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Archived: Old School BMX

WANTED:   decals........ posted by: kilo-g on 1/5/2001 at 5:48:10 AM
i need full f/f decal sets for the following bikes:hutch trickstar; hutch prostar; hutch windstyler; cw flyer. leave message or email me directly. thanks much!

   Be careful with this guy... posted by Chris Hostetler on 1/5/2001 at 9:40:09 AM
You e-mail this guy saying you have NOS Hutch parts for sale, and he doesn't even respond. Either he is not serious, or he won't pay for anything. People like this irritate me to no end.

Chris H.

   RE:Be careful with this guy... posted by kilo-g on 1/5/2001 at 5:58:42 PM
i`m just another collector but with very limited cash flow. i cant afford everything that everyone emails me. btw, i do want those seatpost clamps,lmk. while i`m here: has anyone ever heard of RACELINE frames and forks out of LA,CA? late 70`s or early 80`s i think, i had a 20" teardrop f/f and a 24" cruiser marked w/this company. any info would help. thanks again.

   RE:RE:Be careful with this guy... posted by observer on 1/5/2001 at 10:37:20 PM
i think the saying of "don't hate the player, hate the game" would describe what really is going on here.

AGE / VALUE:   *WANTED* GT posted by: Kevin L. on 1/3/2001 at 8:09:38 PM
Looking for a Gt pro-freestyle from
1987-90 (HOT PINK-preferably)
In nos or awesome condition!

WANTED:   old school shimano dx pedals 9/16 posted by: la on 1/3/2001 at 5:39:53 PM
does anyone have a nos set or nice set of dx pedals, or beartaps.. if so let me know what color and price thanks alot

WANTED:   Haro FSX Decals posted by: Darren on 1/3/2001 at 8:54:01 AM
LOoking for Decal set for an 87 Haro FSX in Blue/black. Either original or copy would be fine. Please e-mail if you can help!!!!!

FOR SALE:   redline RL20II on ebay posted by: Scott on 1/2/2001 at 4:51:40 PM
check it out

   RE:FOR SALE:   redline RL20II on ebay posted by - on 1/5/2001 at 9:44:47 AM
What a joke. This is the junkiest looking RL 20 II I have ever seen. Don't buy this piece of junk unless you could get it for $50 at the most. This e-Bay seller will never even get his opening bid amount for this atrocity. It looks terrible.

   RE:FOR SALE:   redline RL20II on ebay posted by Scott on 1/11/2001 at 12:31:33 PM
As a matter of fact, I didn't sell it, I traded it. Whoever left this message is a jackass. I can sell whatever I want on Ebay, for the price I want. You didn't even leave your name, like a said - a JackAss.

   RE:FOR SALE:   redline RL20II on ebay posted by Steve on 1/25/2001 at 4:30:52 PM
Which RL-20II are you guys referng to? I've been searching all the time and picking them up when i can. I must have missed that one....knt2000@bellsouth.net

MISC:   Hutch Trickstar posted by: Scott on 1/2/2001 at 4:41:39 PM
How do I tell if the trickstar I have is made in USA? How do I know what year its from? Any help would be appreciated.

FOR SALE:   huffy bmx old stuff posted by: george on 1/1/2001 at 8:36:04 AM
I have 3 old huffy bikes i think. do not have pictures.the bikes i am talking about have spinger front ends.one has shock under top bar.any one with any information on these bikes please e mail me. thanks

WANTED:   SE RACING OM FLYER posted by: jim on 1/1/2001 at 4:13:46 AM
Looking for an om flyer.Any info would be greatly appreciated

WANTED:   slingshot posted by: kilo-g on 1/1/2001 at 12:38:11 AM
anyone know where i might find one of these? i`ve been looking for a few years and i still don`t own one, rather depressing really.

   Slingshot posted by Mike on 1/1/2001 at 8:11:06 PM
I think you can buy a Slingshot at any sporting goods store. Unless they have been outlawed by gun laws. I had no idea they were so difficult to find nowadays.

   RE:Slingshot posted by SCOTT B. on 1/1/2001 at 9:43:56 PM

   Smells like BS to me posted by Ron on 1/3/2001 at 1:11:07 AM
Yeah right, And I have 10 Hutch Trickstars. Nobody has 3 Slingshots!! Get real people, and lets keep the spam to a mininum!

   RE:Smells like BS to me posted by Switchboard on 1/3/2001 at 2:14:28 AM
Actually Scott B is correct. There ia guy who has 5 slingshots.

   RE:WANTED:   slingshot posted by udaman on 1/3/2001 at 10:52:28 AM
Yeah he probably does have 5 of them but he is the stingiest SOB in the world!

   26" Cruiser Slingshot posted by Marv on 1/3/2001 at 11:10:06 PM
I have a 26" cruiser Slingshot frame if anyone is interested. Price $350 frame only.

   RE:WANTED:   slingshot posted by Wugak on 1/6/2001 at 7:31:45 PM
A guy named Scott Bender has at least two that I know of. He'll send you pics if you want. He almost sold me a slingshot (20" BMX model - the only one worth it) but the price was very high. But the frame is really rare so of course its high.

He's really a good guy and has helped me find some items.

   RE:26 posted by loren on 1/10/2001 at 3:31:43 AM
do you still have the slingshot frame for sale?

   Would the real Scott Bender please stand up! posted by Scott Bender on 1/10/2001 at 7:29:31 PM
Hi guys this is Scott Bender. Looks like some of the jealous people are at it again..... lol I do have a few BMX Slingshots. I do not have any plans on selling any right now. I do not have 5 as indicated above, The guy with 5 lives in Texas somewhere supposedly. I can't recall ever bragging about owning a bunch of BMX Slingshots before, I think I have mentioned the fact, to my close friends , and have maybe said something on the Oldschoolbmx message board and chatroom. If anyone would like to see a pic of a BMX Slingshot I have a web address to one that I built up last summer. heres the link Enjoy!!!!!

Scott Bender


AGE / VALUE:   Early '80's PK Ripper .. complete bike, all original posted by: Stacy Kirk on 12/31/2000 at 9:50:23 AM
Back in the early '80's I took all my paper route money and bought a bright polished aluminum PK Ripper SE racing bike with Landing gear forks, red accessories. I rode it about a week before my dad found out I spent all my money on it and made me put it away and not ride it. Well, 20 years later, I talked to a friend who is into bmx and it made me go dig it out of the basement. Everything is the same as the day I bought it, original tires, original grips, etc .. chrome with red accessories. I want to sell it but need to get an idea what it is worth .. can anyone help me out? Email highspd@columbus.rr.com if so.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Early '80's PK Ripper .. complete bike, all original posted by Jon on 1/19/2001 at 5:28:25 AM
Hey - got a photo of the PK Ripper? I'm interested

FOR SALE:   Redline Proline F/F trade posted by: Eric on 12/31/2000 at 4:52:07 AM
I aquired a PL20 F/F in chrome that I won't be using. I need some things and some frames. Let me know if you have any of this and maybe we can come up with a trade.
Frameset-Patterson PR200S or Sentry F/F
Frameset-Robinson Scott Clark model (EuroBB, Pro size F/F)
Misc-Patterson apparel, pads
Rims-Black Araya or UKAI
Grips-Oakley II black or red
Brakes-Black Dia Compe MX1000
Seatpost clamp-Black Suntour,Xcaliber or TufNeck
Seat-Black Elina lightning bolt or Redline logo
Pads-White Redline snap frame and small stem(for a Brute)
I always like to hear about possible Patterson stuff for trades. Thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   Redline Proline F/F trade posted by chris on 12/31/2000 at 7:20:12 AM
Is this the Redline you bought on e-Bay for $160.00? You are bikedog on e-Bay and you bought it from tevers123@msn.com in Cleveland, Ohio. Why are you selling it so soon? I hope your not asking $300 for it when you paid half of that on e-Bay. Have a nice day chief!


   RE:FOR SALE:   Redline Proline F/F trade posted by Eric on 12/31/2000 at 11:39:40 AM
Yeah Chris,
That is the F/F. Only want part of my money back for it. Why, are you interested? I needed the cranks and stem, so I bought it and thought maybe someone would like the F/F. Let me know if you're interested in it. Thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Redline Proline F/F trade posted by Philip on 1/1/2001 at 10:42:31 AM
Hey Chris, You aren't a sore auction loser are you? Even if this guy wants a $1000 dollars what difference does it make? It is his bike now and he can cut it up into small pieces and bury it if he wants to? Sounds to me like he needed some of the parts and would like to recoop some of the price. Why all the detective work on this guy? What's the big deal. To save you some trouble my ebay name is Torkerpro

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Redline Proline F/F trade posted by lu zer on 1/3/2001 at 10:37:38 PM
Why do you waste ur time?

FOR SALE:   Tioga Comp 3 /Mitsubishi Silver Star Tires posted by: thetoyking on 12/28/2000 at 9:56:34 AM
I have a pair of Tioga Comp 3 skinwalls. 20 x 1/38. Says Mitsibishi Silver Star on side. These are NOS. I will sell for $25 shipped in the cont. USA. Please e-mail if interested. Thanks!

FOR SALE:   Mid 80's Green Hutch Windstyler posted by: steve on 12/23/2000 at 12:42:46 PM
Green Hutch windstyler with white 5 point mag wheels with all original parts (I Believe) including green hutch tires. please email at stevezaff@yahoo.com bicycle is in New Jersey.

   Junk for sale posted by Bill W. on 12/30/2000 at 8:18:34 AM
This clown selling this bike probably wants $300 for some beat up overseas made piece of junk Windstyler. Some people are just so stupid.


   RE:Junk for sale posted by kilo-g on 12/30/2000 at 3:37:24 PM
hey bill, if you want to spend $300, i`ll sell you my trickstar f/f. otherwise, shut-up. these pages are to keep oldscool alive, not bash those with incentive. if he thinks he can get that much, let him make the effort. even those who are trying to just make a buck are helping to keep our passions afloat. remember this when the supply runs out and the demand sky-rockets, you wont be able to find this stuff anymore.

   Hello Kilo-G posted by Matt Sherman on 12/30/2000 at 7:01:13 PM
I wouldn't pay $300 for your used, beat up Trickstar frame and fork set either. It is probably an over produced Japanese made Trickstar anyways. I'm glad that more and more people (like you) are paying high prices for junk. That makes the good stuff worth even more. As far as your theory about supply and demand goes, morons like yourself can't seem to figure out that Hutch Windstylers and overseas made CW California Flyers are still able to be found un-used in the box. The problem is, no one wants to buy junk. E-mail me ace, and I will tell you where they are here in the states. Just think of it, you can have a bunch of NOS overseas made junk hanging on your wall. By the way, to those who are old school fans who like this web site (as I do), I wouldn't trust some idiot who posts as "Kilo-G". Use your real name, unless you like to hide behind an alias. Bill was correct, there are a lot of stupid people out there.

Matt Sherman

   RE:Hello Kilo-G posted by kilo-g on 12/31/2000 at 5:31:15 AM
"kilo" happens to be my real last name, those with whom i do business get the rest. we can bash eachother all day, but that defeats the purposes of these type of pages. as long as the passion is still alive,i`m happy. and remember: one man`s junk is another man`s treasure, so if you can find NOS HUTCH anything, i`d be willing to make a deal. by the way, i`m also looking for a slingshot frame.

   RE:And in this corner... posted by kilo-g on 12/31/2000 at 5:39:12 PM
i`ve had this last name for 28 years, no point in changing it now. i`ll make you a deal on anything HUTCH, it`s all i collect. ok, bash session over, i`m done.

   RE:RE:And in this corner... posted by bill on 12/31/2000 at 11:39:51 PM
Let us start bashing about the people who complain about
EBAY shilling - on another website - and then turn around
and edit message as it may be in violation of EBAY rules.
Sore Loser - if you ask me - as you were not able to get
the item(s) at question.

   RE:RE:RE:And in this corner... posted by kilo-g on 1/1/2001 at 12:03:12 AM
i just paid $50 for an american-made windstyler, so dont tell me i`m cheap, i`m willing to pay the price for something i want. as far as ebay goes, i dont buy anything there. i use yahoo! auctions instead (as they dont charge to list). btw, i need a pink pair of windstyler forks, can anyone help?

   RE:RE:RE:RE:And in this corner... posted by samtheman on 1/1/2001 at 1:10:50 PM
Hate to call you out, but NO Hutch Windstylers were made in the U.S. The only Hutch freestyle bikes made in the U.S were Trickstars, and they could only be ordered as a frame and fork set. I believe the Japanese made Trickstar kit had everything except the wheels.

   Getting the facts right.......... posted by switchboard on 1/1/2001 at 3:59:10 PM
Just to inform Bill that he is very wrong about Kilo not being a last name. Go to www.switchboard.com It is has an internet phonebook search engine. I typed in "Kilo" in California and there was a bunch of people with "Kilo" for a last name. So I guess you should check your facts before you type. Yes, Hutch Windstylers were Taiwan made only.

   RE:Getting the facts right.......... posted by kilo-g on 1/1/2001 at 10:46:40 PM
if the windstyler was only made in taiwain, then why does the one i have say "MADE IN USA", and yes it is cast in the frame! btw, thank you for settleing my name issue.......

WANTED:   cal lite checkered pads posted by: LA on 12/23/2000 at 5:21:20 AM
Does anyone have a set of blue/white or blue/orange cal.lite flite checkered pads? Let me know if you do thanks

   RE:WANTED:   cal lite checkered pads posted by tony on 12/26/2000 at 9:29:47 PM
if you want,you can call bay area schwinn in houston and ask for jeff.he might have what you are looking for.the number is 713-472-6651

WANTED:   JMC Andy Patterson posted by: Mark on 12/22/2000 at 5:59:58 AM
Looking for a JMC Andy Patterson F/F. Have other JMC's for trade.