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Archived: Reproductions and Motorized Bicycles

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Monark Super Twin Clutch posted by: Roy on 2/3/2003 at 4:56:59 AM
I'm looking for a Monark Super Twin Clutch..Any help would appreiciated....Thanks Roy

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   SAFTICYCLE posted by: C. Smith on 1/27/2003 at 1:10:53 AM
I am looking for any literature, parts, or anything related to a Safticycle. Thanks.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   SAFTICYCLE posted by sam on 1/27/2003 at 11:18:09 PM
Got a great photo of one in "American Motorcycles" by Tod Rafferty--sam

REPRODUCTIONS:   Repro of Shwinn Phantom Repro posted by: Greg Banasek on 1/26/2003 at 6:00:45 PM
Does anyone know of any other companies that reproduce the Shwinn Black Phantom? I put $25 down on one at a garage sale yesterday and am going to pick it up tomorrow and pay the remaining balance ($325). The thing that bothers me is that the seller said that it did not come with any of the Schwinn emblemage (decals, headbadge, etc). He has since acquired and applied all of the correct decals, etc. Everything looks right on the bike, but his revelation of the lack of "Schwinn" markings has me concerned. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

   RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Repro of Shwinn Phantom Repro posted by Greg on 1/30/2003 at 7:45:35 PM
Well, I've gotten the answer to my question. It cost me my $25 deposit, but I've decided not to buy the bike. It turns out there was an individual out there who was reproducing the Phantom before Schwinn did. Although it was a fair visual reproduction, the bike itself was not of any remarkable quality. Schwinn went after this bike maker and legally prevented them from putting the Schwinn name on it. I decided not to buy the bike, since it was not a Schwinn and it had some obvious defects (corroded spokes, loose bearings in the head tube, bad chrome on the fenders, etc, etc.) The seller did not return my $25 deposit, but it's better than spending $350 on a bike that would not satisfy me and would be of no real collectable value.

   RE:RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Repro of Shwinn Phantom Repro posted by Chris on 2/2/2003 at 9:46:28 PM
I had never heard that before! Interesting! This is the sort of information to be kept with the book.
Do any of the books mention this happening with the Phantom?

   RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Repro of Shwinn Phantom Repro posted by Greg on 2/3/2003 at 10:26:53 PM
I had never heard of a non-Schwinn Phantom repro, myself. You can see the actual bike on eBay right now (4 days left on the auction as of 2/3/03 and someone has placed an opening bid 0f $499. The seller does an honest job of describing the origin of the bike, but neglects a few quality-oriented details. Do an eBay item search under "Schwinn Phantom" and you should be able to find it. The picture looks great, which is why I don't think I'd ever buy a bike on-line without the luxury of going-over it in person. Thanks for you reply, by the way! Let me know what you think after you check the bike out, OK?

   RE:RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Repro of Shwinn Phantom Repro posted by sam on 2/4/2003 at 3:02:47 AM
I beleave what you're seein is a schwinn cruzer, not the earlier 1995 Phantom reproduction.I saw them in the schwinn shops in late 1999 or 2000. Going price was around $299 as I recall.

   RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Repro of Shwinn Phantom Repro posted by Schwinnderella on 2/12/2003 at 6:54:19 AM
Yea, I remember those bikes which looked like Phantoms but did not have Schwinn decals and were certainly not manufactured by Schwinn.As best I can recall they were around in the mid 80's.I only ever saw a couple of them I believe at the Ann Arbor show.

MISC:   Chilly! posted by: Rif Addams on 1/10/2003 at 4:09:42 AM
Hey all!
I just finished doing a few minor things on my moto-bike and thought I'd share. Mainly due to the fact that I really don't have much else to do right now. :-)
I rigged up the generator headlight, scrounged together an old headlight of the same variety, and then put red tailight tape over the lens. I then ran them to the generator.
Following that I just had to test it out. It's about thirty degrees right now. I don't know what the wind chill factor would be but I couldn't talk for a few minutes due to my face and jaw being completly numb.
WOW! What fun! Nothing like a brisk winter night ride to clear the soul, you know?!
I wonder if this is what it's going to be like riding through the snowpacked Sierra mountains this May? Probably, and it'll be a heck of a lot longer ride than 10 minutes up the road and around the block. Boy this is gonna be some adventure...
By the way, the lighting works great too.
Thanks for listening...

FOR SALE:   New (NOS) Parts Site posted by: Ginny Rini on 1/3/2003 at 4:59:25 AM
I have a new site that I am beginning to post parts on (It will take awhile to get them all posted). Keep an eye on http://rini20@attbi.com. I also have a operational site for Old School BMX at http://ginnyrini.home.attbi.com

WANTED:   MERKEL MOTOR WHEEL posted by: Brian on 1/1/2003 at 2:55:20 AM
Wanted: Any literature, information, original or copies pertaining to circa 1917 - 1920's MERKEL Motor Wheels. Also parts or complete motor wheels.

   RE:WANTED:   MERKEL MOTOR WHEEL posted by sam on 1/1/2003 at 8:00:11 PM
Brian,this may be old news in your circle of friends but just in case--Chuck Balyeat is the one to contact for markels.Kerogas@the-i.net is his email.I tryed to find his web site but couldn't--he has a nice pic of a Merkel bicycle on it and pics of his motorwheel.The merkel bicycle was sold by the Miami Cycle& Manufacturing Co.But the photo looks just like a 1917 schwinn double bar roadester.I did let Chuck have my frame at cost($35) so he should be bulding a bike for his motorwheel.Luckly I did find another frame on ebay ,I think I'll give up on finding an old motor I can afford and just stick to bikes!---sam

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   aqua bug bike motor parts posted by: Roger DiRuscio on 12/28/2002 at 1:58:42 AM
I have the remaining stock of a dealer of these bike motors
I will sell all the parts, both NOS and used for $350. If interested, contact me, I can lay them out and take pictures of the pile, I also have one set of the engine manuels that comes with the deal. There is a bunch of the hard to find same parts, sorry, no drive wheels or carb kits. There is alot of gaskets and engine and gear box parts, coils, flywheels etc. Im located in Fremont,Ca
94555 510-226-9785. Im into the muxh older stuff. I also collect pre 1920 outboards if you have some trading stuff

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   WTB: Monark Super Twin & Marman Parts posted by: Roy on 12/20/2002 at 2:57:53 PM
Wanted Parts for Monark Super Twin and Marman Twin..any help
would be appreciated!!!!
Roy 619-252-7336.....email roy@rpm-computer.com
or http://www.monarksupertwin.com

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   WTB: Monark Super Twin & Marman Parts posted by Rif on 12/20/2002 at 6:24:28 PM
I really enjoyed reading about the different makes on your website. Excellent information.
Personally I think the Monark had the best looking tank of the motobikes. Well okay, they had the best looking motors too. I also absolutely love the exhaust set-up on the Jack and Heinz! My Gosh! How cool is that thing?!?!?!
Just my personal opinion...

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   WTB: Monark Super Twin & Marman Parts posted by Peter on 12/28/2002 at 4:45:46 PM
Hello there I'm looking for a complete rolling chassis for a Monark Supertwin. I don't need the motor,gas tank,chain guard,etc. What I do need is a straight frame,fenders fork,heavy duty wheels a rider.If someone has one or knows someone with one email me at pzphansen@aol.com or call me at (home)1-414-483-0885 or (cell)1-414-350-0797
Thanks Peter
Thanks In advance if anybody can help me.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   WTB: Monark Super Twin & Marman Parts posted by Larry Wlos on 3/26/2003 at 5:13:41 PM
I have a original Monark supertwin seat, good condition

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   WTB: Monark Super Twin & Marman Parts posted by Larry Wlos on 5/19/2003 at 11:37:39 PM
Do you need any engine parts?

WANTED:   Free spirit bicycle assist motor parts posted by: Randy on 12/15/2002 at 3:42:44 PM
I am looking for part to an old Bicycle motor I found at my Grandfathers. It is an old front mounted motor from Japan. It's model number is 298.488511. If you could contact me about any parts you find I will gladdy pay you for them. Thanx

   RE:WANTED:   Free spirit bicycle assist motor parts posted by JimW. on 12/16/2002 at 2:28:27 AM
Hi Randy,
Mike Schneider, who hangs around this list is the world authority and source on those engines.(They're by Tanaka.) For information about the engines, Mike & his e-address, and parts availability, go to http://bikerodnkustom3.homestead.com/tanaka.html
He'll have you riding that thing.

   RE:WANTED:   Free spirit bicycle assist motor parts posted by Mike Schneider on 12/17/2002 at 3:16:01 PM
Hey - Always great to meet another Free Spirit Brother. Saw your posting on Old Roads about parts.
I have collected a fair amount of literature on these engines - Certainly if you are planning to do some work on one or keep the negine for awhile the package will help have your engine last. I collected this information by working with other owners and building the list from what others who helped me had.
We also developed quite a few parts that are better, last longer and cost less than the orginals (My opionion). Also included are allot of hints owners have learned by rebuilting these little jewels. some parts are available from the manufactuer but these are limited and a bit preicey. Includedv in the literature is how to contact them and parts lists.
Look froward to helping you have the wind in your face soon.
BITW (Brothers In The Wind)

Literature & Parts

These little bike engines are really a HOOT. I have two mounted on mountain bikes and six on cruisers. They are such fun and real head turners. They are simple to work on but were designed by Japanese engineers so sometimes the why that way is interesting.

I remember seeing them in Popular Science as a 12-year boy - dreaming about having one. Three years ago I found one at a garage sale and rebuilt it - took me about three months - no manual, parts lists or diagram - just trail and error.

I finally found a man in New Jersey who had one who had a manual and experience rebuilding these engines. We became and still are long distance friends. Once I got that engine running and rode it - I was that 12 year boy again - What a Blessing.

I have since rebuilt eight engines and in the process of networking I have gathered an extensive amount of literature and experience plus figured out how to built or find parts that are better than original and cost less.

The Information Literature $25.00
TAS Spitz, Aqua Bug Bike Bug, and Sear Free Spirit
QBM 23 and QBM 23 NA and QBM 23 Auto
Owner's Manual
Shop Repair Manual
Original Advertisement Literature
Manufacturer's Operating Tips
Governor Removal Instructions (0.8 6000 RPM to 1.2 HP 7000 RPM increase)
Technical Diagrams
Parts Catalog
Parts Lists
Contact List for Tanaka parts
1977 Popular Mechanics Article (How To Motorize Your Bike)
Collection of TAS Spitzs, AquaBug Bike Bugs, Sears Free Spirit Bike Motors featured in Tanaka Bike Motors – “America Favorite Bike Motor” July/ August 2002 Issue of BikeRod&Kustom Magazine www.bikerodnkustom.com and check the achieves for Tanaka Tales

Parts we have developed are:
Primer Pump Replacement Bulb (Vinyl)
Drive Roller Wheel (62mm - Faster, less wear, less expensive than original replacement)
Safety Gas Tank Cap
Muffler to Submuffler extension hose
Mounting Kit for New Model Bike (5 ˝” forks versus older 3 ˝” forks)
Primer Bulb $15.00 (without one way valve)
The Primer Bulb Pump is not longer available form Tanaka – sold out. However, we have developed one that is better and will last longer. The original primer bulbs were made of rubber (1980 vintage – 20 + years old - probably close to end of shelf life now). With age and the durometer of the rubber being attacked by gasoline and oil the bulbs harden, cracked and breaks. In rebuilding my eight engines I bought most of the primer pumps Tanaka had. But the rubber bulbs soon deteriorated. So we had to invent something better.
The Primer Bulb we have developed uses the original one-way valve. The rubber bulb is replaced with a vinyl gasoline resistant bulb three times larger than the rubber bulb. Basically it takes less of a squeeze to primer the carburetor so the bulb will last longer, The size increase causes less flexing of the bulb so less stress less wear, longer vinyl bulb life plus vinyl gasoline resistance is greater than rubber.
The Primer Pump we sell is $15.00 with exchange of one-way valve and clamp. $45.00 without exchange (Sorry so high but the one-way valves aren’t made any more). I am purposely making the cost be high without exchange so we can recycle the one-way valves. Be extremely careful in removing the primer pump you have. They are fragile and brittle with age with the tip can snap off with the slightest flexing. Depending on the break we may be able to salvage the one-way valve. Best to ship us the whole old primer pump for exchange. These costs include shipping in the USA (Continental). Please note the original primer bulbs cost $14.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling (Total $20.00 & Tax) from Tanaka.
Drive Hub $10.00
The Drive Hub is another item that has been improved on design. The rubber of the drive hub simply deteriorates with age and wear. We have put a neoprene high-speed roller skate wheel (62 mm) over the aluminum drive hub. It wears less, vibrates the engines less and bike goes slightly faster per revolution. This drive hub wheel sells for $10.00 ready to mount over your existing aluminum hub.
Gas Tank Cap $10.00
The Safety Gas Tank Cap sells for $10.00 and has a safety-retaining ring that prevents loss. The ring slips over the gas tank neck and stays in place when the cap is removed to add gasoline. An original gas tank cap that does not have the safety ring can be bought from Tanaka for $15.00 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling.
Muffler to Sub Muffler Extension Hose $20.00
We have researched and experimented with various arrangements and have developed a wire reinforced high temperature hose that with stand the high temperatures developed by the engine. The current hoses we are selling have lasted for two years.
In ordering this hose it is important for us to know the size hose you need. The models have changed over the years and this hose size has increased on later models.
This part is no longer available for Tanaka.
Mounting System $15.00 - (5 1/2” forks – Newer Model Mountain Bikes & Cruisers)
The bikes made when these engines were made had 3 ˝” wide forks – newer mid 1980s mountain bike and cruisers have a 5 ˝” wide fork.
The Kit comes with the hardware and assembly directions to spread the mounting bracket apart to be able to mount the engines on bikes with wider forks than bikes had when these engines were built.
Other Parts
Some original manufacturer parts are available from Tanaka and Sears - no manuals though. My literature is from people like you and some from old but new in the box engines I have purchased. Also a lot of parts can be obtained form lawn mower and motorcycle shops.

Sears and ACE Hardware are good sources for gasoline hoses, air filter and metric nuts and bolts.
Replace the original transmission grease with Lithium base grease - wasn't available when these engines were made. It lubricates better and you get a little more power to the wheel.
Original replacement drive hub can be bought from Tanaka for $40.00 – Our improved high speed roller skate wheels are mounted on the original aluminum hub - They are slightly larger and run smoother - my bikes run faster, the engine works less and will last longer (I have some that are thee years old).
I also use synthetic 2-stroke oil (Bel Ray available form most motorcycle shops for racing 2 cycle motorcycles) in the gasoline - it lubricates better, engine runs faster, smoother and does not have carbon build up in the muffler.
An original gas tank cap can be bought from Tanaka for $15.00. Mine sells for $10.00 and has a safety-retaining ring that prevents loss.

Anyway, I can help you on rebuilding and mounting if you have specific questions after your review the information.

The literature I can copy and mail to you for $25.00 in the US. Send a check to - Don't waste money on a money order:

Mike Schneider
1307 Country Place Circle
Houston, Texas 77079

Thanks allot and hope you have the wind in your face soon.
BTIW (Brothers In The Wind)


   RE:WANTED:   TAS SPITZ MOPED posted by mitchell on 7/27/2005 at 1:53:18 AM


AGE / VALUE:   A Slave To eBay! posted by: JimW. on 12/15/2002 at 1:20:15 AM
I couldn't help myself. I found an old ORLINE bike engine conversion on eBay, and bid on it. I got it, even though I really didn't need it, and there are plenty of other bike bits on my current shopping list. But, I got it, for about $80 including shipping. Not bad, especially compared to the prices new bike engines are going for.

It showed up a couple of days ago. (Every day is Christmas, to an eBay Junkie!) When I got it out of the box, I spent several hours admiring it, and cleaning it off with a rag and mineral spirits. What a sweet little setup! The painted parts are Caterpillar yellow, and it's very well made. The engine is tiny and jewel-like. The round cylinder barrel has the thinnest and closest-spaced cooling fins I've ever seen. All the castings which make up the cylinder, block, and associated gearbox are very nicely made; much nicer than most modern weed-whacker engines. I could polish this thing up so it looks like chrome, I'm sure, without a great deal of imperfection-fixing, because it doesn't have imperfections. Yes, Americans once made manufactured goods, and they made them well.

The engine and kit was made by Ohlsson and Rice, a pioneer in engines for model aircraft. This engine is from the '40s, I presume, since O&R had dissolved by the early '50s. The model aircraft heritage is pretty obvious in this engine. It looks just like a scaled-up model airplane engine. I'm really looking forward to getting the engine and mount perfect and tricked-out, and mounting it on my 24" Hawthorn from the '40s. This will be a very fun project.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   A Slave To eBay! posted by Roger DiRuscio on 12/28/2002 at 2:15:16 AM
The O&R bike motors date from the 1960s to 1970s before they went out off business, I repaired them at the dealer I worked at until 1977. They look cute, but never ran as good as they looked. I have 2 of the chicken power bike motors myself. They were used as incentives for paperboys, go out and sell a bazillion subscriptions and we will give you this wizzbang motor to help you out. my collection is posted at roger1.cjb.net just schroll down to O&R. I also have the power drill, hedge trimmer, tiny tiger generator, and a military spec. motor used for who know what. You $80 purchase was a good buy in my book.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   A Slave To eBay! posted by JimW. on 12/29/2002 at 11:06:33 PM
Hey Roger, That's a fabulous collection there. I had to tear myself away, but I'll be back to look at all the stuff I missed. Until I went away to college, I had the beginnings of such a collection, including one of those Maytag twins, a B&S from the same period, an ancient outboard, a Harley Hummer, all sorts of mopeds, etc. Unfortunately, while I was away, my parents had the barn it was all in torn down. What they didn't give away ended up buried in the same gully as my '53 Oldsmobile.

My O&R is definitely older than the Chicken Power example you show. It matches the military engine you show, much more than the Chicken Power. It has exactly the same flywheel shroud, for example, as well as the cylinder shrouding panels and pull rope handle. The mounting bracket is similar to that of the Chicken Power, though. Just based on such design details, I'd date mine no later than the '50s.

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Earnshaw Road arrow posted by: Roger DiRuscio on 11/28/2002 at 5:57:58 PM
I Ran across the bike motor and have not been able to find any information on the net about it.
Are these motors related to the Shaw bike motor??
The motor itself looks like a 4 cycle in that it has intake and exhaust valves
but does not have a oil sump and burns 2 cycle oil mix fuel. I have posted some pictures on my website for those interested

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   More on the Aquarium valve... posted by: Rif on 11/20/2002 at 8:04:08 PM
A while back I posted about using a brass aquarium valve between the stock gas tank on my Tecumseh engine kit and the moped gas tank.
The update:
You MUST disassemble the valve and seal the threads with some sort of gas resistant sealant. The bloody thing will leak all the fuel out of the "reserve" tank (the one that comes mounted on the engine itself). Chalk another one up to experience...
Secondly, while you have the valve disassembled, put the thumbscrew throught the top cap and solder (well away from any gas or gas fumes-DUH!)a small "keeper/retainer" on the shaft below the top cap but above the threads for the valve itself. I discovered that when this valve is open, for use of the reserve tank, the damn thing vibrates out and you'll spend hours looking for it! All the while gas from BOTH tanks is flowing out all over the place.
Just a tip.

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Electric .vs. Gas posted by: Cal on 11/20/2002 at 3:16:09 PM
What are your feelings about electric .vs. gas power for a bicycle? In my experience, gas (specifically a 2-stroke weed whacker motor) beats the heck out of electric, but it ain't "green" enough for my liking.
Anyone get any performance or range out of electric at a cheap price?

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Electric .vs. Gas posted by JimW. on 11/20/2002 at 5:02:56 PM
Not "green" enough for you? What's "un-green" about a motor vehicle that will deliver 150 MPG? Electric bikes suck. Paying three times the price for something that isn't nearly as efficient strikes me as being about as "un-green" as you can get. I'd suggest that you start thinking with your brain, and not with your knee. Damn! And I was trying so hard to be a kindler, gentler person on these lists. Another good resolution goes down the drain. Oh well...

Internal-combustion engines are also preferable simply because they sound better. If someone comes out with an electric motor which snarls, I might be interested, in spite of the cost penalty. But until then...

My next motorbike project will have (three) weed-whacker engines on it. And it'll still be more cost-and-performance-efficient than any E-bike. When the stuff that oozes out of your wall outlets is generated by solar energy, rather than burned coal, or oil, or nuclear fission, electric will be "greener" than a hyper-efficient IC powerplant. Until then, it's just a fashion statement.

   RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Electric .vs. Gas posted by Rif on 11/20/2002 at 8:19:56 PM
I gotta agree with Jim on this one. The emissions requirements now placed upon 2-stroke engines, combined with the mileage you get from them makes this "greener" than most vehicles you'll find out on the market these days.
Electric bike technology has not yet reached the point of practicality as far as power and range. They are still nothing more than the playthings of the rich; used for scooting around the estate.
I highly recomend a liquid fuel powered bike to anyone who wishes to get involved in the Motobike hobby...

   RE:RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Electric .vs. Gas posted by Cal on 11/27/2002 at 4:25:02 PM
Alright, nevermind my "green" comment. Jim, say away from the coffe, will ya? You're right, electricity came from some place and you can bet it wasn't solar.

I've ridden bicycles with the Sears or bike Bug friction wheel gas engines that sit over the front wheel. Never ridden a Whizzer but i like the look a lot more.

Are you saying the weed whackers I can buy at Home Depot today meet the new 2-stroke pollution requirements?

Does anyone sell plans for putting a 4-stroke lawnmower engine inside a bicycle frame?

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Electric .vs. Gas posted by JimW. on 11/27/2002 at 5:17:32 PM
Sorry. I only had two cups this morning, so I'm more "mellow" today. 8-)

I've never seen actual plans for such, but it's certainly been done. There are at least two examples in the BikeRod&Kustom Gallery- one by Larry Louterback, one by Hal Paquin. There's also an archived interview with Larry by Rif Addams, in which he talks about considerations of the conversion. The biggest factor in a conversion like that is the size of the engine. They tend to be fairly large and heavy, as compared to a weed whacker-style engine. As a consequence, the engineering has to be more complicated. They generally have greater HP ratings than a street-legal motorbike is allowed, also. There are smaller 4-stroke engines; Honda makes one, for example, as does Ryobi. Dave Carr makes friction-drive adapter kits for those engines. carrprecision.com

The biggest drawback to those small 4-stroke engines is that they are considerably more expensive than the 2-stroke equivalents. I personally favor 4-strokes, as I prefer the engine sound,but price/value generally favors the 2-strokes.

Any 2-stroke engine in a consumer product made in the past few years should meet federal emissions standards, that's what the standards are for.

In either case, small engines on bicycles have negligable impact on the environment, unlike the bloated, low MPG SUVs so popular with people who only pay lip service to concern about it.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Electric .vs. Gas posted by edgarecks on 11/27/2002 at 5:37:39 PM
These guys http://www.mbikey.com/index.htm sell a lawnmower motor bicycle.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Electric .vs. Gas posted by Chris( who else) on 12/3/2002 at 10:34:08 PM
Electric bicycles? Well, Lets just pick it up and see if this idea is ready to go just yet. UUUMMPPH! Oh, My Gawd! Are you serrious? it's too heavy! I ain't gonna pedal that monster 5 feet if that battery goes dead on me out on the trail. Sorry, Nope! Not for me! Now after that, I have been ignoring them altogether these newfanged electric bikes. The sticking point is that the current batteries are too heavy, the cost of the thing in the first place and possibly that tires and such things are more expensive than regular bicycle - type parts.
I'll have to ask how many of them they have been selling.
Now do channel surf back and forth between the two choices here.Gas vs Electric. We, or our kids or grandkids will get back to the subject here because when a lightweight battery that is practical is invented or let through the pipeline and if nobody important someplace objects to the common Schmuck (like me!) having the thing? Then yes, electric bikes quite possibly will be all the rage. Now maybe, because I have not seen every electric bicycle and risked further dislodged discs in my back getting the darned thing in and off the car rack just perhaps somebody has come up with a lightweight battery. I have not gone laying hands on every electric bicycle out there and done more lift tests.
Another thing, is you would be at the limit weightwise for most car racks. I mean, they are designed for bicycles, todays bicycles, not something that weighs probably a few pounds under the weight of a moped. You don't want that 1000.00 shiny electric bicycle to be crashing off that rear car rack when you are tooling down the boulevard. Now I don't care if you have yours fall off or not,( joking) but then again, It might be me or mine that has this thing go into the grill and well, it's better to be safe than sorry. This is probably not an issue as the whole motoring public is driving these awful, excessivly large behemoths( These modern S.U.V. things) and so you can probably just put the rear seat back and slide in the heavy electric bike. So no rear rack is needed. So many men drive these awful big and usually domestic( shudder!) trucks and now women too( the types you don't wanna mess with 'cuz they'll stomp you) with so just put it in the truck. Really, however,if you have two people to lift it in and out of the Denali or Yukon monstrosity than you'll be fine and dandy and have no problem carrying the thing.
Hmmm.... What else can I say about electric bikes?
Hmmm. Oh yes, parts availability? Tires,brake cables, wearable parts? tools? breakdown repair issues? Do I have to go to some special place to get a tire? Will I have to go through a lot to replace the original reflective lined tire or will I be at the bicycle shop finding out that the plain generic tire they have to offer is less than I wanted quality wise?
I have never seen folks in the bicycle shops with these electric bikes. Another question to ask! Can they even repair them? Have they been schooled and trained? Do they have a shop door sticker announcing to the world "Hey! We fix electric bikes!" I never got past the weight issue.
Once again, because I have not been looking at car racks and asking this question like: "How will I carry this electric bike?" "What rear car rack do you recommend for use with this thing?" (example type questions) I cannot say exactly. But you could ask and go weightlifting yourself and let me know. There is some verse in the bible about the earth being corrupted or poluted because of the inhabitants sins or some such saying so I figure "Aw, Go with the gasoline engine and have fun!" Were living in perhaps the last days anyhow with songs like.. 'Change in the weather' on the radio and all the frightening current events on the tele and here you wanna be green? Please.
But... I do see big changes on the way and if we have more time and the end does not come? Than we'll be using green technology. Until then? The oil companies have us in their grip. Another electric car was just mooted by Ford. Lack of demand was the reason? I'll go with the gas bike motor( not the Ford!) there are new and diffrent versions of that happening. Web sites and fan groups about gas bike motors. You'll have faster acceleration, 150 miles per gallon and it makes a cool little noise to boot! Besides, if I don't go with a gas engine then none of my skip tooth, sweetheart crank balloon tire Schwinns will ever see any use ever at all! With the 26 X 2.125 s2 balloon tire rims I love to go bouncing along with a motor in the thing. I liked the Solex car idea and Solex in general that was shown at the Lazy Walker page. However, last time I looked the Lazy walker folks were gone and they took the ladies with them.
What electric kit can you put on any bike? Do I have a choice here? My Chicken Power equiped Schwinn Wasp has a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub with a skip tooth cog and the Sweetheart crank and skip tooth chain and so I can pedal this thing somewhat easily if I run it out of gas or in case of mechanical breakdown. What interests me is the old British autocycle type stuff.The motorized bicycles from Britain from the 1950's and 1960's I'm looking for something cool and tasty vintage wise that I can put a Honda engine in and under the original engine cover. Gas powered engines without question should only be by Honda or Shidaiwa, or Yamaha because like it's.... reliable? Besides what has **** or ******* done for bike motors recently? I gave a old mini bike to a pal and when I mentioned this recently another pal said Oh, why? Did you want him to get hurt? I said "Of course not, why? The answer was that the old 1960's and 1970's mini bike folks with those Briggs/ Techumseh engines had the motors blow up with pistons flying up into peoples crotch area and "Oh Yes, didn't you know they got hurt with those?" I had to call him and relate this new bit of news and he already knew it. Problems with the new gas motors that folks are putting on bicycles? I have not heard of that but you need to jump in the scene there and ask a lot of questions. Usually, no problems these days. Motorized bicycles are lots of fun and I recommend that you look at everything available and then make you choice.Take a look at Cushmans, or Solex, or a whole host of cool choices. You don't want to be like me and be puttering along one day and see something even more way cool and be going "Oh, Why didn't I get me one of those?"

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Electric .vs. Gas posted by Chris on 12/9/2002 at 10:09:46 PM
Howard Hughes had a motorized bicycle and charged neighborhood kids to ride on it. Of course,the motor attachment was his creation.
The book was interesting. He crawled out of bed and danced around on one leg delighted that..... Well, you should read that for yourself!

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Engine Feedback Wanted posted by: JimW. on 11/19/2002 at 9:08:10 PM
Gary Silva, of 3G cycles has a friend who's about to come out with a new bike motorizing kit. It drives the bike at the crank location, and uses a freewheeling crank system. He's going to manufacture the 4-stroke engines there in Taiwan. I've suggested that he design a different engine for it- a 50CC V-twin 4-stroke, rather than the usual one-banger. Not only would it look really cool, but it would sound like a small Harley. What do you guys think of this idea? If your response on this list is overwhelmingly positive, it could make a real difference as to whether my suggestion is taken, or not. So let's hear what you think.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Engine Feedback Wanted posted by Rif on 11/21/2002 at 1:09:35 AM
I'd be totally into that. H3LL, I'd hock my family for one o' dem bad boys!
Please make them!!!

   RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Engine Feedback Wanted posted by JimW. on 11/21/2002 at 3:15:41 AM
I told Gary that I'd swim to Taiwan for one. And I wasn't kidding, very much. We've got an interview with Gary in the works for the next issue. If you've seen his new bikes, you've seen that several are named after motorcycle landmarks, Sturgis, Daytona Beach, etc. And they look a lot like M/Cs, too. I asked him if he'd consider offering an optional motorizing kit for them. It's already in the works. He's doing it with the engine guy mentioned above. That's when I made the V-twin suggestion. Everybody cross your fingers.

   RE:RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Engine Feedback Wanted posted by Rif Addams on 11/22/2002 at 7:18:02 PM
Fingers are crossed and I'm ready!
BTW- The California mot's saddle arrived the other day...
Once again Mucho Thanks go out to Sam Lingo for making this dream a reality!!!

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Engine Feedback Wanted posted by sam on 11/22/2002 at 10:40:38 PM
My 2 cents:Designing a motor from scratch would be costly,is there any V twin minnie motors out there? Maybe out board ,heavy chain saws,Or what ever that might be adapted.Does Honda make one?

   RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Engine Feedback Wanted posted by JimW. on 11/26/2002 at 5:04:47 PM
I've never found a V-twin in this displacement range; and I've been looking pretty hard for a long time. Yes, it's a lot of work tooling up to manufacture a new engine, but the guy's already doing that, with a one-banger. There are lots of that type of engine out there already, even 4-strokes. It makes little marketing sense to go to the trouble to enter an already mature market with an engine so similar to a lot of competing products. The real key to sucess is to introduce a product no one else has, but for which there would be sizeable demand. A V-twin 50CC 4-stroke engine is the exact product which would really find demand. And it would certainly stand out in relation to the rest of the field. And the coolness factor would probably make it popular for other many other applications. A chainsaw which sounded like a Harley Davidson would find ready favor with chainsaw fanciers, I'm sure. The hard part is gearing up to manufacture any engine, from that point, whether it has one or two cylinders is not really a major factor.

   RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Engine Feedback Wanted posted by bill on 1/8/2003 at 2:15:56 AM
I found a company that make a harley model engine it real pricey I found it looking for model engines on the web Bill

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Monark posted by: Roy on 11/17/2002 at 7:49:26 AM
LQQking for Monark super Twin parts or anything super twin!

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Monark posted by Michael on 11/19/2002 at 3:07:03 AM
Roy, I am also looking for anything super twin, What have you got?