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Archived: Reproductions and Motorized Bicycles

LOWRIDERS:   LOOKING TO SELL HALF A LOWRIDERS WORTH OF PARTS..... posted by: bill on 12/24/1999 at 7:06:00 PM
i have half the parts you need to complete a lowrider. i am looking to sell them to someone who is interested in getting the rest to build a bike. i have a black repro frame,(all parts are crome)twisted forks,crank,bearing sets(neck,crank),sprocket,chain,twisted neck,continental spare kit,spare tire valore cover(for 16" spare),custom seat silver and black with buttons down the middle,custom made handle bars they are twisted with bulb handles,bearing lube,chain breaker,whitewall tires,plus a few other little things. i spent well over 400.00 i tallied it up and it was around the 480.00 mark. i am asking 200.00. contact me only if your serious please i have had a few fall throughs. thanks, bill

CUSTOMS:   New BikeRod&Kustom posted by: JimW. on 12/21/1999 at 1:28:42 PM
The latest issue of BikeRod&Kustom is now up at http://bikerodnkustom.homestead.com/
Volume Two, Issue One has everything one would
wish to know about Bruce Bursford and his
Ultimate Bike. We have lots of kool new bikes in the
BR&K Gallery, and all sorts of new articles to do with:
The fabulous Pedi-Plane of the '30s, Turnkey unique bikes,
Kustom Kulture, and wheels for KustomBikes.
We think you'll like it.
Jim Wilson
The maniac responsible

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Monark Supertwin Motorbikes posted by: George Stratton on 12/19/1999 at 7:52:40 PM
Looking for the chrome belt/clutch guard for a Monark Supertwin in any condition (while almost any).Any Supertwin owners out there? They sure looked better than a Whizzer even if they didn't run as good.

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Whizzer motor mounts posted by: Stephen T on 12/9/1999 at 3:05:06 PM
Hello Friends,
Are there any whizzer bicycle chromed motor mounts available?(The ones that bolt to the frame)
I need to know if they can be found and how much they cost?

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Whizzer motor mounts posted by Bill Siddens on 12/9/1999 at 4:38:53 PM
we have them in stock and 200000 other Whizzer parts in stock now. Hope we can help thanks

Bill Siddens

   RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Whizzer motor mounts posted by Stephen T on 12/20/1999 at 10:10:52 AM
Whoa man! You do have the stuff! If anybody needs WHIZZER parts at a good
price -come and get 'um. Thanks Bill, Stephen Thorpe

MISC:   We've created a General FOR SALE/WANTED topic posted by: Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles on 12/7/1999 at 9:59:38 AM
You'll find it on the home page (oldroads.com)

AGE / VALUE:   Looking 4 Me posted by: Gary Boivin on 12/4/1999 at 10:25:35 PM
Hey Ray,
I still have the Raliegh chopper , Email me 4 pix and price

AGE / VALUE:   Troxel Starjet posted by: Charles Fansler on 12/4/1999 at 2:00:35 PM

I have a Troxel Starjet bicycle manufactured apparently by Troxel (Steel Tube company?) in Moscow TN. 26" balloon tires, rear carrier, tank w/horn. VG condition. I would appreciate any information available, also I would like to get the date
of manufacture. The serial number is R672788201

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Troxel Starjet posted by charlie on 12/4/1999 at 2:22:17 PM
Ok, so I have new information, Troxel did not make the bike, they made the seat -- I guess the only ID on the bike is the serial number, R672788201 -- "Custom Cruiser" and "Starjet". The bike is red with white pinstriping. On each side of the fork at the top is a white decal with the name Starjet.(the bike seat had the Troxel name on a metal ID tag rivited to the rear of the seat)

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Troxel Starjet posted by BigMike on 12/7/1999 at 5:22:45 AM
Scan through the pictures in the picture database and look
for a similar bike. Then get back to us here.

I searched in the "Stat and Feature Database" under
"Search by Model" but did not find 'Starjet'. Are you
sure it doesn't say 'Starlet'?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Troxel Starjet posted by andrew on 12/11/1999 at 10:30:55 PM
1969 harley davidson 250cc sx

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Troxel Starjet posted by Charles Fansler on 12/24/1999 at 11:08:30 AM
It is a "Starjet", but I have a little more information. It has double headlights, chrome fenders and a "hood" ornament on the fronts fender. I'll try to get a pic of it and post it after Christmas.


WANTED:   Looking for Gary posted by: Raymond Granado on 12/1/1999 at 9:16:29 PM
I'm looking for a guy I belive his name is gary we we're talking about a chopper bike he had but I lost his e-mail . I think he was in Florida . E-mail me if you have any info

   RE:WANTED:   Looking for Gary posted by BigMike on 12/7/1999 at 5:24:08 AM
He posted a message replying to you on December 4th.
Hope this helps!

REPRODUCTIONS:   Penny Farthing (big wheel bicycle) posted by: Kim Bevering on 11/23/1999 at 2:45:26 PM
Looking for a reproduction Penny Farthing for a Christmas Present. If anyone can be of help as to where to locate, please email me. Thanks.

   RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Penny Farthing (big wheel bicycle) posted by Gary on 12/4/1999 at 10:31:11 PM
Hi Penny ,
I think your looking for a coker monster cruiser ,36 inch tires

   RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Penny Farthing (big wheel bicycle) posted by Gary on 12/4/1999 at 10:42:21 PM
look under cruisers but they are real steep on their
price I have seen them for around 500.00,good luck

   RE:RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Penny Farthing (big wheel bicycle) posted by BigMike on 12/7/1999 at 5:26:22 AM
I don't think she's looking for the Monster Bike. I think
she's looking for the old style hi-wheeler with the giant
wheel in front and tiny wheel in back.
THere's a plase on the web called "Ridable Replicas", try them.

   RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Penny Farthing (big wheel bicycle) posted by Brian Snyder on 4/22/2000 at 2:14:13 PM
Coker Tire makes a small version with 36" front and 12" rear. Looks alot safer than the old racers, but it's the only one I've found. If anyone knows of another, please email me!!
Links to Coker Wheelman:

CUSTOMS:   Tall Wide Apehangers posted by: ||-[abstrakt]-|| on 11/20/1999 at 8:08:34 AM
I'm looking for a set of tall wide apehanger handlebars for my bike. It's a 24" so they've gotta be somewhat bigger than normal so it will look proportional. On the cover of that Stingray book by Liz Fried the bike on the right has a set that look like they would work. What model of stingray did these come on, and are they being reproduced? I'm a poor student so I can't afford NOS parts, prices are getting ridiculous on anything that has to do with vintage bikes lately. Oh yeah and if anyone has found out any more info on the dyno Kruiser bike parts, post something... thanks

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Tall Wide Apehangers posted by JimW. on 11/21/1999 at 12:55:25 AM
Sorry to be repetitious, but ROTT have those also.

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   Tall Wide Apehangers posted by ||-[abstrakt]-|| on 11/21/1999 at 7:33:54 PM
yeah I saw those, but I'd like to go with something wider. the lack of width makes those look super tall and out of proportion... I like the apehangers on the Dyno Kruiser line...

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Tall Wide Apehangers posted by felix on 12/7/1999 at 6:16:53 AM
Those wide bars are Sting-Ray (senior size) used on Stingrays from 1963 until 1969, narrower ones came in 1970 to discourage riding your buddy on the front. Other bars were Fastback (also called ape-hangers), junior Sting-Ray and Ram's Horn.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Tall Wide Apehangers posted by ||-[abstrakt]-|| on 12/17/1999 at 4:29:28 PM
Hey guys I found out about getting parts from the dyno kruiser line. I think you can pretty much get any of the parts from those bikes that you want. I ordered the handlebars from my dyno/gt dealer, and he said they'll cost 15.99, though I saw that the cost in the catalog he was looking at was 7.99 Anyway, just ask, they can order it for you!

MISC:   VOTE: Most Important Bicycles of the Millenium posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles on 11/20/1999 at 7:53:45 AM
Most important in terms of:

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Whizzer motorbikes posted by: Bob McCaa on 11/19/1999 at 10:32:40 AM
Guys looking for basig info on Whizzers can check out

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Whizzer motorbikes posted by: Bob McCaa on 11/19/1999 at 10:32:40 AM
Guys looking for basig info on Whizzers can check out

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Whizzer motorbikes posted by Raphael Beckman on 12/8/1999 at 5:14:49 AM
Need Vavle Springs For New Whizzer 1998

CUSTOMS:   Dyno Cruiser Forks posted by: Patrick Pecher on 11/17/1999 at 9:34:56 PM
Has anyone had any experience or any luck even finding a source to buy the Dyno Cruiser Dual Tube Chrome Forks. These are some of the coolest looking forks and bikes made since the Krates. I am in the middle of restoring/rebuilding a Schwinn middleweight with tank and handbrakes and a late 30's Excelsior. Either or both would look fantastic with these forks if they fit. Anyone tried this? My local bike dealer has measured the total stack height from bearing cup to cup and it is very close to either one. He says these can be adjusted slightly to allow for different head tube lengths. Is this true? Also would like to buy the flamed seat and tires on the Fireball model Dyno. Thank you in advance. Patrick

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Dyno Cruiser Forks posted by BigMike on 11/18/1999 at 4:45:40 AM
I've never seen these forks. Can you point me to a
picture on the web?

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Dyno Cruiser Forks posted by ||-[abstrakt]-|| on 11/18/1999 at 10:38:46 AM
The dyno cruiser line can be seen at
I'm interested in some of the parts too, I'd like a set of the apehangers
that they have, hope someone can find out more...

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Dyno Cruiser Forks posted by JimW. on 11/18/1999 at 5:20:26 PM
Rott Heavy Industries makes a very similar fork, which they
will gladly sell you. It's called The Triple Tree Fork, and
it's even more beautiful than the Dyno fork,IMHO. See it at:

CUSTOMS:   Kustom Kruiser posted by: ||-[abstrakt]-|| on 11/15/1999 at 12:56:16 PM
I just picked up a 24" rollfast frame and I'm building a kustom kruiser/bike rod out of it. I wanted to put a set of bent 26" lowrider forks on it to make it sort of a lowered chopper. Is this going to work OK? I haven't had a chance to measure the headtube yet. I'd appreciate any help, thanks.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Kustom Kruiser posted by BigMike on 11/18/1999 at 4:50:08 AM
It'll work, as long as your head tube is short enough.
You can always cut down the threaded section with a hack