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Archived: Old School BMX

FOR SALE:sellout slingshot vector profile cw redline more posted by: Tony on 9/3/2001 at 8:07:09 PM
You guys know the drill. Love my collection but I have to make room for the new baby. (Congratulations sir, …..it’s a Suzuki….)

All prices are best offer plus shipping, usually $15 or less. Frame only unless listed

1. Skyway Streetbeat frame and fork set, NOS Orange $100
2. Haro Sport FST. 90% sure its first year, white NOS - $125
3. CW California Freestyle, NOS pink frame and fork set - $125
4. SE Trickmaster, frame with Landing Gear fork and Big SE bars, green. Mechanically good, needs paint. Excellent project. I’ve seen landing gear sell for over $100 alone. Asking $150
5. SE PK Ripper Looptail, polished frame. Seat post area is re-welded from a crack. $100
6. Redline MXII, NOS white frame and fork set with NOS decals applied recently. $125
7. Redline RL20a frame and fork set. NOS Radberry/chrome fade color with chrome fork. Screw in fork pegs and bolt on rear standers, not built in type. $200
8. Torker Freestyle – NOS white frame $75
9. Zeronine freestyle frame, red/chrome fade. $75
10. GT Performer, orange NOS frame and orange bars with orange levers. $100
11. Profile frame and fork set. Chrome, excellent shape comes with NOS down tube and head tube sticker set. $150
12. Profile mini – chrome NOS frame. Lightest frame I ever saw - $75
13. Mongoose Decade – blue frameset. Good shape, could use paint. $50
14. Schwinn Predator frame set, red/white fade. Good shape, needs TLC $50
15. Auburn CR20 NOS purple front with polished alum rear work link rear end $75
16. Fabweld, NOS Chrome frame - $65
17. Ross Aluminum freestyle bike from mid 90’s. Very light, great for flat. Asking $250. Lots of nice parts.
18. Slingshot Cruiser frame, Red, very good shape but could be painted. Never seen one before. Not sure what its worth but I paid a lot for it. Serious offers only.
19. Vector Mark II frame and fork set – NOS totally mint, not one fingerprint!! Not sure if its for sale. It will take a good $500 to tear it out of my cold dead hands.

Fine print:
There are no bargain prices up there, but I’m trying not to price gouge. Prices reflect my costs plus a reasonable profit or slightly less than the best recent Ebay price for a similar item. I hate Ebay but all this stuff is heading there soon. You guys get first crack.

   RE:FOR SALE:sellout slingshot vector profile cw redline more posted by mike berry on 2/24/2002 at 1:13:25 AM
do you still have se pk ripper for sell?do you have pictures

   RE:FOR SALE:sellout slingshot vector profile cw redline more posted by matt on 5/6/2002 at 12:49:35 AM
I might buy the Decade is it Baby Blue, and does it have the chrome centerpeice on the handlebars. if u got pics send um to me

   RE:FOR SALE:sellout slingshot vector profile cw redline more posted by matt on 5/6/2002 at 12:50:28 AM
I might buy the Decade is it Baby Blue, and does it have the chrome centerpeice on the handlebars. if u got pics send um to me

MISC:Huffy Bandits posted by: David on 9/2/2001 at 8:17:19 PM
Can Anyone Spply Me With Any Info On A Huffy Bandit. (i.e. year made,made for)

   RE:MISC:Huffy Bandits posted by Chris on 9/5/2001 at 12:47:17 PM
The bandit was made in about 1977 and was decked out with plastic fenders and funky knobby tires and had those crazy buckhorn handle bars. I went on to bigger and better bikes but what I wouldn't give to have my bandit sitting in the basement today. They were just a ride around the neighborhood bike, but were great for wheelies.

AGE / VALUE:Diamond back freestyler posted by: Rob on 9/2/2001 at 11:57:47 AM
Please reply about hotstreaks and survivors to this one.Thanks

AGE / VALUE:Diamondback freestyle bmx posted by: Rob on 9/2/2001 at 11:48:37 AM
Saw a Diamondback Hotstreak@ Bmxmusuem.com just like the frame and fork I pulled out of a dumpster.I do not care what it is worth, just has curio attraction. Any other Hotstreak owners out there? For that matter, any kuwahara survivor owners? Old school is cool.

WANTED:Lookin for a bunch of stuff, can you help?? posted by: OuTLaW on 9/2/2001 at 12:35:02 AM
Looking for a grip of stuff, thought i'd list it here and see what you guys got. SE Quadangle freestyle F/F, CW freestyle bars (double top tubes), ACS Z-rims/mags CW ultra layback braced seat post, SE pad sets for the quadangle, Complete Hutch trickstars, Viscount seats, mx100 brakes.. Let me know what you got and what you're asking for it and we'll talk.


WANTED:decal set for a torker 280x posted by: la on 9/1/2001 at 4:37:04 AM
Wanted a decal set for a torker 280x I think its like a 1979, or 1980? Not sure I have had this bike 1982 and bought it used back then. Please let me know if you can help thanks alot LA

WANTED:The following NOS parts for '80 Schwinn Sting Competition posted by: TIM on 8/30/2001 at 9:43:20 PM
Schwinn Chrome moly handlebar #55 055
Weinmann 1026 anodized (blue) caliper brake/lever/cable #17 060
Brooks B-18 racing saddle #58 560
Team Schwinn anodized (blue) stem #55 586
MKS rattrap pedals #57 840
Sugino BMX 44 anodized (blue) chainwheel
Finish Line grips (black)
NTKK Motocross 20 x 1.75 gumwall tires
correct chrome hubs

any help would be greatly appreciated!

FOR SALE:2 OLD FRAMES ,WEBCO AND CHAPION posted by: JASON WHITE on 8/30/2001 at 6:58:30 PM
QUISTIONS . WILL ANSWER ALL . therocker@altvista.com

   RE:FOR SALE:2 OLD FRAMES ,WEBCO AND CHAPION posted by jason on 8/30/2001 at 7:37:20 PM
HEY I DID NOT PROOFREAD, EMAIL IS therocker@altavista.com

   RE:FOR SALE:2 OLD FRAMES ,WEBCO AND CHAPION posted by darren on 9/1/2001 at 6:07:14 PM
The squareback champion has been sold to me. His WEBCO frame
and Takagi Crank arm with a Sugino or Tuff Neck (Redline
Flite Style) one piece Chainwheel are still available. Jason is great to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!

   RE:FOR SALE:2 OLD FRAMES ,WEBCO AND CHAPION posted by kent bloomer on 9/5/2001 at 4:12:22 PM
What color and much $

AGE / VALUE:torker 2 posted by: mike on 8/30/2001 at 9:16:48 AM
i got this one yesterday on a trade. its a torker 2 360air freestyle. white fade to light blue. all original except wheels. i would like to find a light blue set of mags or z-rims for it. any ideas what this might be worth? i`m also looking for a skyway t/a decal set if anyone has one, please lmk. thanks.

WANTED:KKT AMX aluminum pedals posted by: Max on 8/26/2001 at 11:35:45 AM
1/2" shaft preferably in black....

WANTED:Kuwahara ET F/F decals posted by: Max on 8/26/2001 at 11:35:45 AM
Looking for some of these decals either NOS or repro.. They where slightly different than the regular Kuwie ones....

   RE:WANTED:Kuwahara ET F/F decals posted by Ian on 8/28/2001 at 3:44:38 PM
I too have an ET which I am currently restoring. The stickers on mine are trashed, but if I can't locate any I will probably have to remove the ones on my frame, scan them, then get a good graphics program to fix them up. If you come across any could you let me know? Likewise if I find any.

   RE:RE:WANTED:Kuwahara ET F/F decals posted by Max on 8/29/2001 at 10:47:19 AM
Hey Ian.... Sure, if I do find any I'll let you know.. If you manage to get some printed off, make an extra set cos I'll have one...... Max

   RE:WANTED:Kuwahara ET F/F decals posted by John Butler on 9/3/2001 at 9:14:20 AM
If you're able to print some up, I'd be interested in buying a set. Also, I think Cyclart reprints damaged stickers.

AGE / VALUE:GJS Freestyle Frame & Fork posted by: Matt Orlob on 8/24/2001 at 2:30:40 PM
I have an old GJS freestyle frame and fork that I want to sell, but am not sure what it is worth. It was originally white, but the paint is pretty scratched up. The Frame has a small hairline stress crack under both of the gussetts (the gussets are similar to that of a Hutch trickstar, but are in two seperate pieces instead of a single tube). Overall the frame and fork apear to be in good shape. It is clear that whoever originally had it quit riding it as soon as they noticed the crack in the headtube gussett.

FOR SALE:1984 Haro Sport posted by: Jon Carpenter on 8/22/2001 at 10:55:38 AM
Original 1984 White Haro Sport, F&F only. Email for a picture and to make an offer.

   RE:FOR SALE:1984 Haro Sport posted by Steve on 9/13/2001 at 2:28:58 AM
can i see a pic of the haro sport you have for sale.

AGE / VALUE:   TRaker frame fork & bars posted by: jim on 8/22/2001 at 12:13:36 AM
Anybody know the value of a TRAKER frame/fork with TRAKER bars ? All chrome with AERO top tube on frame and h-bars ? Was going to trade it for an ELF cruiser but ???? LMK ????

FOR SALE:redline posted by: mike on 8/21/2001 at 9:29:01 PM
i just picked this one up on a trade and i dont really need it. i`m told that its a 600a series 3 but there is no sticker identifying it as a 500 or a 600 or whatever. there is a sticker on the seatmast with the number 3 on it so i`m guessing that thats the series 3 identifier. the f/f is all full chrome moly with the front of the frame painted over in red, (factory), and the bb shell painted over in black, (also factory). the serial nuber is 85084487 and is on the bb shell so we know its an `85. its in very good shape minus the identifying sticker. all other stickers are in tact. if anyone is interested in this, please let me know, thanks.