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Archived: Old School BMX

AGE / VALUE:   WANTED posted by: Mark on 1/14/2001 at 4:31:10 PM
I was wondering if someone out there has these parts NOS
1 set of white Haro freestyle handlebars
1 NOS silver or white Redline forklifter stem.

Lots to trade. NOS Redline forklifter bars in white and an NOS Redline forklifter stem in turquoise, NOS Comp ST tires in matching sets (20 x 1.75) in white, blue, green, pink. Also an NOS set of white Tuff II's with freewheel, and a VERY near perfect set of light blue Tuff II's with freewheel. Lots of other small finishing items as well. Please e-mail me if you REALLY have the white Haro bars and forklifter stem to trade. Thanks!


AGE / VALUE:   hutch jet? posted by: kilo-g on 1/13/2001 at 5:06:17 PM
anyone know anything about a hutch jet bmx? its late 80`s i think. was purchased originally from a bike shop but it might be a weird "kmart"-type thing. has an acs-type rotor. hutch isnt stamped or cast anywhere but the decals say hutch jet. even the word "hutch" is styled completely different. this thing is all original and in primo shape! any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.......

AGE / VALUE:   91' Redline RL320 posted by: Jason on 1/13/2001 at 3:42:43 PM
I need another opinion. I've got a 91' Redline RL320. The bike looks all orginal but its got a lot of chips in the paint and the virtually all the decals are unreadable. I'm just wondering if this bike is worth restoring. I've never repainted a bike before and I've got no idea where to find the right decals for the frame and the fork. I picked it up at a thrift store so I'm not that attached to it. I want to fix up a bike but maybe one that might be a little more rare or valuable. Any opinions would be appreciated.

WANTED:   84-85 Gt pro performer frame and fork decals posted by: Ryan on 1/13/2001 at 1:13:56 AM
need a set of frame and fork decals for an 84-85 Gt pro performer. any help would be greatly appreciated.

WANTED:   Mini/JR Parts Wanter posted by: Tim Corn on 1/11/2001 at 9:31:47 PM
I'm building up an "old school" mini for my 7 year old and need a couple of parts. It's a Hutch Lil' Holeshot and I'm needing a mini 1" quill stem, a mini Uni seat in black or blue, and a set of pedals (prefer the round beartrap style). All must be of "old school" vintage. Thanks in advance, please email me......


FOR SALE:   CW Californian posted by: Jay on 1/11/2001 at 7:42:00 PM
I have an old CW Californian that has to be about 15 years old. It has never been put together. It also has old Haro bars, Tufneck, Ame grips, Dia Compe brakes. If anyone is interested, or just wants to see pics, email me at jayb17@snet.net

   RE:FOR SALE:   CW Californian posted by Romero Branch on 1/19/2001 at 5:31:05 AM
Send me a pic.

AGE / VALUE:   1" shafted stem, cruiser style posted by: jesboogie on 1/8/2001 at 7:41:30 PM

I am looking for an inverted cruiser stem in xl or xxl, either white or polished, nos preferred. I have cash or interesting trades. Thanks for looking!

AGE / VALUE:   SKYWAY streatbeats f/f on ebay posted by: Kevin on 1/8/2001 at 6:21:34 PM
I have 2 f/f never built on ebay 1white 1green-
search srad911@aol.com

MISC:    SE "P.K. Ripper" posted by: Keith G. on 1/8/2001 at 5:49:17 PM
Hey guys, One of my schoolmates was going to sell a complete ripper to me for $20.00 He says the drop-outs are bent from grinding and there is no stickers. it comes with GT folding fork standers.Im not sure if it is a looptail, I haven't seen it yet. Is it worth 20 bucks since it has bent dropouts and no decals?
I already bought a 10$ Mach I frame that was a lemon from him.
Post reply here or e-mail me at blitzkrieg52@hotmail.com

WANTED:   skyway tuff wheel II's Yellow posted by: Marc on 1/7/2001 at 8:40:20 AM
I'm looking for a pair of yellow tuff wheel II's if anyone has them. If you can help please email me at bigbluetimes@aol.com thanks

AGE / VALUE:   For sale... posted by: Mark on 1/7/2001 at 7:32:51 AM
The following items are NOS and for sale. All I collect is mid eighties freestyle bikes. I have about three too many piece by piece projects going on, and too many parts that I will never use. If you can find it cheaper, than good for you. I am not playing games with phrases like "make an offer" and YES, I have the stuff to SELL. For what its worth, I am set up with PayPal, and I have tons of references. As far as trade, honestly, the only things I need are NOS white Haro freestyle handlebars and a silver Redline forklifter stem. Here is my little list, and remember, all items are truly NOS, un-used. Shipping will be actual cost, no more, no less.

Peregrine Master Sport wheels set (rad berry, coaster brake)

Redline forklifter stem (radberry) $40.00

Redline forklifter stem (turquoise) $40.00

Redline fork lifter handlebars (white) $40.00

CW freestyle bars (white, double cross bar) $40.00

ACS Z-rims, white rims built with pink ACS Z-hubs and free wheel $140.00

Hutch Pro polished pedals (9/16") $250.00

Skyway Tuff II's (white, free wheel type) $100.00

CW Flite complete pad sets specifically for California Freestyle bike (lavender or white) $15.00 each (sets are in Flite packages)

GT Pro Performer bars from 1985, lavender with Santa Anna sticker $15.00

GT Pro Performer frame and fork set from 1985 (chrome set with round Santa Anna stickers $300.00

Skyway Spin Master in package $15.00

Mushroom grips (pink in box) $10.00

ACS Z-pads in package (white) have four sets, $6.00 each

Lavender set of Dia Compe Nippon freestyle brakes (both boxed and complete $40.00

Some items taken off of un-used bikes.

Hutch layback seat post in white $20.00

Skyway Tuff II's in light blue, gray Skyway freestyle tires, light blue and gray Skyway freestyle brake levers, light blue and gray Skyway freestyle stem, light blue Skyway freestyle pedals, light blue Skyway E-Z bars. All of this is mounted on an NOS Torker II chrome freestyle bike. The model is a "Micro Chip" It looks great, and all it needs are brake calipers. I could never fibd the correct colors. $250 for the bike.

Thank You,
e-mail me if interested at the above e-mail address,


   Some items are gone... posted by Mark on 1/8/2001 at 2:08:25 PM
In response to the above for sale list, three items are gone. They are the radberry Peregrine Master wheels, the radberry Redline forklifer stem, and the white Hutch layback seatpost. Thanks for the response, and I will post other items as they are sold. I will also add some other items in the near future.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   For sale... posted by blaze on 1/11/2001 at 1:38:28 PM
i am looking for haro kneesaver handlebars. NOS or near mint condition would be geat. i am building up a haro sport. let me know if you have any other parts that would be appropriate.

FOR SALE:   stuff posted by: kilo-g on 1/7/2001 at 7:18:52 AM
just posted some more oldschool stuff at yahoo auctions, check it out.

WANTED:   Hutch pads posted by: Mark on 1/6/2001 at 8:52:00 PM
Looking for Hutch pads in the following colors
red w/white letters
black w/white letters
blue w/white letters

Have items for trade or cash

WANTED:   Any Scorpion frames,or some 26 inch cruisers accepted posted by: WHOABOB on 1/5/2001 at 7:49:56 PM
Looking for any old school Scorpion frames.Also looking for 26inch cruiser frames and parts.Thanks whoabob@earthlink.net

WANTED:   Any Scorpion frames,or some 26 inch cruisers accepted posted by: Robert DeFrancisco on 1/5/2001 at 7:49:56 PM
Looking for any old school Scorpion frames.Also looking for 26inch cruiser frames and parts.Thanks whoabob@earthlink.net