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Archived: Old School BMX

WANTED:   redline mx-2 decals posted by: joe gillion on 3/4/2001 at 1:10:43 PM
hello, i am looking for decals for my early 80's mx-2 redline. any help would be appreciated. i have photos of the bike with the old decals. i will e-mail them if ness.

MISC:   Chrome Frames posted by: James on 3/3/2001 at 5:11:18 PM
I have two questions and hopefully you can answer them.

1. I got this Dyno frame and I did not notice a dent on it and that the chrome was pealing in the dent and I sort of a perfectionist about my bikes, I want to fix it but I don't want to rechrome it so what should I use to fix it?

2. Do you know of any stock wheels were the spoke design were the back looks different front (cross two on the back and no cross on the front)? and would it be worth it to fix it or get it fixed?


   RE:MISC:   Chrome Frames posted by Rob on 3/7/2001 at 6:33:01 PM
front wheel=no cross spokes is known as a Radial lace rim......Redline sells those rims Cheap!!

FOR SALE:   1984 Mongoose Californian posted by: b on 3/1/2001 at 7:04:35 PM
1984 Looptail Californian for auction on ebay. Hinged SR
seatpost clamp, SR pedals and stem. ProClass blue spider
and rims with blue accents. Original pads.

AGE / VALUE:   NOS freestyle bikes and parts for sale. posted by: Mark on 3/1/2001 at 3:24:26 PM
Here are some more NOS freestyle parts and complete NOS bikes for sale:

NOS 1987 Haro Sport Team Model. Parts are as follows: turquoise, chrome, and black 4130 chromoly frame set. Fork and rear triangle are chrome in color. Peregrine HP 48 wheels with white Peregrine HP tires, Haro Group 1 tubular chromoly 3 piece cranks, KMC chain, Peregrine chain ring, Haro freestyle handlebars, Diacompe Nippon front brake and Diacompe AD 990 rear brake, both silver in color with black and silver Diacompe 182 locking levers, black Haro group 1 stem, black Odyssey Gyro, AME Tri grips, fluted silver seat post, white Dominator seat, Peregrine seat post clamp. This bike is UN-USED and MINT. I have never even sat on the bike. All of the white parts are as they should be, bright white. This piece was ordered with Group 1 cranks when a lot of these Team models were ordered with Peregrine 3 piece cranks. Another little tid bit: this turquoise color was only available on this Team model for 1987. It is a unique color, and is NOT mint green, blue, or green. It is turquoise. Check your 1987 magazines for pictures. I purchased the bike in Cleveland, Ohio, and it came with the owners manual tied to the handlebars. It never sold because it was one of the most expensive freestyle bikes from 1987. I guarantee it is the un-molested real deal. Price $800 delivered.

NOS U.S. made Hutch Trickstar, with all NOS parts. Most parts are Hutch. This bike isn't cheap! 1985 Hutch frame and fork set, white frame with a chrome Trickstar fork. The frame set is U.S made, and was ordered with a chrome fork. NOS white Hutch Pro freestyle stem with western script 'H' on top, NOS chrome Hutch twin cross bar freestyle handlebars (U.S. made, and NOT the Mike Dominguez bars, NOS ACS rotor, NOS white Dia Compe Nippon brakes, front and rear, with NOS pink cable housing, NOS pink ODI Mushroom grips, NOS chrome U.S. made Hutch seat post clamp, NOS Odyssey chrome seat post, NOS pink Dominator seat, NOS Redline 401 flight cranks (chrome with single pinch bolt, techmatic sealed bottom bracket, and 180mm in length), NOS silver Tuff Neck power disk, NOS white Pro Neck 43 tooth chain ring, NOS pink Tioga chain ring bolts, NOS pink and white Tioga chain, NOS Hutch Pro freestyle pedals (chrome bodies and polished cages, sealed bearings, etc.), NOS pink Skyway Tuff Wheel II's with freewheel, NOS white Hutch freestyle tires (20 x 1.75" size), and finally, NOS pink Hutch pad set with white lettering. I know I used the letters 'NOS' a little too much, but evert part on this bike is NOS, un-used, and original. It took over a year to find everything. I know words can't describe the bike as well as pictures could, but the bike was tastefully built up in white, chrome, and pink. It is the nicest, complete NOS 1985 U.S. made Trickstar I have seen. Again, the bike is un-used and I have yet to even sit on this one either. Price $1250 delivered.

NOS 1985 or 1986 Peregrine 48s wheels. Complete wheels, factory built with Peregrine hubs. They come complete with freewheel, tubes, and black with skinwall Cheng Shin freestyle tires (20 x 1.75"). Un-used complete wheel set with an aluminum finish. Perfect and very appropriate for a 1985 or 1986 Haro or Redline freestyle bike. These wheels are NOT easy to find NOS. Price $110 delivered.

NOS Peregrine Master Graphite Sport wheels, bright magenta in color. Freewheel type (no freeswheel included) 5 spoke mag wheels. Perfect for an old school Redline or Haro bike. Price $125 delivered.

NOS 1985 Haro Master frame and fork set, white. 4130 chromoly, complete, and flawless. It has never even had a head set put on it. Price $300 delivered.

I wish I had a digital camera, but I don't really have the need for one. I plan on selling most of my old school parts, with the exception of two complete NOS 1985 RL20-II bikes. I have started to collect old full size arcade games, and my apartment is too small for both collections. I trust that anybody interested in the above mentioned items is serious about buying, and hopefully they are intelligent enough to know what they are buying. Prices are non-negotiable, and are essentially what I have in the items. E-mail me for references if you need them. Finally, I have Paypal for what its worth, or I will accept money Orders. Remember, ALL of the above items are truly NOS, and totally un-used. Click on my name at the top of this message for my e-mail address. Thank You!


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   NOS freestyle bikes and parts for sale. posted by Mark on 3/6/2001 at 4:28:05 PM
Magenta Peregrine Master Graphite wheels are sold! Thanks Luke!


AGE / VALUE:   true,or false? posted by: Rob on 3/1/2001 at 1:20:50 PM
hello all....i had a Very interesting conversation with an established bmx-er last night....then,i went surfing today to check out what he had told me....heres what i discovered....now,please lets not get stupid here=save the insults.......i am Not an expert,and never claimed to be one.....if you see something,or feel you have a better point,please reply.....
okay.....we talked about redlines and hutches....what he explained to me was this....there were very few redline bicycles actually made in the USA...most were made in Japan....a lot of people seem to think Japan did not make quality bikes....this is wrong...Japan made some of the finest bikes ever released..the quality of most of the bikes made exceeded the usa`s ability to make bikes...in other words,cheaper labor,same,or better welds/workmanship......their shipping/taxes/Costs were too much to continue using that country as primary builders...this cycle continued from around 79? thru 84-85....then most of the bike makers discovered that Taiwan was the "cheapie" builder.....unfortunatly,the quality of those bikes are indeed shoddy..........my point would be that if the bike is made in Japan,its not a bad bike at all....and if its made in Taiwan,then the quality is not as good.......any opinions?? replies??...thanx in advance,and please correct anything i have said wrong.....
also,on a related note...to the person who keeps posting the trash posts here on oldroads....I KNOW WHO YOU ARE....
i warned you that i Would find out.....the next trash post you make,i will release all the info about you....some of you guys will be astonished to discover who this degenerate really is..i had a hunch,and i was right..so,before you continue your trash posts,you better re-think your post.....once i found out who you are,i dug a little deeper,to see what type of person you really are....as i thought,you have done this trashing before,and i will also refer to that overwhelming evidence should you be foolish enough to continue with your inflammatory posts....dont even try that slander angle either....YOU chose to act in this fashion,and you are responsible for Your actions....Sincerely,Rob,of robs-recycled-rides

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   true,or false? posted by Mike on 3/1/2001 at 2:17:07 PM
I remember buying my Redline in 1984, and being bummed when I read in the manual/BMX Action review that it was made in Taiwan. I would say that once BMX started to get bigger (82-83?) they started to manufacture bikes in Taiwan... Other than my Trek mtn bike, I don't think I have ever ridden an American made bike. Sad.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   true,or false? posted by jeff on 3/2/2001 at 5:51:03 AM
On the quality of bikes made in Japan during this time frame, read some of the postings on the Vintage Lightweight section of this site. There are some Japanese bicycles and components that are becoming quite valuable due to the materials used and the quality of workmanship.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   true,or false? posted by Mark on 3/3/2001 at 10:00:49 AM
I disagree that Taiwan made bikes are of lesser quality. I have a few NOS Haro Master frame sets from 1985 through 1987, and the welds on these Taiwan made Haro frames are better than the welds on my U.S made Hutch Trickstar frame set. Haro welds are precise looking and strong. The Hutch welds look sloppy in comparison. I believe Haro is the exception to your rule, as ALL Haro frame sets (with the exception of the first Freestyler model) are Taiwan made.


   Redline in the USA posted by Bill from OldSchoolBMX.com on 3/3/2001 at 9:49:12 PM
As far as Redline is concerned, They did not sell a US built complete bicycle. If you go to our site oldschoolbmx.com and read the Linn Kastan interview.,You will see the story on Japan. Redline built framesets but when they got into the complete bike market, they went to Japan in 1979. Linn Kastan actually taught a company how to weld to Redline specs. Later on bikes were made in Taiwan but all framesets were either US made or Japan made. There were never any framesets made in Taiwan till after he sold the company to SBS.
on another note, all the Haro bikes were built by ANLUN, a taiwan companiy that no doubt built bikes for other US companies.

The way it works(simplified) is you go over to Taiwan with a drawing and bunch of money. Come back here, wait a couple of months, and a container ship arrives with a container loaded with your bikes, partially assembled, stickered, and boxed. All you need to do is sell them. The Taiwan companies are very efficent. For example, TNT Bicycles went to SE Racing who built the C-4 and SuperFong aluminum frames for about $120 each, TNT had to sticker them and box them. Mongoose on the the other hand, had the aluminum Solution frames built in Taiwan, stickered, boxed, and shipped for around $50. I know a few guys in the industry who gave me these prices.

US made chromo frames cost around $80, Taiwan made are around $25. If you were a big company, where would you build.

I have seen US made Hoffmans and Taiwan built Hoffmans, the Taiwan made frames blow the UIS made out of the water as far as quality and consistency of the welding and tubing miters.

   RE:Redline in the USA posted by Mike on 3/3/2001 at 10:27:30 PM
Intresting post!My Red Line is an 84 (pre SBS, correct?) and I remember taking the Taiwan sticker off the frame. I could have sworn that the country of origin section in the review in BMXA said Taiwan as well... but that was also 16 years ago, and MILES ago.
Thanks for the information!

   RE:RE:Redline in the USA posted by Bill from OldSchoolBMX.com on 3/4/2001 at 5:17:49 AM
Are you sure your Redline was a frame only or was it a tear down from a complete bike?. The complete bikes were made in Taiwan later. I spoke with Linn Kastan last week and was told that frames were either US or Japan made when he owned the company. Frames that were part of a complete bike are a different story.

When SE Racing was still in business in late 1999, all their framesets were US built but the complete bikes were Taiwan built. You could not tell them apart if they were stickerless.

I just looked at the Jan 1984 BMXA test on page 24 of the Redline Carrera II. There is no mention in there or in any ads about country of origin. The onl notable mention was that the welds were not like "the Redlines of yesteryear".

   RE:RE:RE:Redline in the USA posted by Rob on 3/4/2001 at 9:59:06 AM
BIG thanx to Bill,and others...i indeed caught the article you posted on oldschool bmx.com.....about Mr Kastan...
this is the kind of info i really like to learn....thanx again...Please,teach us more!!..cheers,Rob.....BTW,how to tell the different frames??...anyway??[quote]Frames that were part of a complete bike are a different story[/quote]

   RE:RE:RE:Redline in the USA posted by Mike on 3/4/2001 at 2:38:55 PM
It was a complete bike- a 84 500a, the year before the "trimoly" entry level bikes were introduced... as a testimony to the quality of the bikes made overseas, I rode that same f&f for 6 years STRAIGHT with no problems. I wore out or broke every part that came stock after a couple years too. I used it for dirt jumping, ramps, flatland... and beat the tar out of it. I bought it as my first legit BMX bike, and it still is my favorite. Last week I did find a sticker pack for it that is era correct, and this will be the first summer that I retire the frame for good.
It could have been BMX Plus! that had the country of origin. I could have sworn that it was on the seat mast, just a little Taiwan R.O.C. sticker. But like I said, that was years ago.
Once again, thanks for the inside knowledge... it's very intresting to hear a little history behind the companies.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:Redline in the USA posted by Bill from OldSchoolBMX.com on 3/4/2001 at 7:46:01 PM
Well I guess you answered your own question. It was a complete bike. As I said framesets intended to be sold only as framesets were US or Japan made. The complete bikes were Japanese and later Taiwan made. Not to say they are any less quality as preoven by your having the bike forever and it holding up. The difference is really the place of manufacurer. The outward appearance is usually the same. Its only a little sticker.

Todays companies like GT get away with the "assembled in the USA" decal. That usually means the company has the frames built in Taiwan and the canti studs and decals might be applied here. The United States trade laws let them get away with that.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   true,or false? posted by GregG on 3/13/2001 at 6:04:57 PM
I don't know when the last time there was a bike that was 100% made in the US, but it was before Bendix moved to Mexico. Many of the older bikes had hubs and pedals imported from Germany. The reason for the manufacturing shift in the mid-80's from Japan to Taiwan was the "yen shock" as described in the following paragraph lifted from Tony Hadland's website:

"In 1985, the U.S., Canada, Germany, and Great Britain were suffering massive trade deficits with Japan. The five governments met in mid-1985 and signed the G-5 agreement. Over the next six months, the value of the yen went from 240 to 125 per dollar.

The "Yen Shock" had a profound effect on the bicycle market. In 1985, the major Japanese bicycle makers exported full lines of bicycles to their U.S. dealers. After the yen shock, Japanese bicycle makers could not compete profitably in the low or medium-priced market and that market quickly shifted to Taiwan and later to China. As Japanese wages rose and the yen kept appreciating against the dollar, only high-priced bicycles were exported from Japan."

Personally I have never had any problems with manufacturing from Taiwan or Japan - China is another story. I was told at one point that for all the hundreds on different brands that there were basically three companies in the world that was actually doing the manufacturing under contract. Kind of makes brand recognition moot when potentially all the major competitors came from the same factory. Nothing like truth in advertising.

MISC:   Taking care of chrome frames. posted by: James on 3/1/2001 at 12:59:49 PM
Hello I'm getting a chrome frame and I want to know what would be good for polishing it up. I have Turtle wax chrome polish and Mothers mag wheel polish are these good products to use, if not what should I use? Also do you have any tips for taking care of chrome frames?


   RE:MISC:   Taking care of chrome frames. posted by Rob on 3/1/2001 at 1:57:19 PM
i use Nevr Dull.....first,i clean the frame with shampoo and water..i use soft bristle brushes to remove spots...then after dried,i use the never dull....for hard to get at places,i use a old toothbrush,with nevrdull wrapped around it......do NOT use SOS,or any type of those scouring pads....hope this helps,cheers,Rob

   RE:MISC:   Taking care of chrome frames. posted by Mike on 3/1/2001 at 2:05:49 PM
I have used this stuff called Flitz for 10 years- I use it for chrome, but it really rocks on aluminum. I have a few sets of Dia Compes that I polished to the point that they looked like chrome. But if you can't find it, use the Mothers...

   RE:RE:MISC:   Taking care of chrome frames. posted by Rob on 3/1/2001 at 2:12:22 PM
also,if the frame has spots that just dont want to come clean,then i use Noxon>>with a soft washcloth,wrapped around a few times,and use it like a shoeshine,ie,buffing back and forth...this will usually do the job...this is the last step,and i only do this if nothing else will do the job....also,Noxxon,is 4 bux a bottle,and Nevr Dull is 3 bux a can..i get mine at Aubuchon hardware-a local hardware store..all materials otherwise purchased at the local dollar stores......cheers,Rob

   RE:MISC:   Taking care of chrome frames. posted by James on 3/1/2001 at 4:01:55 PM
Thank you all for your help and input.

WANTED:   Sticker Packs posted by: Mike on 3/1/2001 at 11:10:10 AM
Does anyone have a source for stickerpacks? I am looking for a 85-86 green Haro Master and ANY color 87-88 Master, Sport, FSX or FST.

WANTED:   Looking For Maximum Bicycles!! posted by: Tony Ell on 3/1/2001 at 8:50:32 AM
I am looking for any Maximum Bicycles That I can find. Maximum was operated out of Riversude Ca in the mid 80's. Anyone with any information or parts please contact me. I would like to add 3 or 4 of these to my collections.

   RE:WANTED:   Looking For Maximum Bicycles!! posted by Jon on 4/23/2001 at 6:56:38 PM
Good luck finding a MAXIMUM,I I've ever only seen two of those in my life time and one was mine when I was co-factory for them.They gave me a frame,fork,and jersy for $125.00 maybe a seat post to but I can't remember.The owner once told me they were working on some bars but I've never seen a pair.Have you ever seen one,they look alot like a patterson,a very low profile frame but very lightly built in fact they have the thinest tubing I've ever seen on a cro-mo BMX bike new or old.To give you an idea of what Im talking about both the head tube and bottom bracket are noticably thinner than a JMC.Along with NOMURA's they are probably among the lightest frames made during that era but they sufferd from excesive flex because of it.Another thing is there short about 17.5 in. from the back of the head tube to the front of the seat tube but oddly they have a longer tail section than most other frames and thats the XL model which is the same as other company's pro models.I didn't like mine much I raced it maybe six times and went back to my HUTCH pro racer.A few years later I made an inverted GPV out of it and almost killed my self on it,running into of all things a barbed wire fence.Good thing that fence was tied into an oak tree or I would have been cut to ribbons alot worse than I was.the jersy is still blood stained from that little stunt.The only other thing I can think of about MAXIMUM's is that along with tubing the crome is very thin in some spots showing the copper plate underneith and even raw bare metal along the edges of the front and rear drop outs,you can even see the junctions between some of the peices of tubing through the welds.And in case you were wondering how I remember so much about this stuff, yes ,I still have it and sorry, no ,it's not for sale.It's in mint condition with all stickers except the forks which were removed for racing the only real flaw is two scraches in the head tube sticker from the ill-fated GPV run.Sorry if hearing all this is torchering you,wanting one and all.but I just thought you'd like to hear about it.If you do manage to find one hang on to it I have a feeling there rare and if you find out any more about the company Email me and let me know I'd like to know more myself,good luck.

WANTED:   NOS YELLOW COMP II tires posted by: Jaymes on 3/1/2001 at 5:51:31 AM
I'm looking for a pair of Yellow NOS Comp II tires or a similar NOS pair of yellow tires. Let me know what you have. Thanks.

FOR SALE:   hutch windstyler posted by: mike on 3/1/2001 at 5:02:45 AM
i have this chrome hutch windstyler (frame only) that i`ve been holding onto for a couple years now and i think its time to sell it to someone that will apreciate it. there are no decals on it but it shines up real nice. the top of the seatmast has been broke but i`m sure something could be fashioned to fix it. otherwise, it has very little wear. please email me directly with any offers, just click on my name. thanks

MISC:   1980 Schwinn Sting posted by: Todd on 2/28/2001 at 9:14:19 PM
I own a 1980 Schwinn Sting that is a metallic blue color with a chrome front fork. After reading some of the other postings, I am finding that the bike isn't as rare as I had been told? The serial number on my bike is 1487777. I have read, again on this posting, that the Sting is not as collectible as it used to be. Can someone give me some information on these bikes? I would like to know when they were first made and possibly what it might be worth today. Also, if anyone is interested in the bike, I am considering selling it. Thank you for any help!

   Sting posted by Bender on 3/1/2001 at 12:40:38 PM
I myself have been trying to sell a Sting. It is a real sting not a Sting Competition which make a big big difference. Mine is chrome and in flawless condition frame, fork, headset,and seatpost, seat, and shim I've been asking for $250 shipped Firm. I've been randomly trying to sell it for about 7 months if this info helps you any on gauging what to ask.


WANTED:   peregrine mags posted by: bil on 2/28/2001 at 3:23:56 PM
I am lookin for a good set of peregrine mags in black and good cond. thanks

FOR SALE:   Team Kuwahara for sale posted by: Jaymes on 2/28/2001 at 12:38:43 PM
I have a black Team Kuwahara that I'm going to sell. It has gold anodized Suntour 3 piece cranks, gold Suntour Stem, Gold Suntour hubs, Gold suntour seat clamp, gold fluted seatpost, Ukai rims, Gold dia compe brake caliper and lever, yellow Elina seat, yellow snake belly tires, gold KKT lightning pedals, Redline V-bars. Email me for a few pics. This bike is sweet. It's used, but in very good condition. Taking offers. Thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Team Kuwahara for sale posted by Jaymes on 2/28/2001 at 12:40:24 PM

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Team Kuwahara for sale posted by Jaymes on 2/28/2001 at 3:46:47 PM
I'm not sure what model it is. I would say it's about a 80 or 81 model year. Any help identifying and dating this bike would be a big help.

MISC:   People SUCK posted by: Michael on 2/28/2001 at 7:57:51 AM
Listen people you know who I am talking about just because one person I dealt with isnt too happy with it OH WELL. I dont need you telling anyone not to deal with me because you werent happy GREG. I really could care less. So if anyone has bad stuf to say to me be a MAN and e-mail me direct at THEBIKEDOCTOR@deal-maker.com. I AM NOT trying to screw anyone. So whatever

FOR SALE:   COOL NOS Old School BMX STUFF FOR SALE posted by: BOB on 2/28/2001 at 6:32:53 AM
Lots of HUTCH, ODI Mushrooms and A'ME grips, Dia-Compe brakes and levers, Odyssey brakes,levers,seatposts,clamps,stems and fork/framestanders, KKT and MKE pedals, Skyway Tuff Pads, Vans shoes and more! Send e-mail to "rehetzel@msn.com" for complete list.