WANTED:   Corbin Model 10 Kickback Arm... posted by: Cam on 9/26/2008 at 10:37:00 PM
Does anyone happen to have a 1910's Corbin Two-Speed Model 10 (kick-back) coaster-brake torque arm lying around? I have the hub, but the arm that came with it is from a model 8 (Duplex). Everything else inside and outside seems to be appropriate to the hub, and while I can't complain since the arm is the appropriate age and brand, it would be great to have the correct model arm as well. Thanks!

AGE / VALUE:   Value of 1966 Hawthorne cruiser? posted by: Melanie on 9/21/2008 at 10:37:01 PM
I have a 1966 Hawthorne cruiser in fair to average shape and thinking about selling it - any ideas as to value?

BALLOON:   Help with a 1949 Schwinn posted by: Michelle Meyers on 9/17/2008 at 4:07:12 PM

A friend gave me a girls 1949 Schwinn. I need help knowing what model it is and what parts would be correct for it.

It is blue/ivory with red pin striping. The fenders are painted to match and it has a 9 hole rack on it. It has a chain guard and tank with horn.

I'd like to know what parts are "incorrect" for what the model is... I would like to restore this for personal use but can't start until someone helps me figure out what is needed. I will try to post a few photos.



   RE:BALLOON:   Help with a 1949 Schwinn posted by Michelle Meyers on 9/17/2008 at 4:35:14 PM
Adding photo link


   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Help with a 1949 Schwinn posted by ken on 9/21/2008 at 12:34:32 PM
Could be a Hornet, Hollywood, or Starlet, or if it had a Schwinn-built badge, a DeLuxe. I can't see a headbadge in your photo. There's a '49 Starlet on the Oldroads picture database. It's as close as you're likely to get. In Evolution of the Bicycle there is a picture of part of a 49 catalog page. There's also some great pics on nostalgic.net including a '47 Hollywood:
You could look at a hundred Schwinns on that site, and get a notion of how different trim and accessories differentiate the models. Most of the basics will be very similar. From your picture it looks like your tank might be from a different color bike, and you need a chainguard exactly like the one in the Starlet photo.

   RE:BALLOON:   Help with a 1949 Schwinn posted by Michelle Meyers on 9/25/2008 at 12:19:21 PM
Thanks for the help -- is there any rhyme or reason to the number of holes in the rack for the different models? Mine is a 9-hole, but someone said it should be a 6-hole?
Any thoughts appreciated!



   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Help with a 1949 Schwinn posted by ken on 9/26/2008 at 10:06:34 AM
At some point they switched from six to nine. I have a prewar and what I think is a '48 that have sixes, and a '56 with nine. If someone here doesn't know, you might see if Mark Smith can tell you when the change occurred. He's at bunchobikes.com.

AGE / VALUE:   Old Bike, possibly huffy? posted by: J on 9/14/2008 at 8:26:09 PM
My boyfriend cleaned out a neighbor's garage and she gave him this bike. We don't know anything about it. the neighbor is 55-65 years old, she said it belonged to her father.

The underside of the bike says:
Model # 857 4666
and there's another number under that:
587 6236

There's a white sticker under the seat that says "8 13 78"

I've searched for hours and I can't find anything.


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Old Bike, possibly huffy? posted by Susan on 9/15/2008 at 5:44:04 AM
This is a bike made from 3 other bikes. The wheels do not match and the seat is from a much smaller girls bike.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old Bike, possibly huffy? posted by ken on 9/16/2008 at 3:00:25 PM
More than three, maybe. I'm guessing six. The lucky seven chainwheel; Monark fork, Huffy seat, and did the sissy bar come with it?, juvenile bars and stem that didn't come from the same juvenile as the saddle, and then the frame... is that a pulley under the seat? And a chainguard ... ;)

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   1959 huffy monark coaster king posted by: brian on 9/11/2008 at 10:50:10 AM
Ok im trying to do a restore in this bike 1959 gold coaster.
monark on the down tube.i need a pic so i can paint it..
it is gold and white...in the pic where you see the silver it was GOLD.
in 1958 Huffman bought Monark and used the name "Monark" on some of their bikes for several years. your bike was made in 1959 by Huffy and labelled as a Monark. after the war several of the big companies started having trouble and were absorbed into the ones that were doing better. Colson merged with Evans and later they and Cleveland Welding were bought by AMF. Huffman changed names shortly after the war to Huffy and ended buying out Monark in the late '50's and you will find bikes out there that are about half Huffy and half Monark, you will also find bikes out there like yours that are all Huffy but labelled as Monarks as they still wanted to capitalize on the name recognition of Monark, and had to honor Monarks contract committments and produce Monark bikes for the buyers who had outstanding contracts. your bike is classic late '50's early '60's Huffy, and in fact is a 1959 Huffy. hope this helps you out, though I'm getting the impression you don't quite believe me. having been into Huffy's and Huffmans for quite a while I am quite certain about this bike being a 1959 Huffy made Monark.
I can email you the pic..