WANTED:   Plastic number plates and fenders for Huffy Thunder Road posted by: Kyle M on 8/8/2008 at 10:00:15 PM
I've got a Huffy Thunder Road thats in great shape except for the fenders/mud guards (damaged & aged) and number plates (completely gone) any ideas for where I can find such parts, or even reproductions? I check ebay regularly but these things never seem to appear.


WANTED:   1980's bike posted by: travis on 7/20/2008 at 6:42:31 PM
i had a bike with a spring on the frame and i think it had a black long cushy seat,it was red or a dark orange and i am pretty sure it was a huffy can you show me a picture or tell me where i might be able to find this? thanks

   RE:WANTED: 1980's bike posted by Jeff Bikeguy on 7/31/2008 at 4:31:24 AM
Fire up Google and plug in "Huffy monoshock". You should get some sites with the bike you have in mind.

AGE / VALUE:   Coca Cola Team Murray posted by: Ely on 7/19/2008 at 7:02:32 AM
just picked up this bike in very nice overall shape but I cant find any info on it I do remimber when I was a kid entering the contest but cant find anything it is a Team Murray thanks


MISC:   Larz Anderson Bicycle Show & Swap Meet is only a week away !! posted by: Peter Naiman on 7/12/2008 at 1:52:16 PM
Just thought I'd post again about our Bicycle show and swap at Larz Anderson Auto Museum coming up this coming weekend in Brookline, MA on July 20th. To visit our website for full information about the show if you've not seen my posts with regard to Larz, or if you'll be a first time visitor this year, please click onto the URL below:

http://www.classicr endezvous. com/larzanderson .htm

If you plan on attending, either visiting to show a few bikes, or attending the swap as a seller, it would be appreciated if you could possibly pre-register. The registration form is available through our website, as well as photos of prior shows, and also directions to our event. I would also like to post a list this week of possible cycles that will be at the show.

I've had a few people from as far North as Toronto & Montreal, others from around the U.S. show interest in attending, so to find local accomodations in Brookline, MA please click onto the URL below:

http://www.findloca lhotels.com/ listings/ brookline_ ma_us.html

For other questions or comments about the show, you can call Susan at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum at 617-522-6547, although the Museum is closed on Mondays, or email directly to me @ hetchinspete1@ yahoo.com.

Best regards, and see everyone in Brookline on Sunday.

Peter Naiman

Milwaukee, WI


AGE / VALUE:   redline 440 posted by: john on 7/10/2008 at 3:04:40 PM
i have a old redline 440 white with purple decals i was wondering a value on it and a year