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Archived: Old School BMX

AGE / VALUE:   Ashtabula? posted by: sam on 3/13/2001 at 3:01:58 PM
Knowing nothing of BMX bikes I picked up one that said M&L raceing frame and had ashtabula cast into the fork-goosneck&crank.The seat and front pad said Schwinn . Any help on what I got?---sam

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ashtabula? posted by Brandon on 3/13/2001 at 7:58:24 PM
Check your other posting...

MISC:   MARK IS NOT JOKING!!!!! posted by: Romero on 3/12/2001 at 12:10:41 AM
Hey Oldskool Riders, Mark is not playin, I saw the bikes on ebay they are without a doubt THE most beautiful 80's bikes these eyes have seen on ebay ever. I don't know how the guy can possibly part with those beauties. I checked my 80's BMX Plus mags & he has the years & styles accurate. The Trickstar looks exactly like one I once went to a HUTCH freestyle show & saw Woody Itson on. I personaly think the Redline is the pick of the litter but you all can see & judge for yourself. Just make sure when you get to ebay to be specific. Type in "HUTCH Trickstar" to see the NOS Trickstar, "1985 Redline" to see Osborns old ride & "1987 Haro" to see the Sport. Good luck Mark, & don't give in if your reserves are not met. I dunno about the rest you but I think that Bikes built back in the 80's are alot better looking than todays bikes design & graphic wise. Seein those bikes brought back alot a memories Mark, you did a great job making sure they stayed looking mint.

WANTED:   BMX Plus! posted by: Romero on 3/11/2001 at 11:34:06 PM
Looking for January 1987 issue of BMX Plus! The cover includes the words: "Freestyle Shootout: Ground VS. Air" & has Ron Wilkerson on it doin a no hander & Martin Aparijo doin a endo to front tire stand while looking up at Ron. Will drop loot for a mint condition issue. Diamond Back Hot Streak featured inside along with a Martin Aparijo interview.

FOR SALE:   COOL, NEW 1980s, OLD SCHOOL BMX STUFF FOR SALE posted by: Bob on 3/11/2001 at 9:42:13 AM
Hutch, Dia-Compe, ODI, A'ME, Odyssey, ACS, Skyway, Kashimax, Vans,MKS, KKT and more.
Lots of new stuff added. E-mail for updated list:

   RE:FOR SALE:   COOL, NEW 1980s, OLD SCHOOL BMX STUFF FOR SALE posted by BRAD on 3/11/2001 at 7:30:13 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   COOL, NEW 1980s, OLD SCHOOL BMX STUFF FOR SALE posted by eric on 3/25/2001 at 9:47:23 PM
hey man--

what do u have for sale? i am looking for either hutch or gt stuff. Old school USA only.

MISC:   HandleBar Problem posted by: Keith on 3/11/2001 at 8:11:13 AM
The powerlite bars on my redline are not Knurled on the clamping area. They always move around while Im riding. Is there a way to keep them in one place without tightining it so much it will strip out the gooseneck bolts?
Thanks in advance

   RE:MISC:   HandleBar Problem posted by Oscar on 3/12/2001 at 6:20:26 PM
A shim between the bar-clamp area and the inside of the gooseneck will take up the slack. This will allow the clamp to hold the bar firmly.

   RE:RE:MISC:   HandleBar Problem posted by guido on 3/24/2001 at 1:46:43 PM
And maybe a little dab of bar compound between the bar and shim would help if the shim alone still lets it slip.

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Competition Sting almost completely NOS $250 shipped posted by: Eric on 3/9/2001 at 9:21:41 AM
The only parts not NOS are the fork, crank, and handlebars everything else is. Bike is chrome with red accents. The rims are red so are the grips, crank, brake lever, calibre and tires.

AGE / VALUE:   NOS complete Redline RL20 II (1985) for sale posted by: Mark on 3/8/2001 at 6:45:33 PM
I have one NOS 1985 white complete RL20 II for sale. Here are the parts: NOS white RL20 II frame and fork (1985, vefifiable by the serial number), NOS white Redline forklifter stem, NOS white forklifter handlebars w/ NOS white number plate, NOS Redline Flight 401 cranks (chrome, 180 mm) with Redline Techmatic bottom bracket, NOS white Peregrine Master Graphite wheels, NOS black with skinwall Tioga Comp ST tires (20 x 1.75"), NOS silver Dia-Compe 880 brakes front and rear matched set with NOS silver 128 levers and NOS white Dia-Compe brake cable, NOS black MKS graphite pedals, NOS black Oakley B2grips, NOS silver Tange headset, NOS silver fluted straight seat post, NOS white Viscount Dominator seat, NOS silver Peregrine seat post clamp, silver 43 tooth used Redline Flight chain wheel. Well, that is the list. As it sits complete, the bike only needs the brake cables routed. The calipers and levers are mounted, but I hadn't found time to put the cables on. This bike is mint, un-used, and completely original, with nice bright white parts. Only used part is the 43 tooth Redline Flight chainwheel, and it looks near mint. I don't have a picture, so please don't request one. I have PLENTY of references on this site, and I can furnish you with them. You would be hard pressed to find most of the NOS parts (including the frame set) for this bike. This is the first year for the RL20 II model, and they are difficult to find in un-used condition. It is the real deal, and will be priced accordingly. Please only make an offer if you are serious and actually have the money. Lets not waste each others time! I have Paypal for what it is worth, or I will accept a money order. Please e-mail me by clicking on my name at the top of this message. Thank You!


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   NOS complete Redline RL20 II (1985) for sale posted by h on 3/10/2001 at 1:17:20 PM
I need to see pictures, I'm sure most of would need to see them as well.

MISC:   Information On 4 Wheel Bike posted by: Victor Jacketti on 3/8/2001 at 3:09:36 PM
I have a 4 Wheel belt drive bike. It has a steering wheel, (no handle bars), 10"X1.50" Solid Goodyear tires. No numbers or markings at all. Can anyone out there help me out? On the hubcaps it is either a "M" or a "W". Thank you very much


MISC:   Hutch BMX Bikes posted by: David Yee on 3/8/2001 at 2:01:14 PM
Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone knew whether Hutch was still around. I used to ride a chrome Hutch back in the 80's and was trying to get some information on the web about the company, but can't find any.

I would really appreciate it if anyone had some info to reply back. Thank you very much.

   RE:MISC:   Hutch BMX Bikes posted by Hal on 3/9/2001 at 3:57:28 AM
You are out of luck. Hutch dissolved a number of years ago, they had been sued for using the Hutch name.
They then changed the name to Hutchins and were bought out. I know that somebody still owns the rights to there stuff though.
There really is not too much on the net about Hutch currently, but I know there are at least a couple web sites being worked on.
I hoped I helped.

   RE:MISC:   Hutch BMX Bikes posted by Libertarian on 4/28/2001 at 7:35:58 PM
Hutch was bought by Revcore (a racing frame manufacturer) sometime in the late 80's or early 90's. I don't know if the name was changed to Hutchins when it was owned by Hutch or when it was owned by Revcore. I have no idea what happened to Revcore. Who ever owns that probably owns the Hutch stuff still.

AGE / VALUE:   Bike on ebay posted by: ebrandon on 3/7/2001 at 6:03:18 PM
I put my brother's '86 DB Formula 1 on ebay:
item # 1119925162
not complete, factory 3pc crank/sprocket, son-lite drilled aluminun hubs, f/f, neck, and bars.
If anyone is interested, please check it out.
Thank you

AGE / VALUE:   Rim value? posted by: Basic on 3/7/2001 at 5:11:22 PM
I have a set of Peregrine Master mags, they are in pretty good shape. They are teal, have angled spokes, and are the graphite composite. I was wondering the approximate value of a set of these?

I am also hunting a 36 tooth (small) Basic Maple leaf Flatland sprocket and a set of Basic silencer pegs and/ other Basic Bike Company parts.

AGE / VALUE:   Kuwahara 24 inch wheels, chrome finish posted by: Matt on 3/7/2001 at 8:06:46 AM
I might have an opportunity to get this bike, all original, very, very good condition with three extra cogs to change gear ratios. Just wondering what the approximate value is and if anyone would be interested in it. I would be buying it to resell, not too keep, looking to maybe make a little profit, not out to gouge anyone....just not the kind of bike I'm into, but I know its something you guys might want.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kuwahara 24 inch wheels, chrome finish posted by BRAD on 3/11/2001 at 7:35:02 PM

AGE / VALUE:   NOS old school freestyle parts for sale posted by: Mark on 3/6/2001 at 7:11:27 PM
Here are some more NOS freestyle parts and complete NOS bikes for sale:

NOS 1987 Haro Sport Team Model. Parts are as follows: turquoise, chrome, and black 4130 chromoly frame set. Fork and rear triangle are chrome in color. Peregrine HP 48 wheels with white Peregrine HP tires, Haro Group 1 tubular chromoly 3 piece cranks, KMC chain, Peregrine chain ring, Haro freestyle handlebars, Diacompe Nippon front brake and Diacompe AD 990 rear brake, both silver in color with black and silver Diacompe 182 locking levers, black Haro group 1 stem, black Odyssey Gyro, AME Tri grips, fluted silver seat post, white Dominator seat, Peregrine seat post clamp. This bike is UN-USED and MINT. I have never even sat on the bike. All of the white parts are as they should be, bright white. This piece was ordered with Group 1 cranks when a lot of these Team models were ordered with Peregrine 3 piece cranks. Another little tid bit: this turquoise color was only available on this Team model for 1987. It is a unique color, and is NOT mint green, blue, or green. It is turquoise. Check your 1987 magazines for pictures. I purchased the bike in Cleveland, Ohio, and it came with the owners manual tied to the handlebars. It never sold because it was one of the most expensive freestyle bikes from 1987. I guarantee it is the un-molested real deal. Price $800 delivered.

NOS U.S. made Hutch Trickstar, with all NOS parts. Most parts are Hutch. This bike isn't cheap! 1985 Hutch frame and fork set, white frame with a chrome Trickstar fork. The frame set is U.S made, and was ordered with a chrome fork. NOS white Hutch Pro freestyle stem with western script 'H' on top, NOS chrome Hutch twin cross bar freestyle handlebars (U.S. made, and NOT the Mike Dominguez bars, NOS ACS rotor, NOS white Dia Compe Nippon brakes, front and rear, with NOS pink cable housing, NOS pink ODI Mushroom grips, NOS chrome U.S. made Hutch seat post clamp, NOS Odyssey chrome seat post, NOS pink Dominator seat, NOS Redline 401 flight cranks (chrome with single pinch bolt, techmatic sealed bottom bracket, and 180mm in length), NOS silver Tuff Neck power disk, NOS white Pro Neck 43 tooth chain ring, NOS pink Tioga chain ring bolts, NOS pink and white Tioga chain, NOS Hutch Pro freestyle pedals (chrome bodies and polished cages, sealed bearings, etc.), NOS pink Skyway Tuff Wheel II's with freewheel, NOS white Hutch freestyle tires (20 x 1.75" size), and finally, NOS pink Hutch pad set with white lettering. I know I used the letters 'NOS' a little too much, but evert part on this bike is NOS, un-used, and original. It took over a year to find everything. I know words can't describe the bike as well as pictures could, but the bike was tastefully built up in white, chrome, and pink. It is the nicest, complete NOS 1985 U.S. made Trickstar I have seen. Again, the bike is un-used and I have yet to even sit on this one either. Price $1250 delivered.

NOS 1985 or 1986 Peregrine 48s wheels. Complete wheels, factory built with Peregrine hubs. They come complete with freewheel, tubes, and black with skinwall Cheng Shin freestyle tires (20 x 1.75"). Un-used complete wheel set with an aluminum finish. Perfect and very appropriate for a 1985 or 1986 Haro or Redline freestyle bike. These wheels are NOT easy to find NOS. Price $110 delivered.

NOS 1985 Haro Master frame and fork set, white. 4130 chromoly, complete, and flawless. It has never even had a head set put on it. Price $300 delivered.

I wish I had a digital camera, but I don't really have the need for one. I plan on selling most of my old school parts, with the exception of two complete NOS 1985 RL20-II bikes. I have started to collect old full size arcade games, and my apartment is too small for both collections. I trust that anybody interested in the above mentioned items is serious about buying, and hopefully they are intelligent enough to know what they are buying. Prices are non-negotiable, and are essentially what I have in the items. E-mail me for references if you need them. Finally, I have Paypal for what its worth, or I will accept money Orders. Remember, ALL of the above items are truly NOS, and totally un-used. Click on my name at the top of this message for my e-mail address. Thank You!
NOS Comp ST tires (green) matched set (1.75 size) $30
NOS Comp ST tires (pink) matched set (1.75 size) $30
NOS Skyway Tuff Wheels II (white, freewheel type) $100
NOS ACS Z-rims (built with pink ACS Z-hubs) $120
NOS Mushroom grips in the box (pink) $10
NOS AME Tri grips (white) $10
NOS AME Tri grips (lavender) $10
NOS Viscount Dominator seat (lavender) $10
NOS Power Neck Pro Power Disk (lavender) $10
NOS Power Neck Pro Power Disk (green) $10
NOS Power Neck Pro Power Gear (white, 44 tooth) $10
NOS Power Neck Pro Power Gear (green, 43 tooth) $10
NOS Skyway Spin Master $15
NOS ACS Z-pads brake pads (white) $12 for a complete set of
NOS GT Pro Performer handlebars (lavender with 1985 style -
writing) $15
NOS GT Pro Performer handlebars (pink with 1987 style -
writing) $13
NOS CW freestyle handlebars (white, double cross bars, NOT
the cheap looking ones that say "California Freestyle"
NOS Dia Compe Nippon green and white brakes, 2
complete brakes for $40
NOS Dia Compe Nippon green brakes, 2 complete brakes
for $40
NOS Hadley BMX headset, white $12
NOS CW California Freestyle pad set (flite brand, white with
green writing) $15
NOS red Addicks nylon plastic seat post clamp (red) $10
NOS Peregrine seat post clamp (silver) $10
NOS Odyssey seat post clamp (white) $10
NOS Tioga chain ring bolts (green) $5.00
NOS Tioga chain ring bolts (white) $5.00

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   NOS old school freestyle parts for sale posted by eric on 3/25/2001 at 9:54:36 PM
hey mark--

What bmx parts if any do you still have for sale?


WANTED:   Silver Fork Standers posted by: OldschoolBMXguy on 3/5/2001 at 8:04:19 PM
Does anyone know where to get fork standers? Preferably the ones that came on the Haro Master, but GT ones will work. Silver in color, if possible

   RE:WANTED:   Silver Fork Standers posted by Keith on 3/7/2001 at 4:48:23 PM
Unless you have a master fork with mounts, you cannot use the haro ones. Haros had built-in standers.

   RE:WANTED:   Silver Fork Standers posted by Bob on 3/11/2001 at 9:48:59 AM
I have some Odyssey NOS CHROME fork standers. E-mail me at "rehetzel@msn.com" if interested.

MISC:   I Didn't Know! posted by: Romero on 3/5/2001 at 6:16:34 AM
I just got my October 1986 issue of BMX Plus! in the mail purchased from a guy on ebay. I was reading through it & saw a Redline bike I had not seen growing up. The Redline RL-20A. What seperates this bike from the RL-20II is that instead of having twin tubes, it had only one tube with the traditional A behind the seatpost. Other than that, it looks just like a regular RL-20II. Also in this issue is a Mongoose bike called the Blue Max Jammer. What I like about the bike is that it has a 75 degree head angle. The picture they supplied doesn't look like it does but that's what BMX Plus has the bike specs at. I didn't realize ANY bikes back then were made with 75 degree head angles. One last thing, awhile back there was a disscussion about A particular Team Murray that came out in the mid 80's stock with ACS Z-Rims. Well I just got my 1984 Donruss card set in the mail with the elusive bike included so anyone who wants to check it out, email me for a pic. Does anyone know where I can find accurate head angles for just about all the bmx bikes that came out from 1986-89 mainly Redline's, Haro's, California Freestyle, & Skyways. Ron Wilkerson had a brother named Sean??? What ever happened to Shawn Texas, Tommy Brackens, Brian Scura, & Josh White??? HOLY COW, PEREGRINE MASTERSPORTS CAME STOCK ON KUWAHARA BRAVO KT'S. Hey Rob, I'm gonna have to invest in a bigger scanner to get you the Redline photos you want, I'll keep you posted. The Mike Dominguez Diamond Back signature model bike that came out in 1986 was a BADD MAMMA JAMMA!! Redlines Todd Anderson was a high flying dude, he was the guy who rode the RL-20A in freestyle competition alongside Osborn.