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Archived: Old School BMX

AGE / VALUE:   Puch BMX posted by: Gary on 4/22/2001 at 11:12:21 AM
bought a new Puch BMX about 1980. Still have the Sukue hub, front and rear rims, gold hubs, yellow center rims. Looking for a Puch frame.

WANTED:   kawasaki parts posted by: Lap on 4/21/2001 at 9:21:28 PM
Hopefully one of you guys will be able to hook me up, I'm needing the top piece to the forks, they're called triple tree on motorcycles but I'm not sure if that's correct for bikes, and I also need the clamps that go on them for the bars. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

   RE:WANTED:   kawasaki parts posted by gary on 4/22/2001 at 11:09:41 AM
24 in full suspension Mt Bike; Rear triangle, wheel, green plastic rear fender, seat, says Kawasaki on it. All [arts as new.

   RE:WANTED:   kawasaki parts posted by lap on 4/22/2001 at 2:37:45 PM
I'm sorry I forgot to include the model number, it's a 20 inch Kawasaki BX 100. They were made in the middle 70's. Thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   ANLUN posted by: mike on 4/20/2001 at 10:15:28 PM
has anyone ever heard of " ANLUN " frames? found one with that name cast into the rear dropouts and brake mount. also have a frame that is NOT mongoose, jag, or decoster, but is similar to all three, will send pic if necessary.

   for sale posted by mike on 4/20/2001 at 10:22:41 PM
also found a cheap pair of 26" chrome forks if anyone is interested, $20.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   ANLUN posted by Dave on 4/27/2001 at 6:19:44 PM
Anlun was not a brand but a Taiwanese manufacturer. They built frmes for Redline, Haro, Norco, and a few other companies. They were and are still one of the best builders over seas. Dave

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   ANLUN posted by mike on 4/27/2001 at 8:57:03 PM
ok, if anlun was a builder of frames, then why did they put their name on this one? and if i sent u a pic, do you think u could help me identify it?

FOR SALE:   bikes posted by: Rob on 4/20/2001 at 8:19:25 AM
Hutch Windstyler frame only...has bent rearend,and top of seatpost where clamp sits is broken off(piece included to fix)...looks like got hit by car...no crushed tubes,or cracks,just bent..cant bring myself to toss what looks like an easy fix....also have nos stickerset for this bike....Damn near free to good Hutch Home....will trade for interesting parts....also have some older mongoose decades,fair to rough,one pro model,one regular....a schwinn of some sort,chrome frame with tange 12oo forks.....A-pro race frame,chrome,.....and a redline 700 frame fork etc.....email for details....thanx,Rob

   RE:FOR SALE:   bikes posted by Matt on 5/6/2002 at 7:18:38 PM
What color are the Decades how much for all, or how much for separate

FOR SALE:   bikes posted by: mike on 4/19/2001 at 9:40:10 PM
still have the following f/f`s for sale: HUTCH trickstar; HUTCH expert racer, HUTCH windstyler, Roger DeCoster. will also soon have S&M Holmes Classic. email me directly, thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE:   bikes posted by mike on 4/19/2001 at 9:49:28 PM
S&M not available, sorry. nice chrome goose is now for sale though. email direct. also have Hutch pro neck (2), Hutch trick neck, Hutch 1/2" pedals, Hutch neck pad (white), 3/8" drive train w/FBM 44t chainwheel, oddessey x-tro fork/hub combo, DB turbo neck/bars, perigrine mad max hubs (NOS). email directly, thanks again.

   RE:FOR SALE:   bikes posted by mike on 4/20/2001 at 7:33:43 AM
e-mail me i am interested int he trickstar or the expert racer. michael@samnet.net

   RE:FOR SALE:   bikes posted by Jon on 4/21/2001 at 8:04:29 AM
how much do you want for the hutch pedals and are they the older ones that don't have HUTCH cast into them

WANTED:   Old school Auburn F/F posted by: Jeremy on 4/18/2001 at 9:45:27 PM
Looking for an Auburn F/F. Preferably the late 80's Red/Chrome model. Will consider others. Thanks.

WANTED:   profile posted by: MikeyDiamond on 4/17/2001 at 1:32:00 PM
Looking for a set of new or repro profile decals

   RE:WANTED:   profile posted by Tony on 4/20/2001 at 11:30:32 AM
I don't have any more decals but I scanned a downtube decal before I put it on a frame. I can email you the file if you want to make some.
LMK Tony

   RE:WANTED:   profile posted by mikeydiamond on 4/21/2001 at 12:31:06 PM
Could you please send me the file with the decals, it would be greatly appreciated. my e-mail is michael@samnet.net

FOR SALE:   roger-D posted by: mike on 4/16/2001 at 1:55:34 PM
just came across a Roger-DeCoster nickel- finished frame with the original ashtabula crank, neck, and forks. if anyone is intereted, email me directly. also, what would the value be on an old redline 24" with the long steerer in the front? its not mine so its not for sale.

AGE / VALUE:   Frames Frames posted by: Tweety on 4/15/2001 at 8:29:54 AM
Are Flyin O frames any good because I found These Bikes in a junk yard the other day.
FLYIN O complete
old Mongoose
and some wheels
Are these parts worth any thing the frames had no dents but a little rust wheels work fine once I got the grease out

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Frames Frames posted by jamie on 4/15/2001 at 9:16:59 AM
What kind of Skyway is it? Do you want to sell it?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Frames Frames posted by Flyin O? on 4/15/2001 at 10:36:13 AM
There was a bike called a Flyin Rhino at one time. It was made my Tioga and used Tange tubing.By chance are the stickers rubbed off and now it says Flyin O?


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Frames Frames posted by claudio on 4/16/2001 at 8:27:21 PM

FOR SALE:   Cleaning house posted by: Greg Groth on 4/14/2001 at 8:56:39 PM
BMX isn't really my gig, but I found a set of Team Schwinn 3pc cranks while going through my parts boxes, and thought they might be of interest to someone. Left crank arm is pretty beat up, and anodizing is worn on the face of the crank arms. Also note that the one lock ring is cracked, you can make it out in the following pictures. I think I might have a set of NOS bolts for the bearing cups somewhere, but I will have to dig further. Lip on one of the cups is a little chewed up, but bearings roll free.


Drop me an email if interested.

FOR SALE:   80's bmx posted by: la on 4/14/2001 at 7:18:03 PM
tri power complete(crack in frame on small piece behind bottom bracket)200.00 looptail pk ripper chrome landing gear complete except cranks and pedals275.00, old kuwahara race bike complete very light, 3 piece cranks very small bottom bracket 150.00

   RE:FOR SALE:   80's bmx posted by Jon on 4/16/2001 at 12:57:35 PM
Interested in your PK and KUWAHARA if its for a full size rider.If not just the PK and I'll give you $260 for it or $400 for both if the KUWAHARA is full size.

WANTED:   Nomura,JMC,and RRS F/F posted by: Jon on 4/13/2001 at 1:47:29 PM
Looking for pro size Nomura,also pro size JMC early model with skinny down tube and euro BB if possable and of course the forks would be nice too.And if any one knows anything about an RRS F/F out there let me know. Other items wanted include all shimano DX components ,hi flange campi hubs,older philwoods with s/s center sections and an older pk ripper w/ landing gear if ones out there.condition of parts is not of great importance as I can restore anything as long as its not totally waisted,been run over by a big rig or chewed up under a trackter plow things like that.

AGE / VALUE:   NOS Redline Flight cranks for sale...chrome and complete. posted by: Mark on 4/13/2001 at 2:06:46 PM
I have available one set of NOS old school Redline Flight 401 cranks, bearings, spindle, and chain wheel. The cranks are 180mm, chrome, and were taken off of an NOS bike. The bearings are Redline Flight Tech (silver w/ Redline stickers). The chain wheel is a Redline 43 tooth old school chain wheel (aluminum). It is used, but near mint. E-mail me offer if interested. Thanks!


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   NOS Redline Flight cranks for sale...chrome and complete. posted by Jeremy on 4/15/2001 at 3:25:09 PM
What year are the Flights? How much do want for them? Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   NOS Redline Flight cranks for sale...chrome and complete. posted by PAUL NAYLOR on 4/24/2001 at 2:22:08 AM
How much do you want for the cranks?

AGE / VALUE:   red line bmx frame #373675 posted by: troy waters on 4/11/2001 at 5:23:20 PM
I have an old redline bmx frame with the serial #373675,it has redline in a circle on the bottom does any one know what it is ? thanks troy

AGE / VALUE:   Searching for Maximum BMX Products posted by: Tony Ell on 4/11/2001 at 7:38:16 AM
I am looking for any Maximum BMX Products that I can find. Please e-mail me if you have any or know of any. Thanks!
Tony Ell