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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

AGE / VALUE:   Spitfire posted by: Tim on 2/15/2004 at 4:55:17 PM
Did Schwinn repro a Spitfire? A friend of mine was given a spitfire the other day but it`s much to clean to be very old,also it had no fenders S-2 style rims and wide whitewall knobby tires.
All the Spitfires I ever saw were M/W`s
Just curious

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Spitfire posted by Bobby on 2/18/2004 at 4:44:46 AM
I know they made Spitfire's in the 80's it was a basic Cantilever Frame. I can't tell you for sure what size tire they had though.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Spitfire posted by Gordon on 2/18/2004 at 4:48:15 AM
Spitfires were available as early as 1951 - maybe earlier. I don't believe they have been reproduced.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Spitfire posted by Wings on 2/19/2004 at 6:45:12 AM
Spitfires have S2 rims and 26 x 2.1 tires. Heavy duty spokes. The ones I have seen and have are not middleweights (obviously). Spitfire was on the chain guard.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Spitfire posted by gary m on 2/19/2004 at 5:56:46 PM
just goes to show what you see isnt always right. I have 2 spitfires here, both 57 and 58 and both are midweights, in frame fender, and tires.

AGE / VALUE:   what do i have? posted by: doug on 2/14/2004 at 12:35:35 PM
just came across an origional owner bike (ithink) the guy wants 2 grand for it can you tell me if its worth that/its missing the wheels, chainguard ,frame completely rusted and broken i think it was a 25 incher had a headlight mounted to the fork neck also missing.. and the serial # has been ground off whait is this bike and its value?? I think ill buy it anyway..oh yea i think it was either a boys or girls bike i hope someone can help me you can reach me at Rocket scientists company dot com

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   what do i have? posted by e.etap on 2/14/2004 at 7:16:44 PM
You should buy it before i do.PLEASE!!!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   what do i have? posted by Wings on 2/19/2004 at 6:47:37 AM
Strange! I have one just like it!!! I am willing to sell it for $1500. Let me know!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   what do i have? posted by G Main on 2/19/2004 at 5:59:46 PM
i have wht is probably the first Dayton/Huffman Frame ever made hanging in back, no fork, just frame crank, seat and post. wil take 2500 for it.

AGE / VALUE:   1949 Columbia Sports Roadster posted by: pete on 2/12/2004 at 5:57:18 PM
I just recently found a 1949 Columbia Sports Roadster and i am looking for some more information and some idea on the price of such a bike. I am debating on if i should restore it or keep it in tact. It is black with track forks and is fitted with a mesinger leather saddle. the back hub is something odd i have never seen before. the hub is a "new departure model D" which is common but attached to the hub is a new depature "triplspeed" spelled exactlly like that. basical the bike works by switching this lever on the handle bars all the way down releases the hub and allows the rider to peddle either way with no effect to the motion and then you pull up and it lock the hub allowing you to only peddle forward or the wheel locks up. Any information on this bike would be helpful. I know its rare for these type of bikes to have track forks. - thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1949 Columbia Sports Roadster posted by Joel on 2/12/2004 at 9:12:29 PM
By Track Forks, are you referring to a front fork with holes instead of slots for the wheel, or maybe rear facing rear dropouts with tension adjusters? Either way, these are features of prewar and early post war bikes and are not uncommon. The 3 speed ND is a fairly valuable accessory.

BALLOON:   Schwinn S-2 Rims posted by: Steven Stoural on 2/11/2004 at 8:59:50 PM
I am currently restoring a 1948 Schwinn Autocycle and have a question regarding Schwinn S2 Rims and stamping. More specific, I would like to know if unstamped Schwinn S2 rims would be era correct for my project?? Could the existence or non-existence of the Schwinn (tubular S2) stamp correspond to a time period or be more telling of where the rim was manufactured??


   RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn S-2 Rims posted by Ken on 2/23/2004 at 11:29:30 PM
Steven, I was really hoping that someone who actually had the dope would answer you. I have a 48 that takes 559s (regular mountain bike size) as do the prewar Schwinns, and I personally think it must have been around '53 or '54 that they went to the S rims-- but I would prefer to hear it from someone who actually knows...

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn S-2 Rims posted by MNSmith on 2/24/2004 at 5:14:57 AM
S2's first came out in 1946 on the postwar model bikes. In the beginning, they had no knurls. Mostly in 1946-47. I'm sure a few saw there way to 1948 as Schwinn always used up what they had on the shelf.


AGE / VALUE:   Looking for Info on an old Women's Huffy posted by: wackyjacky1 on 2/9/2004 at 5:57:29 PM
I came across an old women's Huffy bicycle that I might be able to pick up for free. I don't know anything about vintage bikes, but I just thought this one looked ultra-cool, and was hoping to find out some more info (model, year, value, availability of parts, etc.).

It had a headlight built into the down tube, with a switch for on/off. It also had a little spaceship (or airplane) decoration on top of the front fender.

I don't have any more info than that, but hopefully one of you will recognize it and be able to fill me in a little bit. It's in really good shape -- a little rust, and the chain has come off, but other than that it looks good.

Thanks for your help!

   Bueller...Bueller...Bueller.... posted by wackyjacky1 on 2/18/2004 at 8:39:50 PM

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Sears Spaceliner posted by: Doug on 2/7/2004 at 6:11:39 PM
What is the official code of the red paint found on a Sears Spaceliner? Is there an exact match available somewhere?
I may also need parts. I know!! These might be hard to find.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Sears Spaceliner posted by: Doug on 2/7/2004 at 6:11:39 PM
What is the official code of the red paint found on a Sears Spaceliner? Is there an exact match available somewhere?
I may also need parts. I know!! These might be hard to find.

BALLOON:   glenn's on ebay posted by: Bon on 2/5/2004 at 3:11:35 PM
There's a Glenn's on Ebay. Item 2223249397.

BALLOON:   Western Flyer posted by: Peter on 2/3/2004 at 3:11:22 AM
I'm about to buy a house and in the basement is a red and white Western Flyer. It has a tank, head light, cargo rack with four litte round reflectors on either side. I snapped a digital picture but didn't get the serial number, ugh! Anyway, is there a way to tell by looking at the digital picture if it is authentic or a replica? We expressed interest and have asked for first chance at the estate sale, but need to figure out if I really should but it. Thanks

   RE:BALLOON:   Western Flyer posted by dude on 2/4/2004 at 8:55:04 PM
yeah you should buy the house with the bike in it, keep the bike and sell the house, that would really be a good deal, maybe the bike is not worth all the effort

   RE:BALLOON:   Western Flyer posted by sam on 2/5/2004 at 3:36:16 PM
I think your question to buy or not depends on price.Even a re-pop western flyer could be a good deal for the right price.Even better for a vintage one.I'd check out the rear hub--if its maybe a new departure that would be a clue to age---sam

   RE:BALLOON:   Western Flyer posted by Peter on 2/22/2004 at 7:46:05 AM
This sounds like the re-pop of the mid-80's and the less expensive version of the two that were offered. If the two colors have a soft fade from one to the other without a pinstripe separation, it's the re-pop. Not worth much.

AGE / VALUE:   Whizzer??? posted by: Shawn on 2/2/2004 at 5:29:40 PM
I just picked up a frame at at flea market and wondered if anyone could tell me how to break down the serial # to see what model it is I know it's a 1949 but that's it. The serial # is F002289. I beleive it might be a Whizzer but not sure any help would be appreciated. Thank You Shawn

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whizzer??? posted by MNSmith on 2/24/2004 at 5:18:37 AM
The serial number will only tell you when the frame was stamped, not what model it was. Whizzer frames are unique in that the frame will have a notch so the belt drive will fit, on one of the seat stays I believe. They usually also have the brake tab welded to the frame on some models.


BALLOON:   Dating a Monark posted by: Bill on 1/31/2004 at 9:00:35 PM
I just picked up a Monark Super Deluxe model 4410G.
Serial # A1307348
Any clue what year it is?

   RE:BALLOON:   Dating a Monark posted by Bob on 2/1/2004 at 2:50:47 PM
Should be a girls 53 model according to my info.


   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Dating a Monark posted by dent on 2/4/2004 at 11:32:40 PM
I have a similar ? Bob, my men's Monark frame has the serial no. A0315630 under the frame with another set of no.'s which are faint but appear to read 4468( or 4408). I have a ladies middleweight complete from the 1950's I was thinking about using for a donor bike if the men's frame was a middleweight. What year would the serial no.s indicate the men's frame to be? dent

   RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   Dating a Monark posted by Bob on 2/5/2004 at 10:51:33 PM
The serial no. don't tell year or type, the model no. does.
4408 tells me that your bike is a 48 super deluxe, it is the balloon tire bike. Bob

   RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   Dating a Monark posted by dent on 2/6/2004 at 2:23:33 AM
Nice! the frame will be built up as a ballooner, THANK'S.


MISC:   Bicycle Identification Project posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc. at OldRoads.com on 1/31/2004 at 6:33:19 PM
We've just finished the first month of the Bicycle Identification Project.
The initial reference tables have been identified and populated, and around 600 cycles have been entered.

The next phase is to pump in as many bicycles as possible.
Click on the "Bicycle Identification Project" notice above and check it out, and add your cycles!

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AGE / VALUE:   1979 cruiser? posted by: taksx on 1/30/2004 at 4:28:58 AM
hellow all a few years back my brother in law gave me an old beat up 26" beach cruiser that was in my inlaws back yard for many many years. well i finaly put some new meat on the wheels and got the joyride going. read the serial # starts with EQ determind its a 79, but i still would like to know the model or what models where made in 79? the bike didnt have any gears or chain guard or anything that would distinguish it self from others aside from the candy apple red original color. anywho any leads would help out thanks for your time folks.

BALLOON:   Wanted: 24in S2 rims or wheels posted by: Dan on 1/27/2004 at 2:29:22 PM
Does anyone have any 24" chrome S2 rims or wheels, 36

BALLOON:   Ladies 1948 Roadmaster posted by: Proud owner on 1/24/2004 at 6:21:22 AM
I am only the second owner of a 1948 ladies Roadmaster. I got it from a neighbor when I was in grade school in the early 50's. It is in wonderful condition. My daughter took it out for a little spin a couple years ago. It has always been kept in a garage or basement so the chrome is still in great shape. Shiny. At one time it had a rear light that was battery operated and has a side horn, too. The button is there for the horn. I believe one of the tires is original with a white side wall. Any ideas how much this is worth?

   RE:BALLOON:   Ladies 1948 Roadmaster posted by Fred A on 1/24/2004 at 5:46:27 PM
Like anything else, it's worth as much as someone is willing to spend. If it were a mens bike, the value would be much higher, but the condition certainly helps. Do you have any pictures available to be seen?

   RE:BALLOON:   Ladies 1948 Roadmaster posted by Proud owner on 1/24/2004 at 10:14:55 PM
Fred, thank you for responding. I do have pictures. I will try to get them scanned in as soon as I find them! Anybody out there want to take a guess as to how much the ladies 1948 Roadmaster is worth? Or can you tell me a link to find that info? I believe the bicycle was made in Cleveland.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Ladies 1948 Roadmaster posted by gary m on 1/26/2004 at 3:09:31 AM
heres my best guess.. i put a clean original paint prewar ladies Roadmaster on Ebay last fall and didnt get a bid on a $35 opening. i would place yours in the same category.