AGE / VALUE:   Motorcycle Raleigh 1929 Original posted by: Federico on 2/28/2006 at 2:54:49 PM
I´m from Argentina.
I need to pick up the most information as possible and what is the market price of this kind of motocycles, knowing that all of it is original.



MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   missing connecting rod posted by: claude leblanc on 2/20/2006 at 5:39:26 PM
I' m restoring an old Whizzer and I have a crankshaft for a neddle bearing mounted connecting rod . I can get the neddle bearing from Whizzer Bill but he doesn' t have the connecting rod for it . Can anybody help me on that one ?

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES: missing connecting rod posted by Larry Wlos on 5/14/2006 at 1:29:45 PM
Try Memory Lane , ask for Harvey, see what he can do

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES: missing connecting rod posted by Larry Wlos on 5/14/2006 at 1:31:13 PM
Memory Lane phone number 1 419 832 3040

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Wanted: 1958 Spiegel Airman motorcycle posted by: Phillip on 2/6/2006 at 6:06:55 PM
I'm looking for a 1958-59 ,,, Airman motorcycle. sold by spiegel catalog. If anyone could help find one I'd appreciate it. If you know where a picture of one is let me know also. I'm located in Georgia.
Call Phillip
or email me at

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES: Wanted: 1958 Spiegel Airman motorcycle posted by Larry Wlos on 5/14/2006 at 1:37:50 PM
I don,t think Speigal Airman was sold as late as 1958-59.I know they were sold in 48-49-50.I just did a paint job on a restoration for a fellow,its the Airman with a 2 speed trans.It is a pretty rare motorbike and it looks sharpe.Not for sale at this time.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Wanted: 1958 Spiegel Airman motorcycle posted by Phillip on 3/6/2007 at 5:01:40 PM
Your right larry. I didn't realize I typed in the wrong dates. I am looking for a 1948/49 Spiegel Airman.

Could you email me a picture of the one you restored ?
I'd much appreciate it.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Wanted: 1958 Spiegel Airman motorcycle posted by Lynn E. Graham on 2/20/2008 at 4:28:58 AM
I was just browsing the web when I came across your post and was wondering if you still where looking for a spiegel airman? I know your post was awile back but if you could give me any information on the bike it would help alot.

AGE / VALUE:   sidecar moped posted by: eric on 2/1/2006 at 4:38:03 AM
O.K, this might be a bad idea, but can you put a sidecar on a moped? I bought two engine kits on ebay, put the first one on a pre war Colson. Runs O.K. I was going to build the second one on an old elgin frame. If I made a sidecar would it be too much weight? Has anyone had luck with such a project?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   sidecar moped posted by JimW. on 2/22/2006 at 3:19:29 AM
You probably wouldn't want to haul your 300-pound brother-in-law around in one, but there is a long history of sidecars attached to motorized bicycles in the UK and Europe. Our friends at the National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club (UK) have much information on the subject in their website's archives:'pattle/nacc/arcindex.htm
Look under their Sidecar Notes in the archive index.

As in anything to do with unpowered bicycles, light weight is of more importance than it is with motorcycles. But even a small motor helps in hauling the attachment around.

Most people just use them for hauling children and pets.

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   new Whizzer autoclutch posted by: OtisDriftwood on 1/16/2006 at 3:02:55 AM
I have a new Whizzer NE5 with the new auto clutch. I don't know if it's defective or what but it slips like crazy. The bike doesn't move forward with even full throttle unless you pedal your butt off. I disassembled the clutch mechanism. It was bone dry so oil/grease contamination is ruled out. Is this normal? Is there something, short of converting to manual clutch, I can do to get the centrifugal clutch to grab better?

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   new Whizzer autoclutch posted by David on 1/17/2006 at 12:08:26 PM
Some of the early auto clutches were rumored to have problems. I got one for my 2003 Pathfinder II and the instructions said to treat it with care for the first five miles and to be careful to seat the shoes by varying the speed. Haven't tried it but this may be the cause of past failures and your problem may be the result of not following the above. Why they don't include this warning with a new NE5 I don't understand. It is probably repair time if the belts are adjusted properly.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   new Whizzer autoclutch posted by mark on 1/26/2006 at 4:30:32 AM
if there are springs in your clutch, try replacing them with a heavier duty set....

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   new Whizzer autoclutch posted by anthony mongenas on 1/29/2006 at 1:03:38 AM
I have the same Whizzer and had the same problem. Just do like the owners manual suggests. Mine would not go at all until I had at least 5 miles on it. The more miles I went the better it got until it worked like I thought it should at about 20 miles. So the easiest way to fix your Whizzer is to ride it on a mostly flat surface at varying speeds for the whole day. It doesnt get any eisier than that.
If you ride it full throtle before the clutch pads wear in and there is subtantial slipping the you will certainly wear them out before they seat properly