AGE / VALUE:   1920's Excelsior posted by: John Fleischer on 4/1/2007 at 2:52:07 PM
Trying to figure how much this bike is worth. Plate says Excelsior Cycle Co.,Michigan City,Ind. Bike is complete and has metal clad wooden wheels. Pictures can be sent by email if interested.


BALLOON:   NEW DEPARTURE SKIP TOOTH R COG REMOVAL HELP!!!!!! posted by: will on 3/31/2007 at 6:28:08 PM
I have a new departure modle D rear hub. It has a coaster brake. I have gotten the outer lock ring off but cant get the skip tooth off. Does it unthread like the lock ring? Lock ring was reverse thread. Ive been a pro mechanic for years..... now and I havent a clue this my first time with one of these. I am tring to install a non skip tooth new departure cog so I can run different cranks.


   RE:BALLOON: NEW DEPARTURE SKIP TOOTH R COG REMOVAL HELP!!!!!! posted by Larry Wlos on 4/2/2007 at 7:47:50 PM
Lock ring is left thread ,sprocket is right hand thread,heat up with torch then it will un thread.

   RE:BALLOON:   NEW DEPARTURE SKIP TOOTH R COG REMOVAL HELP!!!!!! posted by Ken on 4/3/2007 at 7:01:55 AM
There's a drawing, or was, on this site in the Resources area.

   RE:BALLOON: NEW DEPARTURE SKIP TOOTH R COG REMOVAL HELP!!!!!! posted by sam on 4/12/2007 at 7:27:23 PM
ND hubs came in both 1/8 and skip tooth pitch---standard english threaded (track) cogs do not fit these hubs.Treaded cogs off some coaster hubs "other" than ND will work,but not for sure which brands--centrex works I think.---sam

AGE / VALUE:   schwinn la salle posted by: jason on 3/31/2007 at 3:43:25 AM
I have a old schwinn cruiser, 2.25 tyres, frame with the camel hump top tube and level horizontal middle tube, I saw a picture of a la salle and that looks like the frame style, skip tooth chain and new departure hub, serial # H350141, fenders but no tank or sign of one I looked at the serial # chart and couldn't really decifer the year. I don't really care a lot, but I need at least one cruiser for the collection and would like to know the year. any help? thanks, jason

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   schwinn la salle posted by Ken on 4/10/2007 at 7:38:12 AM
start at the kickstand
or start here

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   restore 1960 jaguar posted by: Mark on 3/30/2007 at 11:43:25 PM
Thanks for the info on the 1960 Jaguar Mark 4.
I recieved it today from an EBAY auction, and was slightly shocked, as all the rims have been sprayed with silver paint, as were the handle bars, and seat post, springs etc.
It does come off, but it will be more work than I imagined. Is there a household product that you recommend? What grade of steel wool should I use? Is a wire brush a bad idea. I tried a little paint thinner, and also some WD-40 with a small wire brush on a couple inches of the rim. There's chrome under it all, but this sucks!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hey, at least the horn wasn't painted silver.


   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   restore 1960 jaguar posted by Brian on 3/31/2007 at 7:49:10 AM
Some people are going to say never use steel wool only brass wool as steel will get into crevases and rust. I use fine steel wool. I dont know what type of paint thinner you used but I use laquer thinner. If the paint is really heavy you may have to use paint stripper. I wouldnt worry about the harshness of the stripper or steel wool as the reason the rims were painted was because they were probably starting to rust.

WANTED:   New departure 2-speed posted by: Geo. on 3/29/2007 at 9:34:17 AM
Does anyone know if NEW parts are available for the New Departure 2-speed from around 1947. I have a working unit on an old Monark / Whizzer but I would like to re-build it if possible.

   RE:WANTED: New departure 2-speed posted by sam on 3/31/2007 at 7:25:09 AM
The cluch disks are advertized or come up on ebay at times
If your hub is in good working order you might only need to take it apart and give it a good cleaning and regreasing.

   RE:WANTED:   New departure 2-speed posted by Geo. on 4/9/2007 at 4:26:54 PM
I have seen the discs on e-bay, both standard and heavy duty can be bought new, but i'm more interested in the planatary gear parts. I have owned this since brand new and there's a lot of Boyhood wear on it. Can't seem to find a schematic for it either like the other units shown on this site. I'll keep looking.