gmain on 2/28/2003 at 11:04:19 PM
i would strip it to the frame, toss the frame and look for a mans to build a Phantom out of. looks like 90% of a phantom there, only missing mans frame and male tank.

   RE:light probably worth more then they want for the whole bike posted by Tom Findley on 3/3/2003 at 3:25:02 PM
In the past 4 years I have learned how to use the Cycle-lok. I have also learned how to remove and install it.

Mark is right about the bike being worth more in parts than as a complete bike.

AGE / VALUE:   Price question posted by: Aaron on 2/24/2003 at 6:14:45 AM
I don't know a lot about bikes. This may be under the wrong discussion area.


I have a 1956 J.C. Higgins women's 3 speed bike. It is brand new - never ridden, and still in the original box. The box has been opened but the bike hasn't been put together. The light isn't on yet and the handle bars have to be fitted into the right position and tightened still. It is in perfect condition other than maybe it needs to have oil or grease put into moving parts as it is so old.

I called a guy at a bike shop and he said that the bike isn't worth anything to a collector as it has very little resale value because it is a women's bike. He said he would be willing to add it to his own collection but he couldn't pay more than $100 for it.

Basically I wanted to know if he is being truthful. Should I hold out for more money or be greatful and take advantage of his generosity?

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Price question posted by Fred A on 2/24/2003 at 10:12:30 PM
Hi Aaron.....

I feel that the bike IS worth much more due to the fact that it is brand new. Most of the parts (wheels, tires, crakset, etc.) would be perfect for a boys/mens bike. Hey, how many NEW 1956 bikes have you ever heard of? Hold out for more and tell him you'll put it on ebay. You'll see his price go up.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Price question posted by sam on 2/24/2003 at 11:26:08 PM
Just a guess but I would not have taken it out of the box.Keep the box!

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: fast on 2/23/2003 at 8:27:26 PM
I have a Schwinn? 26 inch cantilever frame, serial number S69821, stamped under the crank bracket. The head badge holes are about 2 1/8 apart. Is this a BF Goodrich frame? It is identical to other early Schwinns I've seen, except for the headbadge mounting holes. Any ideas? I'm going to use the frame for a whizzer, and would like the correct headbadge if possible.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:    posted by MNSmith on 2/26/2003 at 9:27:50 PM
Any number of Schwinn made badges would fit on that frame.

BALLOON:   What do I have??? posted by: Richard on 2/23/2003 at 1:37:56 AM
The LBS was getting rid of their shop bike and asked me if I wanted it. Being the peddalfile that I'am, I said sure I'll take it! After getting it home I was looking it over and I thought that it might actualy have some collectable appeal. The frame is cruiser style with two small toptubes that extend past the seattube to the rear lugs (one each side), the lugs are kind of horned rim like and extend about 3 inches behind the axle, the downtube is single and there are two other tubes that extend from the downtube up to the two toptubes, it has schwinn s7 tubular rims and the rear hub is a 2 speed bendix w/coaster brake. I looked all over for the serial number but couldnt find one, but there is a lot of paint and stickers I'll keep looking. If someone could help it would be cool. I can take pics and send to email address if this would help.

   RE:BALLOON:   What do I have??? posted by Richard on 2/25/2003 at 11:21:41 PM
Found numbers on left rear horn shaped dropout, they are: 502(7/8"space)455000(5/16"space)990356. The rear hub is Bendix automatic (kickback) 2-speed model B USA. Headbadge mounting holes are vertical and 2 1/2" c-c apart. Has a Schwinn seat post bolt, but I dont think bike is a Schwinn.

   RE:BALLOON:   What do I have??? posted by Richard on 2/25/2003 at 11:50:35 PM
Found a bike in the picture data base that has a frame that looks like it, its a 1962 Sears Flightliner.

MISC:   What Is It? posted by: Mike P on 2/20/2003 at 11:29:15 PM
Picked up a rough, but very useable pre-war bike. The headbadge says 'DPC Mfg Co. Gold Medal'. The frame has been stripped and repainted, so no other clues. Musselman Model M coaster hub w/ skiptooth. Any ideas?
Thanks a lot.

   RE:MISC:   What Is It? posted by sam on 2/21/2003 at 10:53:29 PM
May say DPH or D.P.Harris . Same as RollFast.

   RE:RE:MISC:   What Is It? posted by Mike P on 2/23/2003 at 4:26:45 AM
Yes, DPH, that's it. Sorry for the slip up.
Back to the 'Hooked on Phonics'...
Thanks a lot.

FOR SALE:   Big Update posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc. at OldRoads.com on 2/19/2003 at 3:58:54 PM
We've added more bicycles and parts and set some "mid-winter" prices.
Click on "Bicycles for Sale" and "Parts for Sale" at the top of this page.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc.

BALLOON:   frame I.D. posted by: will on 2/19/2003 at 4:50:12 AM
HELP! I just picked up an old balloon tire Schwinn. It has the serial #B69807 on the back left drop down, a 5-heart(?) skip tooth sprocket, the back rim looks like early Schwinn but the hub(w/ oil port) and brake brace say "New Development".
Can someone help me I.D. some of these parts?

   RE:BALLOON:   frame I.D. posted by will on 2/19/2003 at 5:44:12 AM
correction: "New Departure" is on the back hub and brake brace.

AGE / VALUE:   1959 Schwinn Corvette posted by: andym on 2/17/2003 at 4:22:20 AM
Hi!,I'm usually only interested in vintage lightweights but today I purchased a 1959 schwinn corvette. I dont know much about middleweights but this one seemed pretty cool! It's in very weathered condition but complete. Very faded red paint decent chrome,except rear fender is flaking a bit.It has the original front rack,although its bent I think I can straighten it.It also has what looks to be a bendix three speed coaster brake hub.The shifter is mounted on the handlebar and looks alot like a brake lever,In fact thats what I thought it was at first glance.Fenders and chain guard are a little dinged up,but fixable.It has original grab rail style seat,but its really crispy,as are
the tires. I paid 39.95,was that fair considering the work that needs to be done?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1959 Schwinn Corvette posted by MNSmith on 2/17/2003 at 9:33:29 AM
That Bendix hub is most likely a two speed manual. $40 doesn't sound to bad!


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1959 Schwinn Corvette posted by Don on 2/18/2003 at 8:07:49 PM
Corvettes are very cool! They were the first middleweight 26 inch bike. Sales on e-bay are picking up for these and all middleweights. A nice Corvette went for almost 1000.00 on e-bay not too long ago. I am partial to these, i own a 60' in nice orig. shape. Keep it, fix it and RIDE....

BALLOON:   Chain Bike Company, Rockaway,NY posted by: Dave on 2/16/2003 at 1:19:26 AM
I have a ladies Thunder Jet Delux by the Chain Bicycle company of Rockaway Beach NY. I can't find any info on it. It belonged to my aunt who is now in her 80s. I would like to find out how old it is, thinking about fixing it up, slight rust. Any info would be appreciated.

   RE:BALLOON:   Chain Bike Company, Rockaway,NY posted by ken on 2/17/2003 at 7:25:17 PM
There's one dated 1955 in the picture database. There is some relationship between Chain Bike and Ross Bicycles of Allentown, PA; I think in the 70s anyway that Chain Bike was the parent company. I would also like to know more...

BALLOON:   Information wanted on "Black out" New Departure Hubs posted by: Darrell on 2/14/2003 at 10:22:08 PM
Question: Can anyone tell me why some of the New Departure coaster brake units and front wheel hubs are black with white printing? My guess would be that this is due to wartime "shortages" and was a way of conserving on nickel. Does anyone know how many and what years they used these black out hubs? Mine are on a Western Flyer. Thank you.

   RE:BALLOON:   Information wanted on posted by sam on 2/14/2003 at 11:29:43 PM
Started about 1941 and were used on post war 40s bikes too.

WANTED:   HELP!!! posted by: metlhed on 2/13/2003 at 7:07:22 PM
hey yall, i need some help. this is off topic, but i need a science fair project idea(we can use a hypothesis or use the design process to build something).i wanna build(design) something using bikes, or having to do with bikes. can anyone help?

   RE:WANTED:   HELP!!! posted by sam on 2/14/2003 at 12:43:50 AM
From the book 'Lessons in Looking"by O'Neil Ford.Page 85.Try this experiment.Take three bricks and balance a bicycle wheel on the edges.stretch across the center a long board--strong enough to hold 4 or 6 or even 8 people.Get them one by one to stand on the board.Pluck the spokes .Find which ones are in tension and holding up the board.Find which are not.This is an amazing amount of weight for a little wheel and a few wires to be holding.

AGE / VALUE:   old mohawk bike posted by: whitey on 2/11/2003 at 3:22:44 PM
does anyone have general info on early mohawk bicycles? It looks like early 40s, balloon tire. I'm familiar with the name but I can't seem to find info on the internet.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old mohawk bike posted by Danny Joe on 2/13/2003 at 1:43:50 AM
I have a chaingaurd with the word Mohawk on it and the profile of an Native American. I think I trashed the ladie's frame it came with(or it's out back) it seemed to be from the '60's, 26in. 1 3/8 wheel's.

AGE / VALUE:   sky way bike? posted by: metlhed on 2/11/2003 at 12:04:50 AM
has any one here heard of a sky way bike? i think it is something like that. it has an unusual style frame, two top bars and two middle bars. looks to be 24in. cruiser seat and handelbars. front rack. once i get it i will give more info.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   sky way bike? posted by JimW. on 2/11/2003 at 5:33:03 PM
Skyway is best known for its early BMX bikes fitted with plastic "MAG" wheels. I presume that yours is one of those, but I could be wrong. It may have been refitted with different components and accessories; if it wasn't a whole different line of bikes. They stopped making bikes at some point, but they still sell the wheels.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   sky way bike? posted by sam on 2/12/2003 at 1:52:29 AM
Early BMX bikes with the right name are increasing in value.Check it out real good not every one knows the BMX market so ask around.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   sky way bike? posted by metlhed on 2/12/2003 at 8:30:18 PM
it looks to be from the 50's. i think that the skyway mag/bike company was a whole different company. this is old. cantavilear(i dont know how to spell it) frame.

also i have a 1984 mongoose chromoly frame. says BMX on the headbadge. on the seat tube there is a sticker that says mongoose january(i think it says january im not sure:the bike is outside in the snow)1984. any body have an interest or knows the value?

MISC:   I know its worth some $ posted by: Pete on 2/10/2003 at 2:32:04 PM
I have a very old balloon tire Schwinn serial #G229562 in very fine condition, (needs tires& tubes). is this a 1950 model? I am interested in selling.It has the teardrop rear reflector with the white "S". Can you tell me the name of this bike?

   RE:MISC:   I know its worth some $ posted by ken on 2/10/2003 at 6:46:12 PM
yup, if it's under the crank hanger, that number looks like 1950. But the number doesn't descibe the bike. Check the picture database here or on nostalgic.net. Find one that looks like yours. Get back to us when you have a little more info.