AGE / VALUE:Looking for the age of my Mongoose posted by: J on 5/11/2008 at 12:17:37 PM

My name's J and I have an old Mongoose that I am trying to figure out the year it was made. The serial number starts A200XXXX. I purchased it 15 years ago from the original owner who had taken excellent care of it. Obviously I don't know how long he had it because he was unable to find the paperwork, I'm thinking about 7-10 years. It has undergone many revisions, but the frame, forks stem and handle bars are original. I have however had the stem and bars chrome plated because the stem was a brass color and
the bars were stainless. This didn't go with my plan of all chrome and black. I would never sell it. I keep it in pristine condition. Here are a few close up

If you can help figure out the year it was made I'll
thank you in advance!

- J

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Looking for the age of my Mongoose posted by Marshall on 5/24/2008 at 10:51:56 PM
Can you post a pic of it? The link isn't working for me.

WANTED:Webco BMX frame. posted by: Steve on 5/7/2008 at 5:55:20 PM
I am looking for an early to mid 1970's Webco frame. I had one as a kid ,sold it when I was 15. I have not been able to find one since. If anyone out there has one or any info I would like to hear from you. Thanks, Steve.

   RE:WANTED:Webco BMX frame. posted by joe on 8/27/2008 at 10:29:49 AM
Go to someone will have one for sale or trade.

MISC:   gjs posted by: d on 5/7/2008 at 6:49:17 AM
someone please tell me how much to sell this thing for?
i have a 79 gjs "a" frame.


   RE:MISC:   gjs posted by chris on 5/7/2008 at 12:30:28 PM
email me please

   RE:MISC:   gjs posted by Kenn Pitochelli on 8/25/2008 at 6:26:53 PM
Have you sold your GJS yet? I am interested in purchasing.


AGE / VALUE:looking for gas tank fenders etc posted by: aaron on 5/6/2008 at 11:31:21 PM
i have a victoria motocross 1970s era the bike is pretty much complete except for the tank fenders and number plate anybody with any of these things to sell please email me

AGE / VALUE:'78-'80(?) Redline Microline posted by: Matt Nida on 5/6/2008 at 10:45:59 AM
I have an old Redline Microline bike (well, the only Redline part on it is the frame) 4" head tube and European BB (how I know its a "micro" line)
Anyway, I m not sure of the year. Its got PERFECT chrome and original stickers. Serial# is 345337 stamped on the back of the headtube.

Im asking what year it is because Ive never seen a Microline in chrome, just painted (red, white of blue)