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Archived: Old School BMX

WANTED:   80s Diamondback pads & parts posted by: pablo on 8/21/2002 at 5:06:50 AM
lookig for any 80s diamondback pads and stickers. parts literature just about anything db.i got cash and trades.plmk

   RE:WANTED:   80s Diamondback pads & parts posted by David on 8/25/2002 at 7:02:17 AM
I have an old school Diamond Back Silver Streak (83) model. I have owned it since 1985 and would be willing to sell it.The bike is awesome shape for the age, and has all the original pads. The forks are aftermarket , but every upgrade on the bike is top-shelf stuff. I use to race the bike at the local track and have a DB uniform (pants , Jersey) all DB . If interested I can provide pics. of everything I got. Would be willing to trade or make you a great deal on a great bike. E-mail me and let me know what you think. Thanks, David

   RE:WANTED:   80s Diamondback pads & parts posted by ginny rini on 9/5/2002 at 7:07:45 PM
I have some diamond back pads (NOS) that can be viewed at http://home.attbi.com/'ginnyrini/. I can be e-mailed at rinienterprises@attbi.com

AGE / VALUE:   circa 1982 huffy pro thunder posted by: adam on 8/20/2002 at 5:55:45 PM
hey there, i have restored several mid to late 80's bmx bikes and i am currently working on an aforementioned @82 huffy pro thunder >>> i know that back in the 80's these huffy bikes were considered trashy, however i also remember that the majority of us had to start out with either a huffy or a murray or what have you. in any case i was wondering if a bike of this nature, restored (era correct at least) would hold any value >>> if not i won't cry about it >>> i will just go down to the dirt trails and ride with pride! sorry for being so long winded and thanx for your time!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   circa 1982 huffy pro thunder posted by Mister Scary on 8/31/2002 at 2:35:59 AM
Can you describe what the pro thunder looks like? Do you have a pic of it?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   circa 1982 huffy pro thunder posted by adam on 9/23/2002 at 6:58:29 PM
the huffy is yellow with blue trim and yellow troxel trakmaster mag wheels. it has v-bars and a double-clamping stem...the head tube and down tube are connected with one of those weird gussets without the keyhole cutout. the bike initially found it's way to me with a beat up yellow and blue vinyl padset that had "pro thunder 04" on it...this made think it was an 84 originally, but inside of the rim of each wheel there was a date set in 82...so...any info would be great help...thanx!

WANTED:   Kuwahara Bikes or parts posted by: Siva on 8/19/2002 at 5:15:12 AM
I'm looking for Kuwa ET, laserlite, Nova or survivor Bikes ,F&F or parts. Does anyone also know any scoop details about these bikes, like which country they were made in? or which are the main differences in their performance? Or which is high-end and which is for kids?

   RE:WANTED:   Kuwahara Bikes or parts posted by Pirate on 8/25/2002 at 11:12:46 PM
These bikes were made in Japan, and the Lazer Lite was Kuwahara's top-of-the-line model. It was every bit as good as any other bike back in the day.

   RE:WANTED:   Kuwahara Bikes or parts posted by jared on 8/27/2002 at 12:10:05 AM
Hey there,

I've been trying to get my hands on one of these bikes to, GOOD LUCK. There RARE to find even on EBAY I've been searching for almost a year now to find the right model for me. I've seen a few on ebay but there not orignal, people ask to much for them. As for your question there made in JAPAN


   RE:WANTED:   Kuwahara Bikes or parts posted by Lorenzo Guerrero on 9/1/2002 at 4:43:12 AM
i have a red kumahara et frame with matching fork if anyone wants to trade or buy send me a e-mail I check my mail at least 2 times a day

   RE:WANTED:   Kuwahara Bikes or parts posted by Zod on 9/11/2002 at 2:35:46 AM
I have a 100% original, mint (was used for about 6 months) Kuwahara Nova from 1982 or 83.

I am thinking of listing it on ebay. How much should I ask for it?

FOR SALE:   Parting out my Redline MX II real nice posted by: Ray on 8/19/2002 at 1:32:49 AM

FOR SALE:   hutch bmx posted by: la on 8/17/2002 at 12:10:59 PM
anyone interested in hutch windstyler, or hutch mini? bot in nice shape, let me know if interested thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   hutch bmx posted by adam on 8/30/2002 at 7:40:44 PM
hi there what are you asking for the hutch windstyler? would it be possible for you to send me a pic of it? thanx.

   RE:FOR SALE:   hutch bmx posted by phil nalrite on 9/25/2002 at 2:31:01 PM
please send pics of both if available interested in the mini, sounds fun.

AGE / VALUE:   Old Chrome Schwinn Predator posted by: Elvis on 8/16/2002 at 5:50:58 AM
I was going through some old BVMX frames I'd picked up and realized one was a Scwhinn Predator. It looks like one I'd seen years ago in the 80's, chrome with a cut out thing near the head tube, and skinnier tubing than newer BMX bikes. The two piece chainring is covered with some kind of spray paint and bike needs new wheels and possible a chain. Is it worth fixing up?
P.S. - it's got Skyway pegs on the rear [junk] wheel. I know Skyway made decent bikes. Are these valuable? Any info appreciated. Thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   Mongoose BMX posted by: Elvis on 8/16/2002 at 5:42:04 AM
Hi. Just picked up a Mongoose BMX bike. I's say it's late 1980's, maybe early 1990's. Frame, fork and bars are this copper metallic orange color. It says "Mongoose" on the sides and underside of the down tube and "Accelerate" on the sides of the top tube [stickers are silver/chrome color with black outline]. The question is, anyone know where this sat in the mongoose line, or the approximate year? Also, when I got the bike, it had back brakes AND a front sidepull brake [no detangler] but only one brake lever intact. I used this [front] lever for the rear brake, and since this had enough stopping power, I removed the front sidepull, which looked older than the rear brake, which was of the cantilever type, made of two separate pieces with mounts built into the rear of the frame. My second question: If anyone is familiar with this model, do you know if the front brake was original [i.e., did it come with such a front brake] or did some enterprising soul added it on his own? I ask because I plan on fixing up the bike and if the front brake wasn't original, I will not bother re-installing it.
P.S. -- anyone ever heard of U.K.A.I. rims? I have an old set that appear wider than some never wheels. Is this a decent make [I never heard of 'em before] and are they as sturdy as they look? Any info [on either topic] appreciated. Thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   85 SE Quadangle posted by: Laura on 8/14/2002 at 3:31:01 PM
My husband has his old 85 SE Quadangle sn 07 85 2328
Looking for any info on value... thanks

MISC:   Rudge frame numbers posted by: Dave Garrett on 8/14/2002 at 11:10:51 AM
I am in the process of restoring my wifes grandfathers Rudge bicycle. He
was a well know cyclist in Ireland during his day.

The frame number is A494775 and I am interested in finding out what year
the bike was manufactured.

If you help in any way with this problem I would be most grateful.

AGE / VALUE:   old school for sale posted by: pablo on 8/14/2002 at 9:04:23 AM
im getting ready to sell a bunch of old school stuff and thought id list some here. what dosent sll/trade ill post on ebay. this is a partial list i have lots of era correct parts for alot of these bikes.
85 haro master wht needs paint excellent cond frame&fork
83 db turbolite frame&fork used needs paint grt shape lots of extras
84 db formula one frame&fork chrome exllnt cond lots of xtras
83 ghp pro model nos chrome nos padset bad ass
?? mongoose kos kruiser used xllnt cond frame &fork post
?? hutch pro racer chrom very good gond frame&fork
?? redline 600a very good cond frame&fork nos decals xtras
85 haro master green nos frame paint chips very nice frame only many xtras
82 schwinn pedator frame&fork used good shape
?? db super streak needs paint frame only no gusset
82 kuwahara kz2 maybe built never ridden frame fork xtras
?? gt pro team 80's no canti good cond xtras
this is a small example of what i have i need stuuf so im willing to trade. any interest pls let me know. terrafolk@msn.com

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old school for sale posted by Ryan on 8/14/2002 at 8:55:16 PM
Hey Pablo, don't suppose you still have the bars from that Kos Kruiser or at least know here they went?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old school for sale posted by Darrell on 8/19/2002 at 2:25:32 AM
Do u have a pic of the gt team 80,s if so how much would u sell for -Thanks-

AGE / VALUE:   Redline MX III posted by: James on 8/14/2002 at 5:39:55 AM
I would like to know more about this bike it looks like all the parts are of the early 80's era blue powdercoated frame and forks all the stickers are there but it's kind of scratched up and gold suntour wheels....

any imfo on this bike,age value keep or trash, would be great...

Thanks James

AGE / VALUE:   Mongoose Califorian??? posted by: Dave Johnny on 8/14/2002 at 3:12:27 AM
I was given an old chrome mongoose frame late 80's or early 90's. The neck post has plastic BMX plaque in stead of sticker. I was told it was a Califorian. Anyone have a clue?

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Elf Bmx posted by: jr on 8/13/2002 at 2:58:55 AM
I discovered a red Schwinn with a sticker on the frame that says Elf Bmx. I am not sure if the sticker is original or if it was put on through the years. The tires are solid rubber. The serial # on this bike is located on the left side of the neck and it is HC1472570.Any 411 would be greatly appreciated.Happy Biking!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Elf Bmx posted by Pirate on 8/25/2002 at 11:20:23 PM
Well, Schwinn and Elf are actually two separate companies. There was never a Schwinn "Elf" model. And Elf only made high-end racing frames. They never offered a complete line of frames/bikes like Schwinn did. I'd hold onto that frame...

AGE / VALUE:   Mongoose Accelerate posted by: Elvis on 8/12/2002 at 4:53:10 PM
Hi all. I just got a Mognoose BMX bike in what seems like decent shape. The bike [frame, fork and handlebars!] are metallic orange (!) and the chainring is cut out to look like a mongoose. The down tube isn't really round, sort of oval, and the stickers say "Mongoose" and "Accelerate." The bike has hand brakes mounted on the back, but doesn't have the threadless headset seen on new bikes; instead, it has a big squar, four-allen bolt bar stem with a removable front plate and an expanding bolt that goes into the steerer tube. I've had older mongoose bikes before [still do] but this one looks way different.
Any idea how old the bike is or where it sat in the mongoose line? Any info appreciated, thanks.

WANTED:   where to get haro rebo parts posted by: Aarin Morphew on 8/12/2002 at 5:31:53 AM
I need help finding parts for my HARO REBO if you know of any sites please email me thanks -Aarin M.FSHARO