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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

AGE / VALUE:   1941 Girls 26 inch Challenger posted by: Jeff on 9/10/2003 at 11:20:25 PM
Any info on who made the ladys bike by the name of "Challenger", I have the original paper work that dates the bike to the day it was put on the shop floor ( 1941 ) But I can find no info on any bike with a head badge that says "Challenger" please leave reply if you know anything about this bike...Thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1941 Girls 26 inch Challenger posted by Steve on 9/11/2003 at 12:27:06 AM
That may be a BF Goodrich challenger by Schwinn.
I have a 26" mens BF Goodrich Challenger made by Schwinn. It looks just like a Schwinn
Hornet. Steve

FOR SALE:   1950's boy's tank bike Western Flyer posted by: Randy on 9/10/2003 at 7:44:10 PM
I have a 1950's Western Flyer in good shape that I would like to sell. If you are interested contact me at randy@hallengineering.net and I'll be glad to email you pictures.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Seatpost adapter/conversion posted by: Michael on 9/8/2003 at 2:05:29 PM
Does anyone know a way to mount a modern saddle on a vintage Schwinn (20mm?) seatpost? Is there any sort of adapter that would allow me to replace my broken messenger saddle with a new, smaller one?

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Seatpost adapter/conversion posted by edgarecks on 9/8/2003 at 5:12:58 PM
The Wald company used to sell an "adaptor sleeve" for seatposts (and handlebar stems too), don't know if bike shops still carry them. You're going from 13/16" post to 7/8" clamp, I've had good results from cutting a slot lengthwise in a piece of 7/8 copper pipe and "smooshing" it around around a seatpost with a rubber hammer.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Seatpost adapter/conversion posted by gary m on 9/9/2003 at 12:50:50 AM
take off the old seat. dissasemble the base. remove the clamp. dissasemble new seat. install old clamp
install new seat

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Seatpost adapter/conversion posted by Chris on 9/9/2003 at 6:34:37 PM
Listen to Gary.
What I am saying is, take your time and look it over. Sometimes you can mix and match old and new parts.
I have done this. You have more than one way to skin this cat.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Seatpost adapter/conversion posted by Schwinnderella on 9/10/2003 at 1:57:32 AM
Not sure what sizes you are dealing with,don't forget about the possibility of using the seatpost upsidedown.

MISC:   frame unknown posted by: jeffrey mays on 9/8/2003 at 5:51:36 AM
Hi everyone, my name is jeff and have only restored 20 schwinn bicycles, i recently came across an old prewar balloon tire bike frame, it does not have a head badge or any #'s this is what the frame looks like, it has the rear kick stand on the drop outs the head tube is molded into the frame, ( looks like one piece) two single bars one below the other from the head tube to the top of seat post area and they curve slightly, the seat post bar is straight and the lower bar from crank the head tube is straight aswell, the fork looks like a schwinn typelike the ones on a stingray boys bike, the bar comeing from the seat post to the rear drop outs is very odd looking, it is one solid bar until it gets to the split were the fender mounts, i know it is hard to identify a frame from a discription but some of u may just know what to look for, thanks for your help.

   RE:MISC:   frame unknown posted by jeffrey mays on 9/8/2003 at 6:17:48 AM
Oh one more thing this frame looks exactly like the 38 mercury that is pictured on this web sight, i just do not know what the head tube looks like on this merc for it has a tank on the bike whitch is hidding it, does anyone know if the head tube it molded like the schwinns on this mercury if it is i probably have my answers.

   RE:MISC:   frame unknown posted by Guido on 9/8/2003 at 8:08:41 AM
With a nice smooth head tube to top and down tubes, and a Schwinn blade-like fork, and a straight downtube rather than curved, it could be a 39 DX Just a hunch going by description. Look under the frame on the bottom of the bottom bracket for the serial numbers, that`s where they should be, .... unles someone ground them off at some point.

   RE:MISC:   frame unknown posted by Jimbo Jones on 9/9/2003 at 1:17:33 AM
It is a bike made by Murrray. Mercury, Elgin, Western Flyers, Belnaps all hade bikes made by them with the same frame. ( don't let the name scare you , these were quality bikes.)
The head tube, steat cluster and bottom bracket were all "peices" made in some way. They look cast but do have a seam and are then hand finished onto the tubing.

Many pics to be found here.


   RE:RE:MISC:   frame unknown posted by jeff on 9/9/2003 at 5:42:32 AM
thanks guys i guess that i have a murry made frame, the bike was sitting on the ground were the bottom bracket was so if there was a number there it has been gone for some time, i did take a wire brush to this area and nothing was revealed, i really liked the murry mercury and i am asuming that if i do one like this it would be ok as far as a collector goes , i am no collector but want to try and get it as close a possible from like manufactored condition... keep riding

   RE:MISC:   frame unknown posted by jeff on 9/10/2003 at 12:51:51 PM
i Have found some parts since my last email on this subject, I Know that this frame is made by murry, my question is did murry make the monark super deluxe, or a firestone super cruiser or holiday, i have founds some parts at my source that i could use on this frame and they are, a rear rack for a monark super dluxe, firestone cruiser or holiday they all have the same rear rack, also i have found a head badge from a prewar monark rocket, and some deep fenders. thanks again

   RE:RE:MISC:   frame unknown posted by sam on 9/10/2003 at 11:54:13 PM
Monark made Monark.Later Huffy took them over.Some firestones were huffy built.Others may have been murray or cleveland welding.

AGE / VALUE:   American Flyer posted by: Nancy Hutchins on 9/7/2003 at 1:54:56 PM
HI! My husband and I just recently purchased and men's American Flyer bicycle at an
estate auction. We know nothing about vintage bicycles.
Where can one start to get the bicycle appraised and/or learn any information about it?
I have not seen much about American Flyer bicycles. Any good web sites or books?
Anyone out there help us?
Thanks in advance!

FOR SALE:   Elgin Womens Pre-war Skiptototh posted by: JFRED on 9/7/2003 at 1:20:58 PM
I just found this very nice untouched bicycle. The lady who sold it to me said that this was her Great-Grandmothers and it hasn't been used for 50 years? I'm not a balloon bike person or I would clean-up and keep this one. I wouldn't consider this a restoration, but rather a preservation. It sure looks like it was never used much and that it was stored in a dry place. It has a skiptooth sprocket, a headlight on the fender, ducktail fenders(green with creme pinstriping). The rims are creme colored. It's a teal and creme color combination throught the frame. The hubs seem like brand new and the kickstand is as tight as new also. The seat is almost perfect! The handlebars have rust, but will clean-up with some brass wool. This bike will clean-up really nice. If you're interested, please email me with any questions and for pictures. I'd rather not put it on ebay, so make me an offer. I'm in eastern PA and I prefer pick-up.


MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Rear Carrier... posted by: Fred A on 9/6/2003 at 9:17:17 PM
I have a 1959 Schwinn Hornet and recently came into posession of a chrome rear Schwinn rack with the 4 reflectors (same one as my '65 Panther). My question is...is this the correct rack for a '59? Or should a 9 hole rack be put onto it?


AGE / VALUE:   195? SCHWINN ???? posted by: Kevin K on 9/6/2003 at 11:41:43 AM
Hi All. I usually post only on the lightweight section as I do not usually favor collecting beyond that. However in trade yesterday I was presented with a nice Schwinn bike. Here is what I know. Serial # B8xxxxx. Year is what, 1957? Color is blue metallic. White painted wheels with black stripes. Chainguard was repainted so I've no idea what the name on it was. The bike is overall still pretty straight, but needs work. Any help would be great. Thanks, Kevin

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   195? SCHWINN ???? posted by sam on 9/7/2003 at 2:14:43 AM
Lower priced schwinn(white rims instead of chrome)Standard American,Does it have a bendix rear hub---tornado,does it have a schwinn aproved rear hub.What style is the frame?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   195? SCHWINN ???? posted by Kevin K on 9/7/2003 at 1:03:24 PM
Hi Sam. Single speed Bendix rear hub, cantilever frame. Front hub says Schwinn approved, but not rearReal basic in look. Thanks, Kevin

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   J.C. Higgins posted by: Michael on 9/6/2003 at 1:08:15 AM
Restoring an old JC Higgins coaster with 26" x 1 1/2" tires, monkey bars. Looking for info on original condition. Is it possible this was a balloon bicycle with undersized tires replaced on it? The fenders seem very wide for a middleweight and could accomodate a wider tire.

Any resources on old JC higgins would be greatly appreciated.


AGE / VALUE:   Old 50s Peugeot? posted by: Chris on 9/5/2003 at 8:24:59 AM
Hi everyone. Just came into possession of an older Peugeot touring bicycle of some sort. The only pic I have been able to find of it was on some website. The bike they had on there was an old 50s Peugeot touring bike ballon tire job. It looked very very close to mine. Old simplex gears stuff and fenders with the old light powered by thsi little generator. Anway mine has balloon tires on it with lion emblems all ever it. Seat with little tool bag and an little bell ringer with an Lion on it. It has tail lights to. Weird old air valves on each tire. Anyone know what this is and how much it is worth. It is in great shape with a complete tool bag on the back seat. She has a little rust on one or two spots on the tire rims and it is making the chrome peel just a little. It is missing the air pump. But it looks great! Perfect frame very tight felling no rattles or loose parts. Anyone know?


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old 50s Peugeot? posted by sam on 9/5/2003 at 3:39:54 PM
Rent the movie"the man who cried" with johnny dept.Only good part of the show is the bike seen---but what a seen!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old 50s Peugeot? posted by Chris on 9/5/2003 at 4:54:51 PM
I will get the movie to see the bike in it but that's all.
I'll never go see anything with Johnny Dep in it again. He made a aweful comment about the U.S.A. in the paper yesterday.
I was already sorry I saw "Pirates of the Carabbean" and now that.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old 50s Peugeot? posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 9/5/2003 at 5:25:27 PM
(Chris, and a different Chris from the fellow with the Peugot)
Congratulations, this is a rare wonderful treat to own one of these. Ride the thing and enjoy it!
If it were mine I would be all over on the thing smiling and enjoying every second of it.
I have seen these bikes and they are nice! Rare and nice!
This bike you have is the kind of bike that when I do see one it is not for sale or it costs a totally outrageous sum for me to get my little paws on it.
Or it is just not for sale. Or after I have pulled miracles out of my hat, somebody comments in horror:

"Oh, You didn't sell that to Chris did you?" It's too nice, too rare. And then they are jealous.
People have said that right in front of me. They don't even have the tact or politeless or decency to wait until I am out of ear shot.
For you it was too easy and you were lucky but this is a bike that will "break your back" to find usually. You never see these on e-bay. Try to get the book: "The Dancing Chain, history and development of the derailer bicycle:
by Frank Berto and Raymond Henry is the book for you.
It is hard to find this book, but it has pictures of your type bike and it is "the Bible" or whatever as far as old collectable derailer units and like associated pieces are concerned.

Don't sell this bike!
If you do, ask a lot and put them through the wringer every way you can. It should not be sold cheaply or easily.
Say no and keep saying it. Make them suffer for it!
If I went after one of these I would have a breakdown 10 minutes after I bought it and got in on the car rack for home. I'm jealous you were not bothered in getting it.
Yes, that's what these are like.
The snobbishness, the rudeness. The rarity.
You have a gem. Do not leave it out of your sight. Don't lock it and leave it. Leave it without a lock and it'll be gone! This is too nice to be a commuter every day knock about bike. If you do use it commonly, someting may happen, like it being stolen or at the least folks like me will leave sorry little notes on it with their phone number begging you (all sorry like) to be able to buy it.
If they do, do not return their calls. Such masterpieces should go to the highest bidder.( me!)
This is the original mountain bike. Well, you can see how much the new bikes compare to it.
Every bike should be just like this.

I would love something just like this only with 28 inch wheels instead.
Bikes like this are usually ridden by French women models. Goddesses who don't speak to you or answer back and they just look at you like you are a tiny disgusting little bug and then they glide away, silently and magically. Yes, this is a cool little chariot.
If you are riding it, do not answer anybody who speaks to you. Hold your head in a snobbish, aloof way. There is a spirit and a demeanor that one must have while astride one of these.

Aluminum rims too, yes?
Back in the 50's they had aluminum rims.

It just dawned on me. All of the places and shops and people and the sum total of all I have done bikewise and I have only seen only one of these.
No parts, no rims, no replacement original tires,
Yes, these are rare. I'm wondering why a old bike hunter like me has not had better luck with these.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old 50s Peugeot? posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 9/5/2003 at 5:32:48 PM
Go to SheldonBrown.com and look for the bike article on Woods Valves. This is probably a French type Woods Valve.

A pain to use but leave it in there, it is original.
You described the bike as a "She"
Good description!
It is the kind of "She" that I would have no chance at all with.

I never see these anyplace! It is really something.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old 50s Peugeot? posted by humberchris on 9/5/2003 at 5:35:37 PM
This is a thing that you keep, and here you are all wanting to know the value of it. You be all wanting to sell it right away too. Right?

Make up a sign that says:
Private collection- not for sale- please do not touch.
hang it on the bike.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old 50s Peugeot? posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 9/5/2003 at 5:39:57 PM
Now I'm gonna be thinking about one of these all day now.
You just had to go bringing up 1950's balloon tire- with derailer gear Peugot bikes now didn't you?
Aiieeeh! (grin)

   You guys are really gonna hate me now!!! posted by Chris with the Peugot. on 9/5/2003 at 10:02:39 PM
So anyway here is the story of how I got her. My commercial meat slicer blew out it's switch. So I went to a local electric supply company that is behind Goodwill; See a plot growing?; anyway traffic was a bitch in front of the Goodwill which their parking lot is also the entrance to the Electric supply company. Traffic was hell cause of road contruction in front. So I park in the plaza next to the Supply place. Well there is a huge fence around the place so I had to go around to the front of the fence which is also slap dab on top of the donations and drop of area in the back of Goodwill. So I don't pay any attention hell it is Goodwill right? A bunch of crap no body wants. So I go into the parts store and they don't have the part. Damn I'm depressed. My deli is really hurting without the slicer going. It is an older 70s slicer with a hard to find switch. So I slowly drag and pout out the parking lot back down the little bank and again I'm inthe back of Goodwill. Ok for weeks I been thinking of getting a bike to run back and forth from home to the deli an getting little grocery items as needed. But I wasn't thinking about this when I was walking by the back. I look over cause there is a alot of generous folks out there and the donation department is pretty busy. I look over pass a table and behind a lamp leaned up against the building outside in the sunshine waiting for a home is this cute older looking bicycle. I go up to it and I think hell this thing is in awsome condition it looks like someone used it a couple of times and then stuck it in a basement forever. I noticed all the cool markings on it with lions and all the cool gadgetry and headlamp and tail light and cool deco looking scheme with the cool little generator on it. SHe was a little dirty but I new it would cleanup nice. I looked it over good, wow no dents! Body tight as a drum. I saw the Peugot all over her. I thought Hmm, Peugot, they make crappy cars. then I thought well the French aren't known for their car building prowess but they are famous as hell for their bicycle stuff. So I think, I bet this is a damn good bike then. Big famous co. like Peugeot. So I ask the worker in back, "when is this thing going out on the floor?". He says, " I don't know alot of this stuff is going to other stores." I say well I am here now and I want to know what they are gonna price this bike at. He says well the manageer isn't here and they have to help you. So I said ok I'll wait. So I stood right in front of the door with my arms folding looking sour. Cause basically the young black guy there was piss poor for help. So I waited and I started getting angry. At this time the bike was irrelevant, this asshole is gonna help me. So I bug him some more. I say, you mean with all these folks working here not one dman person can price this for me, this is bullshit man! So he sees this is elevating to a new level. So he goes over and get's the bike and starts to push it inside. I said are you getting priced and out on the floor. He says yes sir and tells me going around the right side is the easy way to get to the entrance. So I enter then go to the back and wait outside the doors to the sorting department. So after a few minutes another older disabled black man working for Goodwill comes out with the bike. He is in hurry and starts to rush past me, their very busy mind you. So I say yo man wait up!! I see a little price sticker on the seat, which is on perfect condition mind you, I see 7.99. I think to myself, that can't be the price. Must have been a sticker fall off something else and land on the seat. I was expecting at the least $39 - $150 dollars. So I ask the old guy what is the price man. He says, "It's there on the seat." I say 7.99! He says yep. I say, oh no!, this belongs to me now. So I take it pay for it and out the door I go with my Peugot. $7.99 She is in my living room now awaiting her cleaning and the local bike shop is chomping at the bits to see her. I'm taking her to teh local bike shop for tune-up for $30. So all in all I will have $37.99 in her. Will I sell her? No I hadn't really planned on it. She is so pretty I couldn't bring myself to do it. PLus as I get older I have been wanting a nice old touring bike to ride out on the San Juan islands backroads. Plus it is weird but I feel like it is alive. It gives off strnage vibes when I get near her. Almost like she is saying, "hi sweetie, would you hurry up and clean me so we can go riding, I want to see the ocean, I've never seen the Pacific. You know I have a feeling you will take real good care of me and love me. Thank you." Yes this makes me question my sanity. But I swear I heard all of this. I freaked out man!!!!!!! No I don't do drugs I don't even drink. I'm a Registered Nurse/Deli owner. So I'm keepin her for as long as I'm around.

thanks for the replies, anybody got anymore info. Oh and yes she has aluminum rims. Ask me any question.


   RE:You guys are really gonna hate me now!!! posted by jon c. on 9/7/2003 at 5:39:59 AM
if you are in seattle and dealing with Goodwill and bicycles throw all logic out the window, their Dearborn(main) store is amazing they will put out old junk huffy mountain bikes for 29.99 to 49.99, then out will come a Gary Fisher bike for 9.99, the friday before the labor day sale there wasnt a bike under 25.00, jacked way up for their 50% off sale on monday,so they sit and get all beat up and spread out all over the store, that's entertainment! sic

   RE:RE:You guys are really gonna hate me now!!! posted by Humberchris on 9/7/2003 at 8:56:03 PM
Congratulations! You own it!
All of these balloon tire, early Peugots with derailer gears like you describe call out to their owners. This is a magical lightweight wonderful little bicycle.
Some of our bikes call out to us as well. We undersand all too well.
As far as the vibes go, go for it. You are being seduced and called out to by one mighty fine little bicycle. Go have fun, jump in with both feet.
Don't keep her waiting. Summer nights to the dairy mart for ice cream. Go and have fun!
You have suffered with the meat slicer's switch and this is a reward from lady luck herself.

Make up the sign. I mean it. Do it now!
It must say:
I'm very, very jealous of you, you lucky schmuck! Still,
With you, It is in good hands.
She is with somebody who will love her and treat her right. Where I come from, they would bend her fork and paint her in some god aweful color and make it into an unholy lowrider bike.
Bike Cupid has hooked you two up!
E- mail me if I can be of any help.
Do not jump kerbs with her, she's not that kind bicycle!

Remember to have the attitude like I said.

No answering people, do not look at them.
Act snooty, head in the air.

Say, Sorry, not for sale. Lie and tell them it belonged to your grandpa!

"Ah, sorry no, Not for sale." No renting it out for movie props either. They damage stuff and sometimes you never get it back.
Everybody else is beneath you now.

Be good to her, watch out for her, keep her tires inflated and hang it up when not in use to preserve her tires.

This is too nice to be ridden around town. it is collectable and rare and it will turn heads.

If you took out Marylin Monroe you would attract attention and every guy would be on you to get her away from you.

This bike is like that.
Good Luck, you schmuck!

   RE:RE:RE:You guys are really gonna hate me now!!! posted by humberchristopher28 on 9/7/2003 at 8:59:21 PM
There is magic in this stuff. I kid you not!
He's going to get exercise and see the sights. All he needs is a nice friend to ride with so he won't be alone.

   Which brings me to my second question. posted by Chris with the Peugeot on 9/10/2003 at 6:51:39 AM
Is there any vintage bike clubs that would welcome me and my baby up here in the Seattle area? I do believe you guys when you say she is rare. I have always prided myself with being a master of finding stuff on the net and I have come up dry on finding a pic or info on my bike. Found one that was close. Even the caption under the pic says something to the effect of look at the rare and unusual Peugeot bike I saw on ebay. Only seen one on there and never seen another one. Well that is my babys very very close cousin. They are marked pretty much the same and very close. http://www.classicrendezvous.com/France/Peugeot_home.htm

This is the link to the very close looking bike almost the same as mine. I will post mine to oldroads afeter I get her cleaned up. Mine is a dark red color.

   RE:Which brings me to my second question. posted by jealous, envious old Chris the other one, the one without the Peugot. on 9/10/2003 at 7:28:59 PM
Looking forward to seeing it here.

   RE:RE:Which brings me to my second question. posted by Jealous old Chris on 9/10/2003 at 7:29:46 PM
Ask at the bike shops in the area

AGE / VALUE:   Got the Trophies Today for Cent. Ill Show - Who's Going?? posted by: Matt on 9/5/2003 at 12:18:38 AM
Got some really nice trophies and ribbons for the show today. Seven Categories:
People's Choice
Best Pre-War
Best Middleweight
Best Stingray
Best Offbrand Musclebike
Best in Show
Also got the trophy for the infamous Musclebike Drag Race!!! Hopefully Fran won't wipe out on the motorized Orange Krate like last year. Even though this is a two day show, please come either day you can. I've got spaces left inside and out and you'll have a great time. Where are all the St. Louis area, Chicago area and Indianapolis area collectors??? The show is only 2 and a half hours from Indy, St. Louis and Chicago. Give me a call (815) 206-5977 and see you at the show!!!

WANTED:   Early 70's columbia tourist rear fender and axle shifter end. posted by: Miguel on 9/4/2003 at 8:44:56 PM
I have a three speed Columbia Tourist, 71 model from what I have been told. I am looking for a rear fender. Tire size is 26x1 & 3/8. The fender has a VERY distinct ridge running through the middle, about the width of the tire. It should be chrome, and in decent shape if at all possible. PLEASE e-mail me if you have anything resembling this fender.
In route to me, it also lost the the shifter end belcrank that screws onto the end of the axle. The shifter, and both hand grips, and hub all say 3'3'3 on them. It has no mention anywhere of Shimano, though the cable and axle end look the same as my other bike with a Shimano 3CC. I can see no brand name anywhere on it, only the model number and Pat. numbers?? I also may need the shift plunger, which was also MIA. I know someone who has one of these, if no one here does. Thanks and PLEASE e-mail me if you can help me out. Miguel

BALLOON:   Schwinn Green Phantom Parts posted by: Ron on 9/3/2003 at 9:30:26 PM
I have a 54 Schwinn Green Phantom that is original. I am looking for a set of tanks that are original and that I dont have to repaint and are in good shape. Someone backed into it causing the fork to hit the tanks and dent them. My toll free # is 1 866 766 9700.

AGE / VALUE:   Old Bikes posted by: Duane on 9/3/2003 at 5:10:43 PM
Recently "unearthed" two bikes in the family. I don't see any mention of them in discussion. Can anyone tell me if a bike made by The Pierce Cycle Co of Angola, NY (26x1.75 tire) or by The Golden Corp of Elyria, OH (26x1.25 tire) is of any interest? Both are in great need of repair and have been painted over. Your non-response will validate to me that they're of no interest.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old Bikes posted by sam on 9/4/2003 at 9:35:32 PM
Did you get my email?--sam

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old Bikes posted by Mike on 9/6/2003 at 2:07:11 AM
this is the same company (Angola near Buffalo, NY) that made the Pierce Arrow Motorcar

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old Bikes posted by sam on 9/6/2003 at 6:11:38 AM
It's the same bike built by the pierce company that built the pierce arrow motor car but not the same bike company.You see when the original pierce company started building cars the autos pushed the bikes out.So emblme bicycle bought out the pierce bicycle and moved it to Angola from buffalo

BALLOON:   J C Higgins posted by: Dave on 9/2/2003 at 7:47:12 PM
I deal mostly with post war Schwinns but picked up a J C Higgins the other day. The reason I bought it was because I believe it is similar to the one my parents bought new for me from Sears around 1950. It is a plain model and the model number is 502 219. The serial number seems to be 2486. I believe it is a Cleveland Welding bike. Does anyone know the year of this bike and any more info on it? Thanks.

   RE:BALLOON:   J C Higgins posted by Joel on 9/2/2003 at 9:50:21 PM
Most JCH bikes are Murrays. THere's no serial number database, but the 502 is a Sears manufacturer code (murray).