AGE / VALUE:   motorized bicycle posted by: Denise on 10/11/2007 at 6:35:51 PM
I have gotten this vintage motorized Honda Bicycle. In awesome shape. I have no clue what year it is, guessing 1965. Red and white in colour. All I know is 49cc, some readable numbers are P050L-D and E24006. Could you please tell me where I can find some info on this? Thanks Denise

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   motorized bicycle posted by Esteban on 10/12/2007 at 5:14:09 AM
Do a Google search of Honda P50, & see if you find a pix of one like yours. Pretty rare if it is the bike I am thinking about. [ rear engine just below L side of axle]

BALLOON:   Girls Roadmaster posted by: Dennis Foerster on 10/9/2007 at 8:21:30 AM
I have a girls Roadmaster Bike it has 26 x 2 1/8 tires.
Serial number that I can read is 122022
It has the wide handlebars and the large seat.
It was painted over by a clown person but you can still see original colors.
What is it worth and where do I find out about it.


BALLOON:   schwinn typhoon tires posted by: Satanherself on 10/8/2007 at 2:32:27 PM
Just picked up and old 50's Monarch Rocket Girls bike..Has nice big but OLD schwinn typhoon tires,,is there a sorce for NOS ones or good repo's ? They are 24x2.25

   RE:BALLOON:   schwinn typhoon tires posted by Gordon on 10/9/2007 at 10:25:03 AM
I have some NOS 24 x 2.125 blackwall tires if you are interested. If you prefer whitewalls and/or Schwinn tires, you might try eBay.

AGE / VALUE:   IDENTIFYING WESTERN FLYER posted by: harley on 10/5/2007 at 11:03:17 PM
Hi, i just recieved the bike i purchased online. western flyer w, front truss & thin flat tank w/ no lights. # on the bottom of crank says MOR 2052. Any idea who made it and what year? looks like the ones between 59 -64 thanx for your help, Harley

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   IDENTIFYING WESTERN FLYER posted by ken on 10/8/2007 at 6:29:01 AM
do the rear dropouts come to a rear-facing point?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   IDENTIFYING WESTERN FLYER posted by harley on 10/8/2007 at 6:15:27 PM
yes, they come to a very accute point,
thanx in advance,harley

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   IDENTIFYING WESTERN FLYER posted by ken on 10/9/2007 at 7:34:13 AM
That's Murray built. A relative of the Flightliners, Spaceliners and some other Liners. Some have nice deep-section rims too. Firestone, Gamble's, other hardware chains carried them.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   IDENTIFYING WESTERN FLYER posted by harley on 10/9/2007 at 9:57:01 AM
thanx ken for all your help, i am a real novice at this, but sites like this and people like you, are a tremendous help, thanx again, harley

AGE / VALUE:   Simmons bicycle posted by: John T. on 10/3/2007 at 2:42:19 PM
Wondering if anyone has any info on Delmar Simmons Hardware Company Bicycles? Found one in the trash-all surface rusted but solid,complete and functional. Thanks;John T.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Simmons bicycle posted by JimW. on 10/11/2007 at 7:03:50 PM
Most bikes wearing headbadges of hardware or department stores were made by the big bike companies. So yours can best be identified by shooting a photo and posting it here. The chainring and chainguard are good indicators of the maker, and the frame design as well.