AGE / VALUE:   hot hart tang posted by: joel on 11/21/2005 at 1:14:19 AM
i would like to know anything about this was built in 1970s but i know no more

Woodentoys posted by: Woodentoys on 11/15/2005 at 12:51:07 PM
Woodentoys Productor Factory Zhejiang Yunhe Jiegei Wooden Toys Factory is located in Yunhe County in Zhejiang Province that is named as Zhejiang 's Green Valley and China Wooden Toys City . We are specialized in producing and exporting different woodentoys. Our factory has a plant area of more than 3,000 m 2 . In the first half of 2006, new plants of more than 8,000 m 2 will finish the construction and then the annual capacity will be above RMB20 million.

Travel Mug posted by: Travel Mug on 11/15/2005 at 7:03:31 AM
Travel Mugs are allowed on public transit (bus/train/plane) whereas gas-powered Travel Mugs are prohibited.
Noise and air pollution of gas-powered Travel Mugs is eliminated.
Electric motors provide quick starts and hill-climbing without the delay of gas engine "ramp up".
Although often purchased as a "toy", Travel Mugs often serve as transportation - whether for local errands or when youngsters go to college.

AGE / VALUE:   Mongoose posted by: funj321 on 11/12/2005 at 6:17:26 PM
Hi all, can anyone help me date this cute little mongoose I found. The crank is date stamped 1991 but I sure dont remember 12 inch mongooses back then. It was purchased at a bike shop in IL. The serial number is stamped on the bottom of the bike #L90902922.
Dont really care if it is worth much just thought is was kinda cool.
Thanks for your help.

WANTED:   mcs magnum 2000 posted by: Ron on 11/10/2005 at 12:46:49 AM
Hi,I had this dream the other night it was about my old bmx
bike that i built, it was a MCS MAGMUM 2000 frame with blue
z-rims dule colored spokes white & blue, shimono hubs, alloy bars /seat post/ mcs goose neck & oakey grips .05
I cant belive i remember all that. but anyway i really
want rebuild can any one help? please e-mail me pay top dollar for parts. THANX.

   RE:WANTED:   mcs magnum 2000 posted by Darren on 1/4/2006 at 10:46:29 AM
I have a MCS frame but I do not know if it's the Magnum 2000?E-mail me if your interested and I'll send you pics.Darren..