MIDDLEWEIGHT:Spaceliner V. Flightliner posted by: Jeff on 4/28/2007 at 12:58:30 AM
How can you tell a Spaceliner from a Flightliner (or any of the other "liner" models from Sears).I picked up a Sears middleweight that I thought was a Spaceliner missing the tank assembly. Could it be a Flightliner? It's all chrome (even rear carrier) has a springer fork and grab rail seat. Haven't scrapped the crud off to find the serial number yet. Any assistance would be appreciated??? jeff

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:Spaceliner V. Flightliner posted by Gordon on 4/28/2007 at 5:34:54 AM
The frames are quite different. A Flightliner has the lower set of top tubes coming back and meeting the top tubes just in front of the seat tube. On a Spaceliner the lower tubes are separate from the top tubes all the way to the rear hub. If that doesn't make any sense, email me and I'll send you pictures.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:Spaceliner V. Flightliner posted by ken on 4/30/2007 at 10:55:11 AM
Jeff, the features you describe were available on Flightliners. Chrome frame was the Deluxe model; it usually had a Bendix kickback hub. For at least a while the fork wasn't really a springer, it just had truss rods. I have a picture of a Flightliner without the tank if you want to see it.

MISC:Heaven posted by: theCCMguy on 4/17/2007 at 8:02:31 PM
I was on a Dutch site looking for info on my 1974 Gazelle Impala and found this image there.How would you like to come across something like this in your hunt for parts?Like I said, HEAVEN.


   RE:MISC:Heaven posted by Chris on 4/18/2007 at 4:09:20 PM
Everything is tangled together!

The owner does not care he's retiring, He's glad to stick it to the other folks who wanted this stuff and because we are strangers and not his wife's aweful relatives and he likes us, me in particular.
Oh, the truck is here! Finish up your lunch we have work to do.

Thanks for the picture!
It brought back fond memories of the good old days.
Joe asking: "Where the heck are you getting this stuff?"

He never showed emotion except when I hit the really big hauls.


MISC:Any info on Bel-Ami Cycle Company? posted by: Casserole on 4/17/2007 at 7:41:06 AM
I have a old frame with the head badge from Bel-Ami cycle company. The number stamped on the head badge is 2839. Does anyone have any information on this company or where I can find more info.

BALLOON:   What is the make of the bike posted by: Joe on 4/16/2007 at 12:35:56 PM
Wha is the make of a bike that has the name on the chain guard Space Liner...the bike is mostly chrome and has balloon tires...thanks, Joe

   RE:BALLOON:   What is the make of the bike posted by Joe on 4/16/2007 at 1:25:28 PM
I found more on the bike that I had asked about earlier...the bike has a serial# 502 469540 738621 and the name New Departure...does anyone know anything about this bike and what the make of the bike is...is that the name of the make? New Departure?...any help will greatly be appreciated....Thanks, Joe

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   What is the make of the bike posted by nate on 4/17/2007 at 5:16:31 AM
It's a Sears Spaceliner. You'll find pictures and info in the picture database and the archives here.
New Departure is the name of the company that made the bike's coaster brake.

   RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   What is the make of the bike posted by Ken on 4/17/2007 at 10:37:26 AM
Even money the New Departure brake isn't original to the bike. And it's middleweight, not balloon.

AGE / VALUE: posted by: junk on 4/15/2007 at 7:07:21 PM
who is going to the lame ass copake auciton.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: posted by ken on 4/17/2007 at 10:45:42 AM
Not sure what your problem is. Here's the auctioneer's side of the story:
"...a c.1891 Gormully & Jeffrey two track tandem adult tricycle and a rare c.1897 Carroll chainless. Both machines came fresh from estates in New England and been in the owners families for many years. We will also be offering 10 highwheels, 5 hard tire safetys, some cool pneumatics (including a Wolf American and Indian!), some early tricycles and more. We also have some wonderful memorabilia (especially for Wheelman collectors!).

Vintage collectors will be pleased with the offering as well. We have a 1937 Roadmaster Supreme, 1952 Schwinn Phantom, 1937 Dayton Super Streamline, 1933 Colson Hi-Lo, a few Dayton twin flex models, 1938 Elgin Bluebird and lots more! We have plenty of accessories, parts, posters and prints, original art and collectables all relating to the bicycle! "
I'd certainly stop by if I were in the neighborhood.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: posted by Chris on 5/3/2007 at 1:36:41 PM
Copake?? Did I read this as somebody saying Copake is lame ass?

Are you totally on drugs or something?

Copake is one of the most best and prestigeous auctions for vintage bicycles on the planet.

I can't think of anything bad to ever say about the Copake auction. It's a blessing to be able to attend these. looked forward to and love by collector bike folks everywhere more than you'd guess. Tell us your beef with Copake. This, I have to hear.