BALLOON:   Where Should I start??? posted by: heather on 3/17/2006 at 5:00:39 PM
Hi, I recently picked up a Galaxy flyer from my grandmother. It's in pretty rough condition. There is a lot of rust on it, but everything is the same as it was when the bike was made, it was probably only ridden a dozen times. I want to restore it, but I was wondering if anyone has some good suggesstions on how to remove rust?
Also, where is a good site to buy, say, new fenders since these are almost gone. How do I know what a balloon rim is? Can I use 26" balloon rim with balloon tires? Please HELP!!!!!!


   RE:BALLOON: Where Should I start??? posted by M on 3/19/2006 at 4:07:22 AM
i hear using steel wool with WD-40 is pretty good at removing surface rust, I imagine it would work great on yours as it doesnt really appear to be bad. Waxing em afterwords could help prevent future rusting somewhat. That bike looks to take middleweight wheels (26 X 1.75) I hear those are interchangable with the balloon size (26 X 2.125), but your fork and chainstays/seat stays might not be wide enough to take em. You can get nice new comfy riding white walls in the proper size for that bike though, I think it would look great like that.

   RE:BALLOON:   Where Should I start??? posted by Spike on 3/19/2006 at 8:30:21 PM
Hello Heather,Tried to email but it came back.
I use Copper scrubbies dry,terri cloth,and soft scrub.
Don't be too agressive with the soft scrub,it can rub off stripes and letering.Does a great job on chrome after scrubbie.I use WD40 to remove grease and oil deposits.
Feel free to email with any questions.
Regards, Spike

   RE:BALLOON:   Where Should I start??? posted by Jim on 3/19/2006 at 9:43:54 PM
Hi Heather,
Don't go overboard in your restoration of the bike - it doesn't have the value. Just fix it up to ride and enjoy!For your parts, you can try Ebay or Memory Lane Classics out of Grand Rapids Ohio. Their web address is Their phone number is (419) 832-3040. A set of 26" middleweight Wald chrome replacement fenders shouldn't run you more than $20 to $25. They also have the 26x1.75 tires you would need. Since you want to ride the bike, make sure you have the drivetrain checked out and the front and rear hubs cleaned and repacked with fresh grease. Sitting for that many years will cause the grease to harden and you definitely want to be able to stop quickly! Have fun in your project!

AGE / VALUE:1937 Huffman firestone fleetwood superstreamliner project for sale posted by: marc on 3/16/2006 at 5:55:58 AM
For sale – 1937 Huffman firestone Fleetwood superstreamliner project. Pics are up now at
Under folders streamline 1,2 & 3. Pics cannot be viewed full size, but email me at for specific pics and I can email the larger resolution pics you want to you. I am helping sell this project for a friend who is moving and paring down his parts. The frame will need to be straightened by a body shop. You can see in the last pics in folder 3 that the rear part of the frame bends to the left. Tires are nice Firestone High speed 26 x 2.125 WW tires that have some yellowing and very slight cracking. Not bad for tires this old. They don’t look like they have ever been mounted on a bike. Double drop center wheels are painted silver and do not come with hubs. The black wall Tires on the wheels do not come with the bike. Firestone 3 ribbed guard is primered and is slightly raised in the center and that may need to be flattened. Crank and ring has bb cups and hardware. It needs to be rechromed. This project comes with dual silver rays that need to be chromed. They have plastic lenses and the dual carrier bracket is a re-pop. To my knowledge 1937 Firestone fleetwood streamliners did not come with the dual rays, Huffman built daytons and Nationals did, but the rays are included if you want to use them. Tank is primered and straight. No horn unit or switch but comes with a nice delta horn button. I do not know if the button is a repop or not. The tank is original. Rear rack is bent in the middle where someone sat on it. Tombstone reflector is in about an 8 condition. Headbadge was restored by Dave Stromberger at Original putter stem has been re-chromed. I think this stem is correct for Huffman built streamliners for Dayton and National, but not for Firestone streamliners, but I am not sure and this stem is still very nice. The Teardrop pedals are not correct for this bike, but included. Seat needs hardware and needs to be restored. Handle bars are pitted but maybe able to be re-chromed. The fenders came with the bike and the rear one does not have any braces as streamliners did not come with them, but they seem to be smaller width wise than they should be so we are not sure if they are correct or not. Asking price is $3000


   RE:AGE / VALUE:1937 Huffman firestone fleetwood superstreamliner project for sale posted by marc on 3/16/2006 at 6:27:28 AM
Pics don't work. Try this.

WANTED:26x2.125 frt rim posted by: Tim on 3/14/2006 at 11:56:04 PM
Hey guys anyone got a front wheel for a Schwinn cruiser5

BALLOON:My Rollfast Year? posted by: Michael on 3/13/2006 at 6:31:36 AM
Hello, I recently bought an early 1940s Rollfast 26" Boys model ballooner, I believe its from somewhere between '41 and '45, but I'd like to figure out the exact year it was built if possible. The serial number is on the seat tube near the top (non drive side) and is ?172011 (the question mark represents a number or letter I cant make out.. doesnt really look like either a letter or number, but its indented into the frame).
On the bottom of bottom bracket I have 74?M (same deal with the question mark, cant figure out what thats supposed to be). It has New Departure Hubs (Model D coaster), The sprocket has Rs on them, the rear reflector is plastic and jeweled. It doesnt have a chainguard on it, rear rack or tank. Also does anyone know if these bicycles were ever sold In Canada? I bought it from somebody in Toronto Ontario.
I took a few photos of it, if others of anything specific are needed just ask.


   RE:BALLOON: My Rollfast Year? posted by Michael on 3/13/2006 at 6:50:12 AM
Just to note I added those handlebar grips myself, as there werent any on it.

FOR SALE:famolare promotional bike won in 1977 posted by: mike on 3/9/2006 at 3:49:35 AM
getting ready to put this bike up for sale on ebay trying to find out value and interested buyers? i won this bike in 1977 at the tacoma mall at Nordstroms along with a yo yo and a unopened email is