FOR SALE:   1963 Monarch/Girls posted by: Valerie on 11/29/2007 at 11:19:14 PM
I want to sell this bike I have had in storage for 43 years. I got it for my birthday when I was a kid. It is totally original and in excellent condition. Needs a good cleaning because it has been in the attic all this time.
The bike is loaded with chrome and has fenders and luggage racks in front and back of chrome.
Orginal headlight and tires. Tires are whitewalls.
The bike has a three speed but it wasn't necessary to use it.
It has handbrakes but you didn't have to use those either. You can back pedal or brake with the pedals.
I have been looking online and have yet to see anything even similar to this bike. It is nicer than any I have seen so far. If anyone could help me with information on this bike or is interested in purchasing it. I can get the serial number and a pic. But I am not interested in cleaning the bike to sell it. I just don't want to toss it because I know it is a collectible one. Thanks, Valerie

AGE / VALUE:   cannot figure out make??? posted by: Phil on 11/29/2007 at 8:43:58 PM
I recently came across an old bike in my parents garage. pretty much just the frame, handlebars,light, seat, etc. I have been trying to find out what make and model the bike is. It is a cruiser of some sort with Schwinn handle bars, forks, and springer front end. The bike frame doesnt show any Schwinn pieces though. The badge has 2 letters on it, (LW)?? I took of the crank to try to find a date stamp and it is: JM165E? The serial # is located on bottom of frame under crank it is: F4100752 ? Can somebody PLEASE HELP me figure this out. Also the paint is like a translucent red, orange, yellow? On the frame is the word STARCRUISER, as well as on the back of the seat. Under the seat is the word TRADITION.???? So if anyone has any info please let me know!!! Thanks- PHIL

MISC:   Does anyone know anything about Liberty bicycle co. posted by: Stephen on 11/29/2007 at 1:00:46 PM
I have aquired a Liberty mens bicycle
and I am trying to find out where they were and
when they were around.

I am also looking for a 36 hole, fixed gear, skip tooth rear hub.

   RE:MISC:   Does anyone know anything about Liberty bicycle co. posted by ken on 11/29/2007 at 2:59:18 PM
I know of at least three types: Schwinn-built Liberty badged machines sold by Chicago Cycle Co.; Murray-built Liberty badged machines from the early 60s; and a 40's vintage Schwinn lightweight that said LIBERTY on the downtube. I have pictures of all three. The Murray was the subject of a thread here some years ago; I think it might have been a Chicago Cycle deal also but the photos I have don't prove it. Email me if you want pics. Can I have a picture of yours?

MISC:   "World" brand bicycle, 1938 ? posted by: Chuck Staufenberg on 11/28/2007 at 5:39:29 PM
I'm trying to recall the brand of bicycle I got for Christmas in 1938. I think it was a "World" something or other. It was the typical baloon-tired model, with mudguards, etc. The one photo I have of it does not show the nameplate on the steering head, but I think it was a representation of the World.

Any suggestions for research or answers will be appreciated.

BALLOON:   pre-war (or war); Make and Model? posted by: Joy Sabl on 11/28/2007 at 3:50:51 PM
I got this for $10 at Freeride last night. Browsing the web, it looks kind of like a 1930's Columbia, but even more bomb-proof. Inch spacing / skip chain, integral kickstand with fender latch, bizarre but comfy seat. I plan to fix it, shine it and ride it, not sell it, so I don't care what it's worth...but if I knew what it was, finding parts might be easier. More details with the pictures.


   Update posted by Joy Sabl on 11/30/2007 at 12:22:59 AM
My husband suggests maybe it's an Indian...