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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

MISC:†††Why? posted by: Miguel on 1/15/2005 at 6:50:07 AM
Why do I get slammed with junk e-mail after posting a message here? Happens every time? Anyone else having this problem?

   RE:MISC:†††Why? posted by Kurt K. on 1/15/2005 at 1:37:39 PM
Never happened to me...sure it happens right after you post?

What type of junk mail? The usual Viagra junk, or crank bicycle collectors?

Take care,



   RE:MISC:†††Why? posted by JC on 1/17/2005 at 1:01:06 PM
Never happens to me either.

   RE:MISC: Why? posted by Miguel on 2/3/2005 at 2:19:30 PM
Viagra, discount prescriptions for pretty much anything, the list goes on and on. They seem to start hitting a day or so after each time I post here, EVERY time. It's finally just now slowing down from my firestone/columbia post. I was getting 6-8 a DAY???

BALLOON:†††lacing a rear fender posted by: Craig on 1/13/2005 at 3:48:39 PM
I recently aquired a Girls elgin with the lacing holes in the rear fender. Does anyone know what type of hardware/method of holding the lacing tight. There are no obvious hooks on the frame or the chain guard. what type of material was used?

   RE:BALLOON:†††lacing a rear fender posted by Kim on 1/14/2005 at 2:07:28 PM
There were little brackets which fit on the rear axle. These brackets usually have small springs on them (to keep tension on the guards).
The guards may have been wire or heavy cotton string.

   RE:BALLOON:†††lacing a rear fender posted by Craig on 1/14/2005 at 2:28:03 PM
I appreciate the information, I can easily recreate the bracket with the springs.


BALLOON:†††1951 Columbia...... posted by: Fred A on 1/10/2005 at 2:57:36 AM
Hi all

I have a mens 1951 Columbia straightbar bicycle. The paint is all but faded away, but was burgandy with cream. It has truss rods, but also has the rare locking fork with the key still in it. Missing the tank, headlight and rear carrier. Fenders are painted, not chrome. My question is: Could this be a 3 Star, seeing that it doesn't have the springer fork or chrome fenders which would have made it a 5 Star?

Fred A

FOR SALE:†††colorflow posted by: roach on 1/9/2005 at 4:06:23 PM
hello all,

see item # 6504350618 on ebay for listing of my old J.C. HIggins colorflow I have for sale!


   RE:FOR SALE:†††colorflow posted by John on 2/21/2005 at 6:16:24 PM
Do you still have your colorflow for sale? Please send me your email. thank you. john

AGE / VALUE:†††wings marathon bicycle posted by: midwest on 1/8/2005 at 11:25:25 PM
can anyone tell me anything about a wings marathon bicycle
where could one find info on such a bike?
any help would be great

MISC:†††1963 Murray Meteor Flite posted by: sean on 1/4/2005 at 6:48:18 AM
I have had a 1963 Murray Meteor Flite for around 15 years. Good shape for 41 years old; original paint and decals, tanklight still works. Anybody interested in purchase or cool trade?

   RE:MISC:†††1963 Murray Meteor Flite posted by James S. Euler on 9/15/2005 at 4:57:53 AM
Just found your post via a Goggle search. Any chance you still have the Meteor Flite? I would be interested in discussing it if you still do have it. Thanks.


Jim Euler

AGE / VALUE:†††ARLEY'S FIRESTONE posted by: humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 1/3/2005 at 4:06:59 AM
Southfield, Michigan.
We had here a tire store by the name of Arley's Firestone.
They carried on the custom of selling bicycles long after Firestone stopped putting their name on bicycles. the whole section sold Huffy bikes right up to the end.
The buiding was neat, the old sign on top that in large red letters spelled out.....FIRESTONE.
You know the red, styalized F that is a national treasure.
They just went out of business, those wonderful letters came down and the building sits empty.
But oh before they folded, Oh the goodies they had. He grinned and gave me the Grande Tour!

Always ask, you never know.
I wanted those letters but missed out on them.

AGE / VALUE:†††Happy New Year posted by: John Metz on 12/31/2004 at 10:45:34 AM
Have a HAPPY new year everyone and remember,the real value of a vintage bike is how much pleasure it gives you,
not how much money it can make you.
Cycle on!

WANTED:†††Firestone headlight tank lens, and 55 Columbia chain cleaner posted by: Miguel on 12/30/2004 at 9:09:15 PM
I am looking for a headlight lens for a Firestone middleweight ladies bike. It's the type that has the tank that goes past the head tube, and has the headlight built into the front. I can email a pic of the bike if it helps? Also looking for a chain cleaner that mounts in the chainguard of a 1955 Columbia balloon tire cruiser. Hoping for an NOS, but a clean used one would work. I'm not even sure if that's what it's called, but that's what it looks to be. Thanks in advance!! PLEASE help!!,, Miguel

   RE:WANTED: Firestone headlight tank lens, and 55 Columbia chain cleaner posted by Miguel on 12/30/2004 at 10:20:57 PM
The columbia....


   RE:RE:WANTED: Firestone headlight tank lens, and 55 Columbia chain cleaner posted by Miguel on 12/30/2004 at 10:22:57 PM
So much for that, won't work, try this....


   RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Firestone headlight tank lens, and 55 Columbia chain cleaner posted by Miguel on 12/30/2004 at 10:24:05 PM
And the firestone......


   RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Firestone headlight tank lens, and 55 Columbia chain cleaner posted by Miguel on 12/30/2004 at 10:26:10 PM
Oh well, no links work either, at least for me. I can email them I guess.

BALLOON:†††B.F.Goodrich posted by: Bob Jones on 12/30/2004 at 1:01:23 AM
I found a earley 60's B.F.Goodrich bicycle and it is in very good condition and would like to know if they are worth anything.It is a Challenger.

AGE / VALUE:†††Columbia 5 Star Superb Age posted by: c stanley on 12/28/2004 at 4:08:29 PM
I'm trying to date a bicycle i acquired this weekend, after emerging from grandpa's shed. It is a Columbia Five-Star Superb, garage kept, in green and cream. don't know if it's a repro, but would like to know. it has:

Tires: 26 x 2.125 Carlisle Tire & Rubber Co's LIGHTNING DART balloon tires, front and rear
Seat: Persons brown leather seat.
Pedals: Persons Supreme non-reflector.
Locking springer fork

the horn works, and batteries have not been kept in the horn or lights. I have not been able to match serial numbers with this site's resources. I found numbers on bottom of crank, but there isn't a letter prefix. the numbers are 61324568, and another set, 56279.

there is some minor corrosion on headlamp, rear rack brackets, etc. that's about all I've been able to determine. see the attached pic.



   RE:AGE / VALUE:†††Columbia 5 Star Superb Age posted by Gordon on 12/28/2004 at 4:23:15 PM
It seems to me that the reproductions had some decals that said "Authentic......." and even "Made in Taiwan", so you might check for those. Also, what brand of rear hub does the bike have? A bike from that time frame should have a Musselman, New Departure or perhaps Bendix.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:†††Columbia 5 Star Superb Age posted by c stanley on 12/28/2004 at 5:37:24 PM
thanks for the info. i'll check the rear hub. i know it has a bendix coaster brake. also, am i looking in the right place for the serial #? It seems there are different locations possible?

the badging on the head tube appears to be authentic. it reads:
i wouldn't think that a repro would back-date the abbreviation style we used to use for states, but i can't be sure. i wish i could upload pics because it's in great shape, but don't know how.


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Columbia 5 Star Superb Age posted by Miguel on 12/30/2004 at 9:23:46 PM
I have a Columbia ballooner from that time period, and the serial number was on the rear dropout, I think on the
left side, facing out. This may have been different before or after mine was made. I'm not sure. I have never looked at the bottom of the crank area on mine, I have just begun the repair and disassembly process.,, Miguel

AGE / VALUE:†††Columbia Tandem Bicycle posted by: Joe G. on 12/28/2004 at 5:25:12 AM
I have recently acquired a light blue Columbia "Twosome" Tandem bicycle. It appears relatively old and I am told the previous owner had it in the garage for the past 20 years.
I have been trying to cross-reference the serial number to determine a date of manufacture; however, the numbering format does not match-up to any I have seen. I don't know if the Tandems had a different number formatting or what.
The only number I have found, which is located on the left, non-drive side, rear tire mount, is 61183088.
Anyone having information on these models or how to interpret the serial number, please e-mail me at joegrazi@hotmail.com

Thank you,
Joe G.

AGE / VALUE:†††Buffalo wheel Co. posted by: Bob on 12/28/2004 at 2:56:04 AM
I got a wrench from my friend thats stamped Buffalo Wheel Co. On the other side it says Niagara I wanted to know how old it was and if it had any value. I found some information on the net that said this company was around in the late 1800s

AGE / VALUE:†††WESTERN FLYER GOLD RUSH SPECIAL posted by: Peter Zobian on 12/22/2004 at 8:04:21 PM
Doesn't anyone out there have any information about a WESTERN FLYER "GOLD RUSH SPECIAL" balloon tire bicycle? In my prior inquiry I listed this bike's serial number as 22, but I misread it, it's actually serial #82. I would think that means there were at least 82 of this model made. Has anyone ever seen one?

WANTED:   Hiawatha rack posted by: anthony on 12/22/2004 at 7:09:15 AM
Hi i'm looking for a rear carrier rack for a 1949 Hiawatha luxury liner bike in decent shape.
Please let me know if you have one or know of one.

   RE:WANTED:   Hiawatha rack posted by Gordon on 12/23/2004 at 2:48:09 AM
I have the one with the flat tail-light unit across the back, is that the one you need? I know it is off a Hiawatha, but I don't remember if it is correct for 49.