FOR SALE:   Huffy Galaxie 26" mens bike posted by: Spike on 1/23/2006 at 1:07:33 AM
I have a circa 1967 Huffy Galaxie middle weight mens bike.
It is amazing for its overall condition and originality.
If you are interested or just curious feel free to email me.

BALLOON:   old balloon tire posted by: Ross Sorenson on 1/23/2006 at 12:06:41 AM
Hi, I own an old 1050 model Schwinn Girls bike, my question is, one of the tires is a typhoon cord brick tread, i know these are easy to get a hold of, but the other tire is a Pennsylvania Silent. I can find absolutely no information on this tire anywhere on the net, do you have any resources on this tire?? I will appreciate any info i can get ahold of, by the way both tires are vintage and still hold air(the cord has bad tread seperation tho im replacing it with something modern for now until i can get a pair of cords for it. I was lucky tho the bike is in rough shape it spent most of the last 37 years in my grandmothers basement.

AGE / VALUE:   EMBLEM MFG. CO. ANGOLA NY posted by: Nelson on 1/20/2006 at 7:11:33 PM
Why can´t I find information about the Emblem bicycle build by the company with the same name?? for years I´ve been checking this site, ebay and other bicycle related sites looking for information or pictures about this bikes. I have one and I just can´t restore it because I don´t know how they look alike.
Do they have an scarce over price?? or worth nothing? should I spend my money and time restoring it? or should I look for a more valued project? who knows, and I´not telling it but asking it. WHO KNOWS IT?????????

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   EMBLEM MFG. CO. ANGOLA NY posted by Brian on 1/21/2006 at 4:50:07 AM
Emblem Mfg. Co. Bought the Pierce Cycle Co. in 1918. Previously it was Pierce Arrow Automobile Co. So your Emblem was the same as some bikes with the Pierce label. Emblem prodeced bikes under both names until 1940. Your Emblem would appeal to collectors of both bicycles and motorcycles. Probably worth nothing, send it to me for proper disposal.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: EMBLEM MFG. CO. ANGOLA NY posted by sam on 1/21/2006 at 3:45:29 PM
Emblem built about 7 different brands of bikes.The Re-pop Island Supply catalogs show them.I beleave their are several photos of Emblems on sam(or send it to me!)

   RE:AGE / VALUE: EMBLEM MFG. CO. ANGOLA NY posted by scott on 1/22/2006 at 2:42:32 AM
sounds like everyone agrees it isn't worth bothering with. you should take it to the nearest thrift store and drop it off. you wouldn't want these guys to have to worry about shipping costs, not to mention storage on such a usless piece. !!!!JUST KIDDING!!!!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   EMBLEM MFG. CO. ANGOLA NY posted by Nelson on 1/26/2006 at 7:19:56 PM
Guys, thanks for your unvaluable info. I posted one pic of my bike in this site a few years ago, next to the two posted by Brian. The bike is very very much alike to the Columbia Built - Sterling depicted here as a restoration project. I have also thought that this emblem was build by Columbia later on, but I don´t know.
The rear carrier looks like the monark´s and the tank like the columbia. It´s very confusing to me.

MISC:   Larz Anderson National Bike Show: Sunday August 14th posted by: Peter Naiman on 1/17/2006 at 3:57:05 PM
We're holding 10th annual show at the Museum of Transportation at 15 West Newton Street., Brookline, MA. Starting time will be at approximately 9:00AM and run until 3:00PM with set up at 8:00AM, with the usual scenic Vintage Ride through the paths of the Emerald Necklace which runs through Boston and Brookline. Please put this on your schedule, as we plan to have a great time again this year. More information on the show to follow.

If folks are interested, I'll put together a swap meet close by as there are a few venues within 10-15 minutes of the Museum of Transportation grounds. Last years swap that Linda Pernice tried organizing in Watertown, didn't take place for a number of reasons, but if I can get enough early support, I'll put together a swap meet which will be well attended if I get the word out to everyone on my growing mailing list. So if your interested in a swap meet please write and let me know offlist.

Best regards,
Peter Naiman
Glendale, WI

MISC:   raynal cycles posted by: barry on 1/16/2006 at 9:26:41 PM
can anyone out there tell me about the raynal cycle co.the badge says "president" and under a reared up lion it says "genuine raynal englih cycle". the guys in the english dis. area didn't know about it so i thought i'd try here. i've had this one for about ten years, changed a bunch of parts, but now want to put it back to as close to original as possible. any help with color schemes, hubs,seat, would be appreciated. thank you in advance...B.R.