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Archived: Old School BMX

AGE / VALUE:Early Diamondbacks posted by: MC on 7/5/2001 at 5:53:18 PM
What are the most desireable Diamondbacks? When were the first ones produced? I'm new to BMX. Thanks for any information on these.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Early Diamondbacks posted by mick on 7/19/2001 at 2:17:43 PM
I remember the first ones to reach the shores of the UK back in about 1981 or 82. The " Viper " was the base model. It was HEAVY. I think it had Reynolds tubing. They retailed for 150 pounds, ( about 250 dollars ? )

WANTED:Need help to finish my OM Flyer posted by: Jim on 7/5/2001 at 4:33:16 PM
Need help to finish my OM Flyer, Im looking for a 7/8 GT chrome moly seatpost (with round foil sticker), Bullseye front hub(gold with oval sticker)and any Comp 3 26 X 2.125 tire in black or blue. Thanks!!!

MISC: posted by: mike on 7/4/2001 at 8:57:21 AM

FOR SALE:bikes posted by: mike on 7/4/2001 at 8:48:12 AM
i have the following bikes for sale:
HUTCH windstyler, complete
CW expert, complete
KUWAHARA scamp, complete
DIAMONDBACK viper, complete
`75 MONGOOSE, frame
`81 MONGOOSE team, frame (chrome)
`81 MONGOOSE team, f/f (not chrome)
DYNO freestyle, frame
HUFFY pro thunder, frame
many other misc. smaller parts
please email for specifics on any of these. I`m trying to restore my HUTCH trickstar and am willing to make some deals, just let me know, thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE:bikes posted by john on 7/17/2001 at 4:39:43 PM
KUWAHARA frame, or pk ripper frame

   RE:FOR SALE:bikes posted by Chas on 11/2/2001 at 8:34:03 PM
I need a Skyway Tuff Wheel(or similar) in the 20" rear freewheel variety with a STEEL hub. The old style star shaped metal hubs were made of steel before they changed to alloy. Do you have?

WANTED:Hutch Expert Frame set posted by: Dave Edwards on 7/3/2001 at 5:34:36 PM
Hello, i am looking for a HUTCH Expert frameset, i use to own one a while back and want to get
another one. please contact me if anyone knows where i can get one.

WANTED:Hutch Trick Star Stickers posted by: Tony T. on 6/29/2001 at 7:33:50 AM
I'm looking for a Hutch Trick Star head tube, down tube, round freestyle racer, and round genuine Hutch sticker. Chrome sticker with black letters. No repros. Originals only please. You can email me at tony@dontbestupid.com. Thanks for any help with these.

WANTED:bars posted by: Tim on 6/28/2001 at 9:30:13 AM
I forgot to mention the boss pro bars are 32 in. wide. thanks

WANTED:bars and bottom bracket posted by: Tim Ickes on 6/28/2001 at 9:27:24 AM
I am looking for a set of BOSS pro handlebars, and a petes precision products sealed bearing bottom bracket set for one piece cranks

AGE / VALUE:DB posted by: mike on 6/27/2001 at 10:59:10 PM
i just picked up a complete diamond back today that i`m unsure of. it has almost cartoon style decals with the letters bein all different sizes and different colored triangles in the background facing different directions. it does say " F/W VIPER " on the chainstays but nowhere else. it also has " cromolly/hi-ten " decals on the seatmast. it was sold originally in the prtland oregon area at a local shop, not a mass market thing. if anyone can help with the approximate year/model i would greatly appreciate it, thank you.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:schwinn??? posted by mike on 6/27/2001 at 11:13:22 PM
also have a pretty basic chrome frame that has a round " racing certified " decal on a small folded head gusset that sits between the top and down tubes. it also has the serial # stamped sideways on the side of the haedtube. it came with crome forks that have decals " WH " in white on the legs but i dont think there original to the frame. if you can help me to identify any of these items, please LMK, thanks.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   schwinn??? posted by jim on 6/30/2001 at 2:52:08 PM
It sounds like an older Huffy Pro Thunder frame . Does the front gusset look the same as a thruster ,but with out the holes drilled ? If so it is a pro thunder !

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   schwinn??? posted by mike on 6/30/2001 at 10:32:19 PM
Ok, now that i`ve identified the frame, I need stickers for it. If anyone has the sticker set for this Huffy Pro Thunder frame, please LMK. And thanks for your help.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:DB posted by Mike on 7/5/2001 at 6:23:51 PM
I would say that your Viper is from 1987. They had that "ransom note" look to the sticker packs, I thought it was pretty cool. I think that Diamond Back was trying to update their image (after a LAME first generation freestyle bike), and with Woody Itson and Mike Dominguez on the freestyle side of things it worked. The Viper was their lower end BMX model, with a tri-moly frame (half cro-mo, the rear end hi-tensile steel). Entry level machine, but still cool. The Viper is still around, only in a little more hopped up version... http://www.diamondbackbmx.com/viper.html
Hope this helps,

MISC:Free Wheel for Tuff 1's posted by: Richard on 6/27/2001 at 9:33:14 PM
I picked up a set of 70's Tuff 1 wheels for dirt cheap and i am trying to get a free whell put on i can have one put on in bike sops cuz they say its old technology
please email me with an answer

   RE:MISC:Free Wheel for Tuff 1's posted by Gary on 7/5/2001 at 9:25:45 AM
I think you may have to use a conversion kit.
There was a special peice that worked with the guts of a coaster brake, and had threads for a freewheel.
I recall installing one in 1982.

FOR SALE:CW Racing california freestyle stickers fs/trade posted by: SteveB on 6/25/2001 at 8:45:09 AM
I found a couple stickers for a CW Racing california freestyle this weekend. the package had been opened, so I think the set isn't complete. Some wrinkling from the guy having it tossed in a box with other stuff, but they should still go on ok. A scan is at www.mindspring.com/'sblackstone/cw.jpg
I need parts for a Murray Motorcross, especially a headbadge sticker. A picture of a motorcross is at www.mindspring.com/'sblackstone/murraymotorcrossflyer.jpg
it might help identify some of the parts if you have some around. I'd like to swap for the headbadge sticker if anyone has one, but an offer of some other part used or otherwise, or cash would be ok too.


AGE / VALUE:'76?SchwinnScramblerPhantom(black) posted by: Craig Reed on 6/24/2001 at 8:10:02 PM
interested in finding out the year of production, & if there is a market for this ride(worth restoring), without its reflectors or pads. black & yellow oval badge, chain guard, everything is original, yellow lettering/water decals alittle scratched

AGE / VALUE:   Torker info needed ? how to date ? posted by: jim on 6/23/2001 at 9:26:26 AM
Is there any way to tell the date a Torker frame was made from the serial # ? PLMK ! Thanks

AGE / VALUE:Looking for 70's yamaha and kawasaki parts posted by: Geoff on 6/19/2001 at 9:43:33 AM
Looking for parts or complete bikes.
Yamaha and kawasaki suspension bikes from the 70's.
Particularly need a banana seat for a B model
Yamaha bike.
Also interested in any other parts that you
Have cash or trades.



FOR SALE:Thruster Vanishing Point posted by: Mike on 6/18/2001 at 12:12:53 AM
Thruster Vanishing Point F/F W/euro BB for sale in good condition.Chrome is great,drop outs are good,has all original stickers, The stickers are scratched up. I will have pictures soon. Email me with offers, may consider trades if good.

I am looking for a set of Nos sunshine sealed hubs in blue and maybe a set of nos bullleyes in blue if can't find sunshines. Thank You

   RE:FOR SALE:Thruster Vanishing Point posted by Gary on 7/15/2001 at 10:22:02 AM
Im interested in purchasing your thruster ,or if any one has any fore sale, also interested in any puch frames (Track Pro) please e-mail me gsstrac@citlink.net thanks