AGE / VALUE:   BIANCHI SPORT posted by: Kevin K on 4/11/2005 at 1:07:26 PM
Hi all. I located a Biachi Sport this past weekend. Red candy paint with gold stripes. Yellow and green decals. Full fenders. White Pirelli "Stella" 26x1 3/8 tires. Any idea what year this bike was built? Thanks, Kevin

AGE / VALUE:   While this is NOT a balloon..... posted by: sam on 4/10/2005 at 1:41:19 AM
This is the craziest 2-speed rear end ever though up---and it works!
This bike also has 2 gears on front just like all 10 speed bikes.
But it's the two freewheels on the rear hub that allow the chain to run forward when you pedal backwards!!---sam

AGE / VALUE:   schwinn spitfire 40's? posted by: carlos on 4/9/2005 at 7:49:35 PM
i have a 1940's schwinn spitfire i am selling. this is in very poor and rough condition nut is very restorable. the bikes is all original bown to the tubes in the tires. there are things that need to be done to it. the bike will need a new set of tires. the orig. good years are full of holes from sitting many years. the paint needs to be done but you can easily see the original colors.the headbadge is in mint condition with no dings, but will need paint. the fok is not bent or wrecked,although the bearings are locked tight. the handlebars are easily cleanable so they arent a problem. the grips are gone so i dont no about them. the seat needs to be recoved or redone the seat is rubberish looking but still bounces. the rims turn and are not bent. the crank and pedals are very nice looking yet. the chain is pure junk. if you are interested or still want to learn more email me at

BALLOON:   24" rims - Will tires fit? posted by: Dave on 4/9/2005 at 5:04:19 PM
My old baloon tire bike has 24" rims. The configuration is something between British "E" and "F" - 1.65" wide with .85" between beads (as found on this site). It has rod brakes (also found on this site) in front, so I was going to cleanup and reuse the original rims. However, before I spend a lot on rechroming and new spokes, I need to learn about tires.

I see 24" tires for sale on the Internet. If I mount a new 24" tire / tube combo on my rims, will it inflate and fill out correctly, or will it stick straight up off the .85" inside bead? I think the original tires (long gone) were the "glue on" type. What rims do people use with rod brakes? What tires do they use with those rims?

Thanks - all responses/opinions appreciated.



   RE:BALLOON: 24 posted by sam on 4/9/2005 at 6:20:14 PM
Your Japan bike may take an odd tire,not for sure on this one?Wheelchair tires may fit?
Check with Sheldon Brown at:
Also you might check with TOM under the English Roadster group look down the list of posts,he has tires and rims 4-sale at present.---sam

BALLOON:   What is it posted by: eric on 4/9/2005 at 4:11:46 PM
I have a pre war boys frame. It has a curved middle seat post tube, like an elgin. The head badge is black and silver, with a large letter c in the middle. Above the big c is written "Collegiate". Also, the seat post bracket is part of the frame. If any one can help me thanks.

   RE:BALLOON: What is it posted by sam on 4/9/2005 at 6:24:26 PM
Can you post some photos?(wonder if it's some type of Polo Bike?)