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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Jaguar Mark II rear light posted by: Tom on 9/30/2003 at 8:31:15 PM
I would appreciate some help. Where do you connect the wire that comes from the rear light in order for the light to come on when one brakes? Many Thanks... Tom

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Jaguar Mark II rear light posted by reggie on 10/11/2003 at 1:21:24 AM
e-mail me a detailed drawing or picture of what this thing looks light and where it sits on bike and i can tell you whether or not it will fit;also i don't remember any jaguar's having brake lights.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   JC Higgins Mainliner posted by: BrittB on 9/29/2003 at 11:34:39 PM
I just picked up a JC Higgins 26" boy's bike called a Mainliner. It is mostly complete but needs total restoration. What I need to know is, where could I find more info out on this model and does anyone know where I might be able to find decals for the the head tube and tank. I do know that there is a girl's model of this bike posted in the photo section and it's listed as a Sears bike. Was it common for there not to be a Sears logo on these bikes? The only part of this bike that's not going to be able to be fixed is the chain guard as it looks like the crank wacked it long and hard so it's missing a small section so I need to locate a restorable correct one. Oh, one last question, what is the correct size tire for this bike. The tires that where on it were so rotted that I couldn't make out a single marking.

Thanks, Britt

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   JC Higgins Mainliner posted by Ken on 10/1/2003 at 7:41:55 PM
It was about that time that Sears changed the nomenclature- they put "JC Higgins" on all their sporting goods of that era- the Flightliner came after the Mainliner and it was labeled Sears. Both were manufactured by Murray. Tire size is 26x1.75.

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   JC Higgins Mainliner posted by Joel on 10/3/2003 at 8:51:46 PM
Early Flightliners (58-9) are labeled JC Higgins, 1960-later are labeled Sears.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   JC Higgins Mainliner posted by BrittB on 10/4/2003 at 4:14:32 PM
So my Mainliner may be a 1959 or earlier? Does anyone know where more info on this bike may be found? A book or a web page on JC Higgins would be great as I would love to see a picture of a restored or original one.


   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   JC Higgins Mainliner posted by wes on 10/7/2003 at 2:08:07 AM
ive a few of these around email me and well get togeather on a chain guard wes

FOR SALE:   1950 Western Flyer posted by: Randy on 9/29/2003 at 5:07:27 PM
I have a 1950's Western Flyer that I would like to sell in order to get it out of my storage building before it gets damaged. If anyone is interested please e-mail me at randy@hallengineering.net and I will e-mail you pictures. Thanks and please someone who appreciates bikes buy this one, its in nice shape but its also in the way and I hate to see it torn up from all the moving around.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1950 Western Flyer posted by Don on 10/6/2003 at 3:23:42 AM
What kind of price do you want for the bicycle ? CURIOUS !!

AGE / VALUE:   INDIAN SCOUT " EXERCISE BIKE " posted by: Kevin K on 9/28/2003 at 1:39:35 AM
Hi all. I was doing the garage sales yesterday and happened upon a friend that was holding one for his mom. Most of the items were already cleared away except for a few that were harder to sell. Over in a corner I spotted a funky looking blue exercise bike. As I got closer I could see it was home made. Was it ever. The main body of the bike was once an Indian Scout bicycle as the headbadge is still proudly riveted in place. The stem has funky markings like war paint type marks. Huge handlebars with a bolt on cross bar. A wild German made stainless steel hub attached to a 20" wheel with a big fat Goodyear tire were used as rolling stock. About 20'of gas pipe attached/welded to various locations finished out the frame. I've removed what's not welded into place for life and would like to find out what I can about Indian bikes. Anyone here know Indian bicycles? Any web sites I might use to compare parts? Thanks, Kevin

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   INDIAN SCOUT posted by sam on 9/28/2003 at 4:06:31 AM
German Indian bicycles are hi dollar collector bikes!Very rare.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   INDIAN SCOUT posted by Kevin K on 9/28/2003 at 12:39:57 PM
Hi Sam. Are you serious? The Germans built an Indian Scout bicycle? Kevin

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   INDIAN SCOUT posted by sam on 9/29/2003 at 12:46:51 AM
Yes some Indian bicycles were an import from germany.But not many,most were phillips--light/weight english bicycles.Infact the english bicycle company that owned Phillips ended up buying Indian.I think through the years some were made by other american bike companies but not sure which.The German one is shown in the book Collectable Bicycles(I think).Maybe Joel has a photo?Was yours a ballooner frame?---sam

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   INDIAN SCOUT posted by Joel on 9/30/2003 at 4:21:55 PM
You're on your own, Sam. Sounds like a cool project. Post a picture.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   INDIAN SCOUT posted by Kevin K on 9/30/2003 at 4:59:18 PM
Hi Guys. Well in a couple days what's left of that gem will be in a metal pile to be recycled. Kept anything I thought of value, the rest needs laid to rest. I'll bet at one time the bike was a sight to see. Sam,yes it was a balloon tire bike. What a shame. Kevin K

MISC:   JC PENNEY 3 SPEED..... posted by: Fred A on 9/27/2003 at 3:18:52 AM
Hi again........

I was given a woman's yellow JC PENNEY bike with chainguard, chrome wheels and fenders and in very nice condition. It's a 3-speed... but you turn the right HAND GRIP to shift gears. I've never seen one of these before and was surprised to find it on such a low end bike. Anybody have any idea who made (badged) this for the department store chain?

Fred A

   RE:MISC:???JC PENNEY 3 SPEED..... posted by Robert on 9/28/2003 at 10:55:29 PM
I'd be curious to know what brand of hub it has. A Sturmey-Archer hub will have a date on it. That might be a starting place for research. I've seen very few twist-grip three-speed shifters.

   RE:RE:MISC:???JC PENNEY 3 SPEED..... posted by John on 9/29/2003 at 1:40:27 PM
I bought a 3 speed JC Penny "slight weight 3" at a garage sale this week end. Like new! Just needed air and a dusting off.
Odd little bike, has a "wrap around" chain guard, high-rise handle bar, and a 3 speed twist grip. Pink, girls bike (and I do mean pink).
The 3 speed hub is a "33" says it on the hub and the twist grip.
I would also like to know more. Just from the style, I would guess it is from the 60's, but I really don't know.
Keep in touch,

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:???JC PENNEY 3 SPEED..... posted by Fred A on 9/30/2003 at 4:08:53 PM
Hi guys....

Thanks for the info, and yes, mine has the "33" on it also. I'm tempted to just toss it, but I have mixed feelings. One brake needs work and the pedals are missing. I've run out of room for any more bikes, unless it's something really special, and I don't think this quite comes under that category.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:???JC PENNEY 3 SPEED..... posted by John on 10/1/2003 at 4:32:14 PM
I agree I don't think it is a "classic" but after 20 minutes of serious, decision making, and tough dealing with the woman at the garage sale, I parted with the $10, and I haven't looked back.
And I had to clean my garage, but it is just such an odd little bike I couldn't resist.
I'll probubly clean it up and donate it to some good cause (then we'll find out it's a priceless collectable).
Please let me know if you find out anything more.
I'm new at this "old bike thing" (alot cheaper than the "old car thing") but it's fun.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:???JC PENNEY 3 SPEED..... posted by wes on 10/7/2003 at 2:18:36 AM
didnt know these were hard to find if you beed any parts like cable or housesings or the turn grip i have plenty or some more of the complete bikes thanks wes

AGE / VALUE:   ROLLFAST TANDEM... posted by: Fred A on 9/26/2003 at 9:36:05 PM
Hi all......

A guy who lives near me is selling a 1950's or so black Rollfast tandem. Chrome fenders & wheels. Decal headbadge. Dual chainguards, one being chrome. 2-tone B/W seats. Missing two original pedals. Condition is about a 5 or so. He wants $50 firm. Are these a rarity or a run-of-the-mill old junker?

Fred A

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   ROLLFAST TANDEM... posted by Jim on 9/28/2003 at 1:34:05 PM
Hi Fred,
The Rollfast you described is probably from the early to mid 60's and not seen as often as the Schwinn, Columbia or Huffy tandems. Considering the condition rating you gave it, the asking price is fair. I have one in worse condition than yours, but the price was right (free)! Every few months or so, one comes up on Ebay. The last one I remember went for around $175, but was complete and in a condition of 8 or so. Does yours have the carrier? If you want to ride it great, but if you are looking for an investment I would pass on it.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   ROLLFAST TANDEM... posted by Fred A on 9/30/2003 at 4:03:52 PM
Hi Jim

Well, no carrier on this one, but I do appreciate your opinion. I will pass on this one, mainly because my wife will never again get on one with me. The last one I had we rode on once and she said she felt like we were an act in a circus. So....I sold it ( a Viscount) last year. I had never seen a Rollfast model before and that would have been the purchase reason. My stable is overflowing as it is. but if I had gotten it a your price, well, then that would be a different story!

AGE / VALUE:   Sears Free Spirit Ted Williams 3-Speed posted by: Jeff Giffin on 9/26/2003 at 3:00:00 PM
Hello -

I recently bought a Sears Free Spirit Ted Williams 3-speed bike, and was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me anything about it, such as age and value. It is in excellent working order with only minimal rust on the handle bars. Someone told me it is English racing style, but I don't know if they knew what they were talking about! Is this enough info to get an idea of what it is?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Sears Free Spirit Ted Williams 3-Speed posted by JimW. on 9/27/2003 at 4:17:16 AM
When the English Raleigh 3-speeds were first mass-introduced here in the '50s, people called them "English Racers", although that style wasn't actually used for racing in England. Your bike was probably made in Austria, by Steyr-Daimler-Puch, a fine old company who also made Sears Allstate mopeds. The "Free Spirit" part of the name tells me that it's probably from the '70s. They are well-made, nice bikes, but have no particular collectability, since they're pretty common. Tough to beat them as daily riders, though, and you don't have to worry too much about their being stolen.

MISC:   murray or shelby posted by: jeff on 9/26/2003 at 4:24:48 AM
Hi everyone, i have found two frames for 26" balloon tire bikes and need help on witch would be better to restore, before i put my time and money in one. first one is a prewar murray coould be a mercury, and the second frame is a shelby and has the dog leg crank i think that is what they are called, and it could be made a white cloud or flying cloud what should i do and witch is most saught after
i could turn the shelby into a donald duck but finding a donald head would be almost impossible,lol let me know bike fans what should i do or shall i say witch one shall i do. thanks

   RE:MISC:   murray or shelby posted by Joel on 9/26/2003 at 2:51:00 PM
If you are starting with bare frames, you would probably be better off to sell them and find a more complete project bike to start with. Finding all the right parts can be expensive and time consuming.

FYI, the duckheads are being reproduced.

   RE:MISC:   murray or shelby posted by jeff on 9/27/2003 at 4:26:30 AM
this is great news about the duck head being reproduced, were can i get one, i have excess to all the parts here for ballooner bicycles so putting one together as far as fenders handlebars seat and such would not be that bad i would just have to know what exactly i was looking for , my source has like 600 plus bikes in her yard and piles of parts everywere , tell me about this duck head please...

AGE / VALUE:   olympic bicycle posted by: tim c. on 9/26/2003 at 1:03:06 AM
i have a 1983 women's murry monterey.it has a sticker on the seat post that say's THE OFFICIAL MTG. OF BICYCLES FOR THE 1984 OLYMPIC.i found it in a barn,i cleaned it up a little and it is in good orginal condition. i can't find anything on the computer on it,can anyone help me on this?

FOR SALE:   schwinn corvette posted by: mike on 9/25/2003 at 7:56:51 AM
schwinn corvette, in red. i've dated this to 1952 according to the charts on this site, but that doesnt seem right if they weren't offered till '55. anyway: original frame, fork, chainguard, wheels, crank, and sprocket. this thing needs a total restoration, but shouldnt be too bad when done. please email me with any questions/offers.

P.S. i also have a 68 ladies hollywood 26", just in case anyone is interested. complete and original, just needs to be recoated and cleaned.


AGE / VALUE:   bike show posted by: sam on 9/24/2003 at 2:01:52 AM
Will be a bike show at Holetes Texas Sunday the 28th at Helotes bicycle in "old town" Helotes . Hank has a lot of Ballooners to show!

BALLOON:   Hiawatha ID posted by: Jon on 9/22/2003 at 9:24:20 PM
Trying to ID my Hiawatha..lots of serial numbers on this bike. There is one on the badge, and a different one on the seat post clamp (which is a part of the rear rack). I know these department store bikes are often hard to year, but does anyond have a source for a S/N chart?

Please remove NOSPAM from my email when responding. Thanks.

   RE:BALLOON:   Hiawatha ID posted by Gordon on 9/23/2003 at 5:51:35 PM
I might be able to help if you can email me a picture taken from the chainguard side. There are no serial number charts in existance that I know of.

AGE / VALUE:   Inormation on my bike posted by: Joy on 9/22/2003 at 8:38:36 PM
Hey, I'm looking on some info. on my bike. It says Foremost on it. It is red with white accents. Also, it has a light switch for the front headlight. It has been in my garage since the late 70's and it seemed older then. Can anyone tell me what year it may have been made and any other info they may have? All I know is it was distributed through Jc Penny. Thanks for anyone's help.

AGE / VALUE:   dawes racer posted by: jay on 9/22/2003 at 6:44:06 PM
Hello there, i'm trying to find out some information on a bike i've just bought. Its in a ramshackle state so any info would be appreciated. It is a 60's dawes racer, with a sturmey 4 speed hub plus 2 cogs on the back (making it 8 speed) frame number hs2106. Anyone know anything? cheers, jay

AGE / VALUE:   SCHWINN FRAME posted by: Kevin K on 9/22/2003 at 1:10:28 PM
Hi all. Well I've discovered a bit more about the Schwinn frame I've got. The original chainguard surfaced. It says Corvette on it. It's a blue metallic color. What colors were Corvettes offered. I've seen Coppertone, Black and this blue metallic color. Any others? Pretty excited about restoring this as all of my other Schwinn bikes are lightweights. Thanks to all, Kevin

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   SCHWINN FRAME posted by sam on 9/23/2003 at 9:39:33 PM
Corvette was the top model in the Middle/weight line.First offered in 1955(late 54)Black,Oplesent Red,blue,&green.Early ones had stanless steel fenders.Chrome rims Front rack and 3speed.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   SCHWINN FRAME posted by Jeff on 9/24/2003 at 2:15:16 AM
They made Corvettes in white for a short period of time too. One just sold on eBay about three weeks ago. I know another collector that has one too.