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Archived: Old School BMX

FOR SALE:   NOS TNT FACTORY PRO FRAME/FORK for sale posted by: bob on 6/4/2000 at 10:12:07 AM
Never used Mint TNT 20" Hard tail Pro Frame and fork in special Factory metallic green color..only like 3 ever made...$99 takes it. Mint! NOT ONE SCRATCH and HAS NEVER BEEN PUT TOGETHER. Has canti mounts. I have over 3000 different old school and new bmx items for sale cheap at near or below wholesale prices. Call or email bob at WES' BMX at 607-754-7311. Pictures available on anything in-stock upon request. We ship world-wide. BMX Pro Shop since 1972. NOS polished SE PK RIPPER "looptail" package deal $350. ECKO Helmets,skyway spinmasters,vans and skyway brak shoes,AME unitron grips,1976 Sugina A-% alloy sider,CAM powerdiscs,MCS FRAMESets cheap,GT FRAME AND FORK STANDERS, newer Tioga COMP II TIRES 20 and 24",DK and TNT shafted stems,UNI TURBO seats,UNI wheel covers,Suzue chrome sealed hubs,Vicount Aeo seats,Tuf-Neck sprockets,GT shafted stems,Dominator seats,GT Hubs, BULLSEYE HUBS,Old Haro Master,COMP ST TIRES, ARAYA 7x 48h chrome,Araya RB-17 rims,BFR rims, most
framesets cheap etc...

FOR SALE:   Profile Pro Champ XL and Auburn CR20X for sale posted by: R.Pioch on 6/3/2000 at 12:31:02 AM
I am selling a Profile Pro Champ XL and Auburn CR20X. The Profile was brand new when I bought it. I put it together, but did not like how it looked. Right now it has all new components on it, but it is not finished. It has a red odessey toro headset, a red profile seat post clamp, a red
profile ripsaw, profile crank, silver profile stem and a red DiaComp MX901 brake. It needs new stickers, except for one down tube. The Auburn is also new, it is green and has all its stickers. It has the oversized head tube.
Its components are all new. It has: blue USA made mohawks with araya super 7x rims and stainless steel spokes and blue VG spurs, the tires are GT Megabites, GT bars with green/white A'me Unitron grips, GT 3 piece cranks with blue GT overdrive sprocket, blue VG seat post clamp and GT micro adjust seat post with GT manganese padded seat. Right now I have a silver aluminum rear triangle on it, but I have a blue aluminum one also. I have 2 new Auburn padsets, a white one and a blue one. Please email me at rpioch@umich.edu if you are interested.

FOR SALE:   OLD SCHOOL DX SEATPOST &PEDALS posted by: DOM on 6/2/2000 at 8:41:30 AM

AGE / VALUE:   Wanted old Team jerseys posted by: Dan-o on 6/1/2000 at 8:14:12 PM
I am currently looking for old 1980's team Jerseys either shirts or pants..please contact me if you have any,looking for Redline,Hutch,GT,Haro,Skyway,Vans ect..

WANTED:   MOTOMAG II REARS / 24" Arraya 7c - 7x posted by: Dan on 6/1/2000 at 1:17:53 AM
Looking for the above mentioned to finish up some projects.


AGE / VALUE:   schwinn phantom bmx posted by: carl on 5/31/2000 at 8:49:17 AM
I have a early bmx bike made by schwinn. not a stingray frame.It is in good shape it is all complete. the chaingard says phantom. It is blue with yellow tuff II's anyone know how much it is worth?

   schwinn phantom bmx posted by Scott Bartlett on 5/31/2000 at 1:16:06 PM

Sorry to hear about your luck guy. Hopefully, you didn't pay over $5 for the Schwinn junk. Again, I feel for you man, and I'm sorry about your mis-fortune.


   RE:schwinn phantom bmx posted by doc on 5/31/2000 at 7:20:08 PM
Carl was looking for a reply unlike anything you would ever give.Why be so rude??

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   schwinn phantom bmx posted by Dan on 6/1/2000 at 1:36:45 AM
Carl I also just picked up a 20" Schwinn blue BMX bike complete with the
yellow nylon wheels and a black Phantom chain guard. I was told the chain
guard was not stock, however yours sounds similar to mine.

I paid $50.00 for it and think it is a cool part of BMX history. Let me know
if you have any other items for sale or trade.


   Doc, mind your own business posted by Eric on 6/1/2000 at 7:13:46 AM
It's nice that there is a website that you can hide behind an alias. You can't even leave an e-mail address? I'll bet your whole family is a bunch of rats. Not a problem. As far as Schwinn, you can have all of the Schwinn stuff you want, but they still never made quality bmx goods.


   RE:Doc, mind your own business posted by John on 6/1/2000 at 12:08:46 PM
The Sting. Junk? I don't think so!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   schwinn phantom bmx posted by JIMBOB on 6/2/2000 at 10:35:51 AM
The bike you describe is the first bmx bike that I ever owned. Mine was black with yellow lettering and Im sure the black chain guard was from that color bike. I do remember the blue version too. Mine never had tuffs though. Also, mine had a single headtube gusset but when I broke the frame, schwinn replaced it with a double headtube gusset. Id say its worth 50 bucks in fair condition since I doubt that it is cr-mo. I hate schwinn's 'pinch' type rear dropouts-very cheap looking but otherwise the geometry was OK.

AGE / VALUE:   pk ripper frame for sale posted by: cj on 5/30/2000 at 4:24:15 PM
old school pk looptail frame, early 80,s stripped to bare metal any offers? email me

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   pk ripper frame for sale posted by ripper on 9/29/2000 at 3:02:42 AM
has it been sold yet?
if not,name your price.

WANTED:   Torker 280x posted by: Greg on 5/28/2000 at 1:05:52 PM
I just picked up a Torker 280x bike from a buddy of mine (complete w/ Torker bars, Torker 6 bolt stem, Sugino Super Maxy cranks, and Shimano DX pedals). I've only been bugging him to pull it out of the rafters for about 3 or 4 years now! He finally let loose with it today. I had to pull it down myself! It has some surface rust but should clean up well. The Araya 7x rims are just about perfect.

Does anyone have a set of NOS decals for this F/F? I need a sticker for the bars as well. I'm also interested in a set of Tioga Comp 2 tires (prefer NOS).

AGE / VALUE:   for sale/ wanted posted by: burt on 5/27/2000 at 11:33:47 AM
black GT 6 spoke mags + freewheel in really good shape $35+ship,I am also looking for US made chrome hutch pro bars& a blue rear mx1000 brake set & lever both nos or real close Thanks

   I have your NOS rear brake posted by Mark on 5/27/2000 at 9:30:13 PM
I have the NOS blue rear brake that you inquire about. E-mail me if interested.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   for sale/ wanted posted by Michael on 5/31/2000 at 5:25:20 PM
I would like to find a Pair of black 6 spoke GT mag's if you have some E-mail me. I would like to find a Columbia Freestyle rotor. Iwould like to find a old sckool Columbia frame.I would like to find a GT frame for sale if you have one E-mail me.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   for sale/ wanted posted by Burt on 6/2/2000 at 5:26:41 AM
Michael, I have a set of black 6 spoke GT mags with freewheel $35 + $7 ship. I tried emailing you but no answer.Let me know . Mark , I am intersted in your blue rear mx1000 brake set & lever. I also tried emailing you but no answer. Email me . thanks

FOR SALE:   BMX items for sale posted by: Scott Bender on 5/22/2000 at 11:57:50 PM
DK stems Anodized blue or anodized red Pro or Pro XL 1" shafted new in the bag. $25 each. Uni turbos white, black, black with a blue post, black with a purple post. These are the ones with the alloy posts, but they look the same as the graphites. $20 each. A'me grips Tri's in black, blue, white, red, pink $5 each. black A'me Rounds $5 each.Also SR Speedtrap pedals 1/2" axles sealed bearings new in the box $29.00 a set. CW bars white Pro $25, white expert $25, pink pro $29 , lavender pro $29.

WANTED:   WANTED: Dia-Comp brahes posted by: jamie on 5/21/2000 at 1:41:17 PM
Wanted: Red DIA-COMP MX 1000 brake. I only need a front, but will buy a pair. I have a gold MX 1000 rear to trade, or will pay reasonable price.

WANTED:   WANTED: Dia-Comp brahes posted by: jamie on 5/21/2000 at 1:41:17 PM
Wanted: Red DIA-COMP MX 1000 brake. I only need a front, but will buy a pair. I have a gold MX 1000 rear to trade.

WANTED:   Oakley Grips posted by: Greg on 5/20/2000 at 9:42:50 PM
I'm looking for NOS Oakley grips. Will pay reasonable price.

WANTED:   Complete Book of BMX by Bob Osborne posted by: Thom on 5/19/2000 at 7:56:10 PM
I'm looking for the book from the Osbornes , I belive it's from the early 80's, The Complete Book of BMX. Can anyone help me locate one. Thanks TL

FOR SALE:   nos 26'' gary little john cruiser posted by: Dom on 5/19/2000 at 10:51:35 AM
perfect brand new 26'' cruiser chrome w/decals and tange tx 1200 chrome Nos also proneck nos seatpost 200.00 or for 50.00 more a wheelset including profile cassette hubs and araya 7x blue ano. rims never used hubs alone cost 180.00

   RE:FOR SALE:   nos 26'' gary little john cruiser posted by dom on 5/19/2000 at 11:58:23 AM