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Archived: Old School BMX

WANTED:   1970's & 1980's BMX posted by: Bill on 1/11/2004 at 2:29:20 AM
Wanted: Any old 1970's 1980's BMX frames:

GJS, Vector, VDC, Profile, JMC, Hutch, SE Racing, CW Racing, Race Inc., FMF, etc.

Let me know what you have for sale.

   RE:WANTED:   1970's & 1980's BMX posted by Randy on 1/13/2004 at 2:13:53 AM
I have a Hutch (pro racer)20" frame with SE landing gear forks,Redline flight cranks,tuf neck.This stuff is not perfect and needs cleaning.I also have a complete hutch with the same parts,complete bike and in perfect condition.
Let me know if you are interested.make offer, Thanks Randy

AGE / VALUE:   Seattle Old Bike Swap Meet posted by: jon in Desmoines on 1/11/2004 at 2:02:05 AM
Just found out date for seattle old bike swap meet,
Sunday March 28th,2004. the best gathering of old bike stuff in the northwest,lots of StingRay,Krate and other old
stuff,mark it down on your calender,more info will be posted as it becomes available.keep watching this site.

WANTED:   Approx 82-85 Royce union ??? posted by: jason on 1/10/2004 at 6:55:39 PM
I am looking for my young teenage boyhood bike.I left this bike to rot in the shed when i got a car at 16. Didn't touch another bike for 10 years.I didnt realize that this was the bike that turned me into a curb hopping maniac. I cant remember if it had 20 inch or 24 inch wheels on it. I think maybe 24 inch. It had a very royal /english looking design on the headbage.It was very handsome silver headbadge with "maybe" a speck of red in it. The bike also had front and back brakes on it which i had never seen before on a bmx style looking bike. Maybe it wasnt a royce union.But i think it was. If any body has a picture of a headbadge on a bike that rings a bell that could at least confirm what i am looking for ,It would be GREATLY appreciated.

WANTED:   1978'ish CCM Bobcat. posted by: BruceD on 1/9/2004 at 2:26:06 AM
I'm looking for a 1978'ish CCM Bobcat this is a bike that has a rather strange front and rear suspension. the rear shock is mounted horizontal under the top frame tube. front is a sort of springer front end. these bikes were generaly black in colour. If you have one or even a photo send me an e-mail

WANTED:   2 speed bmx posted by: Chris Shipman on 1/8/2004 at 4:14:17 PM
I'm looking for an old 2 speed bmx bike. Specifically, one with a front derailleur. Or, even if I could only get the derailleur itself, and not the entire bike, that would be OK, too.

I think they were produced back in the early '80s?

Does anybody have one or know of one??


AGE / VALUE:   Brand posted by: Dominic Rogers on 1/6/2004 at 10:37:33 PM
I have an old freestyle trick bike I think from the 80s, it's name is Freedom2 it has mag rims that say Great Wheel Copany on them. Could you please tell me who makes this bikes??

AGE / VALUE:   Hutch BMX Aerospeed cranks for sale, cheap. posted by: Chris on 1/6/2004 at 2:00:53 AM
I have for sale one used but nice set of Hutch Aerospeed 3 piece cranks with a Hutch Aerospeed disc. No broken spindle and the cranks are completely original. No need to re-chrome and the length on the arms is 180 mm. $600 or best offer (PayPal). Email me please.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hutch BMX Aerospeed cranks for sale, cheap. posted by Scott on 1/9/2004 at 11:48:27 PM
If this dude is HUTCH_KING or HUTCHHEAVEN on another website, be careful with your dealings.


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Hutch BMX Aerospeed cranks for sale, cheap. posted by Scotts anal buddy on 3/26/2004 at 9:58:46 AM
If this gays name is Scott he is cuddly and likes getting it in his arse.He is mad because the seller wouldn't trade the cranks for food stamps or cigarette butts.Now maybe the loser can get a life?

FOR SALE:   1988 Haro Master Vintage MINT posted by: MegaServer2003 on 1/4/2004 at 4:18:02 AM

This ebay link if for the current auction

AGE / VALUE:   evel knievel bmx? posted by: red on 1/2/2004 at 1:57:26 PM
i found a 1976 Hiawatha bmx bike made by murray has the firekat chopper frame red white and blue paint . handle bar plate says[ USA]frame plate says [1]is it bicentinnial bike evel knievel??????

MISC:   Have a great New Year posted by: Dale on 1/2/2004 at 9:08:57 AM
Have a happy new year with your dumb old bikes!

MISC:   where is the serial #? posted by: sonny on 1/1/2004 at 1:55:15 PM
i have a old schwinn bmx frame does any know where the serial # is located? the rear of the frame looks similiar to the stingrays and the front has straight tubes.

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: NEW VINTAGE BMX WEBSITE on 12/21/2003 at 9:38:47 PM
Check this out: www.bmxoldschool.com

I am pleased to announce that I will b opening a retail store in the New England area that will be 7000 sq. feet of vintage bmx bikes and parts. I would like to thank vintage bmx for making this dream a reality. My prices won't be beat!


Tom P.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:    posted by FRANK on 1/2/2004 at 7:25:34 PM

   RE:AGE / VALUE:    posted by FRANK on 1/2/2004 at 7:25:41 PM

MISC:   Diamond Back Pacer 500 posted by: Mark on 12/19/2003 at 11:48:21 AM
hi, I've got a DB Pacer 500. I've had it since I was 12 (about 20 years now)and it's in pretty good nick too. I was wondering if it was worth anything, it's still has all it's original parts too but missing the pads.

WANTED:   Skyway Tuffs / Trade? posted by: Jay on 12/12/2003 at 10:26:03 AM
I'm looking to trade some mags for a set of functional
Skyway Tuffs. I'm not neccessarily looking for vintage
stuff so the year doesn't matter. Color really doesn't matter either...Unless they're pink or argile.
I just need them functional and freewheel. I'm in the
Detroit area...
Here's what I've got to trade-
*1 Vintage Skyway Tuff (red) (front)...needs guts and axle.
*1 Vintage Skyway Tuff Wheel (blue)(rear)..coaster brake
*1 Peregrine Master Graphite Mag (Plum) (Front)
*1 Set of GT Performer 6 spoke mags (white)
If anyone's interested, drop me an email.

AGE / VALUE:   cheng shin c-603 knobbies posted by: daddy goose on 12/12/2003 at 2:20:51 AM
hello, i'm also hunting for some cheng-shin c603 knobbies. these tires had the little chevrons molded into the knobs. i need two nos sized 20x2.125 thanks


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   cheng shin c-603 knobbies posted by LAZ on 2/13/2004 at 9:25:06 AM
check ebay I saw some of those a while back