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Archived: Reproductions and Motorized Bicycles

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Zanetti posted by: Manny on 11/1/2003 at 2:12:22 AM
I have a bicycle complete but no motor.The seat says Western Flyer but may not belong to this bike. Looks like a Velosolex with motor on top of front wheel.Like to know more about it and is a motor avaiable Frame Zanetti plus numbers.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Zanetti posted by Rif on 11/2/2003 at 2:35:03 AM
Do you have pic.s available? It would be easier to attempt identification with pictures.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Zanetti posted by Rif on 11/3/2003 at 5:55:59 PM
Thanks for sending the pic.s
Honestly I have not seen this one before. Try http://www.buzzing.org/
They are a pretty comprehensive group...
Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Check this one out! posted by: Rif on 10/31/2003 at 3:14:08 PM
This link was sent to me; so no, this is not my bike. Wish it were...
Very cool.

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Hercules motorized bike posted by: Richard Eason on 10/28/2003 at 4:40:22 PM
I have a Hercules motorized bike on a english frame. Made by Hercules, Birngham, England. On motor cover It says Jaguar. Type 20280 Model WM Ser # 131882. Any info you can give will help. Can find nothing on the web about this bike.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Hercules motorized bike posted by sam on 10/29/2003 at 1:22:00 AM
Did you try these people? http://www.buzzing.org/

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Hercules motorized bike posted by Rif on 10/29/2003 at 3:17:01 PM
Do you have a picture you could e-mail?

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Chicken power troubles posted by: danny on 10/28/2003 at 12:45:31 PM
I have a Chiken power engine mounted on a bicycle, When it's parked fuel drips from the carb, the only way I can stop it is to put a clip on the fuel line. Anyone have any ideas? Would like to put a fuel cutoff on it, but the fuel line is so small I wonder if anyone makes anything for it?
Thanks for the help.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Chicken power troubles posted by Rif on 10/28/2003 at 2:57:25 PM
Try your local pet store. Go to the aquarium supply section. There should be some little brass valves for the air lines that run all the little 'bubbly accessories'.
I've had good luck in using these.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES: Chicken power troubles posted by wayne on 3/29/2004 at 7:28:23 PM
hope someone sees this would like to know where "Chicken Power" engines can be bought in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. Thanks

REPRODUCTIONS:how much is this really worth? posted by: debi stephens on 10/28/2003 at 12:43:12 AM
I have two Roadmaster Luxuryliners. They are approx. 2yrs old and have been riden about 5 miles each. I am interested in selling, but have no idea they're value. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MOTORIZED BICYCLES: posted by: mark on 10/22/2003 at 9:34:55 PM

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES: posted by jim on 3/30/2004 at 9:29:19 PM
I just stumbled across your question on saginaw powerbikes. it probably should have a continental aa7 but some also came through with briggs model np engines. I have a very original one along with some literature if your still interested. jim

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES: posted by Kregg Potter on 12/21/2004 at 9:58:23 PM
I also just bought one of these motorized bicycles, it has no motor, but is nearly complete otherwise. If you have gathered any information on it, could you send it my way.
Thank you,
Kregg Potter

   RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES: posted by Greg on 4/24/2006 at 12:43:16 AM
Please email me about your Saginaw. I have one too with the continental AA-7 engine complete and running. Would love to know the history of the bike and approximate years they were made. Cheers Greg N.C.

   RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES: posted by Greg on 4/24/2006 at 12:48:01 AM
Craig, I gave 1000.00 for mine and was real glad to have something so unusual. I can't find anything on the internet on the Saginaw but I do plan to take it to the Vintage Motorbike show/swap meet in Portland Indiana about the first or second week of July. Its the best show in the world! 1000's of vintage motorbikes will be there and it lasts an entire week

AGE / VALUE:COX BRONCO ENGINE posted by: Larry Wlos on 10/20/2003 at 11:12:12 PM
Wanted Cox bronco muffler or parts engine with muffler.

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer troubles posted by: Rif on 10/17/2003 at 4:18:08 PM
My Whizzer is still not running. I've had enough of the dang thing.
I'm going to mount it back on the Wyman bike, then store it as a displayn piece in my shop with all the other bits and pieces from my trip along with one of our coffee table booklets. The bloody thing can sit there until it turns into a giant ball of rust. In a hundred years when someone else comes across it and the information, let them try to fix it and do a Bicentennial re-creation ride!
I'm so frustrated with it right now I don't even care.
Why in the heck can't these things be manufacture to a higher quality standard? Considering the cost, you'd think they would be a bit more reliable...
(I'll probably get back to it in a couple of days...)

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer troubles posted by Danny on 10/17/2003 at 5:41:39 PM
Hey Rif
Whats the price of the Whizzer right now?

   RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer troubles posted by Rif on 10/18/2003 at 4:19:13 PM
That all Depends on what you're after.
If you want just the engine kit (it includes everything you need to motorize your own bike) the MSRP on them is $850.00.
If you go with that set-up I would recomend getting in touch with Mike Stieff of Whizzer Works, and purchasing the clamp on motor mounts, as opposed to the weld in ones supplied with the kits.
For a complete bike the price varies dependant upon which model you want. This could be $1,500.00 up to $2,500.
They really are cool looking, and when they are running are a blast to ride, but I've been having a lot of trouble with mine so I'm really peeved about it right now.
The one major design flaw is that these new ones blow head gaskets quite a bit. It is always over the exaust valve side. So if you get one, invest in a few extra head gaskets as well.
There are a few enthusiasts out there who have adapted the old cast iron large valve cylinder castings (300 & 700 I believe) to the new bottom end and have claimed zero problems since.
I don't know...
Hope this helps,

   RE:RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer troubles posted by Rif on 10/21/2003 at 5:27:02 PM
I have since found info on not only curing many of the inherent flaws of the new engine, but also hop-up that claims reliable 50-60 M.P.H. all day long with no problems.
I'm really leaning heavily towards this.
Let me know what you think, i'm gathering info about this at the moment.
Been talking with different folks to see about this.

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Chicken power troubles posted by: Danny on 10/17/2003 at 12:46:09 PM
To Larry Thanks for your reply, I got an E-mail from Frank long He said remove diaphram housing,look down in two holes in carb, the larger hole has hole in side of the casting, the bottom of hole should have a rubber plug,mine was not there. made a new one from neophrene, runs like a chicken now. Frank saved my life. what a nice guy. SECOND MESSAGE--- To Sam Bobs small engine repair P.O. Box 253 Marion,Iowa 52302 Phone 319-377-3339. E-mail- bblin@bser.com He has the diaphram's. Hope this helps.

FOR SALE:Chicken power engine posted by: Danny on 10/15/2003 at 12:32:51 AM
"H E L P"
Have two Chicken Power engines, Can't get them to run for any period of time. If you put fuel in the carb it will run until the fuel is gone, but will not run no matter how much you choke it.Ordered new diaphram, installed it, no help.Pulled the engine down and made new gaskets, one o ring, The seals on both end's of the crank seem soft, and seem to fit ok. still wont run. Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks for your help.

   RE:FOR SALE:Chicken power engine posted by Larry on 10/16/2003 at 7:54:33 PM
Looking at the crankshaft seals will not solve your problem. What you have sounds like a feed problem. On the Bikebug(a different type of bike motor)there is a small bulb used to prime the carb. Is there gas in the lines? are they even clear enough to see? If there is gas in the fuel line then I would try to take the carb apart and see if there's any gunk hiding in places it shouldn't. IMPORTANT!! do not attempt carb break down if you don't have any experience or technical knowledge. Small carbs can be a nightmare to put together and losing pieces on any vintage engine can be heartbreaking or deadly. If this doesn't solve your problem, I would check the timing. If your timing is off it can cause all kinds of headaches including what you are explaining. Before I tried any of this I would start out with a fresh tank of gas and a new correctly gapped spark plug. Also- If you lose hope or your patience try going to a independ owned lawnmower repair shop that also works on weed whippers. The engines are similar and they may be able to help you. I'd go to an independ. because these places seem to be more helpful

Good Luck! keep us posted

   RE:FOR SALE:Chicken power engine posted by sam on 10/16/2003 at 11:36:22 PM
Where did you order the Diaphram from?---sam

REPRODUCTIONS:   MERCURY SABRE FLITE ? posted by: Don on 10/14/2003 at 3:54:52 AM
I'm in desperate search of information about the Mercury Sabre Flite bicycle ? Year it was reproduced and what year it was originally produced and by who ? Any information photos or anything of interest about this reproduction bicycle would be much appreciated !!! HELP ! HELP ! HELP !

MISC:Wyman Centennial Run Update posted by: Rif on 10/12/2003 at 2:54:41 AM
I have just added a whole bunch of new pictures and text to the new George A. Wyman web site.
It can be seen at:
Click on the "road updates" link to see the new pic.s and read the beginings of the centennial ride across the country.
Click on the "building the bike" to see some of the build up of our replica. I have only just started on that page so it's still kinda sparse and rough, but some of it is there.
It took a while but i guess I'm starting to figure out this whole web site building, html writing, techno crap.
Keep the Tire Side Down,

AGE / VALUE:goped posted by: Steven Witt on 10/10/2003 at 10:29:09 PM
How do you take the governor off of a new sport goped?

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Electrical hookups posted by: Norton Rubenstein on 10/6/2003 at 2:35:19 AM
I'm restoring a 3800 and am having some difficulty puzzling out the brake and headlight wiring. Can someone direct me to a good schematic or wiring diagram to help me with this?

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer electrical posted by: Rif on 10/3/2003 at 3:03:26 PM
Hi all,
I was hoping someone could give me some advice here.
My repro Whizzer has lost all spark. I've changed the stator and pick-up assy., the coil assy., and the C.D.I. unit. I've quadruple checked the engine run switch, connections, and the ground wire.
To no avail. I am completely dumbfounded. Electrical really is not my bag anyway, but I do know enough to get by. This is really bumming me out.
After returning from my trip I removed everything from the broken frame and swapped it all over to a 1949 Schwinn DX frame.
I was out cruising around when it began to mis-fire, sputter and then went dead. I hiked ten miles home pushing the bloody thing and haven't gotten to ride it since. That was about three weeks ago.
Any Ideas?
T.I.A. for your help,

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer electrical posted by Larry on 10/3/2003 at 10:13:10 PM
When the items were switche to the new bike did everything work properly? it sounds like a coil problem. It sounds like you have changed the entire electrical system. I'm not too familiar with this particular bike but I have experienc working with electrical systems. I would see if I could get my coil checked, also make sure it is the correct coil for the bike. sometimes if the coiil size is incorrect it will overheat and malfunction. good luck! let us know how it comes out.

   RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer electrical posted by Rif on 10/4/2003 at 3:07:50 PM
Hi Larry,
Everything was working great for a couple of days, it was purring and had plenty of power.
The replacement parts are direct from Whizzer motorbike Co.
It is possible that I got a bad coil. Unfortunately the shop manual is rather skimpy and gives absolute minimal specifications.
I'm going to talk with Dave (head of Whizzer) and see if i can get all the spec.s and make notes, that way I can be sure to get not only the correct parts, but the highest quality I can buy.
Thanks for the response, I do appreciate it!