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Archived: Old School BMX

WANTED:   1980's Schwinn Mag Scrambler posted by: George McGown on 7/27/2000 at 8:06:23 AM
Please help me locate a Mag Scrambler or 36x36 with mag wheels. I really need your help!!
Fort Worth, TX

   RE:WANTED:   1980's Schwinn Mag Scrambler posted by Marc DeCaro on 8/17/2000 at 9:48:55 AM
let me know if you locate any mag scrambler's. I'm looking too!!


   RE:WANTED:   1980's Schwinn Mag Scrambler posted by Robert on 9/9/2000 at 12:43:58 PM
I have a chrome mag scrambler I bought new around 1978. It's in fair condition. It has the original tires/wheels,handle bars,and different forks,crank,sprocket,and seat.

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn BMX posted by: MP on 7/27/2000 at 5:08:04 AM
I have acquired an older Schwinn BMX, serial#GO683 (right dropout), and am looking to get information on it regarding age and value. Interestingly, it has gold-tone rims and brake calipers that look original to the bike. There are no other decals other than "SCHWINN" and the familiar circle logo. The head badge is the extended oval type.

FOR SALE:   Two old school BMX bikes for sale posted by: Rick on 7/27/2000 at 1:01:23 AM
Yamaha Moto-Bike for sale, check out the photo here,http://members.aol.com/wwwbucko/grab0355.jpg
Also check out this "Roadway" on e-bay now, http://www.oldroads.com/d_bmx_post.asp

WANTED:   Skyway Pro model brake pads posted by: Jim on 7/24/2000 at 8:41:59 PM
Wanted, Pair of gold tuff pads, the round type with fins.

AGE / VALUE:   Grow up posted by: Dave on 7/23/2000 at 8:57:21 PM
You know, I've been waiting for the day when I feel like it's ok to return to posting on the "BMX" sites. This is a joke. Some people spend WAY too much time posting crap on these sites. Move on to porn so we can get realo. Dave Cononetz

FOR SALE:   bmx magazines posted by: chris on 7/23/2000 at 6:17:52 PM
i have just bought nos bmx plus and action magazines they are in great shape, bmx plus 1981,82 and 83. 49 total. bmx action 1982, 83, 84. 22 total. $12.00 a per mag plus shipping. email me to see if i have the month your looking for.

AGE / VALUE:   Mark McMasters posted by: ebay on 7/22/2000 at 8:42:35 PM
Mark ripped me off on a deal on a set of Hutch pedals. He told me he would send them after getting the money. 3 weeks no pedals. will not respond to my emails. Watch out for him

   - posted by - on 7/23/2000 at 7:07:27 AM
The following people have posted this message, and it is un-true. It is either one of the following: Bill Curtin, Randy S, Greg Chavez. They should not be trusted.

   Online harrasment posted by Watching on 7/23/2000 at 7:46:30 AM
To the person who posted the first and second messages. That is libelous material, and it is not called for. You shouldn't call someone out by their name unless you have information to back it up. An opinion is one thing, but when you lie about a person, you must be accountable for it. The ISP will give you away everytime, and if the person(S) names listed above request that information, it will be givin to them. It is nice that there is a website such as this where you can hide behind a false name (or no name) in this case. If you have a probelm with the persons names who are listed, contact them. Don't be cowardly and harrass people by taking cheap shots at them. That says a lot about your character, and perhaps you should try looking at a Disney web page. It might be more on your level.


   RE:Online harrasment posted by watching part II on 7/23/2000 at 8:53:17 PM
There is no need for people to start a controversy on this
website just because "Mark" at question got kicked off of the "other" website known as www.oldschoolbmx.com We don't
need to have people talking about down syndrome or diahrrea
casserole on this site, as well as having things deleted.
Pretty soon, the conflicts will need resolution on the Jerry Springer Show.

AGE / VALUE:   raleigh rampars plastic gas tank,fenders,and the number plates posted by: Harris Rees on 7/22/2000 at 1:50:04 PM

hi. Im looking for a raleigh rampar's plastic gas tank,fenders,and the number plates(ONLY).the bike is a old school bmx with massive suspension, and is a 70's bike.
e-mail me, and ill probaly buy them.

FOR SALE:   FOR SALE posted by: bob on 7/20/2000 at 5:54:05 PM
I also have Nos Viscount Aero bmx seats in white,pink,green and lavender and Nos rear old school brake levers for sale in gold. bob

FOR SALE:   FOR SALE posted by: bob on 7/20/2000 at 5:39:07 PM
Used mid-80's rare Haro Master Frame and Fork thats straight with no cracks in white and with Haro bolt on fork pegs and nos (never used) old school white Haro freestyle tires. The paint is chipped a bit but can be stripped off as its chrome underneath. $112 shipped.
ODI Mushroom grips in yellow (never used) but dusty from age $7 per pair shipped. I have over 3,000 bmx items at low prices..need to unload now! call bob at 607-754-7311

WANTED:   WANTED JMC, NOMURA, GHP, THRUSTER posted by: Rich Hetzel on 7/19/2000 at 2:35:48 PM
Looking for BMX: GHP, NOMURA, THRUSTER, JMC.....

MISC:   PK for sale posted by: Bender on 7/18/2000 at 11:44:08 PM
Rare neon green, original owner paid $45 extra for the paint. I'll sell frame, Landing Gear, Aheadset , and SE seat for $250 shipped. I'll sell it complete for $440 shipped. Black T-1000 rims Crupi sealed hubs. Primo Rod , Tufneck stem, S&M pedals, Tektro V-brakes. Bike was raced a couple of times has a few chainstay marks, and a few marks on the sides of the Landing Gear . Otherwise its in mint shape. Hasn't been ridden in over a year.I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. I have pics available.

   RE:MISC:   PK for sale posted by mike on 7/19/2000 at 10:23:36 AM
i would like to have a picture of the bike cause i am interested in purchasing it but i would like to see the paint job so if you can please email me the pic

FOR SALE:   OLD SCHOOL UNUSUAL BMX BIKES posted by: Ray on 7/18/2000 at 2:25:43 PM
Look at my ebay auction and you will see an unusual old school BMX by Murray. This fully suspended beast was an early attempt at BMX when the thought was the more weight the better. Still in pretty good shape but you decide. Also once you look at it see my other auctions where I will have some unusual frames like a Dyno Nitro, a Taiwan Thruster and even a fully dressed Peugeot BMX looptail. I will be adding more stuff but look here first.

   ?What the? posted by Scott Bender on 7/18/2000 at 9:08:37 PM
Sorry Ray but I'm going to have to throw the bullsh*t flag on this one. I don't think the words unusual and Dyno Nitro belong in the same category! In fact you couldn't even find a greater contradiction. And I'd be willing to make a serious wager on that Thruster not being a Thruster I myself have 2 Thrusters and this one doesn't even share one single charcteristic. I know your explanation is that it is Taiwanese made , but every other Taiwanese bike made by the other manufacturers some what resembled their good stuff. Hence the term " Taiwanese Copy. "

   RE:FOR SALE:   OLD SCHOOL UNUSUAL BMX BIKES posted by Bill on 7/19/2000 at 3:12:16 PM
In all honestly, are you mildly retarded?


   RE:FOR SALE:   OLD SCHOOL UNUSUAL BMX BIKES posted by Ray on 7/20/2000 at 4:17:16 AM
I agree that the Nitro is not unusual but I did not want to write
a book describing each bike here. I figured you would look and see for yourself.
No need for the BS flag as I agree. You did not mention the Murray fully suspended. As
for the Thruster, I will have to get you better photos. I also have a 24" Thruster Tri Power and have
sold a 20" in the past so I know what these are. They were also made in Wayne NJ very close to where I am.
I met the person who owns the rights to the bike name. My guess is that the name was farmed out to a Taiwan company because
this has Thruster all over it and it does not look like a home boy sticker job.
Now for the "retard" comment. Guess you have these types of intellectual conversations at home. Does not prove to me
you know anything about bikes just about being an idiot. Lets see your expertise on this page not you intellegence level.
Some bikes I own or have sold or traded. I also have ridden these along with many other types.
1995 Cannondale BMX one year bike
Aluminum Kawasaki BMX suspended.
Yamaha Moto Bike suspended.
Redline MXII
Schwinn Pro Stock
Mongoose Looptail
and about 50 others. I may not be an expert but can hold my own in a discussion.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   OLD SCHOOL UNUSUAL BMX BIKES posted by James on 7/22/2000 at 9:03:50 AM
I'm sure you are intelligent (kidding), but I agree with Scott. Its morons like yourself that bring mixed facts and no ducumentation to sites like this. Final score: Scott 3, Ray 0. Sorry ace, but you don't sound like a nice guy.


   clarificartion posted by Scott Bender on 7/23/2000 at 10:45:59 PM
I just want to make it clear that I have a problem with Rays info, and not Ray himself. I'm sure he's a cool guy. Its just his view on collectible BMX conflicted with the way I look at it. I know I'm not an all knowing BMX Guru, but I usually try and read thru my old mags or contact someone who knows for sure before I post something. Again Ray is Ok , his info questionable. Take Care..

   RE:FOR SALE:   OLD SCHOOL UNUSUAL BMX BIKES posted by Ray on 7/26/2000 at 1:58:47 PM
Can anyone tell me one fact that I have wrong on my postings above. I am pretty good at admitting my faults and errors. I looked it over and the worst thing I see is calling the Dyno Nitro and unusual bike. If that is the worst thing then I apologise but personal attacks show me the real experts. Scott is a credit to collecting because he discusses and does not attack without backing it up with facts. As for the Nitro, I did sell it for what I wanted $24. Not really a lot of money but I'll bet the new owner is happy. I open the challenge to all the so called experts to list my errors here. So far one for Scott and two insults without any facts. Who is bringing "Mixed Facts" to the site? Since I own over 70 collectible bikes and have detailed and sold over 100 and attend all the meets on the North East corridor I am pretty confident of my knowledge, how about you?

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   OLD SCHOOL UNUSUAL BMX BIKES posted by Steven on 7/26/2000 at 6:37:04 PM
What a piece of work. Does this dude ever give up? He mentions owning alot of bikes. A: who cares. B: they probably aren't BMX. Some people come accross like experts, when in reality, they are not. Scott is probably the most likely person to get real "info" from. Sounds like this other dude knows a little bit about everything and a lot about nothing.


   RE:FOR SALE:   OLD SCHOOL UNUSUAL BMX BIKES posted by asdjkfh on 8/18/2000 at 5:55:36 PM
I'm afraid you lost that battle of the wits. Oh well. There is always the next clarification.


WANTED:   1980's REDLINE RL 20 II and HARO FREESTYLER wanted posted by: antony baker on 7/16/2000 at 8:31:13 AM
1980's REDLINE RL 20 II and HARO FREESTYLER wanted

   RE:WANTED:   1980's REDLINE RL 20 II and HARO FREESTYLER wanted posted by Shannon Schroeder on 8/29/2000 at 12:58:09 PM
1980 Haro Master chrome moly frame & fork,3 piece profile cranks,black skyway tuff wheel 2 mags,gyro,everything new & rebuilt. asking 1350.00 make me an offer.

WANTED:   1980's REDLINE RL 20 II and HARO FREESTYLER wanted posted by: antony baker on 7/16/2000 at 8:29:33 AM
1980's REDLINE RL 20 II and HARO FREESTYLER wanted