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Archived: Old School BMX

MISC:   Suzue sealed hub axle posted by: Keith on 2/20/2001 at 7:34:02 PM
Where can i get a nos axle for my old suzue sealed hub? mine is trashed.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.

   RE:MISC:   Suzue sealed hub axle posted by grant on 2/23/2001 at 11:12:18 AM
check out some bike stores they could have some old stock parts.

FOR SALE:   parts for sale posted by: la on 2/20/2001 at 5:58:49 PM
2 red 24" z rims nos, but both laced up with acs front hubs..40.00 pr.. blue hutch bmx tires nos 30.00 pr. also still have the schwinn sting bmx frame that is busted where the seat post would go in. other than that its ok.. that is 20.00.. also have cal flite red/white checkered pads(handle bar, neck, seat cover and 2 brake lever covers. all for 20.00...also have diamond back joker f/f+ neck and bars 20.00 All prices are PLUS shipping, lmk if interested thanks

FOR SALE:   For sale Graphite compound mag and others posted by: Rob on 2/20/2001 at 12:25:21 PM
Legal Action Graphite mag wheel,front,NOS-never used....color is white,with Legal Action on both sides in three dif places.....make offer.....also,skyway mag set white Used,dirty,needs to be cleaned...,freewheel....full set=front/back....also,some japanese mags,NGK? white NOS never used--three fronts...no rears....if need one e-mail me and make offer ..pics available to interested persons.....guaranteed NO cracks!..all wheels have axles and are ready to ride...thanx....still looking for Redline stuff.........Redline Rob

WANTED:   UNI Crossfire posted by: guldgoa on 2/18/2001 at 9:59:28 PM
I think i posted this in the wrong forum earlier.I am looking for a UNI Crossfire ,frame or complete bike.

   RE:WANTED:   UNI Crossfire posted by Tony on 2/20/2001 at 2:41:36 PM
Good luck! I didn't think they ever made those? Post a pic if you ever get one.

MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by: Romero on 2/18/2001 at 7:30:56 PM
I know this has nothing to do with Old Skool Bmx, it was important enough to announce anyway. NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt was killed in todays Daytna 500. NASCAR's new rules & aero package surely was the culprit in the death of perhaps the greatest man to ever strap into a Winston Cup car. Even if I were not a NASCAR fan, this would still hit hard. He was the equilvalent of Michael Jordan, or Matt Hoffman, he was NASCAR's best. Dale Earnhardt, 1951-2000.

   RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by christian on 2/18/2001 at 10:01:35 PM
he sure was. when i saw that tonight, my heart skipped a beat. i am not a nascar fan, but greatness is greatness, and dale was definately greatness in it's highest form. my heart goes out to his family, friends, and fans. truly an american great. god rest his soul.

   RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by . on 2/19/2001 at 7:38:53 AM

   RE:RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by Michael on 2/19/2001 at 7:39:16 AM
Ya'll just don't know my whole neighborhood stop when they heard the news we are some really bad ass race fans DALE EARNHART was the man

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by Pierre on 2/19/2001 at 9:59:27 AM
I'm from South Carolina & I've followed NASCAR closely for the last 12 years. Anyone who watches NASCAR racing knows that the Carolinas, North & South, are the Capitol of NASCAR racing & a region of the U.S. where Dale Earnhardt was ruler. Every shopping center or major Mall down here has some sort of NASCAR outlet that sells Earnhardt merchandise. Immediately upon hearing of his passing, just like Michael said, everyone in my neighborhood, in my area as a whole was crushed. There were tears & will be more to come. It just won't be the same next week when he's not there. This man was our hero. How do we cope? We all have to move on because thats what Dale would want.

   RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by jackson on 2/19/2001 at 12:33:06 PM
I'm 29 and have watched NASCAR

      Death Of A Legend!!! posted by Redline Rob on 2/19/2001 at 1:20:12 PM
God Bless Dale Earnhardt....May he rest in peace...he died while doing what he loved,racing...everyone who knew him,or met him knew he was one of the most decent people on the planet.....he will Truly be missed,by his family,friends,and his fans......our prayers go to his family and friends......Amen

   RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by jackson on 2/19/2001 at 2:45:17 PM
My family has close ties to NASCAR. (The now departed Allison boys, David and Clifford, were named after my uncles). I'm 29 and have followed NASCAR forever. Although I have despised D.E. many times (75 wins & 7 championships)for beating up on one of my Ford teams, I always recognized and respected his God given abilities and desire to be the best. D.E. had truly filled Petty's position as the reigning King of Winston Cup racing. I watched the race yesterday; the pre-show featured D.E. hanging around Daytona with Terry Bradshaw(Bradshaw almost seemed star struck by D.E.; A guy with multiple Superbowl rings was like a giddy little girl in D.E.'s presence!) I was thinking at the time, D.E. is the mack! A true BAD ASS! He seemed to be on top of the world. The news last night was sickening and sad. It didn't seem real. D.E. was truly a living legend and hero in his own time. A national treasure.FEARLESS!! NASCAR won't be the same without #3 scraping paint off some fenders and bumpers. God Bless Dale and be with his family.

   RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by Romero on 2/20/2001 at 6:10:47 AM
You guys aren't gonna believe this, but some LOSER who i'll leave nameless ACTUALLY EMAILED ME BASHING DALE EARNHARDT. He said Dale was not even close to the greatness of other atheletes like Jordan & Gretzky. He seems to think Dale finaly got what was coming to him. That individual is obviuosly not a true race fan. If he were to say that in a Mall or 7 Eleven anywhere in North or South Carolina, they'd have to pry him outta da Icee machine. Does anyone know who Ron Wilkerson worked for before he worked for Bob Haro? Here are your choices:
A) Skyway
B) Redline
D) Diamond Back

   RE:RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by mikkopeters@yahoo.com on 2/21/2001 at 7:41:30 AM
GT with Rich Avella.

   RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by jack on 2/21/2001 at 12:45:01 PM
Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for Dale and his family and friends. I hated DE for years but I didn't want to see him die. But he died using one of the low life, underhanded tactics that won him most of his races. He made a sharp move inside to cut off Sterlin Marlin, overcorrected and lost control. In his career, he put many guys into the wall for his own gain, at the same time putting their lives in danger. Sure I feel bad that he died, but the man deserves no respect.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by Jack Hater on 2/21/2001 at 6:20:27 PM
I Got Two Words To Describe You Jack:

   RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by jack on 2/22/2001 at 8:52:15 AM
O.K., maybe i was a bit hard on Earnhardt. This past Sunday, he was the least selfish that I had evar seen him. His goal toward the end of the race was to clear the way so somebody else could win the race. The Earnhardt from a few years ago would not have hesitated to put his son and team mate into the wall to clear the way for himself. I guess that he had gotten some integrity in the past few years
(and his win record has reflected that). Funny how when he started showing some sportsmanship, he stopped being the dominant driver. That says alot for his ability. Anyway, you cannot dispute the facts. The man never hesitated to bump the lead car to clear the way for himself, while at the same time endangering other drivers lives without a second thought. Sunday, it all caught up with him and he lost it. Had he seen Marlin a split second earlier and made his "cut off" move inside quicker, he would still be alive today. I don't know why all these Dale fans cannot accept the truth.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Death Of A Legend!!! posted by Jack Hater on 2/23/2001 at 12:18:27 AM
You're right, Earnhardt has bumped people in the past, nobody has ever said otherwise. He knew the dangers of Winston Cup racing & the possibility of die-ing in the race car & he accepted that. Marlin should've back off heading into three on the final lap. Earnhardt was in a very precarious position, there wasn't anything he could do about it. Marlin was going to make one last stand regardless of whether he would be in a position to win the race or not, thats what he gets paid to do, everyone knew he had the fastest car out there. It was just a very unfortunate racing accident. Earnhardt went out the way he was to sooo many of his race fans, a hero. Now his son's Dale Jr., who like his dad also uses an open face helmet & sits low in the car, & Kerry will assume their fathers legacy.

MISC:   Hutch Trickstar posted by: Keith on 2/18/2001 at 3:27:15 PM
Did any USA made Trick Stars have built-in pegs/standers?
I'm thinking about trading my 85' Redline Proline 800P F/F set for one,but I prefer a USA made one. How do you tell if its is USA or Overseas made?

   RE:MISC:   Hutch Trickstar posted by Jaymes on 2/18/2001 at 4:24:17 PM
If it has a baseball looking thing stamped in the frame after the serial number it is a japanese frame.

   RE:MISC:   Hutch Trickstar posted by Libertarian on 4/28/2001 at 7:28:39 PM
I was always under the impression that Hutch never built any Trickstar frame overseas. I have a Trickstar frame (it's American) and it had built in pegs on the fork. (I got rid of the fork though I didn't like it. replaced it with SE landing gear) It also has some really small welded on standers on the chainstays (they don't get in the way at all). I know they were having money problems in the late 80's and moved production to Taiwan to remain competitive (the late 80s Haro master frame was made in Taiwan and was a serious competitor). I was under the impression that once Hutch went to Taiwan they discontinued the Trickstar but kept building the Trickstar 2 (the twin top tube design). I kept trying to find a new Trickstar frame in 89/90 and everyone kept telling me Hutch didn't make those anymore.
The Trickstar 2 was also known as the Trickstyler if you got one with 24K Gold stickers. I still have a Trickstyler frame and fork.
However the Taiwan frames didn't go over so well and some ended up being sold in Western Auto stores (remember the XR-1, Jet, Excel and Windstyler bikes?). They did end up selling the company to Revcore (makers of killer racing frames!). Revcore did begin making new Hutch frames in America again, the most known being the Hutch Judge 2 (awesome frame). However they were forced to change the name to Hutchins. I still don't know why. I contacted Hutch/Revcore or whoever they were in 91 (I think it was Revcore) and asked if they were ever going to build a new Trickstar frame again. They said yes there was going to be a new one ready sometime in 91. I even saw ads for mail order companies listing it as NEW 91 HUTCH original Trickstar F/F but they never got them. I was later told by a mail order company that Hutch had changed their minds and were only going to build racing frames. I don't think Revcore ever built freestyle frames anyway (unless you count the CW stuff). Well that's the story about this company as I know it. There could be some mistakes in there. I don't know it all. I really wish Revcore would have made some Trickstar frames. Revcore was known for insane quality. Their frames were tough as hell. And Hutch's Trickstar frame was strong too, just saying the Revcore stuff was super strong. I think Revcore could have built it even better than Hutch did.

AGE / VALUE:   another day in the neighborhood posted by: a friend on 2/18/2001 at 8:55:57 AM
just thought i would mention that the Angelfire site has a dedicated guy,who Will ban Any people who are inappropriate......it doesnt look like This site is going to be "policed" by anyone...we have been invaded by kids and idiots who post pure trash..i am not trying to knock this site,but if there is no moderation,then there is no order.....this site doesnt have ISP number caching/ability,and therefore cannot enforce the rules of Good conduct.............and,You cannot make someone who has no respect for others show you respect.........................hope to see the responsible bike lovers over here at the Bicycle Billboard..we need Good Honest people to post/visit.......Warning:To the Spammers,and Trash Cadets...if you post over there,and its a trash post of any kind,the owner will Track You down,and ban you forever... http://www.angelfire.com/dbz/forum/

   Passwords posted by Rob on 2/18/2001 at 9:42:25 AM
There IS a way to save this site from the spammers....it might be nicer if we had passwords to sign in ONLY if you wanted to Post/Reply to post,...but you could still READ the posts Without signing in..........this would keep that trash out......just a thought...... ..........Rob

   RE:Passwords posted by VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 2/19/2001 at 11:03:17 AM
To: "A Friend"

We know the IP address, path, header and all of the other tracking info for every message posted on our site. When a message is posted, that info is all written to a database, along with the message. We've been doing this for 5 years.

We try to keep an eye out for jerks, and appreciate it when you all send us email when you see something inappropriate. It just takes us a little time to get to cleaning up the messages. Babysitting isn't something I like to spend money on.

To date we have not done much about the jerks that occasionally show up. (Or rather the people that seem to fall into jerk mode) You'd find it funny if you saw who some of the idiot posters were.

We'll never implement passwords and logins. I see no need to do that. I have faith in people in general, though some of you do slip a bit now and then, eh?

   RE:RE:Passwords posted by Rob on 2/19/2001 at 1:35:56 PM
Dear Vin....thank you for your reply....some of us have felt there was no hope due to the increasing number of trash cadets who post on this site.....we are glad to hear you actually can track these people down,and ask? them to act like decent human beings......i also like the part about faith in people....thats what most of us try to live by,is good faith,honesty,and intergrity....my idea for passwords was a last ditch effort to propose a way to lessen the trash posts.....perhaps now that these people know they ARE being monitored,maybe they will be a little more pleasant in their future posts........thank you for the reassuring reply.....sincerely yours,Rob

AGE / VALUE:   NOS 1985 Haro Master f/f and NOS 1985 GT Pro Performer f/f for sale posted by: Mark on 2/18/2001 at 8:59:22 AM
I have the following NOS, original, never built, mint, flawless frame and fork sets for sale:

1985 Haro Master frame/fork (with chrome standers for fork) in white. All 4130 chromoly. $305 delivered.

1985 (or 1984?) GT Pro Performer Frame/fork set in chrome. This set has blue and yellow writing on downtube and forks, as well as as the round blue and red 'Santa Anna' stickers. $320 delivered.

Both frame sets are perfect. I have the correct NOS wheels and tires for the Master, and I can locate a correct silver GT block stem for the GT if interested. These items can be purchased separately. I have Paypal, or I can accept Money Orders. E-mail me if interested. Thank You!


AGE / VALUE:   NOS Team Kuwahara posted by: Jaymes on 2/18/2001 at 6:53:27 AM
I have a black and gold NOS Team Kuwahara. It has gold 3 piece cranks on it. Any idea what year and the value? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   NOS Team Kuwahara posted by Michael on 2/18/2001 at 8:01:34 AM
Go to the picture Data Base I think there is one there

WANTED:   GT Frame posted by: Michael on 2/17/2001 at 8:18:05 PM
Does any one know if a 1993 GT Performer is any good because I have one please tell me what you think or your response
Thanks Michael
and his

AGE / VALUE:   PARTS posted by: BUGS BUNNY on 2/16/2001 at 7:08:43 PM
I got a pair of handlebars off a REDLINE in the summer I heard they are NINE years old they are TWO piece bars with aONE piece crank are these Items any good for Dirt jumpin or do I need to sell them what should I do

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   PARTS posted by Kevin on 2/18/2001 at 6:31:35 PM
Do you have any red SKYWAY mags?
What color and year are the GT forks?
Let me know and how much? Thanks!

FOR SALE:   Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff posted by: Little Man on 2/16/2001 at 5:01:08 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff posted by Kevin on 2/18/2001 at 6:37:18 PM
What GT items do you have? Any pictures of stuff?
I need a:
white gt block stem
wht Gyro
purple gt forks!
Whatcha got? Let me know in email thank, Kevin.

FOR SALE:   Skyway and GT Performer posted by: Johnny Bravo on 2/16/2001 at 4:36:29 PM
This SKYWAY is in perfect condition the GT has some scratches I have Frame Fork Handlebars and Seat for both what will you give me for

   RE:FOR SALE:   Skyway and GT Performer posted by robert on 2/16/2001 at 5:21:18 PM
Hey Ace,
Are you mildly retarded or something? You don't even say what model the Skyway is? I swear, some people are so stupid, or in-bred. Be careful dealing with a clown like this!

   RE:RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Skyway and GT Performer posted by Steve on 2/16/2001 at 8:58:16 PM
Why does this site attract idiots like 'cow and chicken' and 'goldberg'? They like to post behind false names, and leave no e-mail address. I just don't get it. Is it to late to sterilize their parents?


AGE / VALUE:   se quadangle,se pk ripper,dg posted by: a.r. cane on 2/16/2001 at 3:28:38 PM
what is a looptail quad worth repainted no dents,cracks,etc..what is a yellow dg worth orig stickers raced but great shape.what is a looptail pk ripper raced hard but not cracked,orig paint,stickers,what are z-rims worth,maxycross cranks,tuff neck 2,tuff wheel 2,what is the value,thanks for any info.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   se quadangle,se pk ripper,dg posted by ROB JHONSTON on 2/16/2001 at 3:44:24 PM

   Don't deal with this guy posted by watching on 2/16/2001 at 4:45:53 PM
The dude selling these frame sets has allegedly screwed people out of deals. Check out old school bmx.com, and read. Be VERY careful.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   se quadangle,se pk ripper,dg posted by :) on 2/16/2001 at 5:06:44 PM
GOT INTEGRITY? Another BMX deal gone bad Posted 2-16-2001 15:47

I don't know if you guys have been having any problems with making a deal with people on some of the BMX pages and then having them back out because someone had offered them more than the price that was agreed upon. I have and it has happened more than once. Does anyone out there have any integrity anymore? I am sure most of you saw the ad on Ultra BMX for the looptail Quad, PK Ripper and DG and spare parts for $450. It was for sale by Bill at annanne@yahoo.com. He has posted a few other ads also. I was the first to contact him and told him I would take them no questions asked. We made a deal. I gave him my address for a shipping quote and after several emails to him finally get the story that his family is mad a him for selling and he has had offers of $675 and $750. He said he was sorry. I had already purchased new stickers and pads for the PK and Quad. I was patient for over a month because I new it was a smoking deal and didn't want to push him too much and have him back out. I was really excited to get these bikes and now I am just really mad.You guys out there that offer someone more than they are asking just because the seller says the item is sold aren't any better than him. How is it that so many people have gotten so greedy that they don't care who they screw as long as they get what they want? The real world isn't near as easy as the one I lived in when I was a kid. All I had to worry about was going to school and getting home and going out to the practice track we had built. If I wanted some bike or parts from my buddies we traded for it. If they screwed you over you always new where they lived and you could TP their house! Sorry this has been so long winded. I have just been really frustrated and needed to blow off some steam.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   se quadangle,se pk ripper,dg posted by bill on 2/17/2001 at 1:16:55 AM
Smoking deal is right do you "got integrity",maybe you should have said hey its a little to cheap.75%of above post is true,you have tp my house in post land.but remember this, in old school days if you tried to trade a huffy for a quad just because the kid did not know any better his big brother would say no way.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   se quadangle,se pk ripper,dg posted by bill on 2/17/2001 at 1:42:03 AM
TO ANY PEOPLE I P.O. Dudes i had no idea s.e. was still so cool. I should have researched before i posted ads. I started to think the dude above was a reseller after 3 other old schoolers told me s.e. looptails are in high demand and made me higher offers,I DID NOT SELL because above dude was very interested and i did say it was a deal,I WAS THINKING DO I WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF IF IN FACT THEY ARE WORTH MUCH MORE.ok old schoolers lets go back to the garage,street corner,alley where ever you made your trades most were fair trades and tell me should I SELL TO ABOVE DUDE FOR 450.00.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   se quadangle,se pk ripper,dg posted by BILL on 2/17/2001 at 2:51:22 AM
MY E-MAIL IS arcane@clickheretofind.zzn.com

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   se quadangle,se pk ripper,dg posted by Regis on 2/17/2001 at 6:55:53 AM
The man agreed to your price, then you try to squeeze more money cause others who are too late contact you and tell you that they will pay more. If that is the case why do you still have the stuff? I guess that the guys that said it was worth more weren't willing to pay more? The value of something is determined by what someone will pay. I could tell you your car is worth..$100,000 does that mean it is....will someone else pay it cause I said that is what you should be able to sell it for? I hope you can sell it and make a fortune, but the bottom line is you would have probably been ecstatic to get 450.00 for the stuff before some JEALOUS JERK shot off their mouth. There is a place for people like you and it is E Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in this world posted by Rob on 2/18/2001 at 9:38:29 AM
it should not have mattered what Anyone else told you they would give you for the bikes----- you told the man you would sell the bikes to him for a set price---he agreed to pay your price......then you refused him.....your integrity is lacking severly.....now you post trying to justify your actions......its real easy here man....if you SAY you are going to do the deal,then DO the deal......dont change your mind because you got greedy....and,as Regis says,just because someone else Said they would pay more,doesnt make it right.......you asking what we think???.....i think you should e-mail the guy RIGHT NOW and tell him the bikes ARE his for the price you told him...Stop jerking the poor guy around....i have sold plenty of bikes,only to find out later they were Rare/Valuable....so what??...at least i got what i wanted,and the guy got what he wanted,and was agreed upon!!!.....Your Word is much more important then Your money......money Is the root of all Evil====money can be made everyday...you keep breaking your Word,and you wont have any respect from anyone.........

   RE: in this world posted by bill on 2/18/2001 at 2:51:59 PM
moral advice thats cool.

   RE:RE: in this world posted by Rob on 2/18/2001 at 6:16:28 PM
its a shame we even have to explain Morals ......trust,good faith and honesty seem to be the forgotten traits nowadays.......So,are you going to sell that guy the bikes????.....IS your word any good???...........the bikes you describe are repaints and need full resto`s anyways....if they were all NOS/new then i could understand a "little" hesitation,but,they are used.......your reputation is what you are known by....do the right thing,and sell the guy the bikes....he even bought parts to rebuild,which he probably told you he was gonna do.....before you pulled the rug out from under him....of course they are your bikes,and yours to do with as you please,but seeing as you asked...just do the right thing.

MISC:   WAT'UP posted by: Kool KAT on 2/16/2001 at 9:43:25 AM
I recently bought a redline .gt , haro, mongoose they are all old school bikes all have origanol parts are these bikes any good for ME

   RE:MISC:   WAT'UP posted by jackson on 2/16/2001 at 12:41:28 PM
what models are the redline and mongoose maybe interested in buying email me with pics and prices thanks

   Redline posted by Rob on 2/16/2001 at 12:59:45 PM
i would be interested in the Redline bicycle....please e-mail with details and price...thank you,cheers,Rob