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Archived: Old School BMX

WANTED:HUTCH EXCEL posted by: adam on 12/19/2001 at 3:55:31 AM
I used to have a hutch excel it was a late 80's early 90's one it was white with small pink background sticker behind the hutch name. I would like to find one similar to it or if anybody has info on what exact year it might have been I would apprecitate it thanks.

   RE:WANTED:HUTCH EXCEL posted by Jason on 12/19/2001 at 1:13:06 PM
check here: http://members.tripod.com/poop_smuggler/hutch.htm
you may find a picture of an Exel like yours that will tell you what year it was.

WANTED:hutch trickstar f/f posted by: scott on 12/18/2001 at 6:05:18 AM
looking for trickstar f/f any colour considered
must be prepared to post to the UK

WANTED:Hutch Pedals posted by: Tony on 12/17/2001 at 9:53:22 AM
I have a set of used 1st generation Hutch racing pedals that I would like to trade for a pair of Hutch freestyle pedals (chrome/silver). Thanks.

FOR SALE:   HUTCH hubs 4 Hutch pedals (trade) posted by: jim on 12/17/2001 at 4:37:54 AM
I have a nice set of HUTCH hubs available ! Looking for a nice set of HUTCH Pro pedals !!!! Also need Hutch seatpost clamps ! Jim

WANTED:hutch trickstar wanted posted by: los on 12/14/2001 at 9:39:20 PM
im looking for a hutck trickstar in babyblue but if you have one in another color that will be cool to. email me if you have one at chromerider4pr@aol.com.

   RE:WANTED:   hutch trickstar wanted posted by jim on 12/17/2001 at 4:35:42 AM
Black Trick Star frame available $130.00

   RE:RE:WANTED:   hutch trickstar wanted posted by scott on 12/18/2001 at 6:01:38 AM
do you still have the black trickstar frame???
i would be very interested if you have.
if you do still have it would you possibly be able to send to UK?
many thanks and best regards


FOR SALE:spin tech post posted by: chris on 12/14/2001 at 7:19:51 PM
i have a spintech post from a hutch i own im not selling it but im selling the post it is just the post no hookups or anything no cables no rotor just the freakin post so if your interested email me and p.s. do you know of any hutch bikes that had 3 bars on the frame because i got one and i dont know what it is

   RE:FOR SALE:spin tech post posted by Michael on 12/20/2001 at 4:21:14 AM
Hi there.

Ok the hutch you are speaking of sounds more like a Thruster TRI-POWER. Hutch bicycles were made for a while by SPEED Unlimited out of Wayne New Jersey back in the early 80's. If ya have any pics I will be ahappy to see if I coud identify it for you. I also have a pair of Hutch Bars with the double cross bar. Intersted? E-mail me.

Thanks and Good Luck

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:spin tech post posted by mike on 12/21/2001 at 4:14:02 AM
he sent me a pic of the bike and its not a hutch at all. in fact, its an mcs styler, i believe.

AGE / VALUE:complete ELF 20" posted by: Jamey on 12/14/2001 at 8:46:27 AM
i currently have a elf 20" painted orange from the factory.
it was the bike my sponsor provided me while i was racing.
would like to know what its worth, would like to start collecting bmx bikes.

also maybe interested in kuwahara bikes and info on them. are they worth much or very collectable. have a set of original leathers and jersey from factory.

one more thing, my brother has a complete pk ripper loop tail painted turquoise form the factory. whats it worth?

thank you for any info. jamey

FOR SALE:1993 Haro Master Complete - GREAT posted by: Jim on 12/14/2001 at 1:06:28 AM
1993 Haro Master
"Antifreeze Green"
Amazing condition, hardly ridden.
Many new parts.
This bike was in storage for 7 years.

Check out Photos:


AGE / VALUE:WTD: Ashtabula Stem posted by: Ricky on 12/12/2001 at 9:11:15 PM
Wanted: Ashtabula Stem, embossed or non-embossed in nice or nos condition. Wll pay cash. Also have nos Motomag decals, Robinson decals and rear frame Roger Decoster decals for trade or sale.

WANTED:PUCH F/F straight, cheap posted by: Gary M on 12/12/2001 at 1:07:42 AM
still have my original PUCH wheels, need a Frame and Fork to rebuild it. dont want to pay $300 for a frame from a bike that cost $150 new thank you anyway to that guy in New York, so any condition as long its cheap, its my little brothers old 20in, trying to fix it up for his kid, No NOS required

WANTED:COOK BROS laidback seatpost w/support posted by: TIM on 12/11/2001 at 12:17:50 PM
seatpost is curved with a straight support rod welded tangentially. will pay top $$ for a nice one. thanks!

   RE:WANTED:COOK BROS laidback seatpost w/support posted by boogie i on 12/16/2001 at 11:26:33 PM
i have the post your looking 4 but i havent got a e mail adress yet but ill mka 1 an get back

   RE:WANTED:COOK BROS laidback seatpost w/support posted by boogie i on 12/16/2001 at 11:26:34 PM
i have the post your looking 4 but i havent got a e mail adress yet but ill mka 1 an get back

   RE:WANTED:COOK BROS laidback seatpost w/support posted by boogie i on 12/16/2001 at 11:26:52 PM
i have the post your looking 4 but i havent got a e mail adress yet but ill mka 1 an get back

   RE:RE:WANTED:   COOK BROS laidback seatpost w/support posted by jim on 12/17/2001 at 4:36:21 AM
I would be interested in the post !!!!!;-) Jim

WANTED:kuwahara parts and pieces posted by: galin on 12/10/2001 at 11:06:54 PM
looking for os kuwahara parts laserlite especially bars stem cranks any leads??

MISC:haro master component list posted by: pablo on 12/10/2001 at 10:57:53 PM
does any one have a component list for an early haro master. i think its an 83- 85 it was the model before the 990 mounts. came with haro three piece groupone cranks.any help would be appreciated. thanks pablo

MISC:Build-up advice posted by: Walter on 12/9/2001 at 8:20:43 PM
Been a roadie since I got off my Cheater Slick in the mid-70s but my kid likes BMX style bikes. Figured I'd build one up for her. Scored a frame off eBay for a nice price and need advice about the rest. It's going to be 20" wheels with a frewheel. Frame's BB is ashtabula size but I plan to convert to 3 piece. What's the typical crank arm length? She'll be riding on the street, if she gets into racing I'll get her a better frame in all liklihood. What size chain/freewheels do you guys recommend? What's the good stuff with BMX calipers? It takes a 1" headset. Can I assume that's pretty similar to what a roadbike uses? The frame has been in storage for at least 10 years so this'll be sort of a "old school" project, though I won't tell her that. :-)

One thing I've noticed is that hunting around eBay is that alot of the vintage BMX still sells for reasonable $ something I couldn't say when I was putting together my "old school" roadie. She's probably a little young for a 20" bike right now so my timeframe is pretty long. I'll welcome any advice on what to keep an eye out for.

AGE / VALUE:Harry Leary Diamondback Bike!! posted by: Tom on 12/9/2001 at 1:01:43 PM
I have a Harry Larry Diamondback All original except for the white tuff mags and grips
It is a gun Metal finish and has some flake rub off but is in still good condition
It has the three piece of coarse and Harry Leary's signature all over it. I'm going to sell it on Ebay. What should I expect to get for it. I have not seen one of these ever on Ebay.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Harry Leary Diamondback Bike!! posted by Max on 12/10/2001 at 1:54:47 AM
Hey Tom
Your DB like anything else is only worth what someone is willing to pay.. I have the rarer gray version of the bike. I'd be interested in yours (not bothered about the wheels though). Email me for your ideas on $$$... Max

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Harry Leary Diamondback Bike!! posted by Roger on 12/12/2001 at 10:13:50 PM
I too have a Harry Leary Turbo, and would like to get in touch with you about the purchace of yours (if it still for sale). Thanks for your time. Roger