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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

FOR SALE:   COLLECTION MUST GO. posted by: Gary Main on 8/6/2003 at 1:53:02 AM
having offered this lot before with little interest shown, i am again offering a package deal on my schwinns. i will sell all of my schwinns in model lots, IE all the schwinn varsinentals, mideweight, ballooners, panasonic/Giant. THEY MUST GO. EBAY WILL GET THEM SOON.

   RE:FOR SALE:   COLLECTION MUST GO. posted by Amy on 9/11/2003 at 11:42:42 PM
How much do you want for all these bikes, and where are they located? Obviously picking up is something that I would have to do? Please let me know, might be interested if the price is right.

BALLOON:   1954 Blue Schwinn Jaguar 3 Spd posted by: LuvMy66Violet3S on 8/5/2003 at 9:28:32 PM
Hi Everyone, I once posted this bike here and got a lot of questions about the bike. I was told by many of you if the bike was ever to be put on Ebay to let you know so here is your chance to buy it..........


Good Luck everyone!!!!

Raul G.

   RE:BALLOON:   1954 Blue Schwinn Jaguar 3 Spd posted by gary m on 8/6/2003 at 6:14:22 AM
nice bike. however i have in front of me a 1954 and 55 price list and both model yrs jags were ballooners. took me a while to find correct references, and yes 1955 as well as 54 were balloon tires. the 57 jag II was a midweight. my 55 3sp has s2 wheels same as the 54 did. i have 4 of these heavyweight 3sp frames my 56 American is also a heavyweight frame using midweight tires. my 55 was a darker blue then yours i am sure.

BALLOON:   Colson, CW or other? posted by: Joe on 8/5/2003 at 8:58:37 AM
I am hoping that there is a Colson and/or Cleveland Welding expert lurking here. I have a pre-war bike, 26" balloon tire men's model which I have been trying to identify for some time. I found it years ago at a flea market cheap. Unfortunately it's been repainted and had a Schwinn head badge on it. It's definitly no Schwinn. The closest pic I've seen so far is at nostalgic.net under Colson, a '38 Firestone Standard. There are a few parts that don't match, but I do know that the chainguard and drop stand are Colson, and the chainwheel is a Cleveland Welding unit, (I believe for a Western Flyer). The handlebars and stem were wrong and off a '79 Schwinn (I've since put them back on a Schwinn). I do have a few other bars here that may be correct. The stem is a larger diameter than most, the steer tube takes a 7/8" neck stem, and the seat post measures 13/16" where it enters the frame. (The Schwinn stem was shimmed to fit).
The front fork uses a mounting tab forward to mount the fender. There are two parallel top tubes, the chainstays are straight with little to no bend upward, the second tube intersects the downtube and the headtube equally, and the down tube is a straight bar. The axle adjusting screws are threaded 1/4" x 20 tpi, the seat stays are separate from the seat tube down. The rear hub is a New Departure Model D and the front is a Musselman. The rear carrier is wrong and obviously off another bike. I scraped the paint in several areas and the original color is visible as a dark redish marroon, the rims, frame, chainguard, forks, and both fenders have the same base color. This leads me to believe that the chainring is the misplaced piece? You can view the pic of this bike at: http://bikepics.s5.com
If anyone has any input on this, or can identify the frame, please let me know. I realize it isn't a high end bike and it can never be original again, but I would like to make it as close to original as posible as a good rider.
Anything I do at this point, I guess, will be an improvement.

   RE:BALLOON:   Colson, CW or other? More info.. posted by Joe on 8/6/2003 at 2:00:06 PM
I just took the 'Colson' completely apart, it appears after some more scraping the chainguard also has a coat of blue paint on the inside surface that appears to be the original coat. The rest of the bike is all red underneath. I recieved another pic of a bike similar to mine, It is badged a Roadmaster by CW. Someone pointed out the fact that Colson chainstays merge into a single tube where they attach to the bottom bracket. I have heard this before, but also about the seat stays where they meet the post. However, every pic of a pre-war Colson I have collected so far has the single tube behind the bottom bracket shell. The Roadmaster in the pic has the same features as mine, and appears to have the separate tubes all the way to the B.B. I also tried to move the chainguard brackets to the next set of holes, and there is no combination that will make this guard align with the frame properly, it doesn't appear to be bent nor do the brackets.
The only thing that steers me away from it being a Roadmaster at this point is the fact that a Roadmaster headbadge's holes are too far apart to fit the holes in my frame. Mine are 2 5/8" apart, while the Roadmaster badge has about 2 15/16" spacing.
Some other details that may be of interest are that the steertube is threaded 26 tpi like a Schwinn, and is definetly made to take a 7/8" diameter stem. The fork is paticularly light for pre-war bike, the tube is so thin and it apears to be only brazed at the outer bottom and capped. The blades are forged.(it's much lighter than say a later Schwinn fork). The bottom bracket shell is also very thin, almost looks like sheetmetal. The fillet brazing at the headtube is sloppy and porous, it also extends up and under the top cup. The dropouts are drilled for the pin mount type drop stand, and either the Colson or CW type fits. Both tubes were Allstate as were the rim strips. The front hub looks to be an early Musselman with a greasfitting? No obvious markings, it's painted silver as is all of the parts that were plated. The seat post is hollow in the lower portion, it measures 13/16" and is very loose in the frame, someone had half of a stem shim split and jammed into the hole to take up the slack.
The seat post clamp is part of the frame, and not removable.
I received two other emails saying that the rear carrier looks to be off an Elgin, but nothing certain. With not being sure now that the chainguard belongs with this frame and having both a pic of both a Colson and a Roadmaster that have the same frame design, I really am not sure now what this was. Any further input is much appreciated.

AGE / VALUE:   Huffy Radiobike posted by: Bob on 8/3/2003 at 2:16:24 AM
I just purchased a 55 or 56 Huffy Radiobike in complete original condition. Has the radio and battery and connections, it has orig tires (cracks), 2 speed bendix coaster brake that works fine, light that works, paint is somewhat faded, very little rust and good chrome wheels and handle bars, small dents in tank. Overall I rate (1-10) about a 7 maybe an 8. Ball park figure of value or any info will be appreciated.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Huffy Radiobike posted by Fred A on 8/3/2003 at 11:51:43 AM
WOW! Great find! If I have my information correct, that bike was built for only one year. It would have been made for a long time, but the year after the the bike was made with its heavy battery and radio.........well, transister radios appeared, nice and light and small. Every kid wanted one and thus spelled the death knoll for this Huffy.
Price? I'd take a stab and say at least $700 if it's all original. You NEVER see these for sale anywhere. A very nice collectors item!!!!!

Fred A

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Huffy Radiobike posted by Gordon on 8/3/2003 at 5:04:40 PM
Seems like they bring several thousand on eBay.

WANTED:   24 inch wheels wanted posted by: Ben Pursell on 8/1/2003 at 2:11:34 AM
I am looking for 24 inch wheels for my mid 60's RollFast cruiser. Need rear with fixed gear and front, in good shape- good spokes. Email me if you have any, or know where I can get a good pair. Thanks!!

FOR SALE:   '65 Schwinn Typhoon (unrestored) posted by: Daniel Hudson on 8/1/2003 at 1:05:03 AM
I have a '65 typhoon black$white w/white 24"rims looks and rides great, all parts are original to the bike including tires, very little to no pitting, chainguard and screened logo are in great shape.Has black fenders w/white pinstriping and original bendix coaster brake, asking $250.00 not incl. shipping...located in omaha, email for more info.

FOR SALE:   motorized bicycle and motor kits posted by: Jeremy on 7/28/2003 at 4:35:11 PM
Check out Cali Cruzer for cool custom motorized bikes at www.calicruzer.com. 48cc gas 2-stroke motor makes 2 horsrpower and can reach speeds of 30+ mph. Chain driven with a manual clutch for a real motorcycle feel. Street legal. No insurance or registration required. Only a regular drivers permit and DOT approved helmet needed. Complete bikes and motor kits available.

AGE / VALUE:   AMF Texas Ranger 3-speed posted by: Gralyn on 7/26/2003 at 4:41:57 AM
I usually post on the lightweights group - but I spotted a bike today - and I'm not sure where it fits. I believe it was an AMF Texas Ranger. It had a 3-speed hub, hand brakes, It didn't have a triangular frame - but rather the curved tup tube. It had fenders, also. It's maybe a middle-weight. It was in an antique store - and priced at $75. I didn't think that was a bad price. I had never seen one of these bikes. The chainring looked different from anything I had ever seen. Even the frame looked rather unique. Has anyone ever heard of these?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   AMF Texas Ranger 3-speed posted by sam on 7/28/2003 at 12:17:42 AM
I think they were AMF bikes.The 3 speed should be a 333(early shamino)---sam

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   AMF Texas Ranger 3-speed posted by goob on 7/28/2003 at 1:54:38 PM
most were foreign made. never caught on as a collectors bike. i have 2 or 3 of them. a lot of fun to customize. $75.00 would be at the high end for one.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   AMF Texas Ranger 3-speed posted by Chris on 8/4/2003 at 6:02:43 PM
Raleigh or Phillips made these.
A.M.F got mixed up with original Birmingham, England Hercules which was part of Phillips and the British Cycle Corporation and then that got merged with Raleigh.
Some Raleigh made bikes then wore A.M.F. Hercules badges. Then the A.M.F. part was dropped. Leaving a Nottingham , England Raleigh built Hercules badged bike.

Just look at the headset in the thing.

It is either a Raleigh or a Phillips type bike. Either Raleigh's 26 T.P.I. threading or a Phillips 24 T.P.I. thread. The ball bearings in the heaset could be either Raleigh's 3/32 size or Phillips tiny 1/8 th size.
If you like it and if it is a odd cool looking one, then go for it.
75.00 is about as much as anybody would get for it none the less. Ride it and enjoy it. Haggle it to 70. or 68.00
Before replacing important things, like brake cables and brake shoes.

The name is cool, but that may not make it worth more than 75.00 none the less. As the other guy pointed out, it is one of the newer lightweight versions that was made in England.

I would guess that there was an older version made in the States that was made by the original company.
Those I have no experience with.

AGE / VALUE:   BENDIX MODEL K HUB posted by: Dave on 7/25/2003 at 12:53:19 PM
does anyone know anything about a bendix model k hub???I found one on a schwinn s rim with heavyduty spokes....does anyone know what this is for?????........thanx Dave

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   BENDIX MODEL K HUB posted by MNSmith on 7/30/2003 at 7:14:06 AM
If it is a 20" wheel, it is for the front of a Cycletruck.


AGE / VALUE:   Wards Hawthorne posted by: Paul on 7/24/2003 at 9:45:19 PM
I have a 30's Men's Hawthorne that I have completely restored. All polished, etc and I also have a 30's Women's Monark that I plan on doing the same to. As I got my bikes from family I have no idea as to their worth ... anyone care to let me know? Thanks for the help/ advice. (P.S. I'm not selling, just seeing what I have.)

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Wards Hawthorne posted by Paul on 7/24/2003 at 9:53:45 PM
Doh! They are both aluminum white wall bikes with perfect frames- no fenders or tanks or lights.

Thanks again!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Wards Hawthorne posted by sam on 7/26/2003 at 6:50:01 PM
What you have is a monark silver king that was sold through the Wards dept. stores as a hawthorn.Check the pic. data base for examples of this bike under Silver King.

AGE / VALUE:   Gamble Stores Eagle. posted by: Peter on 7/24/2003 at 7:49:31 PM
I returned from the farm with a bike purchased at a farm
auction in 75. Gamble Stores Eagle. About a Grade 7.
All orig., missing only the stut bars, grips, and rear batt-operated tailight housing. (guts still attached to fender) Anyone who can direct me to someone who may have
these parts would be much appreciated.
This ballooner is tanked, with the bullet style fender
headlight operated via slider switch on the tank. Steel
flex-wire connecting the tank switch to the fender.
No horn. It has the spit-seatstays wrapping around the seat tube and welded to the top tube in front of the seat tube.
Fender-monted snap-in bike stand. Skip-tooth. Really
straigh and original bike. Any avail. resources on this bike? Can send digi pic if you can help me. Have many
balloner parts to swap/trade for above needed parts.
Tanks tankers.......

AGE / VALUE:   Gamble Stores Eagle. posted by: Peter on 7/24/2003 at 7:49:31 PM
I returned from the farm with a bike purchased at a farm
auction in 75. Gamble Stores Eagle. About a Grade 7.
All orig., missing only the stut bars, grips, and rear batt-operated tailight housing. (guts still attached to fender) Anyone who can direct me to someone who may have
these parts would be much appreciated.
This ballooner is tanked, has
the spit-seatstays wrapping around the seat tube and
welded to the top tube. Fender-snap stand-up stand.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Need info to restore posted by: Dagny on 7/24/2003 at 11:30:14 AM
I rescued a bluish with white pinstripe 1972 Columbia Sterling female coaster (#W758305) from a thrift store for $7 a few years ago, and now the loyal, could-be-driven-over-by-a-bus-and-it-wouldn't-phase-it steed is getting made over. Does anyone have info on where I might find pics/ads of what came on this bike as far as rims, tires, pedals, etc.? Thanks in advance...and 'Ole Blue thanks you :D.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Rear Hub adjustment? posted by: John Boyd on 7/23/2003 at 4:18:20 AM
Hi all,
I have a 59 Schwinn Tornado that I just refurbished. It has a rear hub the was built in germany and has the Schwinn Approved logo on it. I do not know enough about the manufacture but it seems to me that it is not manufactured by New Departure or a Bendix, Does anyone know?
Well my real question is of the performance. I rebuilt the unit, it has a serrated cone that bears on a conical portion of the hub that will cause the brake when backpedaled with the help of a screw type gear. It seems to have a lot of play after I backpedal and return to forward pedaling, almost a 1/4-1/2 of the crank rotation. I felt like I assembled it correctly but somthing does not seem right, has anyone had any experience with this? If so insight would be appreciated. Let me know if I could clarify the problem or maybe not a problem in more detail if it helps.


   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Rear Hub adjustment? posted by gary m on 7/24/2003 at 5:53:34 PM
Fichtel and Sachs
vastly superior to the standard schwinn stuff. is easy to work on, clean it, and regrease it, its fine.

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Rear Hub adjustment? posted by Wings on 8/6/2003 at 7:02:41 AM
Moving the pedal more than a quarter rotation is a sign that there is wear. The pedal movement should be less than a quarter rotation for a good coaster brake.

My question is: What was it like before you overhauled it? Did this greater than one quarter revolution occur after you worked on it? If the rotation was greater than one quarter rotation before you worked on it -- parts should have been replaced or perhaps a new assembly is needed.

AGE / VALUE:   HUFFY PROTOTYPE WHEELS? posted by: Fred A on 7/23/2003 at 1:30:30 AM
Hi all.....

I have a Huffy bike that appears to date from the mid 60's in almost mint condition. Chainguard just says HUFFY. Cantilever frame is cherry red, white seat & hangrips, white pinstripes on the painted fenders, and one peculiar item......the 26'' wheels. No, not the size, but the rims. They're coated in a white plastic, yet upon closer examination under the tire, they are steel wheels. Painted in white. Yet on the outside (the rim area that you see) it's a plastic coating that's raised. The bike is 100% original, right down to the red stripe Bendix rear hub. A Huffy Prototype rim, or were they all like this?

Has anyone ever seen this???????