MISC:   Schwinn Hornet Year? posted by: Mike on 7/9/2005 at 2:42:52 AM
Hi, inquiring for a friend as to the year of her Schwinn Hornet. I believe it to be early 1960s or late 50s but I could be wrong. Picture below.


   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Hornet Year? posted by Gordon on 7/10/2005 at 1:05:12 PM
Serial number is on the left rear dropout, just above the axle. Date codes are on this website. If you can't interpret the codes, post the s/n and we will help you with it.

BALLOON:   Harvard Deluxe posted by: Ron on 7/8/2005 at 1:27:09 AM
Just picked up a Harvard Deluxe with original green paint and some painted diamonds. Tires are shot. It has torrington pedals, Morrow single speed hub. Seat unknown but old. Does anyone have any information on this bike please. I know from Firstflight that Rollfast has some to do with the manufacture of the bike but that's it. No pics on the internet?

BALLOON:   help posted by: Mullet on 7/7/2005 at 4:20:17 AM
i bought a western flyer balloon tire bicycle and am in the process of restoring it. unfortunately it didn't come with wheels and the forks that came with it have dropouts smaller than 3/8." can anybody help and tell me what they might be and point me in the right direction of some decent vintage balloon wheels?

   RE:BALLOON:   help posted by kim on 7/7/2005 at 11:26:17 AM
If you can't find a narrow enough axle you can always enlarge the dropouts on the fork.

   RE:BALLOON:   help posted by Scott on 7/8/2005 at 7:00:38 PM
most front axles are 5/16" I believe. depending on the value of the bike you might go ahead and enlarge the dropouts as suggested, otherwise get more proper wheels.

WANTED:   Schwinn Tri-Wheeler (Town and Country) posted by: John on 7/4/2005 at 11:26:29 PM
If anyone has a Schwinn Tri-Wheeler for sale please give a shout.
Also, would that bike take a Bendix two-speek kickback hub?
Please email direct if possible: hamish1@aol. com. Live in Northern Colorado.
Happy 4th.

AGE / VALUE:   1937? CCM 26" Balloon tire bicycle posted by: Jon in Des Moines wa. on 7/2/2005 at 6:05:53 AM
garage sale find,CCM bicycle,rear hub has CCM 37, Made in Canada Pat.1937, stamped on it, no other serial #s found on frame. has 26" balloon tires,missing seat post and seat,has aluminum/rubber gibson pedals.Looks like 40's ccm in picture data base, only has one top bar. Any information?, any interest in this bicycle out there in the Seattle/pacific northwest area? thanks, Jon in Des Moines wa.pictures available on request

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1937? CCM 26 posted by theCCMguy on 3/10/2007 at 11:54:45 PM
If the bike was built in 1937 it should have a serial # that would read #A####. I'm not sure if it's on the back of the seat post near the bottom. I will check one of mine. It's probably hard to find because it's not stamped very deep or there's too many layers of paint over it. I'll check and get back to you. As for it's worth, it's hard to say. It seems that CCMS aren't as popular as say Schwinns. If it's in good original shape I'd say $100-150. But that would be to a CCM collector. I wouldn't mind the bike, but I'm too far away. I'm in Eastern Ontario Canada. Hope some of this helps.