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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Mesinger Seat posted by: John on 4/20/2003 at 3:10:29 AM
I have a black and white schwinn mesinger seat from the 1960's.

First I need to know how does the seat come apart with out ruining any of it?

There is only one hex shaped nut that I can see and when I try to loosen it, it does loosen but does not want to come completely off.

Second, what is the best way to clean the vinyl?


AGE / VALUE:   were to find the ser no. posted by: Mark Hoskins on 4/18/2003 at 1:44:37 AM
I found a old columbia bicycle frame and finders. no rims
I would like to know were to find the ser# on bike at look
like someone fixing to repaint it. And I also would like to
know were I can find the rims for it? And what color was it? Thanks Mark

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   were to find the ser no. posted by doug on 4/20/2003 at 1:44:50 PM
if it has the front fork on it remove the fork and you might find the original color on the tube which inserts into the head of the frame good luck

WANTED:   Looking for PreWar Schwinn Autocycle parts posted by: Dave on 4/16/2003 at 10:16:58 PM
I have a 1937 Schwinn Autocycle Maroon & cream color. I need the front fender w/medallion. The auburn reflector lense for the tank, 6 hole rear rack with reflector on the back, speedo housing, and the seat or saddle, doesn't have to have the spring bar on it. If you may have any of these parts please email me, thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   Baronia Work posted by: Brenda Lambert on 4/16/2003 at 5:47:18 PM



WANTED:    seatpost to fit the 1948 ROADMASTER cruiser. posted by: Earl on 4/15/2003 at 12:59:44 AM
I'm in need of a seatpost to fit the 1948 ROADMASTER cruiser.
(luxury liner) If you have one or a good source LMK.


MIDDLEWEIGHT:   StarFlite posted by: Tim on 4/14/2003 at 8:25:11 AM
I have a early 60s boys Higgins Fliteliner and a girls bike about the same age,it says Starflite on the front decal of the girls,does anyone have info on a girls Starflite.

AGE / VALUE:   Oglaend pullmedalui posted by: Stephanie on 4/14/2003 at 2:18:55 AM
I just aquired a Jonas Ogaend Pullmedaliu Landfutstlingen. It is original paint bronze and white it has front and back fenders, the front one has a rocket on it. The serial number is 1748835. I would like to know the value and history, and I can't find it anywhere. Help!

MISC:   Treasure Island posted by: DannyJoe on 4/13/2003 at 2:38:15 AM
Who'da thunk it, there's an 81yr. man who lives a stones throw from me who collects anything and everything. His front yard is cluttered lawnmower's which he repair's and resales, I've gave him a few myself and dropped one off today which I found in town with a free sign on it. His yard is a mini junk-yard which held some treasure's out back which I had a chance to view today.

After dropping off a lawnmower for him earlier in the day while he was gone to town, I later pedaled to his home on a '59 Schwinn Corvette which I had just made ride-able. He mentioned he had some old bike's too and took me around back for a look. There were at least twenty old bikes on and under a long backporch which I had spotted right away, a Columbia straightbar 3speed an Italian made 10 speed which I will go back for tomorrow '60-'70's vintage, he's giving that one to me. There were old bike's on and under junk which was everywhere as we made our way to his "nice bike's" which he kept in a tin shed. We walked inside this shed which was crammed with old Schwinn's, Western Flyer's a nice cantilever framed bike which had a headbadge that read Starjet, never heard of that one before. What really caught my eye was Rollfast Tandem from the '60's which I was able to trade an old lawnmower for, I drove over 60 mile's today to a couple of different property auction's looking for old bike's with no luck other than buying a vintage early 1900's bicycle tool frame pouch with tool's, nice find. Little did I know that my best find's of the day were just a stone's throw away from my home from a man who will never let me ride past his home without yelling "Is that all the faster you can go!"

WANTED:   huffy Corvair posted by: Al on 4/12/2003 at 4:47:07 AM
I think these were made in the early to mid 60's. looking for one in good driveable condition, thanks

AGE / VALUE:   1959 schwinn jaguar mark IV posted by: LS on 4/11/2003 at 5:18:43 AM
I purchased a red, 1959 schwinn jaguar markIV
all original. head light and tail light work.
seat is a little worn, but no tears. front and rear rack.
chrome fenders are in almost perfect shape (no dents)
a few scratches in paint. does anyone know value of this bike?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1959 schwinn jaguar mark IV posted by Tom Findley on 4/14/2003 at 1:00:38 PM
$12,000 in Europe.

BALLOON:   spokes ? posted by: Benny on 4/11/2003 at 1:06:14 AM
I'm restoreing a 1953 Girls Roadmaster Luxery Liner.
I'm wanting to take the spokes out so I can rechrome the wheels. I don't know how to reinstall them. Is there any
online info. I could read and learn how to reinstall and straighten the wheels back up. Or true them up.
Or is there any place I could buy repop ones? Thanks, Benny

   RE:BALLOON:   spokes ? posted by Stacey on 4/11/2003 at 10:54:50 AM
Somewhere on www.sheldonbrown.com there is a marvelous set of pages on wheel building. I've a hard copy that I bring out everytime I build a wheel. Poke around his site, there's many gems to uncover.

   RE:BALLOON:   spokes ? posted by Joe on 4/12/2003 at 6:59:41 PM
If you get the wheels rechromed I can get your rims built up and trued for you, install new spokes(cad or stainless) for all you need to do is send me the hubs and rims(2) and for $35.00+ shipping this includes spokes and labor. Add .10 per spoke if you want stainless. Our guy has 20+ years in wheel building. Also if you want we can use some new import chrome rims and you just supply the hubs you want. We also sell balloon wheelsets you can see them on our site www.geocities.com/jjegg63

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Badge posted by: Bob Hagy on 4/10/2003 at 2:52:13 PM
I need a Badge for a Monark Zepher 50's era. If anyone has one or knows where I might find one, lrt me know.
Thanks; Bob

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Huffy Customliner posted by: John Boatwright on 4/10/2003 at 2:31:32 PM
Looking for good internet sources to help me determine the approximate age of my Huffy. I believe it is a Customliner. Based on images I've seen online, I first thought it might be '50s vintage. However, details I've noticed in other images that match those on my bike lead me to believe it might date to the '40s. I imagine a serial number would be the best way to determine the bike's age, and I am working to get that (it's currently covered under at least three coats of bad paint). However, in the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone can point me to some web resources for this particular brand/model to help satisfy my curiosity. Thanks.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Huffy Customliner posted by John Boatwright on 4/11/2003 at 2:29:32 PM
I guess I should add I'm looking for resources in addition to that found on this great site. I've seen the information here about the Huffy, and I'm looking for additional information.

AGE / VALUE:   coca-cola boys 26" bike posted by: dale on 4/10/2003 at 3:22:15 AM
just picked up a boys 26" coca-cola bike reproduction, in perfect condition, never been ridden, plastic still on some parts, made by huffy in the 80's i think, trying to find it's worth. thanks

AGE / VALUE:   Moon GT & Glide Deluxe posted by: Valerie on 4/9/2003 at 3:08:20 AM
Can you help me on these 2 bikes? Was a gift to us and
do not know much about them. The Moon is yellow and black with a pair of eyes on it and Glide Deluxe is black, tan and red. They also have "Santa Anna, Ca" on them.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Moon GT & Glide Deluxe posted by sam on 4/9/2003 at 7:17:44 PM
Moon is verry cool--wish someone would give me one.They were factory Kustom bikes sold tru Moon raceing equt.I don't know if they are still sold or not check out ads in car raceing mag like Hor Rod.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Moon GT & Glide Deluxe posted by Ken on 4/10/2003 at 2:00:46 PM
My LBS is a GT dealer and carries the Moon cruisers. There was one in stock recently.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Moon GT & Glide Deluxe posted by JimW. on 4/12/2003 at 11:20:20 PM
The Dyno/GT website is: http://kustomkruiser.com
The Moon bike is by far the more valuable of the two. It was made in a deal with Moon Equipment Co. (Mooneyes, http://mooneyes.com) It is no longer in production, and neither Dyno/GT nor Moon offer them for sale anymore. A Mooneyes crank sprocket went for $30 on eBay recently, which should give you an idea of the valuation for a whole bike. The other one may still be in production, although it's hard to tell with Dyno/GT.