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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Ever see Schwinn brakes like these? posted by: Keith on 9/11/2004 at 3:38:28 AM
I have a 1950's Schwinn American with these front brakes. They are stamped with the Schwinn script and clamp on to the front forks! They have special cable guides, twin pull cable and special brake lever. Anyone know anything about them? First time I have seen one.


   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Ever see Schwinn brakes like these? posted by sam on 9/12/2004 at 2:52:05 PM
They were used on 55 &56 schwinn Americans.The american was advertized as 100% american made.So schwinn used this "old" brake from their list of early parts.I'm told this brake was used on L/Ws from the 30s and again on the T/C tandems.These are some what hard to find,and to make matters worse the Ballooner guys all want the schwinn scrip handle for the Phantom front drum!---sam

   I have a 56 American posted by gary m on 9/14/2004 at 12:36:56 AM
mine has conventional caliper brakes with a standard mount. also a 2sp bendix cable coaster brake wheel.

   RE:I have a 56 American posted by sam on 9/19/2004 at 2:49:50 PM
Gary,a couple of things might explain why your 56 american does not have these brakes.(1) they were changed out at some time in the bikes lifetime--after all 47 years is a long time.(2) your bike could be a 1957.(even though it was built in 56 and maybe sold in 56)The Schwinn M/Ws were new bikes for the model year of 1955--but some 55 models have 54 build dates as they really went on sale for Christmas 1954.So if your american was built for the "57 model year" and sold during the big bike selling season(x-mas)1956 it might have come with the caliper brakes.Sometime in 57 I think schwinn also changed to the kick back hub---sam

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT: Ever see Schwinn brakes like these? posted by Jeff Bikeguy on 9/30/2004 at 4:25:24 PM
I've only ever seen those "cantilever" brakes on Schwinn middleweights that had the Bendix lever-operated two speed hubs. They were listed as an option in the dealer catalogs for many of the bikes though.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   rollfast posted by: jamie on 9/8/2004 at 11:33:38 PM
i have a rollfast that has a phantom style frame and tank it had middleweight tires on it when i picked it up, could anyone tell me model, tire size, year, price or anything at all. thankyou.,Jamie

BALLOON:   1938 ladies western flyer price posted by: jamie on 9/8/2004 at 11:26:21 PM
I have a 1938 ladies model western flyer 26" balloon tire, it is a light chalky looking green, and has white accents, the fender braces are curved and the rear rack has a dip in it, it has coke bottle hand grips and the crank is has comet shaped designs in it, it has a delta headlight on it as well, it was a dispay model in a western auto store in pennsylvania, if anyone could help me out in its price or the model name it would be greatly appreciated, thankyou, jamie

   RE:BALLOON:   1938 ladies western flyer price posted by sam on 9/12/2004 at 2:56:52 PM
WasternFliers were built by several companies.it could be a Cleveland Welding,Dayton/Huffman,or Colson.

AGE / VALUE:   50'sTandem Western Flyer posted by: den. on 9/8/2004 at 4:11:15 AM
Really need some help here. Saw this tandem sitting in a friends lot today. Offered him 100 on the spot for it. He said he would ask his son (the owner) It looks good, black and tires are flat but other than that complete. Like to know if that is too much to offer or not enough. Ball park figure. I looked through archives and did net search but not getting enough info. Anyone have any idea on value?
Thanks really appreciate, I would like to add this to my collection and be fair about it at same time. And I appreciate those that emailed me about the Elgin (or whatever it is that I posted about.) Will try to answer some of those soon.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1949 Western Flyer Gold Rush Bike posted by Bob Nichols on 10/16/2004 at 7:52:05 PM
Jerry have you ever heard of a all Gold Western Flyer bike? Even the N.D. hub is gold color, rims also Gold, gold handle bars,Gold fenders, Gold front light, Gold springer & Gold saddle springs. Tank says Gold Rush on it. Chain guard says Western Flyer, also Gold color.
Do you have any lit. on this bike?
Is this bike Rare? I have never seen one at all.
Let me know, Bob

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   50'sTandem Western Flyer posted by JimW. on 9/12/2004 at 2:21:40 AM
Does it look like this one, frame-design-wise?
If so, it's not a valuable collectible, but if you like it, it's certainly worth a hundred bucks. And if the owner's happy with that much, it would be a good deal all around.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   50'sTandem Western Flyer posted by DEN on 9/15/2004 at 2:08:13 PM
Hi Joel! Thanks for the help. Yes, I think it's similar, but not to sure. The custom tandem at the web-site you posted is quite a beaut. but looks much sleeker. This one looks as though the frame tubes are thicker. I took three pictures and put them on a page. The folks weren't home so I didn't move the bike to get better pictures. There was a large truck in the way and the bike has weeds growing around it. Still you can see how complete it is. Thanks again for replying.
Please let me know what you think, if you can.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   50'sTandem Western Flyer posted by Den. on 9/16/2004 at 4:00:59 AM
Oops! Correction to above. Should read thank-you to Jim W.
Sorry about that Jim, wrote that on the fly, plus I have many senior moments these daze )-:

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   50'sTandem Western Flyer posted by JimW. on 9/23/2004 at 7:12:31 AM
Sorry for the delay in responding, Den. Kind of hard to tell from that photo, but it could be the same one. It has the same blend of male cantilever at the front, swooping down to low on the rear seat tube. If it has 26 X 1.75" tires, it's from the late '50s-early to mid-'60s. Dave Gibson, the guy who did the one in the gallery might be able to give you more specific information. He found his in a dumpster, as I recall.

WANTED:   One pair 26" X 2.125" balloner whitewall tires posted by: Kurt K on 9/8/2004 at 1:16:16 AM
Wanted: One pair of new 26" X 2.125" whitewall balloon tires.

Whitewalls must have crisp, sharp edges and be symmetrical, NOT like the Cheng Shin/Bell crap at Wal-Mart. Tires must be like new, and have no marks, stains, or flat spots. I'll consider repop Schwinn Typhoon cords if at a reasonable price.

Let me know tread pattern, tire make and your asking price.

Thank you very much.

Take care,


AGE / VALUE:   HELP!!! New to the hobby and picked up some great bikes that I am dying to identify!! posted by: Jody on 9/7/2004 at 7:43:26 PM
Hello Experts! I am new to the hobby and have excitedly picked up a few true vintage bikes as well as have two existing bikes of my own. I am looking for any help I can get the search has been grueling but this is what I have on each of the bikes any additional help would be so great!!!!!

Child's Huffy (looks like a sundance or rail type model) single speed all original in good condition Purple with chrome fenders and a flowered banana seat. Has sticker BMA/6 certified whick I have read means it was made no earlier than 1972 but I am just not sure what the worth or the true model is.

Blue repainted very old vintage with a metal crest on the front with the words. Made in England, President, Genuine Raynal English Cycle. Chrome Fenders one speed. I have found NOTHING on this bike,brand or year.

Schwinn 1962-63 American, Red all original condition but missing front fender (chrome) with back rack. Rust but in Alright condition.

I also have a Metobecane Mirage ten speed in great condition all original I am guessing it is around the year 1975 but I am unsure.

Last of all my personal rider is a Sears and Roebuck Co. Free Spirit 10 Speed it is in GREAT original condition.

If anybody has any information on Model, Make, Restoring advice and especially WORTH it would be SOOO Appreciated.

Sincerely the truly vintage clueless!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   HELP!!! New to the hobby and picked up some great bikes that I am dying to identif posted by Joel on 9/8/2004 at 5:37:36 PM
All of the bikes you have listed are common and not especially valuable. The parts you need should be no problem to find.

The best advice that I can offer to an enthusiastic new collector is to invest in some literature before buying lots of bikes. Find out what's out there and focus on your interests before your garage becomes as full as some of ours...


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   HELP!!! New to the hobby and picked up some great bikes that I am dying to identif posted by sam on 9/10/2004 at 12:42:02 AM
Raynal was part of the British Cycle Corporation Ltd.Large company that bought up most of the british bikes and merged with Raleigh.---sam

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   HELP!!! New to the hobby and picked up some great bikes that I am dying to identif posted by John Metz on 9/11/2004 at 12:23:32 PM
Joel's advise is good. The reason you're collecting has a
bearing on which bikes you aquire too. Are you collecting for high resale value or personal enjoyment?
A couple of good WEB sites besides this one for identification are, www.bikeicons.com and www.nostalgic.net
For reproduction decals check out www.nostalgicreflections.com and www.cyclart.com
Beleive it or not,e-bay can be a great source of pictures of vintage bikes. On the search type in say
Murray bikes and you'll get all the bikes of that brand
that are for sale. These can be valuable for filling in
the details like what decal was on the chainguard etc.
Welcome aboard and good luck.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   HELP!!! New to the hobby and picked up some great bikes that I am dying to identif posted by John Metz on 9/11/2004 at 12:33:04 PM
One other thing,e-bay is a good parts sourse too. On the search type in the name of the part,bicycle fenders for
example or just bicycle parts.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   HELP IDENTIFY posted by: JERRY MORFORD on 9/7/2004 at 6:06:01 PM


AGE / VALUE:    posted by: Gary on 9/7/2004 at 1:53:19 PM
Through the courtesy of several at this site I'm getting close to finding the bike I'm searching for for a short story I'm writing. It appears to be a Monark Holiday (Firestone). I'm not sure of what all that means (Sold only at Firestone dealers?) Anyway I'd like to get a really good picture of the bike, maybe a brochure if one exists. Need multiple views if someone has one and original cost and current value today. I mentioned earlier I only saw these in green (primary color) but now see that it had a "wood" trim painted on the tank. Also a close up of the medallion on the tank if anyone has one.

BALLOON:   re ROADMASTER LUXURY LINER posted by: jerry on 9/6/2004 at 2:56:22 PM
CORRECTION --The bike looks tike the 1951 model catalog pic with the springer front end.--sorry

BALLOON:   Roadmaster Luxury Liner posted by: Jerry on 9/6/2004 at 2:23:41 PM
Is there any info on serial number decoding? I am trying to establish the year of mfg of my Cleveland welding co Roadmaster luxury Liner male model bike.The serial number that is located under the pedel crank hole on the frame is J56374 520. The bike looks like the 1952 model shown in the stare and compair pix area, although I am missing the headlite,tank and rack/rear crash guard. I also need a repop dcal for the chain guard "Luxury Liner". Sorry I'm not set up to provide dig pictures. I've been unable to find agood source of info jus general info. Hope someone can help.

AGE / VALUE:   Western Flyer posted by: Greg Alexander on 9/6/2004 at 1:52:12 AM
I just bought an old Western Flyer middleweight... The frame looks exactly like the image in the database under Western Flyer 1940... The exceptions are it does not have the tank, headlight, or rack... Front fender is dead on but rear fender is longer on the tail. Other than that the frame angles etc all seem to be exactly like the image...The Hub is marked "Bendix 70" and the Serial Number is as follows...
2020MA (small) 3578066 (larger)
I am not as interested in the value as I am the age.

Thanks in advance



WANTED:   Chrome drop center rims posted by: Kurt K on 9/4/2004 at 3:24:37 PM
Looking for a pair of 26", 36 hole chrome drop center rims. Must be straight. I don't care if it's original, repro, Tawanese, doesn't matter. No rust or VERY light surface rust that can clean up.

Reasonable prices only - I am NOT interested in your $300 NOS drop-centers, thank you.

All the best,


FOR SALE:   Elgin Twin 20 orig paint posted by: JOE on 9/4/2004 at 2:54:35 PM
Can dleiver to Englishtown Fall Car swapmeet. The bike has clean orig seat, head shroud, black paint, Allstate tires etc. Wrong fenders. $300.

FOR SALE:   1940s Roadmaster Cleveland welding bicycle posted by: George on 9/4/2004 at 12:27:49 PM
1940s boys ballon tired tank roadmaster by cleveland welding bicycle, Serial number A98091. Nice maroon and cream paint and 3 fin tank with button, horn and battey holder intact. Has curved fender braces. Has good year tires and is roadworthy.. This is NOT the spring front end model.. $250 plus $50 shipping if needed. Please email George in Massachusetts for pictures etc. at oscarhedstrom@hotmail.com

FOR SALE:   1948 Columbia Hartford ATOMIC Bicycle posted by: George on 9/4/2004 at 12:16:58 PM
Hello, Barn fresh 1948 Hartford by Columbia Atomic bike, Serial mumber M290607. Bike is a bit crusty but tank is good and horn, button, battery holder still intact. Has some old studebaker brockton Ma stickers still on it..
$150 and $50 for shipping if needed. Please email George in Massachusetts for more photos etc. at oscarhedstrom@hotmail.com THANKS...