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Archived: Old School BMX

AGE / VALUE:   TORKER FRAME posted by: Michael on 10/6/2000 at 5:28:21 AM
Hey anyone know what a TORKER fame is worth???? Just got hands on one and It is in good shap chrome wise that is.Any info would be appreciated.

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Predator posted by: Mark on 10/5/2000 at 3:09:14 PM
For sale, Schwinn Predator, all original incl black mags, 80s vintage, must sell $150

FOR SALE:   GT Performer posted by: Mark on 10/5/2000 at 11:27:17 AM
For Sale--Original Huntington Beach model GT Performer, purple/white, 5-spoke Skyway mags, dyno head, must sell, $125

WANTED:   MINI STEM posted by: scott on 10/5/2000 at 9:06:22 AM
wanted: I am looking for a mini stem with shaft. dk would be great but any would do. thanks, scott

   RE:WANTED:   MINI STEM posted by Adam on 10/14/2000 at 10:33:07 AM
have a dk stem in red is a pro xl nos still in the bag with the sticker let me know trade/cash?

AGE / VALUE:   JMC help appreciated posted by: farmerdude on 10/4/2000 at 3:14:51 PM
Hey Everyone! Got a request for anyone reading...I'm looking to restore my JMC Shadow and Standard bikes. Specifically, I need a pair of Shadow FORKS and JMC HANDLEBARS and one SEAT POST. Does anyone have any JMC left? > padset, one pad, magazine article, anything?? I find plenty of HUTCH and GT, but almost nothing on JMC. Any help i$ greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

WANTED:   JT Racing sticker scan posted by: Ernesto Ramirez on 10/2/2000 at 3:26:35 PM
Looking for a scan of an early eighties JT Racing logo for my upcoming Old School site. Thx.

WANTED:   Black Kashimax and Chrome seat clamp posted by: J on 10/1/2000 at 6:53:38 PM
Looking for nos or close to Black Kashimax Aero seat and Chrome seatclamp..prefer Hutch but will consider others.

Don B. are you out there?

WANTED:   hutch pedals posted by: roland on 9/30/2000 at 7:08:04 PM
I'm looking for 9/16 HUTCH pedals.
Or to know a other brand who make similar pedals...

   RE:WANTED:   hutch pedals posted by tonail on 10/18/2000 at 8:44:10 PM
i think crupi makes a pedal that looks much like the hutch pedal

AGE / VALUE:   For Sale Schwinn Thrasher posted by: Gary Main on 9/28/2000 at 2:40:28 PM
Year unknown Schwinn Thrasher, Black with Gold lettering, Gold nylon mags, crank, has gold covers, pic at: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/bicycledealersusedsales

WANTED:   HUTCH 9/16 Pedals posted by: Don on 9/25/2000 at 5:17:34 PM
I'm looking for a nos or very good condition pair of Silver Hutch bear trap pedals in 9/16". I have a decent amount of parts an willing to trade some of my good stuff or buy outright. PLEASE if anyone is looking to unload a pair or knows of anyone looking to sell a pair PLEASE let me know.
Thanks, Don

   RE:WANTED:   HUTCH 9/16 Pedals posted by kilo-g on 11/9/2000 at 11:44:58 AM
there`s a pair on yahoo!auctions right now. just search for hutch pedals and you`ll find them.

WANTED:   Skyway Tuffs II and a place to get my bike rechromed posted by: Mr. T on 9/24/2000 at 2:28:18 PM
Hey dudes I found a Robinson 24 inch cruiser frame and am building an old school cruiser. The frame needs to be rechromed so I am looking for a place in Northern California that does it. And you can't get much more old school than mag wheels. So if anyone has a pair of 24 inch mags they want to sell or if you know a good place to rechrome stuff let me know.
Be excellent to each other and party on dudes !

   RE:WANTED:   Skyway Tuffs II and a place to get my bike rechromed posted by Bryan on 9/25/2000 at 8:02:55 AM
If you are doing a restoration, ask alot of questions about plating. A lot of factory bikes were nickel plated not chrome plated. I take my plating to Clovis Specialty Plating in Fresno (559) 252-7320. Tell them thet PKS Motorsports sent you. Wherever you are, there are probably plating places around. The best source to ask about good platers are Harley shops and hot rod builders. They know all the best places. Good luck.

   RE:WANTED:   Skyway Tuffs II and a place to get my bike rechromed posted by Jeff on 9/26/2000 at 9:03:18 AM
I beleive Skyway still makes the 24" Tuffs. Check out thier website. www.skywaytuffwheels.com

AGE / VALUE:   SKYWAY T/A FORKS,GT PRO'S,GENERAL-HUSTLERS #WANTED# posted by: KEVIN on 9/23/2000 at 9:07:36 PM
I need 1 fork for skyway T/A and any original parts.
GT Pro- performer's or freestyles wanted!
wanted GT3peice power sereis crank.
Also a grey HUSTLER made by general 1986-87 I tink
email srad911@aol.com

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   SKYWAY T/A FORKS,GT PRO'S,GENERAL-HUSTLERS #WANTED# posted by christian on 10/1/2000 at 6:30:57 PM
how much did a gt performer go for brand new back in '98?
and how much would one fetch in nice shape?
and is there any value to an '86 redline in nice shape?
i do not want to sell, i just picked them up for my nephews.
i'll tell you what, the wheels on that redline would spin for all eternity
if i let them. i had no idea of the high quality they have.
thanx for the info, chistian

WANTED:   REDLINE MXII Frame & fork posted by: Jamie on 9/21/2000 at 6:43:17 PM
Wanted: Redline MXII frame & fork. I want to build a replica of a bike I had on the early 80's. Must be nickle plated.

WANTED:   Schwinn BMX posted by: Kerrie on 9/21/2000 at 6:05:24 PM
I'm looking for two Schwinn vintage BMX bikes. The first bike is a Schwinn Scrambler 36x36 any color. Also, I'm looking for a Schwinn Mag Scrambler- brown paint with yellow mags. Does anyone have or know where I can find these treasures?

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn BMX posted by Carl on 9/26/2000 at 5:13:58 AM
Ther are pictures of Scramblers in the Picture Database. Also many years of disussions on them in the archives.
You can get to the Picture Database and the Archives from the scrolling list near the top of this page

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn BMX posted by Joe on 9/30/2000 at 6:33:11 PM
Check ebay for your scrambler and mags.

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn BMX posted by George on 10/10/2000 at 5:24:52 PM
I have brown Bmx Schwinn scrambler with yellow mags,also have older scrambler

WANTED:   SE Standing Gear posted by: Tony on 9/21/2000 at 5:26:26 PM
Looking for a pair of SE Forks called standing gear. They were a bad attempt at freestyle forks. Regular landing gear with little caps welded on the legs near the crown to stand on.
Any info would be helpful.

   RE:WANTED:   SE Standing Gear posted by Chris on 10/20/2000 at 7:56:12 PM
I believe there is a set right now on Ebay.I am looking for a Pk Ripper Loop-Tail if anyone finds one.