AGE / VALUE:   Info on Streamliner posted by: Jeff Forbis on 10/29/2006 at 7:17:50 PM
I have this bike from a older gentleman from my church he says it is a 1948 streamliner, I know nothing about bikes. Can someone please give me some information on it please.
The front plate also says it was manufactored for the B.F. Goodrich Co. I have more pictures I can email.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Info on Streamliner posted by nate on 10/31/2006 at 6:17:46 AM
That is a very valuable bike with some great accessories.
You'll find info on them in the archives here and also check the price guide.

   ID posted by Gary M on 10/31/2006 at 9:53:41 AM
send pics of other side and serial numbers. dont sell it
its worth a whole pile of coins. serial is on bottom of crank i bet, i think this is a 1950 or so.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Info on Streamliner posted by Jeffry on 11/1/2006 at 1:26:25 AM
Thanks for the replies. Gary can you send me your email address, and I will send you more pictures. I have a bunch of them. The gentleman that ownes the bike wants me to find out how much it is worth and sell it for him, and his sister has one just like it, except it is a womans. Any help would really be appreciated. I am not a expert at bicycles by no means. I sure could use some good honest help on this one. Jeffry

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Info on Streamliner posted by nate on 11/1/2006 at 6:20:40 AM
Jeff, be sure you know the true value of the bike before selling it. You may get some people making lo-ball offers and they'll just turn around and sell it for a lot more.
Bottom line with any of these old bikes - make sure you know what they are worth! Some are junkers and some are high-dollar gems, even in poor condition.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Info on Streamliner posted by Jeffry on 11/1/2006 at 12:10:51 PM
Thanks Nate. I ordered a few books and I think that my wife and I will take the bike to some people that know alot more about bikes than we do. This man trusts me to sell it for him, so I really want to find out everything I can about it. Jeffry

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Info on Streamliner posted by Jeffry on 11/2/2006 at 8:04:15 AM
Here is somemore info if anyone can help serial#D70756.
Maybe someone can help me figure it out. Thanks so much, Jeffry


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Info on Streamliner posted by Gary M on 11/2/2006 at 12:23:21 PM i am sure your holding a real high dollar peice.

BALLOON:   Schwinn Ballon Frame Measurement posted by: Tim McGuire on 10/25/2006 at 8:49:08 PM
How do you measure to determine if a 1954 Schwinn DX Men's bicyle frame is a 26" or 24"? I'd like to buy a frame on e-bay to restore, but the seller doesn't list if it is a 26" or not.I need to ask the right question or give them a measurement. Thanks for the reply back.

   RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn Ballon Frame Measurement posted by Gordon on 10/26/2006 at 5:47:39 AM
Balloon tire bike sizes referred to the tire size, 24 inch or 26 inch diameter. Later road bikes began the actual frame measurements you are familiar with.

AGE / VALUE:   Does anyone know what year this bike is? posted by: Dale on 10/23/2006 at 7:09:10 PM
Can anyone look at this bike and tell me what year it is? I know it is before 1960 because it has a 1960 bicycle permit on it. It is a Rollfast, ok condition, and expected rustis visible. Also it is a girls bike, looks like an adult bike.


AGE / VALUE:   spoke and nipple id posted by: Jim on 10/23/2006 at 12:37:33 PM
I have a bunch of old spokes I'm sorting, on the face of the spokes most have a 4 dashes say at the 2, 4, 8, and 10 o'clock postions, others have a small "s", some have what appears to be intersecting "8"'s. I'm also trying to match the nipples. I think the gauge size for them are .105 and .120. They came from an old whizzer guy; any help?

FOR SALE:   20 inch wheeled Schwinn 1953 posted by: Ed on 10/22/2006 at 8:44:33 PM
Ebay # 300041173288. A nice simple bicycle for a good price. Ready to ride.