BALLOON:Seat posted by: Alan Lantz on 11/23/2007 at 3:11:21 PM
Looking to recover original seat.

   RE:BALLOON:Seat posted by ken on 11/27/2007 at 1:25:28 PM
Our man sam (small s) does gorgeous saddle restos. Since he has posted his return email here before, I think it's ok to put it here: samclingo at hotmail dot com
tell him ken says hi-

BALLOON:Age/Value posted by: ChuckS on 11/13/2007 at 1:18:37 PM
Trying to determine age/value: Girls balloon-size, Chicago Cycle Co badge, A/S on bottom of crank, front AND back cable brakes, holes in sides of rear fender (for skirt?), springer, lockable front fork (w/key),tank, fender light, rear rack, egg-white w/ blue highlighting, in original cond.

   RE:BALLOON:Age/Value posted by ken on 11/14/2007 at 7:37:25 AM
The obvious Schwinn-built pre/post wwII indicators are fork ends (pre) vs. dropouts (post) and the welded-on proprietary kickstand (post). \If it's pre, there is a set of more subtle distinctions at
including stuff like how the serial number is stamped.
Can you post a picture or two, please?

AGE / VALUE:Please Help me ID this bike posted by: Anthony on 11/11/2007 at 8:30:18 PM
I just bought an old cruiser on ebay, privately owned, and I could really use some help getting some specs on it, like the make/model/year as well as what to look for as far as restoration. The bike has no badge, but the seller offered the little bit he was able to track down on the internet. Here's what I know about it (along with pictures):

It has a gooseneck stem.
It has a skip tooth chain and sprocket.
It has a bendix rear brake/hub (No bands).
It is a girl's bike (bought for my girl.)
It has 26 inch tires (which I've already replaced with new white wall balloon tires, as the seller seems to think the old tires were not original. I did save them though.)
It has painted fenders.
The Serial # (D30282) is located under the crank/bottom bracket.

I think that's all I know. I don't know much about bikes, except how to ride them. I just changed my first set of tires yesterday (mostly a success). But I would very much like to mechanically restore this bike. The look of the bike (paint, dents) I will take care of when I know it's riding solid. So I need to figure out what kind of bottom bracket it has and I'd rather find out from the model than from taking off the crank arm and feeling helpless when I can't put it back on and don't have any idea what to do with the bracket once I see it.

Anyways, I'm hoping you guys can tell me if it's a Schwinn or Schwinn built and any other details. I've looked through the pictures database, but the shortage of pre-war girl bikes and my inability to spot fine details makes it hard. Any help is really appreciated.


Oh! And there are more pics and details (along with guesses already made on the year/model) at the ebay listing here:


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Please Help me ID this bike posted by Anthony on 11/11/2007 at 9:29:51 PM
Update: The shop that shipped the bike to me from PA mentioned it was a bendix brake/rear hub. On closer inspection, it seems to be a "Eclipse Machine Co/ Made in Elmira, NY" hub. There are mixed resources online, some implications that this was a company bendix bought out. I hope that helps.


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Please Help me ID this bike posted by ken on 11/12/2007 at 11:57:12 AM
Can you post a picture of the headbadge?
I don't think those are original wheels.
It looks prewar Schwinnlike from here... you could take a brass brush and see if you can find an AS on the end of the bolts at the stem or seatpost. Sometimes they become illegible, so you may need to overhaul that bottom bracket after all. A Schwinn crank will have AS&Co in the center, so take it out, look at it, grease it up and put it back.
You can do this. Take a look at
The critical detail is the lefthand thread on the assembly.
If you don't have the big wrench a channellock should do it.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:Please Help me ID this bike posted by schwinnster on 11/27/2007 at 8:27:49 PM
i seen your bike on ebay it should be around a 1947 as the schwinn serial number chart i have goes back to 1948 schwinn had a fire so all records were lost from 48 back pull the crank assembly it should have the as&co and most schwinns have the date stamped by the as&co thanks and good luck the schwinnster

AGE / VALUE:   Old Klunker: Trying to identify age, model, etc. posted by: Joe on 11/10/2007 at 7:09:31 AM
I picked up this "beauty" recently. I've gone through all the bearings and such to make it a solid rider. I'd like to know as much as I can about this bike. I'm calling on your collective expertise to help me. If you see a piece will you please comment? Here's what I can readily identify to state that it is prewar:
1) bolt-on kickstand
2) rear facing rear dropouts
3) skip-tooth
4) Chainguard (?)

* Can anyone state anything regarding the stem?

* Chainguard?

* It has a rubber Mesinger seat with springs (marked "19" on the rails). Does that provide any clue?

* Both hubs are New Departure. Model D rear; WL front.

* I pulled the cranks (which may not be original) (no dog bone shape) and they are marked AS&CO with "6001" -- I'm assuming that is a Schwinn model number?

* The solid star skip-tooth chainring -- does that identify anything?

* There are 3 sets of numbers on the bottom bracket shell.

* The frame has a curved down tube, and an arched rear fender attachment / seatstay brace.

link to photos:
* The bars are really dark with rust (?). I can't tell if the bars were once chromed, or if they were black (war era).

posted by: Rob Rose on 11/8/2007 at 12:09:48 PM
I am building a schwiggin(combo JC Higgin/Schwinn) balloon tire custom and I have 2 questions. The first is can I take a conventional modern front chainring and remove every other tooth to allow an inch pitch chain to work? 2nd question is how late were inch pitch chains used as a rule? Thanks in advance, Rob

   RE:BALLOON:Inch pitch mods posted by Nate on 11/9/2007 at 7:06:59 AM
As a rule of thumb, figure skip-tooth is pre-war (World War II)

I think you'e be better off finding an original skip-tooth chainring .vs. trying to make one yourself.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:Inch pitch mods posted by ken on 11/9/2007 at 9:45:49 AM
Oldroads archives seem to support the opinion that Schwinn used skiptooth into the early fifties. Nonetheless, Nate's rule of thumb stands.
Where are you located, Rob? I have a sweetheart skiptooth ring on an AS&Co crank and the wheel that came with it, a New Departure D hub, in barn-ugly condition, in northern IL - it would have to be rechromed for a restoration project, and I don't need it. Maybe we can make a swap.