AGE / VALUE:   Help in finding age posted by: Gail on 7/30/2005 at 9:29:30 PM
Hi I'm new here. My father's cleaning house that has been in the family since 1936. I acquired a blue Galaxy Flyer with chrome fenders, 1 speed w/back pedal brake, woman's bicycle model MOM2027A17. I looked all over for a serial number with no luck. Can somebody tell me who, where and about when this could have been made?
Many thanks, Gail

AGE / VALUE:   Antiques Roadshow FYI posted by: Joel on 7/28/2005 at 5:08:14 PM
Hey Vin,
The Antiques Roadshow FYI was on last night. You looked good on TV (maybe taller??). Nice job. Maybe this will give the hobby a much needed boost.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:???Antiques Roadshow FYI posted by Robert N. on 8/2/2005 at 2:36:15 AM
After much waiting, the local PBS station aired the show. Excellent, but not nearly long enough. Hope they'll give you some more time.

BALLOON:my new bike posted by: Scott on 7/28/2005 at 10:11:27 AM
ok, I have one for you. can anyone identify the bike I just bought? I got it on ebay. It was labeled as a Schwinn but is not a Schwinn. it has what appears to be a Shelby springer, but the frame is a mystery to me. is it also a shelby? look at the area where the chain stays meet the bottom bracket. looks like the old monarks, but it is a cantilever. please help if you can. Here is the address:

thanx, Scott

   RE:BALLOON:my new bike posted by scott on 7/30/2005 at 4:43:08 AM
well I just heard from the guy on this bike he says he doesn't have it any more. says someone climbed over his fence and took it. its not even a complete bike!!! its just a cruddy looking frame and fork. I think he sold it before and forgot when he relisted his bikes. he has 40 bikes or so and some are mis-labeled and stuff. I dont think he's being dishonest or anything just doing too many auctions at once. I'm very frustrated at not getting it but oh well I guess.

AGE / VALUE:   please help posted by: Eric on 7/28/2005 at 3:12:39 AM
My girlfriend turned me on to vintige bikes and I just bought our first one at a garage sale.I bought it for 3 bucks. It is in poor shape and has to be completley gone through, thats ok I like stuff like that. My question is I don't know what kind of bike it is on the frame it says Norwood and the seat says in the vinal messenger. I will have to send out to crome dip all the baskets, handle bars, and crank shafts to the pedals. Should I restore the rims or replace them with somthing off a newer bike. Don't know if the bike is worth anything even if restored but if it is I would have the orig. redone. The bike looks like a circa 1960 evans cutlass of evans bike co. I seen one like it o ebay it looked identical but don't know it other bikes were copied. Thanks for any help. Eric

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   please help posted by Eric on 7/28/2005 at 4:16:43 AM
P.S. it looks like the green bike on this page where it says (check out vintage bicycles and parts we have for sale)


AGE / VALUE:   finding out the year of my bike? posted by: Joe Cruz on 7/27/2005 at 8:09:42 PM
can you please help me find out what year my schwinn is?
I found these numbers engraved on the left side of the bike,
where the back tire bolts on. #Y6301815 any help will be very helpfull thank you

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   finding out the year of my bike? posted by Gordon on 7/27/2005 at 9:42:28 PM
Are you sure your bike is a Schwinn? It doesn't look like any Schwinn serial number I've ever seen before.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   finding out the year of my bike? posted by rod on 8/2/2005 at 7:30:49 PM
You have one too many numbers for a Schwinn serial #.