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Archived: Old School BMX

WANTED:   Matthews Mx60 Flower Metal Mag Wheels posted by: Todd Hunt on 3/19/2002 at 3:49:30 AM
I lost the addy of the dude who replied to my last request.
Anyone got a rear only? I will consider a pair, but I cannot spend my entire allowance on just these. Help me out guys- there ain't nothin cooler than the slow spin of these mags as I ride a wheelie around my block. These are from preMotomag Era. Color is unimportant. Thanks!!

WANTED:   Suntour Holeshot 2-speed deraileur set up posted by: Craig on 3/17/2002 at 1:21:17 PM
can anyone help I'm looking for a Suntour Holeshot 2-speed deraileur setup to build up into a 20 x 1 3/8 rim? I'm in the uk and have only heard of them as I dont think we ever got any over here, so would be gratefull of any information.

AGE / VALUE:   70s era Sears BMX bike posted by: Herb Rodriguez on 3/17/2002 at 9:53:25 AM
I have a Sears BMX bike that is black with yellow plastic fenders and number plate w/ the number 1 on it. It has a flat seat about 2 foot long and is all original in good shape. I think it is a 70s era bike. Does this bike have any collectable value?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   70s era Sears BMX bike posted by Robert on 3/20/2002 at 1:26:42 AM
Can you send me any pictures of this Sears bicycle you have?

Take care,


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   70s era Sears BMX bike posted by Robert on 3/20/2002 at 1:27:00 AM
Can you send me any pictures of this Sears bicycle you have?

Take care,


WANTED:   MCS MAGNUM 37 CROME posted by: Rick Rahn on 3/17/2002 at 5:18:22 AM
hello all. i'm looking for an MCS magnum 37 from the mid 80's. must be crome and in good shape. please contact me directly if you are able to help. rickaye1@juno.com

FOR SALE:   JU Racing Mini BMX Frame and Forks - SUPER RARE! posted by: Pam on 3/17/2002 at 2:33:26 AM
Check this out - Jeff Utterback is selling an ultra-rare JU Racing Mini frame and fork - early 80s old school BMX



FOR SALE:   Old school haro master/sport for sale posted by: James on 3/16/2002 at 2:32:59 PM
Hey i have an old school haro master or sport for sale, only $45.00! It has most of old parts on it. E-mail me if interested!

   RE:FOR SALE:   Old school haro master/sport for sale posted by James on 3/16/2002 at 7:02:12 PM
Gone daddy gone !!! ;-)

WANTED:   Matthews Mx-60 Metal Mag wheel posted by: Todd on 3/16/2002 at 5:12:52 AM
I am seeking a set or single Matthews MX-60 20" BMX mags. These are a roundular spoked design that were around same era as the Mongoose Motomag. Please email what you have- I probably will not be able top find the reply to this post. Thanks!!

WANTED:   Wanted have stuff 2 trade !!!! posted by: HutchHeaven on 3/16/2002 at 1:46:29 AM
I need the following:
Looptail P.K. Ripper frame (prefer white)
Landing Gear fork (2) 1" headtube
Quadangle frame (any w/ 1" headtube)
Pink Trick Star frame & fork
Red HUTCH Pro freestyle stem
Red Dia Compe 901 brakes (front&rear)
Pink Woody Itson bars
Red HUTCH seatpost clamp

I have :
24K gold plated HUTCH clamp
Blue HUTCH Pro freestyle stem
White Hutch TrickStyler f&f
Race Inc. frames
Mongoose frames
Hutchins frames
Chrome HUTCH Expert Racer frame
Red Cycle Pro Spoiler frame
Silver square corner TUFF Neck
Silver/Gold MCS stem
Red NOS HUTCH freestyle bars
Plus a bunch of other stuff !!!Just LMK what you seek and have and we can go from there !!!Thanks !Jim

   RE:WANTED:   Wanted have stuff 2 trade !!!! posted by steve rouse on 3/17/2002 at 2:25:39 AM
how much on the race inc. frame

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Wanted have stuff 2 trade !!!! posted by me on 3/22/2002 at 5:51:23 AM
1 Race Inc. sold ;-) !!!!

   RE:WANTED:   Wanted have stuff 2 trade !!!! posted by Ty on 5/17/2002 at 4:53:55 PM
I'm after a 1980 supergoose fram and fork and any other gear for this bike, cheers Ty

AGE / VALUE:   Jamis Laser BMX posted by: Jim on 3/13/2002 at 11:06:21 AM
I have looked everywhere and can not find any info. I have a mid 80's(by my estimation) Jamis BMX bike and it is called a Laser. The original color was chartreuse and black which I have had professionally painted black since then. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Please post your reply. Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Jamis Laser BMX posted by jim on 3/15/2002 at 6:48:59 AM
I can send you a copy of an ad for this bike if you want ???Just email me !!!Jim

MISC:   Kuwahara Companion posted by: Jonathan on 3/12/2002 at 7:13:03 PM
I purchased a mint condition Tandem Kuwahara Companion at a local thrift shop. I know nothing about the bike and or the company Kuwahara. I was wondering what the age of the bike was. From the looks of it (Two White Seats, White Handlebars, Cherry Red that trails to white at the back wheel), I think it is in the 80's. Looks like someone brought it put it in the garage and fogot about it.

If anyone can tell me more about this bike and the company -I would appreciate it.


   RE:MISC:   Kuwahara Companion posted by Kaye Dee Lutes on 3/25/2002 at 5:00:14 PM
I do not know much about Kuwahara bicycles, but I did have one as a child. I loved that bike and I have kept it for the last 20 years. Several months ago my boyfriend was cleaning out the garage and threw it out. I would like to repalce it. So far I have found out that they no longer make the bikes. The one I had was just like the bike in the movie ET. If you are wanting to sale yours please let me know.
Kaye Dee

   RE:RE:MISC:   Kuwahara Companion posted by Jill on 5/3/2002 at 4:56:20 AM
I stumbled across this site in order to find some info on a Kuwahara bike I have from 1982. It is the maroon and white E.T. model, and it is in excellent condition. Would anyone know the value of it?

FOR SALE:   f/s Patterson PR200 F&F plus extras posted by: jayme schmidt on 3/8/2002 at 5:31:10 PM
f/s patterson PR200 frame and fork. The frame and fork are in nice shape and have the original decals. Also included is a patterson frame pad and patterson handlebar pad on patterson handlebars. It has a DK stem, NOS Haro flutted seatpost, and NOS mushroom grips. $250 shippied. Email me for pics. Thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   f/s Patterson PR200 F&F plus extras posted by Justin on 3/16/2002 at 1:28:33 PM
I'll take it.Send me details


AGE / VALUE:   HUTCH JUDGE SERIES posted by: Rick Rahn on 3/5/2002 at 4:10:02 AM
hello all. I'm loooking for an old school Hutch Judge series, frame and fork. please contact me if you have one or know of one for sale.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   HUTCH JUDGE SERIES posted by tony on 3/6/2002 at 6:27:35 AM
check your mail,dude

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   HUTCH JUDGE SE TONY PLEASE CONTACT ME RIES posted by rick rahn on 3/26/2002 at 3:51:54 AM
Tony, please contact me. you sent me an e-mail if reference to a post that i had on a hutch judge. my computer crashed, and i ned the link to the new company that you sent me.
thanks rick

MISC:   Strating a Shop posted by: Jon on 3/4/2002 at 4:26:39 PM
Me and my friend are starting a bike shop. We will be doing reserations,repairs and new paint jobs . We'll also be making choppers & selling frames, forks and misc. parts. If anyone is interested just e-mail me. (don't mind any misspelled words)

FOR SALE:   JMC mini posted by: Roger Wellman on 3/4/2002 at 3:23:55 AM
Hey, I've got a JMC mini up for sale on ebay if anyone here is interested. Auction ends March 8, '02. Cool little bike my kid just outgrew. Has brought home a few trophies over the years! peace-out.

FOR SALE:   bikes for sale posted by: mike on 3/4/2002 at 1:55:52 AM

`86 redline rl 20-II prostyler, complete, $200 + shipping
gjs ceppie mays freestyle f/f only, needs powdercoat, $125 shipped
hutch trickstar-2, chrome w/orig. decals, $100 shipped

lower 48 only, i need some quick cash!!!!!! just email me and lmk, mike.


   RE:FOR SALE:   bikes for sale posted by mike on 3/4/2002 at 1:59:35 AM
trickstar-2 is f/f only, sorry.

   RE:FOR SALE:   bikes for sale posted by Rob on 3/15/2002 at 7:01:51 AM
Do you still have the Redline RL-20II Complete for sale?
If so can you e-mail me some close up pictures of that bicycle? If not could you tell me the condition and color of the bicycle F/F? I'm really interested.

Thank you,