MISC:   horn tank,light posted by: cindy on 7/23/2008 at 8:39:56 PM
recently purchased a columbia 3 *** deluxe.Horn does not work and light is missing bulb and lens is broke.How does the horn work and what kind of bulb does it need?any info would be great.Thank you

   RE:MISC:   horn tank,light posted by Glenn on 7/24/2008 at 4:26:09 PM
You can pick up a bulb for the light at most hardware stores. Just be sure you measure the diameter of the housing where the bulb screws in and not to get the bulb that has tabs on the sides. Basically it is a flash light bulb! For the horn, I would go to the bunch of bikes web site, they have a pretty good detailed drawing of the tank horns. Good luck!

BALLOON:   Elgin posted by: Thom on 7/23/2008 at 6:56:05 PM
Got an elgin out of ladies trash. I am now enjoying the ride. I wish to know more about it. It has a number on the frame under the crank D97563. It is black w/ chrome fenders, cross bar handle bar, set up for L-shape seat post. any information would be helpful. I am considering shopping e-bay to find any related parts to spruce it up. I have already had several compliments on the bike and one offer to buy. One gentleman says he has a like style bike that he may be willing to let me get for parts. Unable to up load picture at this time.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Starlet details needed posted by: Jason on 7/21/2008 at 3:38:44 PM
I am restoring a schwinn starlet and becasue the starting condition of the bike did not allow me to appreciate the pin striping and paint details, I have no idea how to paint this thing. Where do the stripes go is my question.

Does anyone have a starlet and goos pictures of the pinstripes so that I can get stripes and the two-tone on this bike?

Thanks, I appreciate any help!

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Is this a Schwinn Starlett III or Starlet? posted by: Jason on 7/21/2008 at 3:24:26 PM
I have recently purchased a Schwinn Starlet. I know that it is a starlet becasue I sanded the chain guard and found the word starlet. Apparently, the previous owner did not lie the biek so they coated it with a rattle can of red spray paint. this works out great for me because the crappy paint job totally encapsulated the bike and fenders, now after cleaning the bike and having it powder coated, the metal is purrrrfect!

authenticity NERDS; Please don't give me grief about sand blasting and powder coating this great piece, I know what I like and it does not come in the form of a spray painted, drip covered starlet!

anyway, attached is a picture. the thing that strikes me is that the serial number shows up in the early 50's, the bike has the 9hole rear rack, truss rods, white painted rims BUT has what looks like a 60's style chain guard!?

do you think that the chainguard is wrong for this 50's bike? the 50's bikes all seem to have the larger schwinn logoed chainguards.

the seat seems older than the 50's too and what is up with my front fender light? i cannot find info in it anywhere. it is long, flat and says "delta hawk" on it. is this bike a miss mosh of random parts? or is it a legit starlet?

your help is appreciated, thanks, J

AGE / VALUE:   2 speed kick back hub shift issues? posted by: Jason on 7/21/2008 at 3:10:21 PM
HI, I have a two speed kick back hub on my '66 Schwinn Panther. I am not sure that it shifts properly. when riding the bicycle, i do the kickback action and it does not feel a whole lot different when i begin pedalling again. is it a significant difference in the two speeds or are they very close in feel?

how do i verify that the hib is working properly? I have fully disassembled it, cleaned and lubed it, and rebuilt it. Did i do something wrong eventhough I was super anal about assembly and ensuring it was done properly?

Does anyone have a schematic of the two speed kickback hub that I can borrow?

I bought the wheel set off of craigslslist and they were in great shape when i got them. All I did was disassemble and clean it. I am confused by it. maybe the thing was busted when i received it?

thanks for your help, J

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   2 speed kick back hub shift issues? posted by Gordon on 7/21/2008 at 8:12:46 PM
If the hub was shifting, you would know it, it is a very noticeable difference in gearing. I suggest you go to bunchobikes.com and look at the section on 2 speed hubs. The most common problem is the indexing spring is worn or broken.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   2 speed kick back hub shift issues? posted by jason on 7/27/2008 at 8:19:07 PM
thansk for the tip, i wil check them out. -j