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Archived: Old School BMX

FOR SALE:more frames posted by: mike on 4/30/2001 at 9:33:08 AM
just picked up two more mongoose frames, one has mount for coaster brake, one doesn`t. they both need new paint jobs.$45 each + shipping. also have two black schwinn frames, one with fork. dont know what year they are but i do know that they are 70`s era.f/f $45 + shipping, frame only $35 + shipping.

   RE:FOR SALE:more frames posted by mike on 4/30/2001 at 3:36:46 PM
just identified the two schwinn frames as scramblers!!! price doesnt change.

   RE:FOR SALE:more frames posted by mike on 5/3/2001 at 6:00:33 PM
the mongoose frame without the coaster-brake mount is considerably longer than the other, still $45 + shipping.

WANTED:Late 70's Schwinn Scrambler w/Skyway Tuff Wheels posted by: Mike on 4/29/2001 at 4:36:48 PM
Looking to buy late 70's schwinn scrambler w/skyway tuff wheels. Prefer red or blue bike. At least in fairly good condition. I really want one but can't seem to find one. Please email me with info or pic. Thanks! Mike

   RE:WANTED:Late 70's Schwinn Scrambler w/Skyway Tuff Wheels posted by DAN on 4/30/2001 at 6:44:19 PM
I've got a couple, get in touch if your serious. DAN

AGE / VALUE:Haro Master posted by: Keith on 4/29/2001 at 12:06:49 PM
hey, I bought a master at a flea market for 40$. I think it is a '85 but im not certain. I cant find the serno, Its probly covered by the down tube sticker like my '88 master. well anyway, Its green and the triangle is painted instead of chrome. it has all the stickers. It also has the bolt on forkstanders instead of flip-downs, It has skyway tuffs-It came with a coaster brake tuff but I swiched with a 6- spoke tuff freewheel style one.Also has dia-compe blue anodized side pull brakes . Haro freestyler bars w/ stickers. It has a 180mm seguno 3-pc and sproket. It has a redline forklifter gooseneck. It did not have a rotor, but I plan to install one along with white tires and stuff. Do think its is an '85 or could it be older? Whats the value?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Haro Master posted by Mike on 4/30/2001 at 7:48:48 PM
Judging by the Sugino cranks, painted rear triangle and the oddball Red Line stem, I would say an 85. The brakes are probably FS880s...
It sounds like the bike is almost all stock, but who knows what its worth- that depends on the condition of the bike overall. There have been some sano Masters for sale on Ebay for $150.00 and up for a clean f&f. I found a nice 87 Master w/o wheels for $71.00. It wasn't pretty, but with some cleaning and a few NOS parts it's a sweet ride again. I also found an 88 FSX (an underated bike for it's time) for $28.00- and I found an original stickerpack for it too! A trip to my buddies shop for some color matching and I'll have a pretty cool ride.
Any inside lines on Haro stickerpacks are appriciated...

AGE / VALUE:Hutch Trickstyler question posted by: Jason on 4/28/2001 at 8:35:15 PM
I still have a Hutch Trickstyler frame and fork. I am thinking about selling it to someone who'd want to restore it, collect it or whatever. I don't know the year it was made exactly. I was thinking it was 88 or 89 but it might actually be a 90. I ordered a Trickstar 2 frame years ago and asked for it in chrome. I told the company that if chrome wasn't available to send my money back. They didn't want to send my money back so they disassmebled a Trickstyler and gave me that frame and fork instead. Needless to say I was surprised to open the box and find a frameset with 24K gold plating. Anyway I rode on this frame and fork for about 2 years. The fork stickers got chewed up and came off. The other stickers have nicks and scrapes here and there (all the gold is still intact!) The gold stickers on the end of the top tubes has mostly peeled off on one side. These particular gold stickers don't appear to be actual gold, just gold colored stickers. The paint has alot of scuffing and nicks in it. It eventually got a small crack in it. I had it re-welded and kept riding it. I never had anymore crack problems with it. The only reason I stopped riding it was because I found a chrome trickstar. So anyway I was wondering if I could get several opinions from you guys as to what something like this might be worth. There are some people in the neighborhood who are interested in it but I want to know what a good price for this might be. I don't wanna get fleeced by these guys. This is a Taiwan frame by the way. I'm sure the other Hutch freaks around here already knew that but I just wanted to add that bit of info anyway.

P.S. Don't respond and tell me all Hutch Taiwan frames are crap. The Trickstar 2 wasn't a bad frame. The Jet, Excel, and Windstyler on the other hand might be good beginner bikes but that's about it.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Hutch Trickstyler question posted by Jason on 4/28/2001 at 8:53:23 PM
I also meant to add this:
I have some pictures of this frameset and even a picture years ago when I was riding it.
It's all at my website.
scroll down to the bikes section for pictures. Or you can read all that stuff about me if you dare...
And, yes, I am the guy who posted as Libertarian in earlier messages. It never occured to me that one MUST use his real name when leaving a message. I have seen some people get a good chewin' for using a screen name. So my name is Jason. Now you know! :)

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Hutch Trickstyler question posted by Jason on 4/28/2001 at 9:14:36 PM
dammit. I typed the address wrong.

there was supposed to be a ' in there not a `.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Hutch Trickstyler question posted by Jason on 4/28/2001 at 9:16:46 PM
Cripes. I typed it correctly. It's the messageboard. It can't display the tilde key. Anyway you need to use the tilde key before the word poop_smuggler.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Hutch Trickstyler question posted by Egay on 4/29/2001 at 10:42:10 AM
There is only one way to find out any items true value. Stick it on Ebay for a 9 day Auction with a starting bid of $1 and what it ends at is what its worth. Since I have never seen a Trickstar frame II only frame for sale seperately you would have the first time advantage.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Hutch Trickstyler question posted by Jason on 4/29/2001 at 10:50:15 AM
I'm kinda' new with ebay and don't know exactly how it works. I am selling some 35mm movie previews there until I get the hang of it. Now, if I put the frameset up on ebay and people bid on it wouldn't I be forced to sell it to the highest bidder at the end of the auction even if the highest bid was like 5 bucks? I just wanna' try and figure a good ballpark figure for a starting price to bargain with these guys who want it. They insist I make the first offer. Anyone else ever seen one of these for sale anywhere? Is there a way to put it up on ebay to see what people are willing to pay without actually selling it if I choose not to?

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hutch Trickstyler question posted by jim on 5/30/2001 at 8:40:25 PM
This frame is probably worth about $50-$100 cracked (Closer to $50) . I sold a complete NOS bike for $450.00 . If you can get $50 run with it ;-) ! If you want ask $100 but fifty is a real good price to get ;-) !!!!

MISC:HERES MY ALBUM posted by: Vinny on 4/27/2001 at 11:54:09 PM

   RE:MISC:HERES MY ALBUM posted by Jamie on 4/29/2001 at 7:25:01 PM
How much do you want for the acs rotor? Let me know jrellis5@hotmail.com. Thanks, Jamie.

FOR SALE:more stuff posted by: Vinny on 4/26/2001 at 11:58:12 PM
Well here is some more stuff i have "" kuwahara bmx bike ....... uni seat and post hardly ways nothing says its the fastest seat in the world.... ukai white rims never spoked........ cw frame very nice and sturdy tubeing........ 2 N.O.S peregrine heat treated aluminum frames extremely light......... here is the link for the picture of the redline im selling u can browse the album for the pics of the other stuff thanks vinny .... http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1550888&a=12731381&p=47352601

WANTED:MCS Cruiser Bars posted by: Jason on 4/26/2001 at 6:27:48 PM
Wanted: MCS cruiser bars. Looking for low rise bars with lots of rake. The MCS are my favorites. May consider others with lots of pullback (rearward bend).

FOR SALE:A BUNCH OF STUFF FOR SALE posted by: Vinny on 4/25/2001 at 11:31:30 PM
Hey i have a bunch of stuff im not set on any prices im takeing the best offer right now :
Redline frame - PL-20 it is in nice shape no dents or scratches from what i can see. it has nice stickers they have the usual peeling and scratches, it has the old 3 piece redline-180 crankset on it....
SKYWAY MAGS- set of old black skyway tuffwheel mags
N.O.S ACS ROTAR AND STEM - each still in package package says 1985 or 1986 i have to check on that

I am takeing the best offers on this stuff i have a bunch more stuff i'd like to post so e- mail me or post questions and offers thank you - Vinny

   RE:FOR SALE:A BUNCH OF STUFF FOR SALE posted by Jason on 4/26/2001 at 6:13:58 PM
I'm looking for some MCS cruiser bars. Please let me know if you have any for sale.

Jason Cloutier
Pawtucket, RI

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:A BUNCH OF STUFF FOR SALE posted by Dan on 5/19/2001 at 10:21:58 PM
I have CW cruiser bars that I would love to trade for an old "Tuf-Neck'inverted cruiser stem.

   RE:FOR SALE:A BUNCH OF STUFF FOR SALE posted by Chas on 11/2/2001 at 8:51:50 PM
I need a rear Tuff Wheel, will take the set, if the rear wheel is of the freewheel variety with a STEEL hub. The old ones with the star shaped metal hub were made of steel before they changed to alloy then to injection molded plastic with alloy threads. If you still are selling, I notice the ad is dated...

FOR SALE:stuff posted by: mike on 4/25/2001 at 7:21:28 PM
still have the following parts for sale:
HUTCH pro neck, 1 near new, 1 used
HUTCH neck pad, near new
HUTCH trickstar f/f, white US
HUTCH expert racer f/f, chrome
HUTCH windstyler f/f, pink & chrome
mongoose f/f, chrome
oddessy x-tro fork/hub combo
HUTCH 1/2" 1-pc pedals
hutch seatpost clamp, white
mad max hubs, NOS
GT framestands, NOS
hunt-wilde grips, NOS
3/8 drivetrain w/FBM 44t & ACS FAT fw
generic 26" fork, chrome
generic Oakly 3 type grips, 1pr blue, 1pr pinkish/red?
Tuf-Neck stem, gold
S&M redneck stem
ashtabula stem & crank(165)
ACS seatpost clamp, black
Tuf-Neck seatpost clamp, blue

email me directly with Q`s, thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE:stuff posted by same on 4/25/2001 at 7:33:00 PM
all parts are used unless otherwise marked

AGE / VALUE:graphite Tuff Wheels for sale or trade posted by: Mark on 4/24/2001 at 7:14:47 PM
I have a very nice matched set of near mint Skyway graphite wheels for sale. A suntour freewheel is included. One wheel has light scuff marks. They have been lightly used. $350 delivered, or trade up or down towards NOS Redline RL20-II parts or NOS Peregrine Master graphite wheels (any color except green). For what its worth, I have PayPal. E-mail me if interested. I have no photos, but will refund your money less shipping if you are not satisfied. This set is awesome, but I have no bike old enough to put them on. Thanks.


AGE / VALUE:Hutch Ultra Dyno (expert frame) posted by: John on 4/24/2001 at 1:12:46 PM
I have an old chrome Hutch Ultra Dyno. It is in beautiful condition. Some stickers have minor scratches on them but nothing horrible. It has mint Hutch rims, Hutch crank, Hutch star sproket (gold) and racing sproket (chrome), Hutch cruiser bars, Hutch neck along with a tuff neck, hutch pedals, and just about everything hutch but seat and grips. I may want to sell but still deciding. Please leave a message on this site or in my e-mail.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Hutch Ultra Dyno (expert frame) posted by Jamie on 4/24/2001 at 4:09:56 PM
Do you have a picture? If so I would like to see it. Please send me one. Also if you sell it how much do you want for it, let me know?!!

FOR SALE:Killer NOS BMX Products Jag on ebay posted by: Jim on 4/23/2001 at 3:31:31 PM
Killer NOS BMX Products Jag on ebay. Look under seller name thriumph. I also have an 80's NOS Schwinn Predator Freestyle and an NOS 80's Torker II freestyle for sale.

FOR SALE:Several NOS bikes posted by: Brett P on 4/22/2001 at 8:14:02 PM
All prices are plus shipping from Houston. No pictures available, email for more info. or my Phone number. Brett
NOS 88 Haro Sport, Complete Yellow $400
NOS 85 Haro Sport frame Chrome (email)
NOS 98 Quad, Complete $355
NOS 85 Skyway Streetbeat, frame,fork,bars, Green $125
NOS 81 Schwinn Predator f/f and parts Chrome $115
I'm moving so I'm trying to lighten my load. Brett

AGE / VALUE:FOR SALE REDLINE 600 CXL posted by: Steve on 4/22/2001 at 7:14:59 PM
1986 Red/chrome Redline 600 cxl f/f with blackout b/b and headset

FOR SALE:Believe it or not posted by: Jamie on 4/22/2001 at 11:26:22 AM
I have these bikes.
All these are before 1989

   RE:FOR SALE:Believe it or not posted by mike on 4/22/2001 at 6:22:52 PM
what kind of hutch/skyway do you have?

   RE:FOR SALE:Believe it or not posted by Mike on 4/29/2001 at 4:44:55 PM
Do you have any old schwinn scrambers for sale??

   RE:FOR SALE:Believe it or not posted by chris on 6/6/2001 at 9:32:43 PM
if you have any haro sport or master from the year 1988 to 91 for sale please email me..

   RE:FOR SALE:Believe it or not posted by steve on 6/9/2001 at 8:56:55 PM
What haro's do you have.

   RE:FOR SALE:Believe it or not posted by James Brewer on 7/19/2001 at 11:51:15 PM
Very interested in your mongoose. Give me some details and a price. Let me know. Thanx! James.

   RE:FOR SALE:Believe it or not posted by Adrian on 8/12/2001 at 10:53:39 AM
What Redlines and Hutchs to you have?