BALLOON:   Trusport ?? posted by: Pete on 4/26/2006 at 1:07:06 AM
I just picked up a Trusport ballooner.
Headbadge reads "TruSport" "Phila. Pa."
Has a New Departure model D hub.
Also a dogleg crank, sweetheart sprocket, inch pitch drivetrain, 26 x 2.125 tires.
The chainguard has 19 penny sized holes stamped in it, along length. Has Torrington stem.
I seem to have found another bike which defies finding on the 'net!
Any info would be appreciated.



   RE:BALLOON:   Trusport ?? posted by Ken on 4/27/2006 at 5:32:08 PM
the dogleg&sweetheart made me think Schwinn built.
check this out:'s%20Schwinn%20tall%20frame.jpg is great to browse looking for features that match yours.
Have you looked at the bolt heads or crank hardware for the telltale AS insignia?
If you want, send me a picture. I'd enjoy it and try to help. Post pictures to the oldroads database too, and let us know when they're up.

   RE:BALLOON:   Trusport ?? posted by eric on 5/6/2006 at 4:49:53 AM
I got a trusport pre war bike. The one I have is a Colson. Maybe the bike you have is in name only, look at other makes untill something seems to match. Good luck.

BALLOON:   Tire size?? 1956 schwinn 26x2.125 posted by: Mike on 4/23/2006 at 9:10:12 PM
I just bought a '56 schwinn with 26x2.125 tires. I need new tire and was wondering if I can buy any 26x2.125 tires or if schwinn bikes have a different sizing. Thanks

   RE:BALLOON: Tire size?? 1956 schwinn 26x2.125 posted by scott on 4/24/2006 at 4:50:11 AM
2.125 is the same. S-2 is regular size. 1 3/4 is different. S-7 is different.

   RE:RE:BALLOON: Tire size?? 1956 schwinn 26x2.125 posted by Mike on 4/24/2006 at 9:49:50 PM

WANTED:   47 silver king HEXTUBE parts posted by: dan on 4/22/2006 at 8:50:13 PM
bought a nice restored bike seeking a few parts that are incorrect
[1] rear rack
[2] handlebars
[3] hand grips
[4] seat
lets start here any help appr will consider any restorable parts! thanks dan

   RE:WANTED:   47 silver king HEXTUBE parts posted by Alan on 4/27/2006 at 3:47:01 AM
If you are in need of the "correct" Aluminum based and topped pedestal light let me know.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   47 silver king HEXTUBE parts posted by Scott on 5/4/2006 at 12:36:03 PM
I have a silver king monark bike and am willing to sell it just kinda taking bids or offers at this time. I have a picture of this bike email me for the pic

BALLOON:   new departure skiptooth nwe style rear hub posted by: don on 4/20/2006 at 9:18:26 PM
I have a new departure 10 cog (new style I think) rear hub. It does not have a model D on brake arm; just says new departure. I need a picure of the internal hub parts installed on the axle. This is a skiptooth model. it does not brake or move forward properly. I need help in finding out if I have all the right pieces plus the order they go on the hub. thanx don

   RE:BALLOON:   new departure skiptooth nwe style rear hub posted by Geo. on 4/28/2006 at 8:22:32 PM
Go to, Daves vintage Bikes, and there's a blowup of the new departure hub.

   RE:BALLOON: new departure skiptooth nwe style rear hub posted by Scott on 4/30/2006 at 4:04:59 AM
Hi, I posted a bunch of stuff including the exploded views of a bunch of hubs on in their discussion groups. it is in the general discussion section the post is called "1952 Service Cycle Supply Corp. Illustrated Catalogue" I don't know if the link will work but here it is:
good luck.

BALLOON:   new departure model D posted by: Tony on 4/19/2006 at 12:54:35 PM
need to rebuild my hub, does anyone know where to get infromation or schematics on this hub?

   RE:BALLOON: new departure model D posted by Scott on 4/20/2006 at 3:55:10 AM
ask and ye shall receive!


   RE:BALLOON: new departure model D posted by Scott on 4/20/2006 at 3:56:40 AM
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