BALLOON:   I need some parts for a 1935 Hawthorne posted by: James on 5/13/2006 at 8:34:43 PM
I have most of a 1935 Wards Hawthorne Duralium aluminum frame bike that I found in my attic. I just mainly want to get it to a rideable condition so I can enjoy it this summer. I need a seatpost and seat, a rear and front wheel set and a chain. I want to try to stay with original parts though so I can maintain its integrity. This bike is like the Monark Silver King, so would parts from a Silver King still be considered original? And lastly, where do I find these parts?

   RE:BALLOON:   I need some parts for a 1935 Hawthorne posted by Gordon on 5/14/2006 at 1:33:12 PM
First you need to determine what size wheelset you need. I believe these bikes were designed for 24 inch x 2.125 tires. You should be able to measure from the axle slot to the top of the fork and figure it out. If it is about 13 inches, that would be for 24 inch. If it is about 14 inches that would be for 26 inch wheels. Unfortunately finding an original 24 inch wheelset is next to impossible. When a set does show up on ebay, they generally bring $150 or more. I could probably help you with a non-correct wheelset and some of the other parts.

   RE:BALLOON: I need some parts for a 1935 Hawthorne posted by James on 5/14/2006 at 9:27:11 PM
Thank you for your reply Gordon. Yes, the bike does need 24 x 2.125, I have one of the original tires from it.Its nice to know that wheel sets are hard to find because I do have the front wheel at least. It is rusty and would need to be sandblasted and re-chromed, but it is original. Do you have a seat and seatpost that would be considered original? As I'm sure you know the seatpost needs to be an expander, since there is no way to tighten a post otherwise.

   RE:BALLOON: I need some parts for a 1935 Hawthorne posted by sam on 5/16/2006 at 2:28:02 AM
For the record,yes SilverKing did make the wards Hawthorn Duralium bikes.So silverking parts are original.---sam

   RE:RE:BALLOON: I need some parts for a 1935 Hawthorne posted by Gordon on 5/16/2006 at 4:03:29 AM
I thought I had the expander seatpost here somewhere, but now I can't locate it - I'll keep looking. The decent seats I have aren't that early, the best I could do would be a pan and frame that would need to be restored and recovered.

   RE:BALLOON: I need some parts for a 1935 Hawthorne posted by James on 5/16/2006 at 9:21:35 AM
Thanks for the info Sam, that will help in locating parts. Gordon, I'm debating right now whether or not to just put it on ebay and sell what I have as is. I have so many things I should be doing I don't know if I'll have the time.

FOR SALE:   SCHWINN AND OTHER PARTs posted by: Mike on 5/13/2006 at 8:15:55 PM
All prices are negotiable. i need to get rid of this stuff asap. if your interested or need pics email me at local pickup on long island,ny welcome or will be at hightstown,nj bike show next week. 75 shipped for all

1)schwinn Stingray wingtip chainguards. top is original violet. the bottom is a red repaint over campus green. $10 each

2)yellow schwinn stingray guard. later models. earler repaint.$15

3)Raleigh chopper MK1 pedals. good chrome. end caps pitted. good rubber $7

4)Ross apollo sissy bar. hard to find. good chrome has scratches. nice for rider. $15

5) sturmey archer drum brake 36Hole. comes with stop clamp $50 shipped

6)50's Monarch springer forks.$15

7)'75 schwinn stingray 1 3/4 Slik for S7. almost NOS $15

8) nice schwinn racer guard from a '66. original screen. $7

BALLOON:   Rust Removal posted by: Melissa on 5/12/2006 at 9:21:42 PM
I just picked up a 1965 Columbia Rambler. It's my firts restoration project. It is starting to get rust spots on the paint. can these be removed without destroying the paint? Also since it's not a big dollar bike should I take it some place and have it repainted?

BALLOON:   Western Flyer posted by: ed on 5/10/2006 at 7:50:12 PM
I have just acquired what i think is a western flyer frame without wheels, seat. On the pedal it says Western flyer. On the bottom of the tank it reads C35972. I would like to know if anyone knows the year or any info on helping me find out what year it was made. Thanks in advance.


   RE:BALLOON: Western Flyer posted by scott on 5/12/2006 at 8:36:39 PM
Hi, peddals change easily. most old bikes you find have had them either changed or in lots of cases one broke or wore out and the kid scavenged one off another bike and so you have a mis-matched set. the best ways to tell is by the frame style and by the head badge (whether its missing or not) usually there will be an out line if the badge is missing. the shape of the badge will usually give it away. if it has been painted over many times use very fine wet/dry sand paper and go slowly. you can usually count on the first re-paint to have been done with the badge on the bike. western Auto was a car parts supplier and never built bikes they contracted with different makers for their bikes. if you can figure out the maker and an approximate year you can figure out if they made westerns in those years and go from there. their are ads on the web for western flyer you can look at or you can start buying them on ebay, they come up frequently enough. sorry this is kinda long and involved, but I hope it helps.

   ID Help posted by Neil Woofter on 1/6/2008 at 6:33:27 PM
I am the owner of a childhood bicycle made about 1947 or 48. It was purchased at a Western Auto Store in W. Va. when I was a child. My daughter recently had the bicycle partially restored. The serial number on the frame is 7H012175. How can I get the pertinent info as to the exact year, model, place to purchase parts, etc.

AGE / VALUE:   schwinn corvette posted by: aaron on 5/10/2006 at 12:17:44 PM
i'm working on aschwinn corvette and can't seem to find the serial # where should it be? i'm guessing it's a 196? model but i'd like to find the # so i can know for sure

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   schwinn corvette posted by Gordon on 5/10/2006 at 12:39:26 PM
S/N should be stamped into the frame on the left rear drop out, just above the axle.