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Archived: Old School BMX

WANTED:   Vroom II posted by: Kurt on 9/7/2004 at 7:30:37 PM
I am looking for a toy that attached to a bike. It made an egine sound. I had one back in about 1973-74. I think it was called a "Vroom 2" or "Vroom II". I have searched every ware I can think of on-line, with no luck.
Does this toy sound familiar to anyone?
Any ideas where to look for one?

   RE:WANTED:   Vroom II posted by Scott on 11/8/2004 at 11:39:47 PM
I'm trying to find a picture of maybe the original Vroom I had as a kid in the 60's. Don't know the brand or anything except it made the vroom noise and had a gas tank storage area. Any ideas where to find an old picture or the maker of the bike?

   RE:WANTED: Vroom II posted by Mark V. Cowherd on 7/4/2005 at 7:43:38 PM
Being the fine age of 53, I can remember the vroom engine made by Mattel toy co. back in the mid 60's hung under the top tube if I recall correctly. Haven't seen any but I thought the above info mite help you in your search. goodluck, KRAM

AGE / VALUE:   skyway tuff wheel 1 posted by: Bob on 9/2/2004 at 2:33:29 AM
I have a pair of skyway tuff wheels, yellow plastic wheels that I wanted to sell any one have any interest e-mail for pictures

MISC:   Floval Flyer Cruiser posted by: Boris on 9/1/2004 at 3:06:58 AM
Greetings. I happen to have a perfect Floval Flyer frame with a set of Landing Gear attached with a bear trap bearing kit. I also have most of the other components, billet, Japan and USA stuff all in a box somewhere. Mostly top of the line in '93 or so. I had to throw this bad boy in storage after the the cops came a knockin' during the early AMs one mornin' after bustin' some crankster who was trying to get past all the cables, chains and rebar that I had used to strap this Texas beauty down with. This was the first theft attempt on this fine, polished beauty and that fool served time! Some desperado made off with the GT billet gooseneck and the Elf 6 piece chromoly handlebars that were clamped to 'em later on and after that some other hombre ran off with my chrome chain and my Bulldog brake! Ass! Get real man! Get a job and buy your own bike parts.

Long story short--I built this bike in 1993 for my daughter because I really appreciated the workmanship and beauty of this beast and my daughter was diggin' it. Then the thieves started snooping around and after some part pickers ran off with some o' the essentials I put it in storage. Now it sits with deteriorating tires and black widow webs all over it.

Men, what have I got here? Anything of interest?


   RE:MISC:   Floval Flyer Cruiser posted by NICK on 10/1/2004 at 5:17:53 PM
I had a floval, and Was wondering if you were interested in selling it? thanks, Nick

MISC:   MT Racing posted by: Colin on 8/31/2004 at 7:28:28 PM
Hi there,

My first ever post is a question - who were MT Racing?

We have a lime green MT Racing "Fox Factor Team Special" with red decals and haven't a clue where it fits into the history of BMX.

There isn't anything particularly special about it except it is absolutely correct for '81 -'82.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Regards from UK,


   RE:MISC:   MT Racing posted by Barturtle on 10/7/2004 at 9:42:18 PM
I'm not sure WHO they were, but I owned one. For xmas when I was about 10 (1985) I recieved a white and purple "Trickfox" made by MT Racing. Skyway Tough Wheel II's and all. Gteat bike indestructable (unlike the many Huffy's I destroyed before). Built-in f+r peg, frame stand bar, and funky stand on top handlebars.

WANTED:   Stickers posted by: Matt on 8/24/2004 at 12:52:28 AM
Looking for late 70's to early 80's Supergoose and Cook Bros. sticker sets. Thanks

WANTED:   Cook Bros posted by: Matt on 8/24/2004 at 12:49:59 AM
Looking for old school - late 70's, early 80's - Cook Bros parts specifically fork, headset, bottom bracket, crankset, and hubs Thanks

   RE:WANTED: Cook Bros posted by rod on 10/6/2004 at 2:14:58 AM
who has a clean layback for sale

   RE:WANTED: Cook Bros posted by rod on 10/6/2004 at 2:16:22 AM
who has a clean layback for sale

WANTED:   DG posted by: darkbrowncat on 8/23/2004 at 2:54:57 AM
looking for chrome DG frame. Had one with ashtabuhla forks, goose neck and crank as well as black tuffwheels. Gave it away circa 1980, looking to replace. any help out there?

   RE:WANTED:   DG posted by ron on 8/23/2004 at 6:56:22 PM
good luck, I have been looking now for over 2years, these are becoming one of the most rare frames out there.

AGE / VALUE:   84? GT posted by: Jason on 8/21/2004 at 10:49:33 PM

Picked up a 4130 chrome (84?) GT at a yard sale. I am only interested in the seat and pedals so have no need for the rest. frame, forks , gooseneck, and handlebars. Am looking
for seriel number info so I can date and sell. Numbers apper to read 4511469. Any info or leads on info would be greatly appreciated. Am looking to sell at 30 bucks. Frame has light rust here and there but nothing serious.


Jason -

WANTED:   cheap posted by: josh on 8/21/2004 at 11:04:47 AM
hey, im a 13 year old british kid wanting to get started in old school bmx riding, can a nyone reccomend a VERY cheap bike? I want one with those plastic 5 spoke wheels, theyre cool, do they make them much lighter? weight does matter, all origional parts/ condition doesnt (to a point!)

thanx a lot for the help i know u'll provide!

AGE / VALUE:   Old School? Diamondback Viper posted by: Peter on 8/19/2004 at 3:54:43 PM
Hey guys,

Getting rid of some goodies.
Early 90's Diamondback Viper.
I have it on Ebay.
If you have some history on this particular model
please, feel free to drop me a line ( jubbley76@yahoo.com )
I'd like to know more about, even though I am
auctioning her off.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old School? Diamondback Viper posted by Peter on 8/19/2004 at 4:10:17 PM
Hey Guys,

Sorry, I didn't include the link;


WANTED:   cook bros (blue) seat clamp posted by: ron on 8/18/2004 at 8:54:16 PM
wanted blue cook bros seat clamp

WANTED:   NORCO Duster posted by: Al on 8/18/2004 at 4:11:56 AM
Wanted Norco duster BMX from early 80's . they were made in Canada . I have one and I feel that I need more , but my wife disagree's

WANTED:   kuwahara laser lite 82-83 posted by: tiger on 8/16/2004 at 9:37:01 PM
Looking for a 82-83 kuwahara laser lite in great condition. I have lots of money...

WANTED:   DG cruiser posted by: ronnie on 8/16/2004 at 7:33:32 PM
wanted DG Vulcan any condition 24 or 26 inch.


AGE / VALUE:   old school GT bicycles posted by: Mike on 8/11/2004 at 2:41:13 PM
I have three old GT BMX bikes and I'm trying to determine their years. The performer I have I figure is probably an 85-87. The other 2 are what I'm wondering about. They aren,t performers, they don't seem to have model names other than 41-30 which is the type of chromoly their made with. I have their serial #'s and they both begin with YC97. One is neon blue the other chrome, both in excellent condition. any help would be appreciated.