BALLOON:    posted by: Stan R. on 10/12/2005 at 12:07:46 AM
Do all postwar Cleveland Welding Roadmasters have the non-curved tank (straight lower bar). Also what year did C W labeling stop.

AGE / VALUE:   CCM Galaxie & CCM Supercycle posted by: Hodge on 10/6/2005 at 4:44:54 PM
Any guesses on a couple of Canadian-made single-speeds? I've got a CCM Galaxie (ser. C130245), and a CCM Supercycle (ser. E308327) both female, blue, back-pedal brakes and in decent condition. Just wondering how much time to invest in them. Also, is there any other info I could add that would make for an easier ID?

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Just Curious posted by: MacK on 10/6/2005 at 4:29:33 PM
I am just curios. I have a schwinn varsity women's frame. Original paint color, yellow w/headlight & rear baskets. From the serial number it seems to be from November of 1973. (LJ578331) It's got a little rust on it but no big deal. The seat is in excellent shape as is the rest of the bike. I cannot find a single photo of this bike, it looks nothing like the other 1973 schwinn varsity's highlighted on many of the websites I've been looking at in the last week. So with that said can anyone identify this bike? I really don't have a picture. Does anyone know the value of this bike? Thanks for your time!

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Just Curious posted by Ken on 10/6/2005 at 6:16:45 PM
1. only God can identify it without a picture
2. congratulations on calling it MIDDLEWEIGHT
3. if it doesn't look like the catalog pics
then it isn't what you think
4. If it's a 73 Varsity it's not valuable or rare, more of a garage sale item- try to give it a good home.

AGE / VALUE:   sears "ted williams" 3-wheeler posted by: t on 10/6/2005 at 1:42:57 AM
trying to find out when these were made? 24" x 1.75 tires, baby blue women's bike 3 speed, grip shift, and how much they might be worth? thanx

   RE:AGE / VALUE:???sears posted by Robert on 10/6/2005 at 2:46:37 AM
If it has a Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub used in some fashion there will be a date on that.

AGE / VALUE:   1940s huffy boys heavy spring posted by: randy on 10/4/2005 at 4:32:07 PM
could anyone tell me the approx. value of this bike? it is in perfect condition, and to find the serial number?