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Archived: Old School BMX

AGE / VALUE:   Help with this please posted by: Ken on 11/23/2002 at 6:40:28 PM
Has anybody heard of a Dan Gurney eagle bmx frame from the early eighties or late seventies? I got one in 1981, I still have it and don't think I've ever seen another. The frame is chrome, on the head of the frame is a sticker with a eagle head and Dan Gurney eagle in writing, on the vertical support post on both sides has eagle stickers in red,white and blue. It has Webco-Mag magnesium mags and Tange tx-500 forks. So any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Help with this please posted by Eric on 11/27/2002 at 10:22:20 PM
They have some, but not huge collector value, if the condition is very good to excellent. I believe they stopped producing these around '78 or so. You can go to vintagebmx.com and find a few in the museum if you're so inclined. I had one as a kid and regretfully sold it cheap some years back. If you're looking to sell yours shoot me a pic.
The webco mags, on the other hand, I believe are a pretty hot item. Possibly worth a couple hundred if they're very clean. The market for this stuff seems to fluctuate quite a bit, though, so it's hard to say for sure.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Help with this please posted by Craig on 1/5/2003 at 11:06:18 PM
Of course,Dan Gurney is best known for his
Anerican Eagle race cars,as well as,being an accomplished race car driver himself.Most people don't know that he made bicycles.Being in So. Cal.,where Dan's shop was located,the bikes where around here(a couple of my friends had them).To the right person your bike could be of value.It sounds like a cool bike.If you're actually interested in selling your bike,I would like to talk to you about the possibility of buying it.Thank you.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Help with this please posted by Garry on 1/21/2003 at 6:06:35 PM
In December 1976, my dad bought me and my brother each a Dan Gurney Eagle. One black, the other chrome. I still have both bikes, and would appreciate any info on them. They are rough right now, but I'm thinking of restoring them.

AGE / VALUE:   raliegh strika posted by: bill on 11/23/2002 at 5:41:39 AM
im in perth western australia i have raliegh strika army green and black how old is it please

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   raliegh strika posted by Steve on 11/25/2002 at 2:05:30 PM
We have plenty over here in the UK. I remember riding one as a kid. I don't know the exact date , but I'd guess at between 1979 - 1981.

They seem to sell for between GBP 5.00 and GBP40.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   raliegh strika posted by bill on 11/27/2002 at 9:48:41 AM
ok ty very much

FOR SALE:   BMX BIKES posted by: george on 11/23/2002 at 2:28:07 AM
I have lots of BMX parts,frames,complete bikes.some are schwinn scrambler there is 3 of these.diomond back,gt,huffy monoshock,westernflyers,ect.you should get the idea.all emails will be answered.if close i live in battlecreek michigan.thanks for loooking. george

   RE:FOR SALE:   BMX BIKES posted by Mark Sutherland on 1/5/2003 at 2:51:35 AM
Hi! What do you have in the line of GT? Thanks!

   RE:FOR SALE:   BMX BIKES posted by jim on 3/10/2003 at 6:00:39 AM
any 80's gt pro performer bikes?

FOR SALE:   Old BMX stickers for sale ! CHEAP!!!!! posted by: jim on 11/22/2002 at 8:29:14 AM
Go check them out here!!!!


MISC:   GHPBMX.com - Have You Seen it? posted by: cruisen on 11/20/2002 at 6:45:23 AM
Any GHP fans in the house? Did you guys see the new site GHPBMX.com? its pretty dope.

Also, I'm looking for GHP stuff - stickers, jerseys, bars, any GHP stuff. Let me know what you may have!


   RE:MISC:   GHPBMX.com - Have You Seen it? posted by Greg on 11/22/2002 at 11:29:48 PM
I've got a super cool set of NOS greg hill signature snakebelly's in black 20-2.125...Greg

AGE / VALUE:   Webco posted by: Tom Vaccarello on 11/20/2002 at 3:10:22 AM
I,m looking for a decal set for a Webco bmx,any leads would be great, e-mail me direct at tvaccarello@msn.com Thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Webco posted by Don on 11/22/2002 at 12:01:56 AM
E-bay, E-bay, E-bay

WANTED:   Kuwahara ET BMX WANTED posted by: Steve on 11/20/2002 at 12:38:32 AM
Looking to buy the Kuwahara ET BMX please contact me with photo's and details etc... frame and folks is also ok any condition but perfect complete bike would be better.

AGE / VALUE:   thruster posted by: john on 11/19/2002 at 7:43:53 AM
i have a thruster tri power xl for sale great shape best offer

MISC:   Australian ET Kuwahara? posted by: eliot on 11/19/2002 at 7:24:58 AM
I have a Kuwahara that looks like it should be an ET Kuwahara, but it's different to the one featured in the ad at . The frame is a chrome Laserlite, with steel v-bars, steel wheels (with blue enamel), one-piece cranks etc. I'm thinking it's low-end bike using the Laserlite frame, and because Australia got the ET (the movie) release after the US, the original bike may not have been readily available here. It doesn't have any stickers on it, but it does have a full set of ET pads in good condition, and seems very original. Anyone?

WANTED:   blue comp 3's posted by: paul c. on 11/19/2002 at 3:35:30 AM
i am looking for 2 blue ones. prefer 1- 20x2.125 + 1- 20x1.75. if you have any good ones e- mail me and let me know. thanks, paul c.

FOR SALE:   mongoose frames posted by: mike on 11/15/2002 at 8:23:45 AM
i have 3 mongoose frames i'm willing to sell. all are nickel, and need decals. all need some cleaning and polishing. all are pre-1981. one has a coaster brake mount. here are the serial numbers:
CK9 245318
CG9 193060
CC8 68906-coaster

asking $30 each +shipping. thanks.


WANTED:   WANTED PATTERSON PAD SET posted by: LA on 11/10/2002 at 11:47:49 AM
Looking for a pad set in nos or nice shape. Please email me with what you have. Incomplete is ok also.
Thanks again

WANTED:   just some parts posted by: mike on 11/8/2002 at 9:44:02 AM
looking for the following parts:

26" wheelset, anodized red
spider and chainring, anodized gold
sr or equivilant stem, anodized gold
blue chain
gold chain
red chain
yellow mongoose seat
rear mx-1000 or similar brakes, anodized gold
mongoose double-clamp stem
red grips
blue grips
white headset
yellow comp-III set, 20x2.125
red comp-III set, 26x1.75
gold hubset
gold pedals (not platforms)
rear motomag-II
1 right oakley-3 grip in blue, must be clean!
and anything else i might find useful

stuff i have for trade:

NOS dorcy box bars, red or yellow
NOS vdc cruiser bars (beachcruiser type), alloy, anodized blue
redline v-bars, chrome, clean
hanter freestyle bars, green, only mounted once
hutch freestyle bars, baby blue, lightly used
NOS hanter stem (forklifter-type), white
NOS kore street forks, chrome
haro fusion alumilite bars, used very little
26" stock replacement forks, chrome, 6.5" steerer, near nos
oddessey y-bar, chrome, used
peregrine q-bar, chrome, used
redline forklifter bar, chrome, not oldschool type, used
aluminum KKT platform pedals, very lightly used, 9/16"

post here or email me for more info. any and all offers welcome!


   RE:WANTED:   just some more parts posted by mike on 11/9/2002 at 8:00:29 AM
adding these to the "stuff i have to trade" list:

NOS skyway tuff-II wheels, red, yellow, black, suntour coaster
NOS ukia 36h rim, gold
NOS ukia 36h rim, gold, shineyside

again, all offers welcome.


   what happened to trading? posted by mike on 11/16/2002 at 9:36:00 AM
where are all the good traders at? i have recieved a couple of emails from people that want to sell me stuff on my list, but don't want to trade. why is that? are we so afraid of getting burned that we just wont do it anymore? have we forgotten how our entire monetary system got started. i thought that we oldschoolers were a good bunch of people, always looking to make new friends through trading stories and parts for our restorations. is this now a long lost means of keeping our history (and memories) alive? is it all about the almighty dollar? is this what our beloved hobby has come to? if this is all there is left, i want out.

i have had 1 good trade in the past few months (thank you darren). and to HIM, i tip my hat.


   RE:what happened to trading? posted by Stacey on 11/17/2002 at 12:55:09 PM
A bit presumptious aren't we Mike? You say 'no one want's to trade', yet you're being contacted with offers for sale. If folks were so afraid of being burned, would you get even that?

Perchance, your offerings to trade hold no interest for anyone? I know that is MY situation, I have a Motomag II in a red candy finish... actually I have a set (front & rear), yet nothing in your offerings attracts my attention and you've in as much just told me that you have no interest in parting with cash. So I ask you, what am I left to do but wait until someone has what I need or is willing to cough up some 'dead presidents'?

   RE:WANTED:   just some parts posted by Yeah sure on 11/17/2002 at 6:36:34 PM
so we're supposed to trade you the stuff YOU want, for stuff we DON'T want? is that the way it works? you're looking for mostly very old school stuff, and willing to part with mostly mid school fodder. yer just bellyaching cause you don't have the monetary muscle to get what you want, but you still think your intitled to have it all. get a 2nd job, pal!

   RE:RE:WANTED:   just some more parts posted by andy on 11/17/2002 at 11:51:00 PM
I think the problem lies with the fact that u want items which are rather valuable and hard to find, but at the same time u want to trade these with items which are, by comparison to the ones u want...middle of the road, affordable, and easily accesible items.You need to start parting with some moolah IF u are serious about getting the items u want, i know for one that i want nothing on your list..no offence mike. And yes i have the double clamp u wanted..in fact the whole Mongoose bike it came with, and the red and yellow CompIII's, but no....i'm keeping them. Sorry pal.

   WOW, what a response posted by mike on 11/18/2002 at 12:01:34 AM
i didnt mean to get you all riled up and upset, i just wanted to see if people were still actively reading the boards anymore. i agree with all of you, the parts i want are a little more valueable, and the parts i have are a little more common. i dont want to get free parts, or even a free ride. i just wanted to see if you all were paying attention. i apoligize for any assumptions made here on this board. and still i think this is my greatest passion ever! i know i'm going to shell out some dollars to get what i need, that wasnt the point of my post. just wanted to make sure everyone was awake is all.
happy riding!!!


AGE / VALUE:   serial # for redline posted by: Bobby on 11/7/2002 at 8:15:06 PM
I am trying to find info on a redline frame with serial # 18226

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   serial # for redline posted by MATT on 12/31/2002 at 2:25:57 PM

FOR SALE:   Hutch Trickstar 2 chrome frame & fork posted by: Mike on 11/7/2002 at 1:10:23 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a Hutch Trickstar 2 chrome frame and fork for sale on ebay item #1579074928. It has only been built up once. Chrome is perfect. The stickers are about 98% perfect. Auction ends on NOV 11. So far it's at a cheap bid of only $82. Please check it out. It's in awesome shape and a great collector's piece. Thanks - Mike